Maybe it’s like finding Waldo.

There seems to be a game being played nowadays called Finding Jesus.

When you find him and you become a born-again, all your mistakes miraculously vanish.

They disappear.

They’re no longer valid.

It’s amazing.

I was working with a client at the gym yesterday. He turns to me and says, “You see that woman over there on the elliptical?”


“Do you know who she is?”

“Uh, she’s a blonde woman at the gym,” I said.

“Yes, and she’s one of the biggest pornstars in the past 20 years! She did every anal scene out there before anal was even cool.”

“Wow, dude. It’s scary that you know this.”

“Yea…well, I watched a lot of porn.  My dad didn’t hide his stash very well. And I never forget a face…or an ass.”

“And what am I going to do with all this information?” I asked.

“Well, she found Jesus, and now she’s free.  She’s basically living a whole different life.”

“Great, I’m glad for her.  I’m glad she found Jesus.  People have been looking for Jesus for a long time.  Where did she find him?  Was he here at the gym?  Was he on the 405?  Was he at Coffee Bean?  Was he at Starbucks? …Was he at Whole Foods?”

“Yeah, now she’s all about her kid and everything else, and her whole past life has been erased now that she’s found Jesus.”

I said, “Yeah, I get it.  People go to Jesus to erase all their stuff in life instead of embracing it, dealing with it, and making amends with it on their own.  They basically say to themselves ‘I killed three people, I now found Jesus, and I am saved.’”


I’m so sick of that.

Here’s the deal: regardless of whatever you’ve done in your past, if you then decide to go find Jesus, it doesn’t erase what happened.

Your past is a barometer of who you are.  All your past lessons, all your past experiences have made you the person that you are.  Jesus is not going to take that away from you. Nobody will take that away from you.

The only thing you need to do is look at your past and figure out what lessons you learned.

My past is wonderful—it’s how I became the person who I am right now.  I don’t want my past erased.  I don’t need to have my past erased, and I don’t need to find anybody.

I’m not against religion.  If you want to go find Jesus, go ahead—look for him.  There are rumors of where he is all the time.  He was a grilled cheese sandwich a few years ago.  Then they put him on eBay.

I’m not bashing religion.  What I’m bashing is the mindset that you can just erase your entire history. It doesn’t work that way.  Life doesn’t work that way, and I’m tired of people doing that.

I know I’m going to get a lot of hell for this blog today. (Get it?) I know you think that it probably has nothing to do with dating, but that’s 100% wrong.

I know people who say that they’ve found Jesus, and now it doesn’t matter if they were sluts for 10 years.

So what if you were a slut? Embrace it.  Whatever you were, embrace it.  Learn from it, grow from it, and be proud of your past.

You don’t need to cop-out and say that you’re looking for Jesus on the side of the road to erase all the sins you’ve done.  I don’t believe that they were sins in the first place.  

We all make choices, and these choices are what make us the people that we are today.

Embrace. Your. Everything.