I’m going to start out this Sunday’s blog with a confession (even though I’m not a church-goer as many of you know…)

I had every intention of getting this blog out to you on Friday – but between moving and being in constant meetings with my team brainstorming, creating and … let’s say gently critiquing each other’s ideas for the early 2009 launch of my new community site that I’m designing for my members — I don’t know if I’m coming or going half the time!

So my apologies on the tardiness of this blog, but hopefully ‘better late than never’ applies here …

I have recorded a short VIDEO where I share my thoughts and my vision for this new community site. I also give a little preview for what this new site is going to be all about.

So definitely check it out (if for no other reason than to see what I’m like in the middle of a move …). See it here:

OK then … now onto today’s blog.

As many of you know I am a big NFL fan. And no, this is not going to be a blog talking about how well I’m doing in my fantasy football pool (although I am doing quite well if anyone was curious).

I do think that there are some dating lessons that can be learned from football – and as this is a football Sunday, I thought this was a great day to talk about that.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever gone out with a friend who is so good with the opposite sex that you become intimidated even to open your mouth? Then when you do open your mouth you feel that what you’re about to say could potentially be the wrong thing . . . so you say nothing. You don’t say a word.

I wrote a blog almost a year talking about how impressive Eli Manning’s success was in light of all the low expectations and comparisons to his super-famous brother Peyton that he was up against in making his own name in the NFL.

I also talked about how despite everything that made it more difficult for Eli Manning to succeed, that he never quit. He never let what other people said or did get to him. What he did was manage his game. He took control of his own destiny and his own success.

In your dating life, you need to take control of your destiny and decide that you are going to create what you want for yourself … and that you will do what it takes to get there. It’s about being true to yourself and staying on course.

Eli never quit . . . ever. He kept going and going and going. He decided that he was going to ignore all the critics, and that he would become the best quarterback he could be. After last year’s Super Bowl, I think there can be no doubt that this can create the greatest of success stories.

So when you’re going out to meet members of the opposite sex, stop comparing yourself to ANYONE and stop listening to the critics. Keep practicing. If you throw an interception (which in the dating world would mean getting rejected), keep flirting and keep talking.

I guarantee that if you work on your gamesmanship, you’ll get to the Super Bowl of dating . . . fast!

Have a fantastic Sunday!