Fashion Ideals By David Wygant

What’s the ideal fashion?

There is a terminology that the pickup community (pua community) uses. As you guys know, most of the time I don’t really use the nicknames or terminologies that are being used in the pickup community because I like to just call it what it is.

But there is something the pickup community calls ‘peacocking’ – no, it’s not a guy walking around with peacock feathers trying to hook up with women – it’s about men developing a look so they can actually go out and attract women.

We have a different version of it, and it is: having good fashion.

The basics of fashion really include developing a style that is unique to you – not because you’re trying to show off to women, but because you’re trying to reflect aspects of your own personality.

First of all, it goes almost without saying, your clothes should be well fitted – if your clothes are too baggy and loose, what does that say about you? It probably says that you’re either afraid of your body – you might be slightly overweight and trying to hide that behind your clothing – or, it might say that you’re just a sloppy guy! Well-fit clothes will ALWAYS make you look better – it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, fat, or just plain normal.

So what’s the idea behind peacocking? A lot of guys in the community will talk about how you want to stand out. Yes, standing out is good a little bit, if you’re going to bars and clubs all of the time. However, it isn’t necessary to go overboard.

You should just pick items that are unique and reflect who you are. For example, if you’re a skydiver, are there any items, or maybe a t-shirt that has a skydiving logo on it? Maybe you wear something with a cool design that represents who you are.

Your pieces of clothing should act as a way for her to know who you are. If you’re dressed like a businessman, what does that say about you? It says that you’re probably a businessman! That, in itself, can be appealing to a woman who is looking for a business-savvy guy.

It’s the same thing in terms of accessories. I personally don’t buy a lot of generic clothing; usually the way I pick my clothes is by looking around. I scout around, and while a lot of clothes are looking good, I will only pick the one that I think that most guys would not wear. For me, I like to be unique. If somebody looks at me, then hopefully they will think that I’m a unique individual, because I usually pick clothing that is very different.

So fashion is really something to show who you are, rather than something to get looks from people. It’s really about representing yourself. It’s nice to be looked at, and hopefully if you match things well and combine your tops and bottoms properly then you will look different and get looks from people. But really fashion should be about you.

Everything starts with YOU – from the way you talk, the way you present yourself – and the stronger your image is (and no, I’m not talking about your avatar!) the more likely you are to attract the kind of woman who is looking for that kind of guy.

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