All right, it’s here.

It is the month of May, and I also declare it Extreme Honesty Month.

You’re all going to participate, hopefully.

We’re all going to participate in extreme honesty month.

Here is what it is all about:

For the next 31 days and 31 nights, you’re going to be extremely honest with everybody you come into contact with.

You’re no longer going to worry about what to say. You’re not going to be stuck inside your head. You’re going to speak your mind—no filter.

You’re also going to realize that the world is going to respond to you in an entirely different way. They’re going to respond to you in ways that you never have before.

For the next 31 days, you’re going to be fully authentic, real, and loving. You’re going to live your life every single day full of love—remember that. The two virtues necessary to be an honest person, are courage and love.

It takes courage to be completely you and say what you really feel. It also takes love to be able to do it without being a dick.

I don’t want you to attack people. Tell people how you feel but do it from a place of love. Don’t call people out from a place of anger or resentment—that will make this month very difficult for you. Be honest from a place of love.

You can come from a loving place, and explain why you’re hurt, why you’re sad, why you’re angry, why you’re upset. You’re more likely to honestly express yourself if you can control your emotions while you do it. Coming from genuine, positive emotions like respect, courage, and love will give you greater control.

This will be your most challenging and empowering month ever.

But imagine being able to walk up to a woman who you think is absolutely beautiful, and actually say it because you mean it, not because you want something from her.

Imagine being able to walk into your boss’ office, and explain to them why things are not working out for you at work, and your ideas on how things can be better so the work environment can be a more powerful, creative environment for everybody to flourish.

Imagine being able to tell your parents things you’ve always wanted to say. Imagine having a sit down with your best friend, who has been real selfish with your time and explaining how you feel.

Imagine being able to say all the things that have been dominating your thoughts for the longest time. Imagine being able to let them out and discuss them, so you can live a free, clear life.

That is what it is all about.

Extreme honesty month, it is time for all of you to join in.

I will be blogging (and tweeting #extremehonestymonth) every single day, sometimes more than once.

I will post videos.

I will post podcasts.

It is all going to be about being real, and I’m going to share with you what’s going on in my life, some of the conflicts, and some of the things I’m working on. Sharing with you is going to help me become more honest, and more real, and more open about my personal life.

I look forward to every day of this month, I hope you do too.

. . .

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