I was walking around London today and I went into this store and Coldplay was on….they are actually quite big over here.

Anyway it had me thinking so I wanted to share a fun blog with you today.

In life, we never talk about ‘if.’ You all know how I feel about people that live their lives according to ‘if’: IF I can do this, IF I can do that…

A few weeks ago we did a blog asking if you could go back and actually meet one of your childhood crushes, who would it be? Today I have a different question for you: if you could be any type of performer, what would it be?

I saw Coldplay during the summer, and when I saw Chris Martin play in front of 20,000 cheering people – watching him jump on stage and seeing his energy – I thought to myself, would I want to be a rockstar?

All my life, I dreamed of being Joe Namath or some type of football star. “Fading back to pass, number 12, David Wygant, looking down the middle… looking left, looking right, here comes the blitz, running out of the pocket, he throws the ball… TOUCHDOWN!” Jumping up and down, winning the Superbowl, having 75,000 people scream my name – I thought that was a big thrill.

Or standing up at the plate: “number 47, David Wygant, left fielder for the New York Mets, three balls, two strikes, two men out…” Down 2-1, seventh game of the World Series, the crowd is silent, and then they start chanting, “Wy-gant, Wy-gant, Wy-gant.” Tip – foul tip… into the catcher’s mitt and he drops it! He’s still alive! “3-2, fast ball, he drives it over the left field wall, going, going, GONE!” A home run! Rounding the bases, hearing 75,000 people scream my name as all my teammates are jumping up and down waiting for me…

Maybe if i was playing for the Mets they would not be doing there annual September choke!! I love waking up in my London hotel room and logging on to see how the Mets bullpen blew it the night before!

Those are big thrills. But after spending the last ten years motivating everybody, teaching people how to connect with the opposite sex, and speaking in front of live audiences? I’ve got to tell you: while there is no greater rush than doing what I do right now, if I had to be somebody else, I would love to be a rockstar.

I love getting in front of a thousand people, getting them to laugh, getting them to react, and getting them to feel. But watching Chris Martin sing with his band was unbelievable – to be able to see 20,000 people swaying to your words.

It’s not just swinging a bat or throwing a ball. It’s actually crafting words and emotions into songs and then getting other people to feel through those. That’s power.

So that’s what I would be. What would you be? If you could be any type of performer, what would you be?

We’re talking sports hero, rockstar – any live performer. Would you be a musician? Would you be a conductor? Would you be a rockstar? Hell, maybe some of you even want to be Gloria Estefan! I don’t know why, but maybe some of you would want to be her. (Not that I have anything against her music, it’s just that I never want to hear it. I would rather hear nails scratching up and down on a chalkboard.)

Would you like to be a football or baseball star? What would it be if you could be any type of fantasy person? As a kid, you thought about this all of the time – but as an adult, more evolved, it will be interesting to hear your responses.

I would be a rockstar, because in my business I feel like a rockstar. When I get up and I coach all of you, or get up in front of people in a seminar, I feel like a rockstar. I get to relate and connect with every single person in the audience.

I already feel like I’m living a rockstar life. But if I had to take it to the next level, I would definitely have a band with three of my best friends. The problem is that none of us can sing or play any instruments – but this is a fantasy blog anyway! And as Mr. Rourke says, “smile, everyone, because the fantasy is yours!”