woman-man-money-bills-cashI got a great e-mail from Mark today.

It went something like this:

I can’t keep women interested in me; I’m honest to them, but it seems to me they love bullshit artists and money, and they don’t like honest gentleman like me. I’ve never been married and I’m afraid I’m going to get cheated on again. I’m just about to give up on women. It seems like they’re just after the big bankroll.

What’s going to do it? I’m not going to spend all of my paycheck on a woman to make her happy.

— Mark

. . .

You don’t need money to make women happy, you need to be confident.

Listen to your mindset in this e-mail. It’s all about how you don’t want to get cheated on again.

You’re afraid. You’re living life scared. And whenever you live life scared, you attract women that are going to take advantage of you.

You also believe that women want a big bankroll in order to make them happy.

That’s not true at all.

Life is all mind set. Everything is mindset. If you believe that, then of course you’re going to only run into women that want a big bankroll.

If you don’t want to get cheated on again, of course you’re going to run into somebody who is going to cheat on you, because it’s all mindset—she’s going to feel your lack of confidence and treat you accordingly.

You’re a great guy, you even say it there in the beginning, but you don’t keep them interested in you because you just feel like they’re looking for something different. You feel like you’re not good enough, you feel like these women are looking for bullshit artist, you feel like they’re looking for money.

So change your mindset.

Like everything positive about your life.

Say it aloud to yourself:

“I’m an amazing man that’s 45 years old, that takes great care of myself, that makes decent money, I can support myself, I can support my habits, I’m caring, I’m loving, I’m awesome.”

Do you understanding what I’m saying here?

Write down all of the good positive attributes in a journal every single day and then read those attributes out loud to yourself.

My doing that, you start to believe it deep down and you’ll see yourself in a different light.

This is how to change.

Begin it now.