How many of you live in Tomorrowland, or Mondayville?

They are two of my least favorite places.

Do you know what Tomorrowland is all about?

“I’m going to do it tomorrow.”

“I’m going to go talk to women tomorrow.”

“I’m going to go work on my social skills tomorrow.”

“I’m going to do it when I get up off the sofa.”

“I’m going to go work out tomorrow.”

“I’m going to look for that new job tomorrow.”

Then you have the procrastinators who reside in Mondayville—they have to start everything important on a Monday.

They like to say:

“I’m going to start that low-carb diet on Monday. So this weekend I’m going to drink beer, eat pizza and cupcakes, and smoke cigarettes like a maniac. You know, one last time.”


You want extreme honesty month?

Here goes: bullshit.

You’re not going to do it tomorrow, nor are you going to do it Monday. The only reason why you say you’re going to do it tomorrow is because you don’t want to do it now.

You’d rather put it off because it’s easier to put it off, it’s easier to imagine how everything is going to be different tomorrow.

But let me tell you, tomorrow turns into tomorrow, which turns into tomorrow, which turns into tomorrow.

You want to get something done?—you’ve got to stop making your goals so lofty and start taking the baby steps.

You’ve got to start putting on the training wheels instead of trying to ride the Harley.

You’ve got to go out and do the little things.

Talk to two new people a day instead of saying to yourself, “I’m going to change my entire dating life in 24 hours—tomorrow.”


Do you know how I got really good at what I do?  Do you know why I’m a great communicator?

It’s because I did all the little things, so when I meet somebody for the very, very first time, I either know we have chemistry or know that we don’t.

I’m interested in them or I’m not.

Bottom line, folks: there is no tomorrow; there’s only today.

Tomorrow you might be dead.  Tomorrow a catastrophe could hit.

So do it today.

Allow yourself the small steps.  Allow yourself to fail because failure means that you actually tried.

Allow yourself to do this now because if you do this, you’ll become a more powerful person…