The Abuse of Texting By David Wygant

We have a texting problem in America.

Men are asking women out via texting.
Men are blowing off dates via texting.
Men and women are using texting to booty call each other at night.

Which two of the three are unacceptable . . . and which one is perfectly okay??

Texting somebody on a Friday night to hook up later? Absolutely! It’s easy, fun, exciting, and much better than a phone call if the man or woman you’re trying to booty text can’t hear the phone ring.

The first two, however, are absolutely disgraceful! For some reason when some men and women blow off a date, they hide behind texting instead of actually having a conversation.

The whole idea of texting is to keep in touch with somebody, e.g., have a short conversation in the middle of the day, have a booty call, or share something funny. When you’re in an already established relationship, texting can be used to say where you’re meeting each other for dinner or at whose house you’re going to have a sleepover.

I have talked to many women, and the thing they despise the most is when men asks them out on a first date via text message. They find that behavior wimpy, and it turns them off. If you’re a guy and you’re going to ask a woman out, pick up the phone and have some balls!!

By texting, you’re telling a woman that you don’t expect her to say yes. By texting in these ways, what you’re doing is basically saying “I don’t really care if we go out. I’m just lobbing a text in and hoping you’ll say yes.” This is what women perceive when you text them out on a date.

There’s another issue too . . . it’s called canceling a date via text message. If you are canceling a date for a valid reason with a woman and you desire to see her again, do not text her! Pick up the phone, be a man, speak to her, and set up another date! A woman who has any sense of self-pride will never go out with a guy who cancels via text.

The same rings true for women.. If you’re going to cancel on a man, pick up the phone and set another date.

Stop hiding behind texting!! There are positives and negatives about everything. You just learned one positive and two negatives. The same rules apply for email by the way. That’s all . . . and even if you have that new iPhone and you can text cooler than anyone else, it still doesn’t give you a reason to hide behind texting.