Last weekend I was in New York, and I decided to check out this hotel called “The Mercer Street Hotel.”

So me and my buddy Jon who coaches in New York, walked on in there. We were just chilling out, and we spotted this group of five beautiful women sitting there. We were just about to go over and talk to them, when all of a sudden Russell Simmons walks in and approaches them.

The guy worked every single woman in the group. They all knew him, and it was hilarious to watch. Russell Simmons has mad game!

He has all different types of game too. He has touchy feely game. He was touching one woman. Literally all over her as they talked, smiling like a big teddy bear. And she loved it. He as making her feel really good and she was giggling and flirting.

Then he did Yoga game. He talked about spirituality and the yoga class he takes. He told them why it’s so great and why he takes it. Then he did billionaire game where he talked about living in the hotel and how much he enjoys it.

Then it was time for big daddy game. He was giving the women advice about what the women should do career wise. He had mad game I’m telling you guys. Now, I know you guys, and I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Yeah sure, if I had $1B like Russell Simmons does I’d have mad game too!”

But in reality Russell Simmons has the one thing I try to teach you guys over and over again. Yes, he may have billionaire game. He may have teddy bear game, yoga game, and spirituality game. But you know what he has that ALL of you guys have too?

He has authentic game!

He was real. Everything about him was real. His energy was real. When he was talking to these women he was listening to every word they said. He was 100% present.

He was fun. He was joyous. He was having a great time, and that’s what it’s all about. It has nothing to do with having billions of dollars. It has to do with you being 100% authentic, and that’s what he was. Jon and I sat back and watched him for a while. It was a lot of fun seeing him work the crowd, because it was almost magical.

He was so present, and he made every woman there feel great about herself. It didn’t matter he was Russell Simmons. He could have been anyone. It could have been YOU!

You can do teddy bear, touchy feely game, or big daddy game.  But the real game you want to learn is how to be authentic and real.  Because when you’re authentic and real, women just want to be a part of you. It wouldn’t suck to be Russell Simmons though. I got to tell you, living in that hotel would be like a dream!