I’ve written so much about this many times before.

And I’m going to write about it again. The definition of success is owning your mistakes.

Look, I’m a man.

I do things with two feet in and my brain is sometimes attached to my ass.

I’ve made mistakes in my life.

Actually, many of them.

I’ve made a lot of money, I’ve lost money. And I’m way ahead on the earning money over losing money.

There are terms in life that I really go by.

You can’t win them all.

And there’s definitely going to be losers that you need to cut free.

But the one thing about being a man that I’m really proud of is owning my mistakes.

Recently, I got involved a couple years ago in a real estate deal.

There were too many hands in the kettle.

I got involved with friends.

It really didn’t work out. One of us wanted to sell, the other one didn’t.

I couldn’t find a renter, I tried Airbnb, tried many different things and didn’t really work out.

So I admit it — I admit my part in it.

I admitted the mistakes I made, they admitted the mistakes they made, and we all just moved forward on it.

That’s what life is about. It’s about owning your shit.

It’s about owning your mistakes.

It’s about manning up or womaning up.

But through it all, what I realized is that friendship always comes before anything. If you’re going to get in business with friends and it doesn’t work out, and it means losing money to preserve the friendship, that to me is always worth it.

Because in life we can’t always make the right decision, the right call. There’s going to be things that come up.

The definition of success is realizing you’re going to make mistakes. A man who doesn’t venture down that path and plays everything safe will never be a successful man.

But a successful man will always be a man that ventures, takes risks, is willing to put himself out there.

That’s what makes somebody successful. Being willing to put them self out there and being willing to lose because you’re not going to win with everything you do.

Those no safe investment. Everything comes with a risk. Sometimes you just lose.

It’s okay. So the next time you’re offered some type of business thing, jump in. If it doesn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to turn out, you’ll survive. You’ll make the money back in something else. You’ll earn your money back somewhere else and you’ll gain some valuable experience.

That’s all that life is. The definition of success is owning your mistakes and gaining the experience.