Dont beat yourself upDo you ever just feel off?

You’re just not yourself.

Your conversations with people just aren’t snapping as they should.

In fact, you just don’t have the energy you normally have.

We all have days like that. The most beautiful woman in the world could walk into your life that day, throw herself at you, and you’d have nothing to say to her. Your boss could call you in and ask you how you want to inspire and grow in the company in return for a massive pay rise, and you’d have nothing to say to him.
Usually, when I’m having a day like that I’m deep in thought about something. It’s never about work stuff, because to me that side of my life is controllable, and so easy to find a solution to. Usually, for me, what causes an off day or an off time some kind of emotional “issue.” Today in the gym, I just didn’t feel like myself at all.

There’s a woman there I normally talk to all the time. We have some great conversations. I’d even call her a friend, but today I was slacking. I had nothing for her. I think I know why. I’d been thinking about a relationship that had taught me a lot. I was with someone who I thought didn’t have an open heart.

What did I learn from the relationship?

I learned it was actually ME that didn’t have an open heart. As much as I teach you guys this stuff, and as much as I share with you about my life and experience with relationships, my heart is still closed a great deal of the time. It’s a daily struggle for me to open. I can be open in the sense I can give someone a great conversation. That’s easy for me. I can talk about the deepest things imaginable to strangers. I can ask them personal questions. I can connect with their world. All of that is easy for me.

My challenge is opening up more. I need to work on opening my heart and getting clear on what I want. It’s about letting people in on a deeper level. I have to admit that is still a challenge for me. Every day I’m a work in progress, just like the rest of you. We can’t all have amazing days where we’re full of life and energy. Some days are a struggle for all of us.

Don’t Self-Sabotage If You’re Having A Bad Day!

Some people think I’m always 100% up, alive, and on my game, but you know, just because I give you advice, doesn’t mean I don’t need to follow it myself sometimes. Sure, I’ve mastered a lot of the things you guys are still working on like approaching, flirting, and closing women. Now I’m looking for the deeper emotional connection.

I want to experience life on much deeper levels. I want to feel. I want to love more than ever before. I want someone to love me more than ever before. That’s what getting real is all about. That’s what opening your heart space is all about. It’s taking yourself to places you’ve never been, and allowing that to happen. Yes, we’re fearful sometimes. It’s hard letting go of your fears. It can be tough working out who you are. It’s scary growing. Just remember, life is a daily journey, and not every day can be amazing.

You can’t approach women like a master every day. Some days you will run out of things to say. Some days you won’t be in the mood to talk to women at all. That’s fine. It’s OK to have an off day. It’s fine to become vulnerable. If you’re not vulnerable, you can’t ever connect with anyone. Don’t beat yourself if things aren’t going your way today. Remember, tomorrow’s another day. I just wanted to share that with you guys today. Nobody is perfect. Even me 😉