As we muddle along through the holidays, we’ll start to see sales come up.

If you recall long ago.

Sales only happened the day after Christmas.  It was always a big shopping day, December 26th.  Boxing day in Europe.

It was a day when everything went on sale.

You’d go and return Christmas sweaters that your boyfriend or girlfriend got you, your grandmother got you, and you’d be able to get twice as much, and then much, much more.

But now, things are on sale all the time.

The illusion of a sale.

When a retail has put something on sale, it’s always an illusion because you always know it might be on sale today, something else will be on sale tomorrow.  And yet you always think that. It always keeps you shopping.  Because they constantly put things on sale, constantly bringing you back to that website.

Brilliant marketing, and it’s the only way that any of them make any money now a days is that they actually own their own label.

They create their own clothing line.

And that way then, they can literally continue to put stuff on sale to make the most amount of money, because they never expect to get full price.

Dating is the exact same way.  It’s a complete illusion.

How many times have you swiped dates <?>.

Online dates.

Use any app.

You see somebody.  They look fantastic.  They put on their best marketing pictures.

Pictures are taken at the angles that make them look the skinniest.  Pictures are taken at angles that make them look the youngest.

You also have fear of missing out.

If you get on a site or that app link Bumble and a woman contacts you, you feel like you need to respond quickly to this supposed hot woman because she has the choice to pick any man and she picked you.  So you feel like you need to pick her very quickly.

A lot of these sites give time outs.

Meaning you only got a certain amount of time to reply to one another or the match disappears forever.

Just like retail, no different than what I’ve talked about when it comes down to airline tickets.

Hotel rooms.

Sizes of shirts, it’s the same principal behind it.  Limited inventory.

The problem with dating it’s an unlimited inventory of dates that usually go no where.

We live in a world now where people are waiting for people to be put on sale on the Internet or on an app.  And we don’t talk to the person next to us in the gym.  As a matter of fact when I’m in the gym, I’ll see people swiping, looking at Tinder, looking at Bumble, on their match instead of talking to the person next to them who probably would be a better fit.  And I’m going to tell you why.

Have you ever shopped online for a shirt or a dress, or a pair of pants.  It looks good on the model, the reason being is that they pin it the right way.  They don’t show you every single angle and they’re very, very, very clever about disguising the flaw in the fit of what you’re going to buy.

They also find somebody who’s got the perfect body type for that article of clothing.

So you get it home and you try it on and it doesn’t look at all like anything you imagined in the pictures.

So what do you do now?  Well perhaps you return it and go onto the next one because you know consistently that you keep ordering and ordering and ordering, eventually you’ll find something you like.  That same mentality has been instilled in dating.  You don’t talk to the person next to you because most people have social anxiety.

The fear of talking to a complete and total stranger.

So what you do is you get online and you find somebody.  Most of the time the people don’t look like their photos.  They’re older than their pictures and they have more children then they said they had.  Or more emotional problems.

What do you do?  You continue shopping, shopping and shopping to find somebody that you’re actually attracted to.

The number one thing that drives people nuts about online dating is that most of the time you’re not attracted to the person who shows up on that date.  Because people are very good at merchandising themselves.

Women are masters at angles.

Women are masters at losing extra weight via their pictures.

Women are masters at looking good.

Men are great at mastering the illusion of words.
They’re not great at masking photos as much, but they’re great at selling.
Women taught them how to sell.  They took a course on how to write to women online and they’re good at manipulation stuff.  That’s where it becomes crazy.

I’m a people person.  I prefer to go meet somebody out and about.

I prefer to go and sit down in a cafe, see somebody’s energy.

See what they’re about.

See how they dress.

See how they smile.  Get into a conversation with them.  Get to know them.

All you negative Nellies will always say, well what if I spend half an hour talking to somebody and they’re not single?  What a waste of time.

At least online you know that they’re single.

Sure, they’re single and psychotic half the time.  Wonderful.  Somebody’s out and about, you get to know, you get to feel them.  You get to see them.  It’s the same way I’ve always been shopping.

I have to see and feel what a shirt looks like on me.  Then see how I feel.  That’s what life is.  I’d rather try life on.

Think about the next time you go out on a date with somebody else misrepresenting themselves.