“He’s going to marry the first girl he lays, and she’s going to treat him like shit… because you can’t respect somebody that kisses your ass.” – Ferris Bueller.

It’s a great quote, and the reason why is because it’s so true. So many guys have a limited mindset when it comes down to women. They don’t believe that they can meet women. They don’t believe that they deserve women, and they never even try to improve themselves.

A lot of guys will just gain a lot of weight, and they’ll just say to themselves, well I just can’t seem to lose the weight. A lot of guys will go out there and pretend to try to meet people, but in reality, they put themselves on an Internet dating site, and the first and only woman that e-mails them is the one that they marry.

Women know it because when they ask what your dating history is, you have none. And usually the type of woman that you end up is a woman that knows how to control you and doesn’t have any respect for you, because you don’t have respect for yourself.

Dating And Life Expert Ferris Bueller

If you feel this way about yourself, it’s okay. I understand. But it’s time you actually did the work in order to feel better about yourself. Start working out a little bit. Start doing things that you love, and start saying hello to people and start being social. There’s a world of women out there that want, desire and crave you. Don’t just go out and get the first girl that comes along, because as Ferris Bueller said, only the weak get screwed — the bold survive.