Last night I had a strange dream.

I dreamt about a friend of mine from high school and his brother.

I was actually back in high school.

I was actually afraid of friend’s brother in high school—he was a big guy.

They were setting up an Internet-related business and wanted me to come over and help them with it.

So I went over there and I was nervous and scared, because I didn’t want my friend’s big brother to beat me up. But I got there and they were pretty cool.

In the dream, my friend’s brother made me lift him up over my head. I told him, “I’ve got a blown disk.” He was something like 240 pounds, but I do believe I lifted him, and my back felt strong.

Then, my other friend told me I needed to make a phony phone call, and tell this woman that the dog made peepee on the floor.

(We used to do those phony phone calls when we were kids. We used to say, “The dog made “peepee” on the floor, what should we do?!” It would drive women crazy.)

We talked about it for a bit at a table, and then all of a sudden the dream was over.

Dreams are weird. They can go anywhere.

They can go from sex, to saving the world, to being a superhero, to dreaming about people you haven’t seen in 30 years.

There are books on dream analysis, but do dreams really mean anything? When you’re laying asleep at night and you dream, do they really mean just anything at all, or are they just random thoughts, random things, weird strange things?

. . .

What do you guys dream about? How random are your dreams? What’s the craziest dream you’ve had, and do we have any dream analyzers here to help us all out?