Are you an ‘armchair quarterback?’ Are you constantly thinking about what somebody said, or are you interpreting things they said (or wish they had said)?

That is what an armchair quarterback does. An armchair quarterback will break down a conversation they had with a woman (or a man if you’re a woman).

If you are an armchair quarterback, what you’ll do is grab the ear of one of your friends and break down the entire exchange — line by line. What happens here is that you end up breaking down and interpreting the situation based on a want or a need, and you end up skewing it in your direction.

Here’s what’s crazy about being an armchair quarterback. You can never really do what you are trying to do, and you are doing nothing that helps you.

First, you have no idea what the other person is thinking unless you talk to them. So no matter how much time you spend dissecting a conversation, you will never know for a fact whether your guesses and speculation are correct.

Second, it’s such a waste of time going through this over and over again with your friends. A real quarterback is someone who leads his team. If you watched Mark Sanchez recently in the Jets’ game against the Miami Dolphins, you saw a great example of a quarterback who was not leading his team.

His shoulders were hunched over, and he was pissed off practically the whole time. Every time he threw the ball badly, his body language was awful. He’d roll his shoulders forward, he’d pout a little bit. He is an armchair quarterback.

Peyton Manning, on the other hand, is never an armchair quarterback. He may get really pissed at himself when he screws up, but he always goes back out there and attacks the field.

If you look at Tom Brady, he is the same way. He attacks the field of play. He owns the field of play.

So what do you want to be in your life?

Do you want to be like Mark Sanchez? Do you want to be a guy who is constantly thinking and wondering about everything people say, or do you want to be more like Tom Brady and go out there, take control and attack the field of life?

A real quarterback takes full control over everything in their life, and they don’t worry about what they think someone is thinking. In reality, you never know what someone is thinking until you ask them.

A real quarterback will do that. A real quarterback will ask a woman out. A real female quarterback will go after the man she wants and not worry about whether she’s playing it right or playing it wrong.

You can’t play it right or wrong if you only play it the way you want to play it. If you’re in complete control of your life, you will play it that exact way and never waste time being an armchair quarterback.