I’ve come up with a new term today. It’s called Don’t-ers.

It’s people who don’t take responsibility for things in their life.

It’s people that are always blaming other people.

It’s people who don’t accomplish things. It’s those talkers, those talkers that tell you they’re going to start their own business and have their own business, and be successful.

Those are don’t-ers in life.

You know what a do-er is? A do-er is somebody that does things, that actually what he said, or what she says, actually follows through with what they are and who they are.

That’s what a do-er is. A do-er is someone who succeeds. A do-er is somebody when the chips are down they go out and get things done.

Don’t-ers… they’re making all the excuses in the world. They’re making excuses for why things don’t work or how they can’t work.

Are you a do-er or a don’t-er? Which one do you want to be? And let’s be more honest. Are you somebody who really feels like things aren’t going to work or are you somebody who really does things?

I’d like to see down below your response. This is short. This is sweet because do-ers don’t talk, do-ers act. Don’t-ers talk non-stop.