Why you need to be yourselfDo you want to know one of the reasons you find it so hard to meet women?

Do you want to know why you find it so hard to connect with women?

It’s because you try so hard all the time to do and say the right thing instead of just being yourself. So many guys filter themselves, and by filtering yourself, you’re almost guaranteeing you’ll never truly attract the kind of women you want to date. Why?

Here are just 3 reasons you should learn to be yourself, rather than diluting who you are trying to be perfect!

1. Eventually, she’ll find out the truth! – When you sell yourself to a girl as something you’re not, once she’s been with you a while, she’ll discover who you really are. Women aren’t stupid. Once she’s spent time with you she’ll realize you’re not the person you made out you were. Guess what happens then?

Whatever levels of attraction you created being the “superhero” version of yourself, simply dissipate when she sees who you are. Do you think she’s going to want to date you knowing you built your relationship on a lie?

2. You’re making your life harder – Think about it. When you filter yourself, you have to remember all the little details you lie about or embellish. You have to remember all the stories you’ve told her to keep your mask intact. Do you know how to connect easily and deeply with anyone you meet?

Remember how it felt when you were a child. That’s right. Look how easily children connect with each other. When you were kids, you never filtered yourself. You just said whatever the hell you wanted. Louis CK does a great five-minute routine on why kids are assholes, which is very funny!

Louis CK said kids say the things only assholes would say. They’re not afraid. They’re not trying to impress anyone.  And if you’re trying to impress a woman by pretending you’re someone else, then you need to look deeper at who you are as a man, which leads to number three.

3. You’ll destroy your self-esteem – Those who do whatever they can to impress others don’t like what they see in the mirror. I never go out of my way to impress anyone. I’m just being myself. When I hang out with one of my friends and coaches Greg, he always says, “You always say something that makes me physically cringe, but you say it with such style and pizzazz that you get away with it every single time.”

I go through life unfiltered. When I do that, I can say who I am. I want people to get to know and fall for me; the real me. I’m not trying to sell myself to anybody. Why is it so hard for all of you to be yourself?

Here’s a challenge for you, and I don’t want you to just write some comment on the blog saying you’re going to do it. I want you to go out and have an unfiltered day from start to finish. I want you to say exactly what’s on your mind. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m with a client of mind. He’s a great guy. We were walking by a store and he sees a girl working in there. He looks and me and says, “God she’s so sexy!”

I told him to go and tell her that. He “heeed” and “hawwwed” for like a minute or two, and finally I kicked him in the ass and he went in. Next thing he came out as high as a kite. When I asked him why he was so high he told me, “I got to do it. I got to say what I was thinking, and I got to be myself.”

That’s what I want all of you to do. I want you to be authentic and real. You’ll be amazed how much easier it becomes to connect with women when you start living life honestly.