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Hey, welcome back.

If you caught yesterday’s video, you might notice something a little different about me…

Today I’m not a bear. Today I am…

David Wygant, the tiger.

You see, I decided not to be the representative that was the bear because I want to unleash the tiger within me.

I've Killed That Representative

I don’t coach with my representative anymore. If you’ve ever experienced one of my programs, you’ll know that I’m just mind to mouth. Unfiltered.

And I don’t date with my representative anymore, either.

When I show up, I show up as me, the tiger within. Not my representative. Not who I think this other person wants to see.


Because I’ve spent a lifetime bringing my representative with me everywhere I’ve gone.

It was my best friend.

Every day, every time I left the house, I’d say, “Hey representative, who are we dressing up as today? Who do people want me to be?”

And my representative would say, “People want you to be a yes-man. You need to be a people pleaser.”

And that’s who I was. That was my representative, because that’s how I was programmed ever since I was a child.

My mom was an emotional wreck. She lost a son when she was 24 years old. I was three and a half, and I basically spent the next two years of my life trying to get my mom to love me because she was in a big state of depression.

Then, when I was five and a half, she decided to kill herself. She decided to crash the car with me in it.

She literally went 65 miles an hour into a parked car, causing a six-car pile-up on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

Of course, we both made it out alive, but guess what? Guess what my job became?

I became her emotional support. Every single day coming home from school, I had to make sure my mom was okay. I had to make sure she was feeling loved, feeling special. I had to say yes to her all the time and be so concerned about if she was okay.

And that was my representative. That’s who I thought I needed to be. Long after I stopped dressing up as Superman for Halloween, I was still dressing up as Superman every single other day of the year.

Because I thought I needed to be Superman for the people in my life, especially the people I dated. I needed to be David-to-the-rescue.

Until one day, I literally just woke up and realized how insane I was.

I realized how insane it is to dress up as this person when it wasn’t even me. It wasn’t even what I wanted, or who I wanted to be.

Because, with my representative, nothing ever changed. I kept dating the same people, because I kept showing up as the same person. I kept wearing the same mask.

And I was not happy. I was not satisfied in life, in love, in anything, until I started showing up every day as my authentic self.

Without my representative.

See, I threw that mask out and dumped it into the sea.

And without it, I’m able to show people who I am. But so much more than that, I’m not afraid of what I think people want from me.

Imagine that...

Imagine showing up on every date you go on, as just you.

Imagine being unafraid of what happens on that date. Being totally unattached to the outcome, because if it doesn’t work out between the two of you, then that person is just another stepping stone on your journey.

Imagine being completely and totally in love with yourself. Being totally in love with the person you are.

How much do you think your life would change for you? How much do you think dating and love would change for you?

I’ve gotta tell you. I’ve spent the past 20 years helping millions of men and women all over the world unmask their representative and unleash the tiger within.

And none of them – not a single one – has ever come back to me and said, “you know what David? I think I’ll keep my mask on for right now. I’m far happier spending my life pretending to be someone else.”

Because you only get one life. That’s it. And unmasked, naked, authentic and raw, is the only way to live it.

And that’s why you need to come back and see tomorrow’s video. Because tomorrow, I’m going to finally reveal how I’m going to unmask your representative. I’m going to show you what your life would look like if you stripped away the silly costumes you’re wearing and lived every day as just pure authentic energy.

So, don’t miss tomorrow’s video… I’ll see you then.