What is Your Biggest Obstacle Right Now?

"I can't meet beautiful women. I'm not attractive enough or too anxious to approach women who are out of my league."


"I can't work my dream career, start a business or make the money I want to make. I don't have what it takes to be successful."


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Your Thoughts & Beliefs
Create Your Reality

If you believe that you just CAN'T meet amazing women...

...then you simply WON'T be able meet amazing women.

If you believe that a woman is out of your league...

...then she's going to be out of your league.

If you believe you always need to find the right thing to say when you talk to a woman...

...then you're going to say nothing.

If you believe that you can't get the girl that you want and you always get thrown in the friend-zone...

...then you're going to always stay in the friend-zone.

Whatever you think, whatever your thought process is, your thoughts and beliefs will become the outcome. The way that you live your life every which way.

You're Programmed to Believe These Things... and This Programming Runs DEEP

In all likelihood, you've been living with this programming for a long time. Probably even since childhood. You can thank dear old mom and dad for the lack of competence you have when it comes down to the opposite sex.

You can blame little Jimmy who teased you when you were in fifth grade that literally put you into a shy coma for the next ten years, and since then you've had trouble meeting women.

But what if... that could change? Not just today, but in as little as 15 minutes?

What if I could reprogram your subconscious mind — reprogram your mind to believe the things that you truly want and desire?

I'm Going to Literally
Reprogram Your Brain

You're programmed to believe that you can't date beautiful women — whatever the reason, that's your programming. That's your story. You didn't ask for this programming. But the thing that you CAN do is you can reprogram your mind to believe a whole new set of rules. Because once again, what you believe in life is what you're going to live in life. Your thoughts will always dictate your actions.

Imagine Your Dream Girl...

Think about exactly what you want in a woman.

Literally. If you had to design a woman that was specifically the one that you want to be with, what would she look like? What would she smell like? What would her body look like?

What would it be like to have sex with her?

What would it be like to be in a relationship with her?

Now, imagine possessing the skill to walk over to any single woman — including, and especially, THIS GIRL — and being able to effortlessly turn her on.

Here's How It's Going to Work:

15-Minute Phone Call With Me

You're going to hop on a phone call with me for 15 minutes and tell me ALL about your personal stumbling blocks and why you've had trouble meeting women. And you're going to paint me a picture of the EXACT type of girl you want, what she looks like, and what it's like being with her.

Custom Mindset Meditation

Then, I'm going to go to work for you. I'm going to come up with a meditation that you're going to listen to. In the morning when you wake up, before you go to bed, and throughout the day in your headphones. And I am literally going to reprogram the wires inside your brain's hard drive to truly BELIEVE & MANIFEST everything I'm telling you.

Manifest Your New Programming

If you follow my instructions and do exactly what I say... 100% of your negative beliefs will be gone, literally within 30 days after listening to this custom meditation that I will do for you. You won't even remember the thoughts that plagued you before.

It's Really THAT Simple.

I've been rewiring my high-paying coaching clients for 20 years. And every single one of them is dating amazing, beautiful women. And YOU will literally be able to meet any girl that you want. Attract any girl that you want. Date any girl that you want.

So How Much Does It Cost

To Completely Lose Your Programming & Excuses
and Become the Man You Want to Be?

Just $99.

Until now, this program has been reserved for my high-end coaching clients ONLY. Men & women who pay me $10,000/month.

And right here, right now, I'm offering it to you for $99. Less than the price of all the cologne and clothing and drinks and gym memberships you shell out money for each month without ever dealing with the root of the problem — your MINDSET.

Less than just one trip to the therapist — heck, this is less than half of the audio and video programs I offer... and it's completely, 100% CUSTOM. You get a custom mindset meditation just for you to help you deal with YOUR problem.

This is your chance to be re-wired, to be reprogrammed — literally — after 30 days of listening to this, you will not even remember the fears and doubts that you had. Because you'll start feeling more positive, which means that your interactions with women will be far better. Your energy you give off will be that of confidence and not of insecurity and negativity.

But You Have to Act Quickly. As in RIGHT NOW.

Here's the deal: for every person who takes advantage of this limited-time opportunity, I will be jumping on a 15-minute phone call AND recording a custom audio meditation. And then I've got all of my other daily activities — one-on-one coaching, writing, recording podcasts — and that's not even leaving room for my social life and being a father to my beautiful daughter.

Unfortunately, We're At Maximum Capacity

Don't wait. You could be a new man by tomorrow — a man who dates any woman he wants instead of settling for the women he can get.

A man who's NEVER stuck in the friend-zone, who's ALWAYS in the sex and boyfriend-zone.

A man who's got no excuses, who doesn't give a shit about the programming he's had all his life that he's .

That's right. I want that man to be you. So hop on the phone with me and let me rewire your brain to become THAT man. The man you've always wanted to be.

I look forward to speaking with you.