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Your Thoughts & Beliefs
Create Your Reality

If you believe that you just CAN'T be healthy and wealthy...

...then you simply WON'T be healthy and wealthy.

If you believe you can't have the career you want...

...then you will NEVER have the career you want.

If you believe that certain people are just born successful...

...then will never be successful.

If you believe that you're not socially aware and charismatic...

...then you will NEVER be socially aware and charismatic.

Whatever you think, whatever your thought process is, your thoughts and beliefs will become the outcome. The way that you live your life every which way.

The Life You LIVE is the Life That YOU Yourself Manifest...

I live a life of full on abundance.

My life with money is full of abundance.

My money story is that money and I are best friends, and together we stay in amazing hotels. We've bought amazing things. We live in a great house and we eat wonderful food.

When I wake up in the morning, I go to work. I literally love to create everything that I do. I am living my passion. I am living my dream. There's no other life that I want to live.

When it comes down to health, my body is this beautiful, amazing, healthy temple.

When I go to the gym I'm crafting this incredible body to just absolutely slay dragons all day long.

I am a powerful amazing dragon slayer changing the world — and isn't the the life YOU want to be living RIGHT NOW?

I'm Going to Literally
Reprogram Your Brain

Do you feel inspired by my words right now? Because THIS is the way I want you to live when it comes down to career, money, health, and wealth. And it all comes down to your programming. What is your story that's holding you back? Do you feel like you can't be successful? You can't life the life you want to live? What I want to do is completely ERASE that story and rewire your brain for success & abundance. Because once again, what you believe in life is what you're going to live in life. Your thoughts will always dictate your actions.

Imagine the Life You've Always Dreamt of Living...

If you died today, what would your eulogy say about you? Do you want to be known as somebody who lived life to the fullest?

Or do you want to be known as somebody who never lived their life to their potential?

I want to personally give you the life deserve and desire to live. Because, for the past 20 years, I've given myself the life of my dreams.

Every woman I wake up next to is a beautiful woman. I'm the most fit, in-shape person I know. I make more money in one week than most people make in a life time.

And this amazing life I live is a life that I manifested for myself — and it's a life I want to personally manifest for YOU.

Here's How It's Going to Work:

15-Minute Phone Call With Me

You're going to hop on a phone call with me for 15 minutes and I will take you through ALL your fears and your blocks. We will talk about EXACTLY who you want to be and what you want to be, and then I go to work.

Custom Mindset Meditation

I'm going to come up with a meditation that you're going to listen to. In the morning when you wake up, before you go to bed, and throughout the day in your headphones. And I am literally going to reprogram the wires inside your brain's hard drive to truly BELIEVE & MANIFEST everything I'm telling you — manifest the EXACT life you want to be living right now.

Manifest Your New Programming

In the morning, the afternoon, when you're driving in you car, and in the evening before you go to bed, you be listening to this & reprogramming your mind. And literally within a few weeks, you're going to feel that power inside you. The subconscious loop that's been playing in your mind will no longer play out. Because now you're going to play the new story of you, creating that new story for yourself.

It's Really THAT Simple.

I've been rewiring my high-paying coaching clients for 20 years. And every single one of them has changed their lives in ways they thought IMPOSSIBLE. Every single one of them is making the money they want to make, working the career they want to work, living the EXACT life that they want to be living.

So How Much Does It Cost

To Completely Lose Your Programming & Excuses
and Become the Man You Want to Be?

Just $99.

I've been success coaching for as long as I've been dating coaching. And this technique that I do with my private clients is something I'm going to bring right now to the general public for the very, very first time: the Health & Wealth Mindset Manifestation.

Until now, this program has been reserved for my high-end coaching clients ONLY. Men & women who pay me $10,000/month.

And right here, right now, I'm offering it to you for $99 — $99 to COMPLETELY change your life IMMEDIATELY.

This is your chance to be re-wired, to be reprogrammed — every single successful man and woman and entrepreneur has done this EVERY day for as long as they've lived. It's the secret mindset technique used by myself, by great thought leaders by Anthony Robbins and Eckhart Tolle.

Everybody who's ever been successful had to create a successful brand before they actually went out and did it — now it's your turn.

Just $99

But You Have to Act Quickly. As in RIGHT NOW.

Here's the deal: for every person who takes advantage of this limited-time opportunity, I will be jumping on a 15-minute phone call AND recording a custom audio meditation. And then I've got all of my other daily activities — one-on-one coaching, writing, recording podcasts — and that's not even leaving room for my social life and being a father to my beautiful daughter.

And That's Why I Have to Cap This at 50 Guys

Only 5 Spots Left!

(This is a live countdown. Every second you wait, someone else is buying and the count gets closer and closer to maximum capacity)

Just $99

Don't wait. You could be a new man by tomorrow — a man who DOESN'T accept ANY excuses.

A man who sees what he wants and fucking GOES FOR IT.

That's right. I want that man to be you. So hop on the phone with me and let me rewire your brain to become THAT man. The man you've always wanted to be.

I look forward to speaking with you.