What You Should Know About Sexual Double Standards

Have you ever just had sex with a man and thought, “Now that I’ve had sex with this random guy (since it’s been six months since my last sexual encounter!), is he going to think I’m a slut?”

The answer? Not if you phrase it correctly.

I’m the first to admit that there’s a double standard out there. I personally commend women who are sexually free and open. I don’t judge women who are sexually free and open. I also don’t really care about with how many men a woman has slept.

There are men, however, who judge women for being sexually free. So, how does a woman know if she’s slept with someone like me, or with a judgmental non-evolved man?

When you have sex with a man for the very first time on, let’s say, the very first date, men are so ego-driven that they want to believe that there was something special about them that made you lose all control and decide to jump into bed with them quickly. They want to believe that they have some magical sexual power over you.

They want to believe this regardless of whether you slept with four other guys before them that week. They don’t know!

So what do you tell a man you’ve just slept with so that he won’t judge you? It’s really simple!

Just tell him, “I can’t believe I did this, but I haven’t had sex in so long that I couldn’t resist it.” A man’s ego so wants to believe that.

I’m all about telling the truth, but some men can’t handle the truth. It’s like when Jack Nicholson told Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!” Unfortunately, ladies, some men just can’t handle the truth.

If he’s a one-night stand or he turns into a booty call, massage his ego and you will massage all the right parts. He will think he’s some incredible lover.

I’m all about women using men for sexual pleasure. Men have been using women like this for years.
Welcome to the new sexual revolution: women rule!

One word of advice to the men: When a woman decides to have sex with you on the first date, stop judging and worrying about what she’s done in the past. Just embrace the gift of another person.