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Listen to what these guys had to say about how their dating lives changed through a simple series of emails with me:


Thanks for the help. I am amazed at what David was able to accomplish in a few emails.

— Joe T.
New York, NY

"I Can’t Believe How Fast You Got Back to Me!"

Instant advice. I cant believe how fast you got back to me. 3 emails in one day… do you work 24 hours day??? Thanks for all your help and I love the Daily blog. Great stuff David.

— T.C.
Atlanta, GA

"Just Reading Your Words, I Became More Confident."

Just reading your words from the email I became more confident in what I need to do.Having you answer emails for me over the last month has been really valuable. I now have a clear understanding of what I need o do everyday to meet more women, I also have this amazing 60 page word doc filled with personal advice from you.

It is amazing but you were right I do have my own dating journal after 30 days and I have used it everyday to check out some of my custom approaches and tips.

I even downloaded my story to my I phone so I can have it available at all times for reference. You are an amazing person to work with David and I will refer you to every one who needs a kick start.

— John P.
Houston, TX

Remember, it doesn't matter if...

  • You’re looking to meet more women
  • Just one issue prevents you from developing true inner confidence
  • You just endured the most heart-wrenching breakup of your life
  • You want create a new look that will attract the women you want
  • You want to be a better lover right now
  • Your relationship is on the rocks (and you’re afraid of losing your partner)
  • Or even if you want to bring the passion and sexual tension BACK to your relationship

BOTTOM LINE: This is Your ULTIMATE Solution

Authenticity and communication are the keys to success in relationships.

Pickup lines do not work.

"Faking" confidence does not work.

Being a "yes man" and NOT standing up for yourself in dating WILL NOT work.

I'm going to show you how to unleash the power within you.

I'm going to show you how to attract and keep the women you desire.

I'm going to show you how to ditch your representative FOREVER and only show up as who you truly are from this day forward.

The process is simple – and just think that you could be only DAYS away from the #1 problem that has held you back from enjoying the amazing dating life you desire!!

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I look forward to hearing from you.



PS: Listen to what these guys had to say about how their dating lives changed through a simple series of emails with me:

"Such a Positive Impact on My Social Life!"

I called her like you said and left her a voicemail about the dog and told her I have a funny story to tell. She immediately sent me a text back to let me know she was at a holiday thing and couldn’t talk, but she would call me tomorrow (today). I haven’t heard from her yet, but no worries… It is new year’s eve, after all.

Better yet, I just got back from Whole Foods where I met a girl headed to a wedding tonight. Yada yada yada and we’re meeting at a parade tomorrow afternoon.

Can I keep questions 2 and 3 on standby?

I’ve got a long way to go, but you’re stuff is spot on. Thank you for having such a positive impact on my social life.

Happy New Year!

— Bill T.
San Diego, CA

"Got My First Date in Over Five Years."

I have to congratulate you, you were able to get my mind off my ex really fast with the way you engaged me in those emails.

I signed up for 30 days of unlimited email coaching and immediately sent you a my concerns and goals. Within an hour you had a detailed game plan to help me get over my ex and 4 days later I was able to get my first date in over 5 years,

What I found to be really helpful was to be able to email you after my dates. I was really scared that I had ruined that date with that hot woman I met in whole foods and you emailed me through the battle that I had in my mind after the date and helped me secure the next date with that amazing text message you wrote for me.

You have made this 37 year old man very happy.

— Brian D.
San Antonio, TX