Group Seminars

Whether it is a small group or a large audience I have the speaking program for you!

We can use one of my existing programs or I can come up with something completely unique for your audience.

Feel free to look around at my programs and contact me with any questions.


David Wygant’s What’s Your Excuse?™ Social Dating Seminar is a provocative 120 minute program to recognize excuses and unblock fears. This fun and entertaining group seminar is a cross between a dating workshop, talk show and a game show. The seminar takes the participants on a wild ride that’s evoked from a no-holds-barred discussion between the sexes…!

David’s unique and proven “No Excuses” approach will demonstrate:

david groups

  • How direct answers to direct questions (from both sexes) can yield some essential dating and relationship truths
  • Why confidence is FAR more important than how you look
  • Easy steps you can take to start attracting people
  • How to feel comfortable in any situation
  • How to notice or find out who is attracted to you
  • The art of non-verbal communication
  • Some key do’s and don’t of dating
  • Creative dates and where to go
  • How to perfectly “close the deal”

The seminar covers all the issues above by using “creative interaction” between the sexes. Four men and four women from the audience are brought onto stage – Each is invited to ask any question they want about sex, love and dating. The results are both revealing and entertaining!

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