DEAR FRUSTRATED DATER: are you sick & tried of wasting your time and energy on men who won't commit?

Today's the Day That Changes For You

I'm About to Tell You How To Avoid Players, Man-Babies, And Unavailable Men… And Meet The Kind Of Loyal, Loving, Relationship-Ready Men You’ve Been Dreaming Of!

How much time have you spent analyzing that date you thought went perfectly but never led to a second date?

How many times have you counted the days waiting for a phone call that never came?

How many times have you banged your head against the wall when a man says something to you that you were sure meant one thing, but he says meant something totally different?

Let's not start adding up all that time... the total might depress you... and what might depress you even more is learning that every minute of that time you spent was unnecessary frustration.

I'm serious. It's so much easier to meet and connect with amazing men than you think.

Now, don't think I'm picking on you. If you have ever struggled to connect with men, you are not only not alone — YOU ARE IN THE VAST MAJORITY OF WOMEN.

I could summarize most of the emails, calls and coaching sessions I have with women in one sentence:

David, I don't know where to meet the right man for me! The ones I meet flake after a few dates, or don't want to commit to a relationship. When I do meet someone I never know what to say or do. I'm always scared I'm going to blow it with him.

Within this, I get questions and complaints about men like this dozens of times every day:

  • I can't find the men who want relationships
  • Why don't men tell the truth?
  • Why didn't he call?
  • What did he mean by that?
  • How do I get the RIGHT man's attention?
  • I can't find any men in my age range
  • It feels like all the good men are taken
  • All men want is sex
  • I only attract the WRONG guys (too young, too old, nothing in common)
  • Why didn't he ask me out again?
  • Why don't men approach?
  • All men want the same kind of woman
  • Men have all the power in dating
  • How do I get men to approach me?

Are any of these things you have said or wondered? I'm willing to bet the answer is YES.

The Bottom Line:
Most Women Feel Like They Just Don't "Get" Dating

Why does the male mind feel like some kind of unsolvable jigsaw puzzle?
Why does the male mind feel like some kind of unsolvable jigsaw puzzle?

Why? Why do you feel like you just plain don't understand how to attract and connect with the right men?

Why do you constantly feel like you are at the mercy of illogical, confusing and even irritating male behavior?

Why is it so difficult for you to find the right man, and then create an attraction that makes him want to be in a relationship with you?

After being asked about this hundreds of times over the last fifteen years by television shows, radio shows, newspapers and magazines — as well as by virtually every one of my female clients — I can summarize the problem with one statement:

Women Believe Men Think About Dating And Relationships Like Women Do!

It's true. Women look at and try to understand men through the prism of their minds, their logic, their thought processes. And the problem with this is that men do NOT think like women think.

Now I'm not just trying to tell you that "women are from Venus and men are from Mars." Rather, I want you to really see how analyzing anything about men through the prism of your own mind will be not only a waste of time, but also an exercise in frustration.

And I don't want you to be frustrated for even one more minute!

Do You Assume...

...that most men will approach a woman he wants to meet? If you answered yes, then you have been assuming wrong.

The Truth Is...

...only about 5% of men are able to approach women. That's right — 5%. Only about 5% of the men can approach women. The other 95% of the men suffer from a little disease I call "approach anxiety" — they're AFRAID TO APPROACH YOU!

And yet, virtually every woman client I've had (and the vast majority of women who email me), will walk around day after day waiting for men to approach them — and then will spend hours trying to figure out why they didn't!

There Are So Many Women Who Are Frustrated...
When They Don't Have To Be!

I can't tell you how much I hate seeing this happen. It kills me that you and so many other women have to "suffer" through dating instead of enjoying it.

So here's what I'm going to do for you...

FINALLY Revealed: The Key to Unlocking Any Man's Heart

If you knew where to meet emotionally available men, if you understood how to create attraction, and if you understood what men want in a girlfriend, ALL the anxiety, stress, and frustration would literally disappear out your dating life.

This isn't just something to dream about. It's something you can be experiencing NOW. Right now. Your dating life — your interactions with men and attracting men — could be 100% different (and 100% more AMAZING) by tomorrow.

You just need the right information. You need that "secret password" or the key that unlocks the door to a man's heart.

And I have that key for you.

Once You Understand How A Man Is Wired, Attracting & Interacting With Men Becomes SO MUCH EASIER

Once I help you "crack the man code," meeting, dating and being in relationships with men will be much more fulfilling. Your sex life will definitely be more fulfilling.

And don't worry, the instructions I give you are going to be SO EASY. In fact, I can guarantee you that:

  • You're not going to be asking men out.
  • You're not going to be out "hitting on men" (not in the way you think).
  • You are not going to use any cheesy lines or fake approaches.
  • You are not going to be following any funky rules.

See I’m on your side. I love women. I love the way you think. I love the way you act. I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND MEN. I want you to have the kind of relationships you deserve.

I’m going to help you avoid the man-boys. I’m going to help you avoid the fakers, the promisers, and the men that just never-ever follow through on their word.

Bottom Line: I’m going to help guide you to the best relationship that you’ve ever had.

So Who Am I... And What Do I Know About All Of This?

As Seen On:

Well of course I am a man — so I definitely know a little something about the male mind. But that's just the tip of the iceberg... because not every man can tell you what I'm about to reveal.

You see, for over 17 years, I've coached thousands of men and women from across the globe.

I am regularly interviewed by television shows (including The Steve Harvey Show, FoxNews, MTV, E!, Dateline NBC & The Early Show), magazines (including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire & Harpers Bazaar) and newspapers (including The NY Times, The LA Times, The Miami Herald & The Boston Globe).

And every day, whether I'm answering an email or coaching a client or being interviewed by a TV show or magazine... I've heard the same questions from women all over the world:

"What do men want? And how can women meet great men?"

I don’t tell you this to impress you. I mean, being “famous” is great, but that's not why you should listen to me. The fact is that coaching so many people personally, and helping so many others through interviews has only confirmed what I am about to tell you here.

My own journey is the reason I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can drastically change the kind of men you’re meeting. It's the reason I know I can change your overall dating experience in a way you’ve never imagined.

More than anything else, it is out of my love and respect for women that I'm so determined to help you understand men better. I've seen so many women get hurt and not find the great men they deserve — and, seeing this over and over again, I've set out to put a stop to it once and for all!

The truth is that when you understand how to attract and connect with men, once you understand the way we want you to love us, once you understand how to open us up emotionally, we’re actually very easy to hook!

It is my passion to help you “crack the dating code.”

I have now taught thousands of women to do this for more than 17 years, and I still love seeing women change their dating lives and find the guys they want.

Once I help you crack the code of men, your relationships will be far more fulfilling. They’ll be far more rich for you in every way — sexually, emotionally and spiritually.

So, Without Further Ado, I Present to You...


How To Attract The Perfect Man For You

This is a top to bottom, complete backstage pass tour through every aspect of meeting, attracting and dating a man.

In it, I unpack all the “mysteries” of where to find the perfect man for you, how to connect with him, and how to make him desire you.

Here's just some of what awaits you in this life-changing 6-volume program:

Volume I: Where are All the Men?

Before you can even begin to understand men better, you need to know where all the good men have been hiding! Well, in this Volume, I tell you!

We'll go over:

  • Why knowing what type of man you're looking for is so important in knowing where to look for them
  • Comfort building locations
  • What to say on a date — and the one thing that kills ANY chance for a second date
  • What to do when he does not call
  • How to notice the men that are right in front of you — but you're MISSING
  • How to know where to look for men and the best places to go to find them
  • What to do when you walk by a group of men, and how simple it is to choose the one you want
  • Learn the right approach no matter where you are
  • Online flirting — What to say in your profile and why your picture is so important
  • Learn the "bait hook release" technique, "The 10 pm Rule," "The Sunday Afternoon Rule" and the best bar pickup ever!
  • How to make yourself available during a first date and how to drop hints of a second date
  • The best message you should leave after he calls — and what the kind of message you leave for him says about you
  • When to call him back
  • Why his dog is your friend
  • How there are men you are around you everyday who want to meet you — and how to start noticing them
  • Why and how you may be causing yourself to not meet men
  • Why you could be turning men away who want to meet you without even knowing it — and how to make sure men you're interested in know it
  • How to never again miss seeing a man who is interested in you

Volume II: What Do I Say?

When it comes to approaching men and making yourself available, most women today get it completely wrong... but that's okay! Because in this Volume, I completely relieve you of all the stress and confusion of making "contact" with men ... and I take you step-by-step through what you should be doing, what you shouldn't be doing and what you absolutely MUST do to attract men and get them to approach. I'll cover:

  • What certain things women do that scare men away every time
  • How to eliminate excuses
  • How you can smile and look at a man that will intrigue him EVERY time
  • How to identify what signals you are giving off to men
  • Why IF you do not make yourself approachable men will never approach you
  • How to appear comfortable in any situation so you will avoid your social challenges
  • How to spot "real" versus "fake" flirting opportunities
  • Why whether he is attracted to you has nothing to do with what you say and everything to do with what you project and how available you make yourself
  • Why "hello" is better than anything else you say — and other easy and simple things you can say to men
  • How to make the art of meeting men fun
  • How to embrace your personality develop your own personal edge
  • Why what you see is not always what it appears to be — how to stop thinking and start reacting!
  • Flirting practice — and how it's critical to learn to be comfortable around men
  • Where are the best places to conduct flirting practice — and when to do it
  • How to identify what signals you are giving off to men
  • Learn "the numbers game" and why you need to embrace "the abundance of men" concept
  • Why a simple observation can lead to a conversation — and how to transform from an observation to a great conversation
  • Why life is like TV — and how you should be a character in your own dating show
  • How to listen and keys to the conversation
  • Why men love talking about themselves and how to use this in your conversations with them
  • How to develop the flirting part of your brain
  • Learn "The 5 Second Rule," the "Look and Walk Away" and the "30 Second Rule"
  • Why you should think outside the box when it comes to men
  • How to find men when they don't expect it — and how to create your "top 5 places"
  • Why you should let people know you are single and be proud of it — and how to stop worrying what people and society think of you
  • Why attraction is not a choice — and why if he is not attracted to you there is nothing you can do to change that
  • How to maximize "home field advantage" - and why it's better not to be the visiting team

Volume III: Why You Need To Open Your Mouth And Stop Worrying

In this Volume, I'll debunk every reason, rule, justification and excuse you could ever make for why you can't, won't or shouldn't initiate conversations with men. I not only go through why you should (and, in fact, MUST) initiate conversations with men ... but I take you through numerous "low pressure" and "low risk" ways to do this:

  • Why you need to think more like a man and stop caring about what other people think about you
  • How to stop caring when you are rejected — and how not to fear rejection ever again and have fun regardless of the outcome
  • Learn the rules and techniques of an approach
  • What women do wrong when men approach them, and how to avoid the 3 key girl mistakes that will turn a man off EVERY TIME
  • How to walk away leaving him intrigued and excited about you ... and wanting more
  • How not to appear overanxious and needy to a man — and why removing this neon sign from your forehead is key
  • How to create your story
  • How to get his friends' approval, so he feels good about talking to you — and how to break him away from his friends
  • The "Friday Night Rule"
  • How to eavesdrop and use props to start conversations and to flirt
  • How to tease him with words and body language
  • How to use questions to peak his interest and what peaks a man's interest EVERY time
  • Why if you listen to everything he says, you will never run out of things to talk about
  • How to relax when you are speaking with him
  • Learn the "Less Is More" rule
  • Why men are opportunistic — and why men have no idea what they want until they see you
  • How get him to ask you out
  • Whether you can ask a man out — and what are the rules for doing so
  • How to go from being seen as a friend to being seen as the one who likes him — and how to change that dynamic
  • How to get over rejection and why it is not about you
  • How to set up a date — and why chewing and swallowing is the worst first date
  • How to have a great date and the biggest conversation stimulators and killers

Volume IV: How Men Think

After this Volume, you will never have to wonder "What is he thinking?" ever again. Buckle up and prepare to be amazed at what you learn — and how much this will change the way you interact with men FOR GOOD! What I cover includes:

  • How men are wired differently from women
  • Exactly how men see you — even when you don't know they're looking
  • The "Scooby Doo" phenomenon
  • Simple ways to get any man to want to approach you.
  • Why you should "eye flirt" with every man you're attracted to
  • How to see yourself as men see you
  • Exactly what men are looking for, and what draws their attention the most
  • The number one thing that gets men to call, ask you out, and start a relationship with you
  • The one thing you can say to any man that will get him to open up and have the "relationship talk"
  • What will cause a man to become distant every time
  • The number one thing that men find attractive (Hint: It has nothing to do with looks!)
  • The most misunderstood man reactions
  • What intrigues men the most
  • What makes men approach a woman — it's the same thing in every situation!
  • The power of teasing men that you're attracted to
  • How to project the sexiest version of yourself all the time
  • Why you NEED to let go of your baggage before you begin to date
  • The top three things men wish you understood about them

Volume V: How to Work Men and How They Date

Once you have completely mastered the male mind, the next thing you need to do is to go out there and put this knowledge into practice!

In this volume, we talk ALL about attraction. You will learn all about how men date, and how you can have an amazing dating life once you understand that. You will learn EVERYTHING you need to do from the first glance until you are in a relationship.

Here are some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to let a man think that he's being the hunter
  • How to complete a "people transaction"
  • Why you should see your dating life as story
  • Techniques for creating a captivating online dating profile
  • How to make the first move . . . without making the first move
  • The 3 keys to body language
  • How to be successful with online dating
  • Why you should have theme music when you're getting ready to go out
  • How to use role-playing to get the man you want to approach you
  • How to use your power of sexuality
  • 3 ways to create "magic moments" at coffee shops and grocery stores
  • How to date in different countries
  • 5 different ways to be playful and flirty
  • How to use the "rule of two" to make sure he knows that you want him

Volume VI: How to Be a Great Date

Now that you truly understand men & what attracts them, we're going to make sure you get not only that first, but also that second date!

In this volume, I help you avoid all the "pitfalls" that can ruin an otherwise promising date, and I'll show you how to really discover whether you have the kind of amazing connection you want to have with someone. Some of the things I cover include:

  • The best (and WORST) places to go on a date
  • The best conversation starters on a date - and the conversation landmines you want to avoid at all costs
  • Why you want to avoid being a "resume dater" on a date
  • How to be able to "read" your date
  • Deconstructing the "good on paper" guy on a date
  • The difference between a woman a man sees as a great date and a woman a man sees as a lousy date
  • The trick to asking what he wants first
  • How to manage dating expectations
  • To kiss or not to kiss? That is the first date question...
  • The art of date communication and how to never worry about what to say
  • How to telegraph your attraction on a date without being forward
  • How to know if a guy is into you on a date
  • Easy date enders
  • How to navigate the post date waiting game.
  • ...And much, MUCH more!

What These Women are Saying
About Connect With Him

Listening To David’s Voice Gave Me The Confidence I Needed...

“I just graduated college and all of a sudden I realized I had to date like an adult — but I had no idea how to do it. And the men my age no longer interested me. I needed help.

Listening to David’s voice gave me the confidence I needed to go out there, feel sexy and meet real men. Thank you so much.”

Katie O.
Las Vegas, NV

I’m 62 Years-Old And I Feel Like A High School Girl In Love.

“I was online dating for a year with no results, and everybody always told me to just ‘get out of the house and meet men.’ But no one told me how to do it. I’m 62 years-old. It’s not like I can just go to a bar, get drunk and just meet somebody.

Listening to David describe a man’s mentality gave me the courage to go out and meet men in everyday places. I have a boyfriend now. I’m 62 years-old and I feel like a high school girl in love.

Thanks David for making this old broad feel sexy and desirable again!”

Nancy M.
Austin, TX

The best advice ever!

"I read your articles before I came to your site, and the only reason I came to your site was because I wanted to challenge you on something you said. When I got to your site I read your blogs and decided to order Connect With Him. I figured with the money back guarantee I’d listen to it for a day and send it right back to you. I never sent it back because what I learned was everything I was missing in meeting quality men. Thanks David for changing a doubter into a believer."

Erin K.
Binghamton, PA

I am no longer shy...

"I used to be SO shy that smiling at men made me feel like I was bothering them.

By all the secrets you’ve shared about men in this audio program, I realize that they’re equally as shy and it’s made my interactions with men so much easier.

Thank you David for everything!"

Trish H.
Portland, Maine

Don’t Waste One More Minute Being Confused By Men!

Today can be the LAST DAY you spend trying to figure men out. It can be the LAST TIME you ever spend one second wondering about men.

You deserve so much more than this. You deserve to not be like the majority of women who are WAITING for great guys to find them.

It's time to take back control of your dating life.

Dating is not meant to be stressful, confusing and even irritating.

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Bottom Line: You Need This NOW. You Deserve This NOW.

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Let me let you in on a secret: IT ISN'T!

Well, it isn't as long as you understand the ONE crucial thing a man needs to get him to approach a woman: a "buying signal."

In this audio program I not only explain the psychology of a man's mind in terms of what does and doesn't entice him to want to approach a woman ... but I also reveal how and why when you learn to put out the right "buying signals" you have the power to get ANY man to approach you.

If you did nothing more than learn and master the use of "buying signals," that alone would increase the number of men who approach you by at least 150% (which alone is worth more than the cost of this Program!)

Power Play Audio

($24.95 Value)

Do you know that YOU have power in the dating world?

Too many women don't know that they have power or, even if they do, they don't understand how this power works.

In this audio, I will help you understand how to have all the power so you can attract any man you want to meet. I will show you all the secrets to using your power to attract these men and get them to approach you and ask you out.

This one will be FUN....and you won't be able to wait to go out and put this one into practice!

What Attracts Men Audio

($24.95 Value)

What are men attracted to and what do men find sexy? There are few questions that women make more WRONG assumptions about the answer.

Now, we can probably thank the media for some of this ... but the truth is that women really are CLUELESS about what makes them attractive to men. I will clear up this issue once and for all in this audio.

I will also clear up all of the attraction misconceptions, and explain to you EXACTLY what causes men to be attracted to a woman (and I guarantee you will be surprised at what is included in the list!).

Phone Etiquette Audio

($24.95 Value)

In this audio, I address one of the most often asked about areas in dating: "David, how do I handle the phone when I'm dating someone?"

Women always wonder about rules or "etiquette" when it comes to phone calls.

Well, after this audio, you will never wonder about phone etiquette again! I go through EVERY aspect of phone etiquette as it pertains to dating — including when to call, when to return calls, phone game playing, phone "strategy" and rules for phone calls when dating ... and much more.

This will help you never again wonder about phone calling when you're dating someone.

Playing The Odds Audio

($24.95 Value)

This is the ultimate companion for this program.

In this audio, I go in depth into one of the most critical mindset shifts that women need to make in order to be a successful dater ... and one who can ENJOY the process of dating.

This audio alone will totally change the way you look at meeting men — and will alleviate much of the stress and self-doubt that so many women experience while dating.

The Power of Repetition

($24.95 Value)

One of life's greatest secrets is the power of repetition. When you were a child, how many times did you hear adults say, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again?"

Well, it turns out they had a point, and in this powerful 90 minute bonus audio I show you how to use the power repetition to transform your personal, business, and love life beyond all recognition.

You'll discover how to use repetition to give yourself unlimited self-confidence, massive amounts or personal power, and an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm for life. It's all about developing positive habits that motivate you, and inspire you towards your goals.

I reveal I used the power of repetition in my own love life, and give you some simple exercises you can start as soon as tonight, to help you find the man and life of your dreams. You'll also learn the secret to self-love, and a whole lot more in this very limited edition audio bonus.

A 10-Day FREE Trial Of
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Listen, I know you came here to learn about dating. To learn about attracting and dating the kind of quality men you desire. But you know what? I'm about so much more than that. You see, you can apply these same principles and be successful in so much more than your dating life. I'm talking about TOTAL success in EVERY area of your life. Health. Wealth. Mindset. All of it.

And that's why I created The Slight Edge Society — an exclusive community of likeminded men & women who are dedicated to improving their lives just a little bit each day. Because I truly believe that, whether we're talking about attraction or money or health, the difference between a winner or a loser is just that slight edge.

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Weekly Videos

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This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident in Connect With Him!

*Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

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