The Art of Flirting is SOLD OUT!

You Want to Meet Mr. Forever... But You Feel Like
You Have to Walk through Hellfire to Get to Him!

Look, I'm going to level with you right now. Modern dating can really be frustrating.

How many terrible dates have you been on?

How many times have you swiped on Tinder, swiped on Bumble? A man swipes you, but doesn't get back to you. A man swipes you, you get to talking, but it goes nowhere.

If I'm wrong, and you're able to get out there and immediately meet an amazing man literally whenever you desire to, then you can close this page, because you're 100% in control of your dating life.

But if you want to learn how to STOP waiting for the stars to align, if you want to learn how to take complete control of your future in love and meet Mr. Forever as soon as TOMORROW... then read on.

See, I Know You're Waiting For That Serendipitous Moment...

That romantic comedy, Jerry Maguire, "you-had-me-at-hello" moment.

It's called serendipity, literally being at the right place at the right time.

Well, I'm about to share a secret with you — secret that I so believe in because I've used it throughout my entire life.

I call it...

The Serendipitous Secret...

And the big secret is this: 99% of the time, serendipity doesn't exist.

You see, you can't meet Mr. Forever if you're swiping non-stop or you're creating stories from somebody's Internet profile.

You can't meet Mr. Forever if you're sitting at home with a bottle of wine, a cat or a dog on your lap, reading a book or watching a good Netflix movie.

If You Want to Meet Mr. Forever... You Have
to Literally Create Your Own Serendipity

That's right. You have to take control of your own love life, because when YOU control your own love life, you're able to actually hand-pick the men you want to be with.

And it's a known fact that being able to hand-pick the person you're going to be with gives you a 95% greater chance to meet Mr. Forever.

And THAT is the one thing that most women don't understand: if you can flirt, you can literally hand pick the men you want.

And yet, it's amazing how bad people are at flirting nowadays. I've coached women for 20 years, and I can't begin to tell you how terrible they are at flirting.

I know that putting yourself out there and flirting with men can be beyond terrifying. But I have to tell you:

If you possess the skill of flirting, if you're able to look at a man's eyes and make him feel fire, intrigue, curiosity, he is going to put you ahead of all the women he's playing with online. EVERY single one of them.

How Do I Know This...?

As Seen On:

Because I've been coaching for 20 years. And the majority of people I know that are in a great relationship with their Mr. Forever are women that actually got past the fears and started flirting with men when they were out and about.

I know the thought of it probably gives you the chills right now. You see the handsome man, you see him on a regular basis at Starbucks. Just don't know what to do or what to say.

You don't want to be too much of an aggressor, but you also don't understand that he's not coming to you.

But think about it... almost EVERY amazing, loving relationship that has ever existed... started with a simple flirt. Simple gestures, eye contact, and talking man to woman.

That's the first chapter in every love story that's ever been written!

Because when you can flirt with a man, you can not only get his attention, but you make him feel AMAZING. You trigger a psychological response in him that's profound and powerful.

Just Imagine...

Imagine meeting Mr. Forever. Not tomorrow, not two years from now, but RIGHT NOW.

Imagine never ever having to date ever again.

Imagine never having to swipe and put your picture up on another dating site.

Imagine never having to wonder if he's going to text you back or blow you off...

How would that feel?

When you understand just a few things, you're not only going to be able to flirt with any man, but you'll do so with ease and confidence!

  • You'll have complete control over your dating life.
  • You're not going to wait for a guy to text you anymore from some silly dating app.
  • You're not going to worry about what some guy said to you on
  • You're not going to create some romantic journey or romantic story about some idiot online that isn't anything what he says he is, because you're physically going to be able to meet men wherever you go.
  • You're literally going to be able to pull over and flirt with EVERY man that you find attractive.
  • Not only that, you'll be such a good flirt that you'll be able to flirt with men on a date so much better, because you'll understand the three things that trigger them into feeling love, into feeling respect, into feeling attraction.

Men in general are very insecure when it comes down to approaching women. So women need to understand what being the female seductress is all about.

You see, by being the female seductress, you're doing your part in the male/female relationship and that's what's become wrong today's society.

We're trying to find things that give us the ease of meeting people.

We're under the illusion that we can meet people online.

We're under the illusion that we can meet people on a dating app.

But yet, every single day we see people all around us that we truly want to meet but we're afraid to talk to. We forgot what it was like to literally go and flirt.

How to Channel Your Inner Seductress Energy

I want to share a story that's going to explain EXACTLY you're going to channel this energy.

I call it channeling Baba Rose.

Baba Rose was a short, over-dyed blonde, chubby little woman. She had a pretty little face, but she was always overweight. She over-dyed her hair so bad because she was cheap that it looked like, well, it looked like the dead grass on the side of the freeway in Colorado or California during the hot summer months when the sun just scorched it to death.

Baba Rose knew what to do. She lived in an era before all the swiping and typing and frustration of modern dating.

Baba Rose made everybody feel great... and people wanted to be around Baba Rose. She wasn't the most intelligent woman in the world. As a matter of fact, she was a little bit of a bigot.

But... she knew how to flirt. Baba Rose would flirt with everybody (even when my grandfather was alive!) Men loved her. Kids loved her. She made everybody feel good in her presence.

My grandfather died of a heart attack when he was 57 years old. Baba Rose's heart broke. I remember counseling Baba Rose for long periods of time, and then finally she came back to her old self. And she looked at me and she said, "David, I want a man. I want to feel love again. I know it's not going to be the same love I felt with your grandfather, he was my one and only. But I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life."

So I looked at her, and I was 13 at the time, and I said, what are you going to do, Grandma? She says, "I'm going to flirt and I'm going to go to singles, and the Catskills Mountains, and I am going to go and flirt, and I'm going to go meet a man."

Baba Rose went every single weekend until she met Sam, my step-grandpa. She got dates, she flirted, she got more dates, she flirted. She met men non-stop.

She made a decision. She wasn't going to leave her life to chance, i.e. sitting home at night, swiping. Baba Rose went out and flirted with men wherever she went, and that's the reason why she got remarried.

"She made a decision. She wasn't going to leave her life to chance, i.e. sitting home at night, swiping. Baba Rose went out and flirted with men wherever she went, and that's the reason why she got remarried."

So, Do you Want Control of YOUR Dating Life?

Every private client I talk with, I literally teach them the power of being Baba Rose.

Because she took control of her life. Men loved her. Everyone loved her. She was not only an amazing woman and an amazing flirt, but she was everything a woman is supposed to be like in that man-to-woman flirting relationship.

Do you want control of your dating life? Flirting is the greatest thing in the world. When a woman flirts with me, I feel on top of the world.

"In a survey by the International Society of Dating, 97% of all men said they will date the woman that they flirt with in person."

Most men will tell you the same, and in a survey by the International Society of Dating, 97% of all men said they will date the woman that they flirt with in person, that literally makes them feel wanted and desired, because it reminds them of how they always wanted to feel with a woman.

You want to drop all the men that you're wasting time with now? Do you want to channel your inner Baba Rose? Do you want to meet Mr. Forever? It all starts with learning how to flirt.

The Art of Flirting is SOLD OUT!

I filmed videos of myself teaching 2 of my students this exact program — a program that's tailor-made to teach you how to meet your Mr. Forever and literally "have him at hello."

The Art of Flirting teaches you exactly what men desire, and what men desire is this: they want YOU! They want YOU to focus on them, talk to them, flirt with them!

Even the most shy men desperately want you to flirt with them, because it lets them know you're interested.

They desire most what Baba Rose did. They desire a woman who's an absolute joy to be with, who makes them feel comfortable and warm and fuzzy inside, who triggers an intense, powerful feeling of attraction simply by smiling or batting an eyelash.

So I am going to teach you EXACTLY how to flirt. I'm going to teach you the hidden secrets — from mindset to voice tone and body language — that will turn YOU into an AMAZING flirt.

Because that's where it all begins. No matter what you want, whether you want to meet a good man who treats you right or you want to settle down and start a family... it all starts with that one single flirt.

The Art of Flirting is Going to Teach You:

  • How to put on your flirt face.
  • How to let him know that you desire him and you're intrigued by him.
  • How to make him feel special.
  • How to make him call you.
  • How to make him drop all of these women that he might be flirting with.
  • How to make him feel comfortable around you.
  • How to get him to open up to you.
  • How to get him to think about you non-stop.
  • The distance you need to be from him to be able to flirt properly.
  • How to get him to give him your number.
  • The smile technique that works every single time.
  • And SO much more!

But That's Not All... I'm Also Throwing In THESE Limited-Time Bonuses:

BONUS #1: LIVE Flirting Session

$47 Value YOURS FREE!

In this exclusive, 56-minute companion volume, you're going to see me put all the principles of The Art of Flirting into practice in real-time with one of my clients.

This is the perfect video to watch after you've completed all 4 volumes of Skype coaching in The Art of Flirting because you're going to then see for yourself how everything we go over works in the real world, including:

  • Physical touch
  • The distance you need to be from him to flirt effectively
  • Eye contact
  • Body language
  • What questions to ask and how to ask them

And most importantly, we'll also spend some time going over your mindset and reprogramming all the negative beliefs you have about men that keep you from winning the heart of your Mr. Forever.

BONUS #2: The Mindset Behind Flirting

$35 Value YOURS FREE!

In this EXCLUSIVE bonus, I go over all the mental aspects of flirting. Because being a great flirt is more than eye contact and body language. It's 90% mental. It's channeling Baba Rose, getting in the perfect mind state of abundance that will allow Mr. Forever to come into your life.

Here's what you'll learn in this companion audio:

  • The mantra you can use to put yourself in the right mindset before you go out each night
  • How to be open & how to respond to mens' flirtations (flirting is a two-person game, and how you respond to men is JUST as important as how you get them to respond to you)
  • How to LET GO of all your negative energy when you're talking to men
  • How to embrace & get into your "sexual energy" without feeling exposed, vulnerable, or slutty
  • How to get over the stories you tell yourself like, "men are only interested in sex..."
  • The #1 mindset you NEED to adopt in order to see all the opportunities for love the universe gives you EVERY day!
  • & much, MUCH more!

BONUS #3: Texting & Flirting

$20 Value YOURS FREE!

In this day and age, texting is a fact of life. And the fact is, neither men nor women enjoy using texting to flirt with one another... and yet, the simple art of flirting via text is something you MUST master if you are to become a good flirt.

That's why I'm including this special companion PDF, Texting & Flirting. In it, you'll find:

  • Why it's actually IMPOSSIBLE to win a man's heart without knowing how and what to text him.
  • How to use texting to not just flirt when you first start dating, but also at every single stage of the relationship.
  • 30+ real texts that I've taken from my private clients and critiqued for you, telling you why they work (or, why they don't).

BONUS #4 (OPTIONAL): 10-Day FREE Trial of The Slight Edge Society

Listen, I know you came here to learn about dating. To learn about attracting and dating the kind of quality men you desire. But you know what? I'm about so much more than that. You see, you can apply these same principles and be successful in so much more than your dating life. I'm talking about TOTAL success in EVERY area of your life. Health. Wealth. Mindset. All of it.

And that's why I created The Slight Edge Society — an exclusive community of likeminded men & women who are dedicated to improving their lives just a little bit each day. Because I truly believe that, whether we're talking about attraction or money or health, the difference between a winner or a loser is just that slight edge.

Members of The Slight Edge Society get a ton of amazing bonuses:

Weekly Videos

Every week, I will introduce you to my personal network of leaders in all fields, from love to wealth to health. I've spent the last 20 years working in the personal development industry and my contacts are like a who’s who in all of the above — and I am going to give you access to the people you've always wanted to meet and learn from but were never able to connect with.

Here's just a taste of what I'll expose you to:

  • Health tips to live a longer life
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  • Secrets from world leaders on how to manifest the life you desire

Monthly Webcast Calls

You will also have the opportunity to jump on a one-hour webcast with me at 6 p.m. PST on the last Tuesday each month where we will explore and go over in finer detail what we are all working on and what you've been exposed to that month.

But more importantly, these calls give you direct & exclusive access to me. You will be able to ask me questions during the calls based on specific things that pertain to your life, from dating to health and success.

Monthly Product Downloads

I have thousands — literally thousands — of unreleased products that Slight Edge Society members will get EXCLUSIVE access to each month.

That's right. A free product every month that will give you the chance to expand on what you've learned in the monthly webcasts and video modules and put techniques into practice that will accelerate your personal growth in these areas.

Our Annual Mastermind Day Retreat

As a member of the Slight Edge Society, you will be invited to an exclusive yearly retreat: the Slight Edge Mastermind Day. Because as a member, I want to give you the chance to connect with like-minded people. At this retreat, you will be able to network, meet other members, and of course just have a great time!

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This bonus is completely optional and you'll be able to "accept" or "deny" it on the checkout page.

All 4 Volumes of The Art of Flirting Core Program

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LIVE 1-on-1 Flirting Session Bonus Video

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The Mindset of Flirting Bonus Audio

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Texting & Flirting Bonus PDF

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...But, It's Just $3995 (FOR A LIMITED TIME!)

Yep — for a limited time, I'm releasing this system to my amazing community of women for just $3995.

Why? Because I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all the swiping. I'm sick of men and women ignoring each other because we've forgotten how to flirt.

The universe gives us so many opportunities to fall in love every second of every day, and yet we miss out on them because we're busy. We're afraid. We're so absorbed in this world of swiping and liking and social media that we've lost the one thing that can truly lead us to love...

...and that one thing is flirting. Because that's how every relationship begins, with a simple "Hello."

And that's what I want to give you. That's what you deserve.

But, you have to act quickly. After this release, there's no way I'll be able to sell The Art of Flirting for such a low price!

So hurry up and claim your copy RIGHT NOW before time runs out!

The Art of Flirting is SOLD OUT!

The Art of Flirting Already Has Women Saying:

 Already Deleted All My Online Profiles 🙂

I watched the first 2 videos and I knew I had to get out there, and it was amazing. I used your eye contact technique and it worked like a charm!

I still have to listen to the bonuses but I've already deleted all my online profiles. I've gotten more out of a day of flirting out in public than 3 years of!!

Thanks, David!

- Rita

 I Never Knew It Was So Easy!!

I've been single for over two years, trying to be as flirtatious as I can be, but I always knew something was missing. I never knew it was so easy!

I'm so excited to put this into practice. For the first time I'm actually excited about dating!

- Katelyn

 This Was Spot On!

David! I always thought you should do a program on flirting because I've seen you flirt and you make it seem so easy.

So much of this was spot on. Feel free to use this email as a testimonial, btw, because I think a lot of women out there are making the same mistakes I've been making all this time.

Oh, and I love your story about Baba Rose, LOL!

- Liz

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Take 60 Days — yep, 2 full months — to implement the strategies and techniques in The Art of Flirting, and if after implementing them* you aren't getting MORE dates in 60 days than you got in the last year, I'll refund every red cent you paid for this product.

Yes, I do mean MORE dates in just 2 months than you've had in the entire year before... and that's what I'm 100% confident you will experience this once you utilize the techniques I teach you!

This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident in The Art of Flirting!

*Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

Now, You Might Be Thinking...

"...But men are so hard to meet, why should I learn how to flirt?"

Men are everywhere! You just need the confidence and the abundant mindset to go out and meet them.

After you watch this program, you'll notice dozens of men flocking to you because of the magnetic attraction you're putting out into the universe. They didn't appear out of thin air! They were always there, and now you're able to notice each other.

"...But I'm not beautiful. Men never talk to me, anyway."

First of all, it's not true that you're not beautiful. It's your programming that's led you to believe that.

Look, Baba Rose wasn't traditionally "beautiful." And like I said, Maria wasn't even physically my "type."

BUT, each of these women knew how to trigger POWERFUL psychological responses in men, and men were magnetically drawn to them because of the simple flirting skills they possessed.

"...But men can't flirt, anyway. Right?"

Right! And that's all the more reason why you need to flirt with them! Look, if you think most modern men are essentially man-babies who don't know how to talk to women, you're preaching to the choir.

BUT... when you unlock your inner feminine energy and know how to push their "buttons," men WILL respond. They just need that extra push to know that you're interested.

"...But I don't want to go through all this work just to find the right man."

That's exactly why I created this program. Because flirting, meeting and dating men should NOT be "work." It shouldn't — and it doesn't have to be — a burden that you dread.

What I'm going to do for you is show you how to actually enjoy your dating life by learning how to flirt. Because it IS fun once you know a few simple things...

After You Dive Into This Program, Here's What's Going to Happen:

  • Every date you're on will be far greater.
  • Every interaction you have will be far more powerful because you'll be full-on in control of it.
  • You'll be flirting with men all day long, having fun, flirting with them in coffee shops, at grocery stores, at any party you go to.
  • You'll be able to go out with your friends with a new confidence in your ability to meet and fall in love with an amazing man.
  • You'll hand-pick your next boyfriend and you'll hand-pick your Mr. Forever.

No more wasting time. No more swiping non-stop. If you possess the power to flirt, you're going to meet men so much more quickly and easily.

I want all of you to have the power of flirting.

Your friends are going to wonder why you're no longer swiping and typing, wasting time on internet sites.

All the men who pass you by everyday will be chasing after you.

Mr. Whole Foods.

Mr. Elevator Man.

Mr. Starbucks.

Mr. Equinox Gym.

Mr. Ventura Boulevard, who you met at that traffic light and there was that serendipitous moment and you just clicked...

...all because of what you learned in this amazing new program.

But Most Importantly, You're Going to Have
Complete Control of Who You Choose to Be With

That's right. You're going to be able to choose the man that you're most attracted to because of all of the techniques that I teach you in this program.

You'll have complete control.

You'll know when to walk away.

You'll know when to give out your number.

You'll have everything at your fingertips that you need to bring Mr. Forever into your life.

It's the only way to live, isn't it?

The Art of Flirting is SOLD OUT!