See How One Private Client Triggered INSTANT Sexual Attraction With a Single Text... Using My Exclusive Texting Playbook!

89% of all dates are confirmed via text message.

78% of women prefer a text with a phone call to be asked out.

92% of women get more sexually aroused before a date by men who know how to text.

In This Day & Age If You Don't Know How to Properly Text Her... You'll Never Get Laid, Get a Girlfriend...
or Even Get a Kiss!

Imagine, for a minute, sitting at your house on a Sunday afternoon. You've been staring at your phone for the last twenty minutes, wondering what you should do. You've been pacing back and forth, trying to work up the courage to take the next step. To do... something. Anything. And not ruin this great possibility you have in front of you.

"How can I keep my chances high with this amazing woman I met a few hours ago?" you think to yourself. Looking back you can't believe how well it went, and a slight smile appears on your face. You had the balls to approach her and talk to her.

She was absolutely stunning, the kind of woman that gets double takes everywhere she goes.

The type of woman who you’ve always shied away from in the past. Well, the past is the past now, and things are different. You can remember the bits of doubt and “monkey chatter” start to creep in as you approached, but you kept walking towards her.

It was terrifying. It was exhilarating.

And after stumbling a bit you managed to open up a conversation with her. And it worked! Not only did you talk to her and make her laugh, (yes from something YOU said!) but you got her number, and left her with a smile as you walked away. Wow, you can’t believe it, and you’re still feeling the high from the encounter. You’re head is buzzing from excitement and anticipation. But now what?

We’ve all been here — you sit there ask yourself,
“What do I do now so I don’t blow this?”

Calm down! Take a breath. Relax.

If this has described you at some point, don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing for you. My step by step guide is going to give you everything you need so you’ll never second guess yourself in this situation again. Ever.

You’ll be able to effortlessly get what you want (anything from a blowjob, to a relationship) without coming across as too needy, trying too hard, or just plain creepy.

So, if you always seem to blow it on the phone, never really know what to say and how to say it, and always freeze on the spot…

Keep reading, because I’ve got something for you. It’s my new texting product, “The Textual Seduction Playbook”, and I’m finally ready to share it with you.


The "Textual Seduction Playbook"

I don't have to tell you how frustrating it can be to not know what or how to text a woman. Think about all the hours — literally hundreds of hours, probably — you've spent pacing around your house, trying to come up with that "perfect line" that will somehow make her fall in love with you.

Well, the pacing ends NOW.

With the The Textual Seduction Playbook, you'll have access to not just the one-liners — but also the practical attitudes and techniques that will have any girl eating out of your palm once you text her!

So Wait — Who Am I?
And Why Should You Listen to ME?

As Seen On:

So what makes me such an expert on texting women? I mean, what makes me so special that only I have the secret recipe for the perfect text?

Well, if you don't know me, my name is David Wygant, and for 20 years I've been considered one of the top dating coaches in not only the United States, but the entire world.

My expertise on everything from sex and dating to — yes, things as simple as texting — has been sought across the globe. I've appeared on E! TV, Playboy TV, Bravo, Fox News, MTV, and NBC.

And I contribute regularly to and the Huffington Post, among many others.

But you know what? Anyone can brag about how many TV shows, magazines and websites they've appeared on. If you really want to know what makes my advice in The Textual Seduction Playbook so powerful, let me tell you about it firsthand...

Greg's Story

I have a client, Greg, and I've been coaching him on exactly what to do, exactly what to say, and the results have been breathtaking. He's completely transformed in every area... except one. The other day, he came over and said to me:

"Thanks to you, I can now approach women and talk to them and have a great time. And that’s been great, don’t get me wrong, it’s completely changed my world... But I want more than just that initial encounter, and after I get their numbers, I’m completely lost. I have no idea what to do!

Long story short: Greg had gone out the other night and finally got this one girl's number. But the problem was that was a few days ago, and he hadn't texted her at all!

My advice to Greg was simple: "Send her this text:"

I have a confession...

That's it. I could just see the blank stare that Greg must’ve had on his face. "But I don’t have a confession!" he said.

I smiled, "You’re just trying to get her intrigued. Women love confessions, so when she texts you back, I want you to respond by saying your confession is you can’t stop thinking about a moment that you both shared and laughed over.

I don’t know what that was for you, and it doesn’t really matter. Just pick something where you both felt good, and once you have her thinking back to that moment and how she felt, she’ll want to recreate it. With you."

And what do you know? It worked. I coached Greg through the entire conversation, and after only three more texts he'd closed her for a date the next day. No more anxiety. No more pacing. No more "monkey chatter" in his head. He got laid that night.

...And My "Confession Text" Technique is Just One of Thousands...

Here's What You'll Also Have Access to in
The Textual Seduction Playbook :

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Communicating With Her Via Text:

  • I’ll walk you through the very first time you meet her and get her phone number, how to proceed and what to text.
  • I reveal some of the biggest mistakes men make in texting & how to avoid them!
  • The #1 trick to make her answer your phone call the very first time you call her.
  • How to always get her thinking with your texts & how to challenge her in a GOOD way.

All Your Questions About "Sexting" — FINALLY Answered:

  • Real life examples of how to text & escalate the sexual tension with someone you just met.
  • How to tease her & use different words to imply sex when you’re texting her.
  • When to text, and when to get sexual.
  • Great words to use when sexting and how to sext like a pro.
  • How to keep that sexual tension going AFTER you’ve slept with her, and how to INCREASE it from there...

How to Flirt With Your Texts and REALLY Make Her Want You:

  • How to really close the deal the first time & the right way.
  • When and how to create visual imagery to get her to do what you want via text.
  • How to help her get over her shyness and increase her comfort around you.
  • The importance of nicknames & when to use them

PLUS — More Never-Before-Revealed Expert Techniques for Texting:

  • The times of the day to send specific texts to her.
  • We’ll talk about the "good girl" method is and how using it can have her at your fingertips…
  • What "Emotional emotion" is and how you can use it your texts
  • How to tell when a relationship is ready to be exclusive, and what that means when you’re texting.
  • The ultimate “zinger” text to send her at the end of the night.
  • Plus much more!

What Guys Like You are Saying About
The Textual Seduction Playbook :

Rebecca Responded In Less Than Two Minutes For Our Second Date.

"Personally your guide on texting women I purchased has been a huge help so far. I was expecting a great product as one of your previous products I purchased, so when I read your Textual Seduction Playbook and began using your ideas and suggestions, well I am going out this afternoon with Rebecca for the third time in less than a week. In fact last night I read her a bedtime story as you mentioned, and she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!

Also I sent her a text mentioning "I have an idea…" and Rebecca responded in less than two minutes for our second date last Saturday night. Looking forward to my summer off from teaching and seeing where Rebecca and I end up. Thanks again David for the great ideas and suggestions.”

Cory B.
Hemet, CA

Love The Part Where You Speak About Customizing Your Voicemail, Never Thought That Making A Difference

"Just got done listening and reading through your Textual Seduction Playbook! It’s great, definitely what I needed, I’d call a girl after getting her number, leave a message and wonder why she’s not calling me back. After listening to the program and speaking to women online and asking if they would rather get a phone call or a text after they give a guy her number they all said the same thing… send a text first.

Glad you made this and learned what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. I love the part where you speak about customizing your voice mail box, never would of thought of that making a difference. That was my favorite part of it 🙂 Have an Amazing weekend."

Kevin S.
Bristol, CT

She Almost Always Texts Back Straight Away And Even Texts Me When I Haven’t Started The Interaction.

"I purchased your ‘Textual Seduction Playbook’ which has been a real benefit to both my phone and text interactions. Keeping my texts flirty (when appropriate) and intriguing has really made a difference. She almost always texts back straight away and even texts me when I haven’t started the interaction.

I took a girl out bowling and after went for a couple of soft drinks and the evening was really relaxed and fun, so much so that at the end of the date she said to me "next time lets not go bowling". I took this as "I’d like to go out with you again" so said I’d go to the park with her and have a picnic, which we did (good times).

Finally wanted to thank you for your effort. You’ve really helped me and clearly a lot of other people. Will be saving for some of your other products, have been needing to sort my lifestyle for a long time and this has been the kick up the backside I needed."

J. Avery.
Sittingbourne, UK

Why it's only $77 $49.95 for a LIMITED TIME only

The short answer is this: the information contained in The Textual Seduction Playbook is too valuable for you NOT to have it TODAY.

But more importantly, I'm dropping the price to $49.95 so...

You can get the woman YOU choose, when you want, on your terms

That coaching session with Greg cost $500 an hour — $500 for ALL the valuable information that the The Textual Seduction Playbook contains, plus SO MUCH MORE!

And just wait, because it gets even better. Because I want to reward people who take action, right now, I’m offering these EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED-TIME bonuses:

The Guide to Texting eBook

This exclusive eBook contains the actual texts I use and breaks them down. There’s no better way to learn something that to study it in action, and I provide the texts that you can use like a workbook as I talk about them in the audio.

This is exclusive material you won’t find anywhere, straight from my phone to you.

How To Give “Good Phone” Bonus Audio

Texting is only one piece of the puzzle, but you need to follow it up with "good phone!"

So I’ve also got a special bonus for you. Even though it’s a “bonus” this is some of the most important and valuable material in this package, that will make sure you’re ready to succeed after you get any woman’s number…

  • Some of my favorite voicemail messages to leave so you come across as personable and playful.
  • How to leave the voicemail that leaves her so intrigued she’ll call you back before she calls back her mom…
  • What you say in your voicemails... and how to say them
  • How to come across on the phone so women will always want to meet you.
  • The simple thing that ALL women are looking for in men that you can show her YOU have on the phone.
  • How to ask her out on the phone and why you want to be a “real man” and not give her any options.
  • How to use the power of your voice on that call to get her so excited about her date with you.
  • The secret for bringing her back to that magic moment when you first got her number, and how creating these emotional triggers in a woman is a skill that all of you can learn to bring intimacy down the road.
  • How to turn the “how was your day” into something exciting and memorable for her.
  • How to get a woman wet on the phone.
  • Exercises you can do to improve your phone game, and specific things you should work on so when you get on the phone she’s always excited to hear you

Top 15 EXPLOSIVE Texts

In this super exclusive bonus you’re going to get the top 15 texts that I use myself. I’ve been using them personally for years, and I know firsthand that they work with women. Not only that, but I’ll explain why I like them and why they’re so good!

Get Rid of The Cling-Ons

  • How to spot text warning signs and red flags in women
  • Why you shouldn’t waste your time with certain women, and how to know which women have those qualities
  • How you should cut your losses with women not worth your time so you don’t come across as the bad guy, and how that will benefit you

Texting & Flirting eBook

In this incredible bonus, I teach you how to use texting to become a confident, authentic flirt. You're going to learn:

  • 28 real texts that I've taken from my private clients and critiqued for you, telling you why they work (or, why they don't).
  • How and when to use texts, emojis, videos, pictures, and gifs.
  • How to validate her & make her feel special with your texts.
  • How to use texting to not just flirt when you first start dating, but also at every single stage of the relationship.

FREE 10-Day Trial of The Slight Edge Society

Listen, I know you came here to learn about dating. To learn about sex and attracting and approaching the women you desire. But you know what? I'm about so much more than that. You see, you can apply these same principles and be successful in so much more than your dating life. I'm talking about TOTAL success in EVERY area of your life. Health. Wealth. Mindset. All of it.

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Look. I get where you're at. I get what you're going through. Trust me. I've been there myself.

And I also understand if you're thinking this is way too good to be true. There's no way the secrets to texting women are so simple!

But I promise you this works, and because I'm so confident in my programs, I'm throwing in my industry-best 60-day "Get More Dates Guarantee!"

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Yes, I do mean MORE dates in just 2 months than you've had in the entire year before... and that's what I'm 100% confident you will experience this once you utilize the techniques I teach you!

This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident in The Textual Seduction Playbook!

*Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

Time to invest in yourself, man. Think about it, for just $49.95 you’re getting my Textual Seduction Playbook Audio and eBook, a jam packed How To Give “Good Phone” Bonus Audio, PLUS Get Rid of the Cling-ons, Top 15 Explosive Texts, AND The Texting & Flirting eBook. Seriously, that’s a no brainer.

Click the "Add to Cart" button below & I'll see you on the inside!


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