Dating Advice From Dating Coaches

Dinner and a movie is so overdone. What are some creative dating ideas?
Take them to Target and play in the aisles with all the toys. Play one-on-one basketball. Bake a cake together.

Should you trust first impressions of a person, or delay judgment?
You need to gather information about someone before you make a final decision on how you feel. People who tend to judge someone quickly often lead very shallow lives.

Why can’t I ever get past a first date?
People who crash and burn after one date tend to do these common things: Talk about and bash their exes, have desperate energy, talk about themselves too much, brag or drink too much.

My friend just broke up with his girlfriend, and I’m attracted to her. When is it appropriate for me to make a move?
You need to let the dust settle. Be a great friend first, and as soon as your friend has recovered, she’s fair game. People are not lifetime possessions.

I’m ready to share my kinky sexual habits with my new partner, but I’m worried she’ll be freaked out. Any advice?
If you get involved with someone who you’re not sexually compatible with, you’ll just end up leading an alternative deviant life on the side. Bring your kinkiness in slowly. Who knows? She may be kinkier than you.

I’ve been seeing this guy online for a while. We want to have cybersex. Any tips for an enjoyable first time?
Get each other super-hot with dirty emails describing what you want to do. Each email should go one step further, so you’re driving him crazy and making him hit the send/receive button like a mad man anticipating your next email. Once you can’t take it anymore, bring the action to the phone so you can hear how hot you made each other.