Staying In Can Be Just As Much Fun This Halloween – Wink, Wink, Wink

Lani Buess


This haunted holiday isn’t just about elaborate costumes, festivals of frights or moocher preschoolers looking for chocolate handouts. For the couple that chooses to stay indoors, things can get freaky in another sense.

“Halloween is a really cool event because it enables you to become a kid again,” said former New York native David Wygant, renowned dating authority and image consultant. “So why not take all the great things of being a kid and bring it into your house for a romantic night?”


Nothing’s better than a night under candlelight. But forget your typical votive candle ambiance. After a pumpkin-picking excursion, the two of you can carve some Jack O’Lanterns together. That way you personalize your indoor setting while creating a subdued shine from the lantern light, inevitably making your mate look more attractive…we hope.


To further the dreamy and eerie Halloween aura, create a haunted living space. Decorate your bedroom or living room in Halloween decorations to fully embrace the season. Don’t forget to string some faux webbing and have a supply of dry ice on hand to create that mysterious fog look.


Now that you have created your sensual space, it’s time to focus on the intimate All Hallow’s Eve feast. Wygant suggests buying an over-sized pumpkin basket, the kind kids use for trick-or-treating, and filling it with ice, champagne and wine bottles instead.

Pick up a couple more and add an elaborate cheese and cracker spread inside one and a take out Thai dinner in the other, he added. Throw down a Halloween-themed tablecloth and you’ve ultimately created “a romantic picnic in your own little haunted castle,” said Wygant.

And tricks

After a meal and cocktail nightcap, you might be feeling a tad frisky. With Halloween underway you have an excuse to slip on a sexy costume. So prepare yourself for a naughty night of Halloween role-playing.

To the fellas, you know women fawn over a man in a uniform. So why not don a volunteer fireman’s outfit, and give her some lessons on how to handle a hose.

Or you can pose as a veteran cop. We’re sure you’ll figure out what to do with those handcuffs once in the bedroom.

As for the ladies, why not slip on a revealing French maid outfit. Play up being the submissive femme by giving your man exactly what he wants. Ooh, la, la.

And nothing gets at a guy’s libido more than the meek librarian who’s secretly a sultry sexpot. So, sport those intellectual frames and that tight pinstripe suit. Be sure to have your Frederick’s of Hollywood silky lingerie surprise inside.

He might think it’s Christmas, not Halloween.

Follow these suggestions and you’ll be guaranteed a delectable and scandalous Halloween rendezvous for your carnal pleasure.