Dating Tips – Props Make Meeting People Easier

Props are anything around you that help you to start a conversation. By using whatever is around you, it becomes much easier to establish contact with someone. You can ask questions, share points of reference, whatever you need to do to get the conversation rolling. Props work the same way that a “conversation piece” works in your living room. They can be used either as something to draw attention or as something to go back to when you have nothing else to talk about.

Either way, they take off a huge amount of pressure. Because it’s no longer just you and the other person. Now it’s you and the other person and something to talk about, which makes the whole process a lot less charged.

Props are the number one, most useable tool in your arsenal when it comes to meeting people. Best of all, they don’t even need to be your props. If someone has a great dog, go pet the dog. “What’s the name of your dog?” If someone in a café has a newspaper, you can ask, “Do you mind if I read that section when you’re done?” On an airplane, ask to borrow a pen. At a diner, ask someone if you can borrow the salt from their table. In a bank line, you can even use the lack of customer service on the part of the tellers as a prop. Why? Because it gives you something to talk about! And that’s what props are for.

They remove the most difficult part of starting a conversation. You don’t have to be clever. You don’t have to be funny. You don’t need to use a pick-up line. All you need to do is be open to your environment and find something to talk about. Get the ball rolling. Anybody can do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, fat, bald, whatever. Start using the props around you and you can meet someone today.