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Episode 18: Letting Go Of The Negative

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Today I’ve got a really great guest, Nada Leena, and today Nada is going to talk to us about letting go of the negative. Letting go of the past and turning it into something positive.

Nada is the founder of Rise Up for You, a company that empowers women all across the world. You can learn more about Nada and Rise Up for You at http://www.riseupforyou.com/

Episode 17: The Warped Thoughts of Men

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Ohhhh the warped thoughts of men. Some of the stuff you guys think about women… seriously so many of you need coaching!

But look. I’m on your side. I blame porn, really. And today, I’ve got a very special guest, one of my favorite female dating experts, DeAnna Lorraine, and we’re going to talk honestly and bluntly about the reality of the day:

The warped thoughts you have about women running through your mind and how you can think realistically.

You can check out DeAnna’s website & learn more about her here: http://www.deannalorraine.com/

Episode 16: Can A Woman Ask A Man Out Without Shrinking His Balls?

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One of my friends, Jonathon Aslay, really stirred the pot up on Facebook the other day by stating something bold: A woman CAN ask a man out!

So, I invited Jonathon into the studio to expand on this controversy with me and Jon Keegan. And we’re going to ask: does this really shrink a man’s balls? If so, why should women car? And why this is such a f*cking controversy in the first place!?

Be sure to check out Jonathon here: www.jonathonaslay.com

Episode 15: The Stupidity Of The News

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Here’s the stupidity of the news in a nutshell: most of the time, it’s not news at all! Snow storms that never happen. Scandals blown way out of proportion.

See, they’re just trying to keep you entertained for their ad revenue.

It’s all speculation. It’s like when a group of women get together and wonder what this man is thinking and if he’s going to commit.

Episode 14: Your Opinion Really Is Not That Important!!

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This is going to be news for a lot of you, but I have to say it: Your opinion is really NOT that important!

But here’s the bigger point: Why do you care that so many people know your opinion? Why do you NEED to broadcast your thoughts to so many people?

Join me and John Keegan again as we introduce you to today’s reality: why your opinion isn’t that important, but also why that’s ok for you.

Episode 13: Why Swipe Dating is A Barrel of Monkeys

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Remember that game barrel of monkeys? You would throw the monkeys on the ground and then sit there for hours trying to hook them together.

Well, that’s what “swipe dating” (Tinder, Bumble, etc.) has become like. Because you can’t really get a feel for someone by swiping.

You’re constantly swiping for the next person hoping they’re going to be better than the last.

You’re only going to sit there (probably on the toilet, if you’re a guy) endlessly swiping trying to connect.

Episode 12: The Dark Side of Inspiration

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We all have good moments and bad moments. Good days and bad days. Great inspirational bursts… and then really dark inspiration.

But here’s the thing: don’t deny yourself that darkness. Don’t pretend everything’s ok in life when it’s not.

Empower yourself by embracing life as it is. The good and the bad. The light and the dark. It makes you feel alive, and it makes your life feel more real.

Episode 11: When and When Not to Use Dirty Talk

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Dirty talk can be downright hilarious.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE dirty talk, but the things we say to each other sometimes…?

So that’s today’s topic on the 10 Day Reality Check. Today I have John with me in the studio again, and we’re going to talk about dirty talk, when to use it, and when you definitely shouldn’t use it.

Episode 10: Passion Creates Attraction

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There are certain things in this world you definitely don’t want to “catch”, from the clap to the common cold.

But one contagious thing you definitely NEED to catch is passion. Because if you are passionate, you will always be attractive. If you are passionate, you will never “run out of things to say.”

You will live a life of abundance, and isn’t that the kind of life we all want to live?

Episode 9: The Fear of Humans

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Today we’re going to continue talking about what we’ve been hammering and hammering away at: fear of humans!

That’s why you’re addicted to your iPhone. That’s why you can’t stop playing with yourself. It’s your fear of other people.

Why? Why are you so afraid?

Today we’re joined by our two regular guests T.J. and Camille, and you better believe we’re going to get to the bottom of this. Why are you so afraid of one of the greatest things you could ever be a part of: love and connection with another human being.

Episode 8: America, the Masturbation Capital of the World

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If I was given a vagina for just one day… you wouldn’t hear from me for 24 hours.

Because you see, in America we’ve become the masturbation capital of the world.

We masturbate all day and then we wonder why we’re not meeting other people, why we’re not connecting.

And it’s because we’re wasting all our sexual energy on a fantasy made by some creep in Van Nuys. So today’s challenge: stop masturbating and start living. Are you in?

Episode 7: How the iPhone Stole Your Lives

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Every day, we’re swiping. We’re typing. We’re texting each other about the people we’d like to meet, the people we’d like to connect with, instead of… (here’s a novel idea) CONNECTING WITH THEM!

In today’s rant — I mean, podcast — I have my good friend T.J. in the studio, and T.J. and I talk about how the iPhone has hijacked your life. It’s given you the disease I call “blowjob neck,” staring at your little screen every day.

But today’s the day I challenge that reality and challenge you to wake up, smell the roses and connect with one another.