Congratulations on investing in yourself,

Before we get started, just take a minute to fill out this brief questionnaire so I can get to know a little bit more about you, what you are looking for and how I can transform your profile into a MAGNET for beautiful women online.

    INSTRUCTION #1: Please send me the links to any and all profiles you currently have on a dating site online including pictures (whether it's on, facebook, or whichever ones).

    Send me ALL of them. I want to see what you have written now, and I also want to see what pictures you currently have posted.

    INSTRUCTION #2: I have a series of questions I would like you to answer. These REALLY help me to craft the best profile possible for you.

    Don't over-think these... just be honest and have fun with them!

    Here are the questions I would like you to answer:

    Question #1: What is the most unique thing about the town in which you live? (Doesn't matter if it seems trivial)

    Question #2: What was your favorite trip/vacation you ever took, what was the best part ?

    Question #3: Tell me about your job and why you love it? The people, the money, maybe even the sense of contribution?

    Question #4: Tell me about the one thing that drives you crazy about where you live. (Or, if you are not from where you are currently living, then what do you miss the most about where you used to live?)

    Question #5: Are you passionate about travel? If so, then share with me a story -- something when you traveled that really changed your outlook on life.

    Question #6: What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday? Or, what is your favorite after work activity?

    Question #7: If there is one thing about you that is quirky, tell me a little bit about it.

    Question #8: If I had to ask three of your friends what they thought about you, what would they all say?

    Question #9: What is the best thing about your life, what you love most?

    Question #10: What are you looking for in a woman? What do you desire, and with what type of person do you want to be?

    Question #11: Are you looking to just date, do you want a great girlfriend, or a wife and a family? And are you close with your own family?

    Question #12: What’s the biggest issue you currently have when it comes to dating online or on dating apps? What’s your biggest sticking point where you could use my help?