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My Men's Mastery Series has not only been my most popular product, but it is also one of my favorite products.


I want everyone to have that "Bootcamp experience" that hundreds of guys from countries all over the world has experienced, but I know everyone cannot take the time or afford to come to one of my Bootcamps.

So I created this product to, in essence, be a "Bootcamp in a box."

  • It is the ultimate top-to-bottom program, covering everything from how to approach and talk to women to completely transforming your mindset.
  • It is "inner game" as well, covering in detail every skill you need to know how to approach, converse with, connect with and attract the women you truly want to meet.
  • It is the ultimate confidence course for your personal life, your dating life and your business life.

Life is all about believing in yourself.  My Men's Mastery Series will show you how to really unlock the most powerful version of yourself. This is a true transformation from the inside out —  there is no teaching you how to fake anything.

  • You don't need pickup lines.
  • You don't need to become somebody else.
  • You just need to respect yourself and become the most confident version of the amazing person that you already are.

This Is Your Ticket To Permanent Freedom From Every Fear, Excuse & Struggle You Have Ever Experienced

And Here Is The Coolest Part...

Over the years, I have never stopped adding to and improving this program. Coaching hundreds of guys over the last 17+ years, you always find new and different things you want to share. So what started out originally as an eight hour program has grown to closer to a twenty hour program!

But that's not even the "coolest part" I am talking about...

This time I decided to do something unlike anything I've seen out there — I am customizing the Program to exactly where you are in your life!

That's right — I have broken down my Mastery Series into three different age ranges. Let's face it, the issues that guys in college are dealing with can be very different than guys in their 40's.  Goals are different.  Questions are different.

And since my goal is to give you a truly transformational experience with this product, this was the logical next step!  So now, no matter what age you are or what phase of your life you're in, there is a Men's Mastery Series that is exactly right for you.

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Listed below are each of the 3 volumes of my Men's Mastery Series — choose which program best suits you and click the "Add to Cart" button.

This version is for all you high school and college guys out there. In it, I actually go through everything that I used in high school and college to be successful with women.

This is an exceptional and unique time of your life, and I want to show you how to make it one of the most amazing periods of your life with women.

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“Getting Consistent Results I’ve Never Believed Possible.”

"I have to first say that after listening to the Men’s Mastery Series, I’m starting to get consistent results that I’ve never believed possible.

Thanks for putting this program together. Many years of poor results with girls has caused me a lot of pain and I’m grateful that you’ve shown me an honest and ethical way to succeed with the opposite sex."

Sean P.
Boston, MA

Your Program Is Without A Doubt The BEST Program Out There

"Words cannot express my gratitude for the help you have given me in the world of communication. After reading over your blogs, watching the videos, and hearing your podcasts, I decided to make a new image for myself.

On the very FIRST day I tried the program I had constructed based on your tips, I had three numbers, and one girl coming home with me. Your Men’s Mastery Series is without a doubt, the BEST program out there.

I know it works, and I hope more people can flock to this unique take on communication, not just in the dating world, but the entire world we live in. Thanks again!"

Skyler M.
Mesa, AZ

“48 Hours… Several Girls Lined Up!”

"David…loved your Men’s Mastery Series! Listened to it over the holidays while on vacation. Put it to work ASAP!  Wasn’t back in town 48 hours yet and had several girls lined up to hang out with. Choice is a beautiful thing!  And all you need to do is follow your advice. I’ve always been confident, but thank you for taking it to a new level!"

James J.
Orange County, CA

“Girls Have Thrown Themselves At Me Even Though They Have Boyfriends”

"First off I want to say I was a former "PUA Nerd" for many years. I know so attractive right? I was struggling for years and have had nothing but horrible girls in my life and had convinced myself I was living the good life, until I finally came across you and your Men’s Mastery Series. It put me in tears because I was living a lie.

After reading a blog post you seriously convinced me to buy the Men’s Mastery Series. You were my last real effort to really get anywhere with girls and life. It has been life changing for me. I’ve put the Men’s Mastery Series to the test for the past few days and girls are responding so wonderfully to me, some of the girls have thrown themselves at me even though they have boyfriends.

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done in my life and other guys out there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Jeremiah F.
Bismarck, ND

Get Highschool & College Game Now
for Just 169.97 $74.99

I call this Men's Mastery Series for guys age 22-32 "Adult Adolescence" because this time of your life is a really tough age. You have so much going on at the same time —  working on your career, some of your friends start getting married while some are still single, some of you want relationships while some are completely not in that place.

This is the time of your life that really defines who you are as a man. It's the age where you do so much growing.  I remember these years so well — both in my personal and my business life, and I was very excited to create something special to help you navigate these years as the best version of yourself.

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“Mindset He Teaches You Can Get You Success In All Aspect Of Life And Make You More Confident Man”

“David's Men's Mastery Dating Series has helped me a lot, not only in my dating life but to improve my whole life in general. I am more confident at my work and in social life. Mindset he teaches you can get you success in all aspect of life and make you more confident Man.

Best thing about his product is he gives you exercise to do and if you do that exercises you will guaranteed make improvement. Action brings you the results and David motivate you to take right action.

Everything David teaches is come from his life experience that's why his word are very powerful and effective. I still listen to his Men's Mastery Series and still learn new thing every time.”

Sunny K.
Leicester, England

“I Met This Amazing Girl, Who I've Been Dating For 3 Months, And It Would Have Not Been Possible Without Your Help.”

“I want to thank you for all the great help you are giving to guys all over. You really helped me more than I could've ever imagined. I used to be extremely shy, awkward around girls, and barely dated throughout university so I had pretty much 0 experience with girls until I started listening to your great stuff and applying it.

I am 24 now, and after buying your Men's Mastery Dating Series, I met this amazing girl, who I've been dating for 3 months, and it would have not been possible without your help. I've checked out some of the PUA stuff, but it just doesn't resonate with me...your ideology keeps it real, has a real human touch to it and teaches you how to be a better person overall, not a robot.”

Alex P.
Raleigh, North Carolina

“I Went Out On The Weekend And Approached Over 15 Girls And Got 5 Phone Numbers (everyone I Got I Asked For)”

“Your Men's Mastery Dating Series is absolutely AMAZING and so motivational! Within a couple of days of listening to it I went out on the weekend and approached over 15 girls and got 5 phone numbers (everyone I got I asked for) and one was from the hottest girl in the entire club! She's been texting me right now! Last night I was on the phone with another amazingly beautiful woman. I'm 25 by the way.

David, I started off at 19 listening to Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo and your approach is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better! There is no manipulation and it is all-natural! I can't even explain how strange this seems to me because I used to get rejected constantly (90% rate) and women were rude to me. It's only been ONE WEEK since I listened and am STILL listening to your master series and ALREADY I have 10 numbers and most of them are beautiful women! I only went out one night! LOL! Today a co-worker girl asked me if I had a older brother like me she could date!!!!!!!!!!!

There were sticking points or pitfalls I had in my thought patterns and approaches. The first sticking point I realized from listening to your cds was that I was too focused on getting the number that I thought I could make a connection AFTER they gave me their number through phone or text, etc. What ended up happening with that approach was they usually said they had a boyfriend or gave me their number and ignored me when I started texting them. Your coaching is simply amazing! I can't believe how just tweaking that one thing around has led me to wher I am now in one week. I try to make connections now; I am more interested in them as a person and it is much more fulfilling. They respond much, much, much better!

I'm going to listen to your Men's Mastery Dating Series over and over and over and over until I understand completely every single thing you teach in them! Today I had a self-conscious day and I started to beat myself up but when I got home and went out to the gym I put in my mp3 and started listening to your mastery series and instantly I was motivated again to talk to everyone! You series is better than drugs; better than sex for me right now! I started talking to the gym owner and got free tickets to a concert!!!!!!

All this in one week. ONE WEEK!

Can't express how much I respect what you teach and how powerful your words are. I'm skeptical no more, man. You are the shit! I'd love to tell you what happens next because I have a lot of work to do yet!”

Brice W.
Avon, Ohio

"Out of All the Dating Gurus, I Respect You the Most... You Have Honestly Helped Me So Much!"

Tanner S."Hey David, I heard about you through David D . . . I felt more of a connection with your teachings about healthy relationships and being a natural. Since then I have bought your Men's Mastery Series and phone coaching. I would like to tell you, out of all the dating gurus I respect you the most. You have honestly helped me so much within a few short years!

Through that journey I have noticed that no other coach talks about health and how it's a huge part of inner confidence and decreasing anxiety. With your Men's Mastery Series and coaching, I'm on my way to marrying an amazing women. (That's Tanner and his woman pictured above)."

Tanner S.
West Valley City, UT

"I Have been Using The Techniques You Teach In Your Men's Mastery Series And Now TWO Women Are Pursuing A Relationship With Me"

"Since sending you my last email I have been on 4 different dates!!! I don't think I had that many dates all of last year...

I also have also been using the techniques you teach in the Men's Mastery Series and now TWO women are pursuing a relationship with me... The only problem I have now is managing my time."

Ryan G.
Mount Annan, Australia

Get Adult Adolescence Now
for Just 169.97 $74.99

After age 32, you are in a great but sometimes complicated period of your life. This Program is for the guy who already has his career or maybe doesn't know what he wants anymore. It is for the guy who is divorced and wants to know what it's like to live with a woman. It's for the guy who is finally ready to "settle down" with that one amazing woman.

I call this version "Playing For Keeps" because this age group is all about figuring out who you truly are, who you truly want to be, and what you ultimately want your life to look like. No matter what your history is, this Program will help you get exactly where you want to go.

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Of all the other dating gurus you are the realest!

“I ordered your men’s mastery series and boy let me tell you it changed my life. Not only with women but in life general. Especially the part when you say "Be in the moment". The being in the moment thing as helped me the most especially mentally. I am now mentally stronger thanks of you. Now that I am in the moment women are more attentive to me, before most women would not give me the time of day even if they liked me and I messed it up every time.

I now have the best conversations with women due to you helping me taking the pressure off myself and being in the moment. I haven’t started dating yet but in life in general you have helped with the relationships that I have now. Man it is like I have this surge of confidence that I never had before and it is not arrogance. I would like to thank you again.”

Roderick G.
East Point, GA

I Have been Using The Techniques You Teach In Your Men’s Mastery Series And Now TWO Women Are Pursuing A Relationship With Me

“Since sending you my last email I have been on 4 different dates!!! I don’t think I had that many dates all of last year…

I also have also been using the techniques you teach in the Men’s Mastery Series and now TWO women are pursuing a relationship with me… The only problem I have now is managing my time.”

Ryan G.
Mount Annan, Australia

“I Finally Met A Wonderful Amazing Woman”

“I just wanted to share with you that I finally met a wonderful amazing woman! She is good looking with a heart of Gold! What more do I want? She even told me that the reason she opened up to me was because I was honest & open with her from the beginning!

Thank you for the Men’s Mastery Dating Series! It teaches us men what is really needed to truly connect with a woman! You are right! It’s really about being open, honest, being great communicators to both men and women and most important of all really “Listening” to women! There really is no other true way to connect! It’s that easy! I know, some men out there may think that’s too easy or too good to be true, that they sadly will miss out!

You are also so right about how descriptive women are. It’s amazing! I learnt this first hand! So much detail, we men miss! So that’s why I highly recommend to any men out there who really wants to find & truly connect with a woman in every way to purchase your Men’s Mastery Dating Series. It really has everything from A-Z. No other products needed!”

Eddie T.
Perth, Australia

“I Just Got Engaged!”

“I just got engaged! Thanks for all the good advice in your Men’s Mastery Dating Series. Hope this year is good for you.”

Chris B.
Seattle, Washington

“I’m Having the Time Of My life!”

Brian K.“I was already really good with women before I ordered David’s Men’s Mastery Series… and I am still learning from almost every second of this material.

David’s devotion to his customers is unmatched… he has already returned 3 of my emails and the insight he has into the problem is unbelievable. David also has a way of pepping you up and making you believe in yourself like… you can’t imagine.

He really cares about his guys and gals. I wasn’t asked to write this, wasn’t paid to and don’t personally know David, although I am beginning to feel as though I know him through emails.

Do yourself a favor and order what you want RIGHT NOW, stop wasting money with all this PUA stuff and be yourself. David will teach you how to be yourself AND be a lady’s man or a man’s lady as he teaches women also. Knowing what I received if I had the money I’d gladly pay 3-4x what he is charging, he’s a good guy. I’m having the time of my life!”

Brian K.
Lousiville, KY

Get Playing for Keeps Now
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