Do You Think Men Desire Perfection?

Do you believe that the media is in complete control of your dating life?

Is your body image controlled by the cover of Self Magazine?

Do you believe you have to conform yourself to all the women you see on the E! Channel?

Do you use other people as a yardstick to constantly compare yourself to?

Are you a man who is only attracted to one kind of woman?

Do you feel like the world is against you?

Dream Girls Or Sick And Twisted

Check out this email that I got from one of my female readers:

I am interested in knowing why you choose to help men find “hotter women” or to “pick up women”.

As a female, I feel like it is portrayed in society, and media that I need to be 5ft 9in, 125lbs with huge perky breasts and bleach blonde hair and wear miniskirts and skimpy shirts with 5″ stilettos to be considered attractive…..and I am continually disappointed in myself for not looking like this.

I think at times it is men such as yourself who are out there for a quick dollar to help other men find women that rarely exist and to ignore the Quality women who have beauty and brains as well as a strong head on their shoulders. I may not be 125lbs with model type physique, but please let women like me have a chance at finding a man instead of being continually passed upon in search of “the hotter woman”.

What do your “teachings” teach young prepubescent girls about body image and self esteem.

I am curious on your thoughts…..

Now listen up, both men and women, to my thoughts on what MDavies had to say.

This is a very powerful podcast…