Eric Wygant

Eric Wygant is a leading dating coach, dating advice confidant and image builder with an intuitive interpersonal skill set.

Eric, David Wygant’s brother has worked closely and learned under David’s intimate tutelage over the past four years. All of David’s great experience, knowledge and expertise has been passed down to his younger brother. Private coaching, bootcamps and image overhaul has kept him busy. He works intimately with each individual client. From his work with many people, Eric has been able to perfect his craft and learn how to make countless varying client personalities succeed in what they desire out of life.

Eric brings years of his experiences and coaching prowess to the forefront as he has changed, impacted and improved the lives of a great deal of men and women. His innate advise is clear, honest and straight to the point. He will teach you imperative tip-offs, which will allow you to react honestly without inhibitions.

Eric teaches you to fully immerse yourself “in the moment” and concentrate on your partner. No phone or social media distractions or talking about yourself the whole time. Rather you should listen and ask questions to genuinely learn about the person. Being spontaneous, relaxed and present – being truthful – will make you more open and approachable. You will feel good about yourself and attract a better partner.

If you utilize dating sites, Eric will enlighten, encourage and open you to new opportunities that you were not aware existed. Whether you seek romance, relationship or the big love of your life, Eric will help you succeed like never before.

I couldn’t express more how much I am thankful for Eric’s coaching! It was truly a great experience.

Eric has been very friendly and consistent throughout the weekend. In the very beginning, he has given me great advices up front, and even though I made some mistakes in the first night, he was very helpful and friendly to point out the key points. He has also spent a lot of time getting to know me as an individual, and we had lots of meaningful discussions recapping from the Love Blueprint program, as well as discussing my thoughts and my future. Always believing that authenticity is the greatest attribute, it was such a relief and reassurance that Eric has been giving me advices according to my character, not any fake “Type-A cocky guy” from some sort of cookie cutter. I truly appreciate Eric for working with me with such respect.

During the weekend we have walked through so many places in NYC, and I have approached probably a year’s worth of beautiful women in a mere 3-day period. That was unthinkable before the coaching. Today I practiced the skills, at lunch I approached a beautiful cashier, while she was placing my order I praised her beautiful smile; she was very happy and gave me back a very cute appreciation. I would not have imagine that I could actually do so. Now I will definitely keep up with the practice program that Eric has given me, and I believe that in very short time, I will become a social man without fear of approaching beautiful women.

Again, thank you David and Eric for both encounters and great care, and I truly hope both of you being successful in your paths!

Best Regards,

Patrick L.
Sugar Land, TX.