Discover 5 Things That Drive Men Wild!

Every man has heard the term “mind blowing sex” — but few experience it.

If you want to be the woman that can drive any man wild in bed, to go way beyond just satisfying him by taking him places he’s never been — so he becomes obsessed with you and only you.

Here’s a few ‘dirty tricks’ from deep inside the minds of men; of what will actually ‘blow his mind’ and make him fantasize about you; desperate to be with you again, any chance he gets.

1. The Lipstick Trick.

After dinner, slowly put your lipstick on and look directly in his eyes. Take your lips and move them together and pucker them up, then run your tongue once around your lips. He will follow you around like a loyal puppy dog after that.

2. Around the Horny.

Forget about going directly for his groin, no matter how turned on you might be. You need to warm him up and make him go around the horny. By rubbing, stroking and lightly touching all around his legs and not touching him in his groin will drive him so crazy that he’ll literally do anything for you in bed.

3. One Singular Sensation.

Kissing a man on his back is one of the most erotic things you can do. Kissing a man on his lower spine, where his spine meets his tailbone will send shivers up and down his spine and turn him on like never before. If you want to show you’re no prude, run your tongue down (way down) his lower back. His reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

4. The Supernatural Woman.

What he really wants is to learn how to make you orgasm, again and again. All men want to be your super-hero, even more than that, they want to be your Super-Stud.

By showing him how he gets you off will drive him crazy. Take his hand and literally move it on your clitoris for him. He will be captivated watching you build to a climax. It’s like you’re showing him what he’s always wanted to know, and he’ll learn how to please you forever and ever.

5. The Best Man Cumming.

Tired of men cumming too quickly?

You need to tease him, squeeze him and show him, then tease him all over again. By kissing his entire body, you’ll start to build him up slowly and get him to relax. When you stroke him or suck him, get him going and then stop. Make sure he doesn’t cum by gently squeezing the tip. Then let go and start all over again.

When he is inside you, moving; stop him, squeeze your muscles tight together, and don’t allow him to orgasm. Look him in the yes and give him a long hard kiss. You’ll be teaching this man how to be your best lover, and you’ll drive take him to sexual heights he never even knew existed.

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