If You're a Man Who Will Stop at NOTHING to Become the Bold, Confident & Powerful Man Who Can Take ANY Woman Home With Him...

Give Me JUST ONE WEEKEND (+ 6 MONTHS UNLIMITED FOLLOW-UP) & I'll Show You How Meet A+ Women Virtually Every Time You Step Outside Your House… Without Even Trying!

For Select Coaching Clients, I'm Offering the EXCLUSIVE Opportunity to Be Personally Mentored By Me

  • One weekend of intimate one-on-one mentorship & in-field coaching with me
  • 6 months of unlimited follow-up coaching with 1 phone call each week
  • Attend 1 of my bootcamps FOR FREE
  • 1 FREE copy of one of my best-selling courses for men
  • ...and MANY more bonuses (read on to learn more!)

"David Wygant Has A Gift, A Unique Genius, For Helping You… To Easily Attract People To You"

"David Wygant has a gift, a unique genius, for helping you to move authentically through the world and to easily attract people to you.

Thanks for all your help David!"

— Aaron Ross
CEO, PebbleStorm

Introducing: The Social Mastery
Mentorship Program

In just a single weekend (with 6 months of unlimited follow-up), you can finally master the simple art and science of meeting and dating women like a true natural – with the kind of skill and success you see in guys who just seem to have a “magic touch” when it comes to women.

You know the kind of guy I’m talking about… the guy who easily brings women home with him whenever he goes out… or always seems to have an awesome, super-hot girlfriend. And if they breakup, it’s not long before he has another equally amazing chick by his side.

I know it seems that guys like this were born with an “unfair” advantage.

But they weren’t. They just developed themselves in the right ways (often by accident!)

The point is that at some point they changed. They developed. They weren’t “born” being good with women.

And that’s GREAT news for you! Because with just a little conscious practice and instruction – what you’ll receive directly from me during your private One-on-One Coaching Weekend – YOU can be every bit as natural with women.

"I Am Making Improvements To Learn, Grow And Overcome Issues With My Last Relationship"

I want to thank you for your interest in working with me, the guidance and the advice you have provided. With that, I am making improvements to learn, grow and overcome issues with my last relationship. And to know what I want in the next relationship – the right one. Again, I thank you.

—Daniel R.

"David Is ALWAYS There for You."

David Wygant is the master when it comes to women. The best advice I got from David was to be present with the woman and to have no expectations of what the results will be. What a relief! When I do NOT have expectations on a date, I am totally myself and I enjoy my time as well as my date. The other great thing about David is that he is ALWAYS there for you, when you need help or have a question. I could not have gotten where I am today without David.

— Tim,
San Francisco

How Am I So Sure That This Will Happen For You?

It’s very simple: I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life not only perfecting the approach of naturally meeting and dating top notch, A+ women… but I’ve also been teaching it to regular guys just like us.

I’ve personally transformed the lives of over 1,000 men and women (not just with digital “products” like many other gurus) but actually in person, through the use of real-life coaching. My stuff works — and you can see for yourself in the real-life testimonials that are spread throughout this page.

REMEMBER: I’m not some twenty-something “pickup artist” – I’m a MATURE MAN who's been in the game for over 20 years.

I’ll guide you and work with you every step of the way – and we WILL have an insanely fun time while meeting women – I know because I’ve done it thousands of times before. Even with guys who are totally shy and introverted.

And the really cool thing is that not only will you internalize this process – so that you can repeat it yourself after I’m gone – but you’ll always know where to go for a great time – no matter where you live!

"The BEST Investment I Have Ever Made."

When my wife and I split up I was an emotional wreck. I was 43 years old and totally unprepared for being single again. A client of mine told me about this unique one on one program that a friend of his went through. Being a lawyer I was very curious and investigated this program out thoroughly and decided that it was right for me.

I decided that I needed some serious help navigating the single world again; my confidence was at an all time low with women. If you looked at me you would never see that, I am one of the nations leading attorneys in my field and no one knew what a social wreck I was inside.

I signed up to work one on one with David for one year. I needed help in all areas and I was willing to spend the money to be able to work with someone like David. This was the best investment I have ever made.

Not only did David create a new me in the dating world he was there every step of the way with advice and support. I never felt that I was alone and always felt that he was by my side guiding me to become the person I always wanted to be in my dating life. I have met a great woman and we plan on marrying this fall! Thanks from the bottom of my heart and if I had to do this gain I would pay double for this information and support.


Here's a Sneak Peak Into
My PROVEN Methodology:

In case you were wondering – YES – there is a method to my madness. In my 20 years of coaching, I've developed 4 key factors – which I use extensively during my Social Mastery Mentorship Program with you – that ensure you’ll get the results you’re looking for:


The Powerful Process I Use to Discover Your TRUE Needs, Wants and Desires

The first thing you and I will do when we meet during our coaching weekend is thoroughly discuss and clarify what you really want when it comes to women — and I'll help you clarify everything so that you’re being true to yourself, while still having the greatest odds of success.

There’s a reason we start with this — without this clarity, there’s no way you can succeed! Without knowing exactly what you want, you’ll never have a chance of reaching your goals with women. You’ll be shooting in the dark, just like most other guys out there.


Secrets for Building Your Ultimate Lifestyle & Dating Life

Once your deeper desires with women are clear, you can then begin designing a lifestyle that makes it EASY and NATURAL for you to attract this type of woman.

I’ll show you exactly where to go to meet, approach, attract, and close the kind of women you’re looking for. Together, we’ll work through your fears and sticking points – so that you experience the exhilarating feeling of success during the process.

With this genuine confidence and excitement in place, you’ll be able to easily to continue the process when you’re on your own.


How to Discover Your Most Attractive Possible
Identity, Image & Look that Draws Women to YOU

If you really want to be successful with a certain type of woman in the long run, you must develop yourself powerfully – and then convey that through your speech and dress.

Once you understand this, you’re going to need to know all the things that you have going for you – that this woman is looking for. You’ll more you can convey that you’re “her type” of guy, the more she’ll be attracted to you. This happens via the stories you tell, how you dress and much more.

And I’ll walk you through this entire process. Once we work out a plan for you, and we practice doing what you need to do in order to convey this identity, it’s only a matter of time before this kind of woman begins showing up into your life.


Aligning Your Thoughts, Beliefs, Body Language & More
With Your Deepest Source of Inner Confidence

Keeping amazing women around – and especially if you’re not looking to seriously date or marry them – takes incredibly powerful inner game.

And that’s why I totally open up my entire life to you and let you see how I live… how I talk and interact with the women I’m seeing… and just by hanging around together you’ll begin to internalize the most powerful mindsets needed to succeed with women.

On top of this, I’ll help you isolate the areas where you’re currently being weak and needy with women… from your body language all the way to your speech… and I’ll help you install brand new beliefs and behaviors that transform your interactions with women.

"Professional, Organized and Responsive."

I have worked with David Wygant for nearly two years. His insights, metaphors and coaching have been extremely insightful and helpful. David is also very professional, organized and responsive. He is empathetic – yet also maintains sufficient distance to provide a truly dispassionate view of what is going on. Finally, he clearly enjoys what he is doing, which makes the entire learning experience fun.


REMEMBER: This Isn't JUST About Women...

It’s about becoming the MAN you’ve always wanted to be: Strong, courageous, powerful, charming, and charismatic.

Becoming an unstoppable social badass in EVERY aspect of your life.

And the Social Mastery Mentorship Program will put you on that path. The path of SUCCESS.

Listen to these guys tell you in their own words how my mentorship has changed their lives —

Ameet's Story

Bill's Story

Leon's Story

Sebastian's Story

Yakub's Story

The Married Man's Story

So, How Much Will We Accomplish?

I wish I could convey every single thing that you’ll learn and experience over your 6 months' intensive coaching with me – but there’s simply too much. And the fact is, everything is custom-designed just for YOU.

But with that said, here's just a taste of what I've done with some of my clients in the past:

  • Mysterious “counterintuitive” things you can do that will drive women straight to you
  • How to walk into any room and meet any woman anytime (and leave her wanting more!)
  • How to get her to call you instead of waiting for you to make the call (do this and she’ll call you within hours of getting her number!)
  • How to become a world-class flirt (one of the biggest complaints I hear from women all the time? “Men don’t know how to flirt!”)
  • Proven ways to avoid the most common dating mistakes
  • How to break through any “walls” or difficult “attitude” that she may put up
  • Simple secrets to sexual confidence (when women talk about “knowing” whether they’ll sleep with a man in minutes… SEXUAL CONFIDENCE is what they’re talking about!)
  • How to overcome negative thoughts – even while you’re in “heat of battle”
  • How to be comfortable in any situation (comfort and confidence are often the same thing!)
  • How to project a more attractive image to the people around you
  • The art of non-verbal communication (why you’ve probably been missing the many positive signals women have been sending to you)… PLUS, how to send these secret signals back and separate yourself from every other clueless guy women talk to!
  • The best places and times to meet the kind of women you fantasize about
  • Authentic masculine projection – how to spark instant attraction in almost any woman you meet
  • The power of observation and how to wield it effortlessly
  • How to not give your power away (the #1 reason why most guys mess up the attraction they create)
  • How to meet more people, more quickly, so you don’t have to attach so much importance to any one encounter
  • How to approach a group of women in a way that will make them all compete to talk to you
  • Learn exactly what the opposite sex is thinking
  • “Enough is enough!” When to wrap up a conversation and ask for a phone number or a date
  • How to walk into a place and create instant allure
  • How to know when women are wanting you to approach (you’ve probably missed hundreds of great opportunities to approach women who were interested in you – just because you didn’t know this!)
  • Differences between daytime and nighttime approaches – and how to succeed in both
  • The best possible openers for YOU — including observation openers, teasing opener, text openers and much more
  • How to create your own stories to keep women on the edge of their seat… and dying to hang out with you again! (and the best part is, they’ll all be TRUE – no need to lie or make anything up!)
  • How to walk away when rejected (hint: you can build confidence or you can lose it depending on how you walk away – I’ll show you how to build it!)
  • How to meet women, effortlessly, in the course of your everyday life (it’s a dirty little secret most dating coaches won’t tell you – but believe me, you NEVER have to go out of your way to meet women!)
  • The art of social proof: what is it and how double or triple women’s interest in you
  • The one conversational technique that works in virtually every situation
  • How to walk in and make all the women wonder who you are
  • The 2 must-know things about female psychology
  • How to never fear the “cold approach”… even if you’re terrified to approach women right now
  • The 5 ways I approach that never fail
  • The good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to compliments – why there’s a right and wrong way to use them
  • How to create instant sexual chemistry and then “chill” so that she feels even more attracted to you
  • Rejection: how to deal, why it’s good, quick recovery
  • How to stop caring and become sexy and powerful
  • The secret of the “sly smile”… including how to use it to turn her on
  • How to have power over the conversation
  • Walking away so that she chases you
  • How to recognize energy and recognize a woman that’s attracted to you
  • How to plant long term seeds of interest and desire Strike out with her? Here’s how to get her to refer you to her friends
  • Why indifference can create one of the most intense forms of attraction
  • How to be the ONE man that all of the women in the room are lining up to talk to
  • How to stop thinking about “seducing” women, which implies manipulation and trickery, and start thinking in terms of ATTRACTING them instead (I work with women as well and I share all of their attraction secrets)
  • A very specific exercise and formula for overcoming each and every fear you have with women – this exercise will work in all social situations
  • The power of selection and how to communicate that she’s yours in a very sexy, masculine way
  • Unlocking every woman’s secret approach signals
  • The easiest way to make her feel like she’s known you for years
  • How to never compromise. I’ll show you how to get everything you want out of a relationship
  • How to approach the woman who is rejecting everyone else – and the one thing you can say to her that will intrigue her every time
  • The 10pm rule and how to get her to think about you all night long
  • The most important thing to do when you have that “Oh no… I have nothing else to say” feeling
  • 3 things that always create irresistible attraction in public
  • Exactly what to do once she is attracted to you
  • How to ask her out on a date in a way that’s a total turn-on
  • How women are wired, their thoughts in all situations
  • And much, much more!

This Is NOT A Cookie Cutter Program By Any Means

It's an Entire 6 Months All About YOU!

Granted, there are certain fundamentals that I absolutely want to make sure I cover with you – such as storytelling, flirting, & roleplaying – plus tons of NEW elements to the process that I’ve recently added...

But by and large, this is YOUR custom program, and YOUR opportunity to have me design and entire 6 months custom-fitted to EVERYTHING you want to accomplish in your dating life, social life, & beyond.

"One of the Most Real People I’ve Ever Met."

Working with David for a weekend was truly an eye opening experience for me. Not only did I learn a lot, but it was just a really fun and solid few days. He first laid a foundation by making me aware that I needed to be in tune to my surroundings and that I had to appreciate living “in the moment” – I needed to wake up out of my coma so to speak.

Once that principle sunk in, approaching and initiating conversation with women became enjoyable and much easier. It’s only been a little while since we’ve worked together, but I know that I’ve made great strides and am able to connect with women now in ways I wasn’t able to achieve before.

He really went above and beyond for me and I can see that he genuinely has his clients best interests at heart – he’s one of the most real people I’ve ever met. You can tell that he deals with each person differently by assessing the situation and catering to his/her weaknesses and needs. With society embracing customization and personal attention nowadays, I can’t imagine anyone else providing as much one on one help in the dating world more so than Dave. Can’t thank you enough man.


But That's Not All... If You're Accepted
Into This Program, You'll ALSO Get:

6 Months of UNLIMITED Follow-Up Coaching

When you sign on for weekend coaching with me, the process doesn’t stop there!

No way.

Through an hour-long phone call each week, I’ll also continue to work with you for 6 full month to ensure that you’re continuing the process of growth and transformation.

PLUS, you get completely UNRESTRICTED access to me for an entire 6 months. That's right. Just imagine what you will accomplish with 6 months of:

  • UNLIMITED texting with me
  • UNLIMITED emails with me

  • Have a question about how open a really cute waitress at a local restaurant? Call me!
  • Just had an amazing interaction with a woman… and want to take it to the next level? Give me all the juicy details via email – and I’ll quickly shoot you back the perfect, step-by-step solution for taking the next step.
  • Confused about where to go out on a date? Or why you’re relationship isn’t quite as hot as you’d like it to be? Just text me and we can often work it out over the phone that very same night.

The point is… I’M HERE FOR YOU.

I’m fully committed to your long-term success. In these 6 months we’ll “lock in” all the amazing breakthroughs and skills you developed over our weekend. And put you on the surefire path to lifelong success.

A FREE Copy of My Best-Selling Course, Unstoppable

I REALLY want to turbo-charge your success, and that's why I give everyone who's lucky enough to be a part of this program a FREE copy of one of my best-selling courses for men.

With Unstoppable, you get my proven, time-tested, step-by-step blueprint for living a life of never-ending success.

This is the course that reveals some of the best-kept secrets of the self-help industry — the secrets used by people like Jay-Z, Richard Branson, and Tony Robinson to bypass all resistance and truly live a life without limits.

And I'm not talking about just with women. This is a system that will give you success with money, health, relationships, business, your career, and just about EVERYTHING.

Unstoppable is conservatively worth $4,997 — and you won't find it ANYWHERE for less than the sale price of $1,000. But when you're a part of the Social Mastery Mentorship Program, you get it 100% FREE!

1 FREE Bootcamp Pass

And to top it all off, you get a bootcamp pass as well.

As you may already know, I hold weekend training bootcamps every year in cities like LA, New York, Miami, and Chicago, and in them I take guys in the field and give them exactly the same kind of intimate coaching you'll get in your weekend.

So, why not double down? Your bootcamp pass is 100% complimentary as part of this program, and it'll give you the chance to sharpen your skills and become a true master in attraction, seduction, and success with women.

Weekend Retreat With Team Wygant

Once a year, you'll get to spend a weekend with me, the select other men I coach in this program, and my team of coaches.

  • You’ll see the EXACT mind set, my rituals for financial success, power and magnetism in action (you’ll use it in your life to astounding results)…
  • How it attracts and delivers success in all our interactions…
  • The EXACT process we use to visualize and actualize success with women, money and relationships..
  • Our EXACT system for influencing the lives of everyone we come in contact with (this technique will amplify your success ten fold!)

"I’m Meeting New Women Left and Right!"

I work with David on a business level, and when I found myself having trouble in his said expertise, I decided to take him up on his offer to show me how he runs his business. Not only is David very personal and easy to work with, the advice he gave me on relationships and meeting women improved the way I interact not only with the opposite sex, but with people in general.

I use the word, “improve” as opposed to “change” because I kept very much to who I was at the core. I’m actually a very outgoing person, but my method of meeting new people (women in particular) needed a little massaging, and he knew just were the knots were. It only took a few coaching sessions (with a little homework in between) before I was interacting and meeting new women left and right.

I’m now very comfortable in situations where I would normally be awkward, and nervous, and am currently dating a great girl to boot.

Los Angeles

This is For YOU If...

  • If you are the man who really sees value in high-end, intimate, one-on-one coaching with an expert...
  • If you are the man who realizes how important it is to get on the fast track toward dating the women he desires... and get OFF the slow train of loneliness...
  • If you are the man who wants to really get a handle on life & meeting women...
  • If you are the man who's looking to really get on the fast track to success...
  • If you are the man who wants to take care of this NOW...
  • If you are the man who takes action...

It's All Possible RIGHT NOW If You Invest in Yourself

But you have to make the commitment. That’s why I keep the price where it is — because I know only those who are FULLY committed to transformation will make the effort to get coached for a full weekend.

And if you're accepted into this powerful coaching track, the price is $11,995.

Yes, I'm going to level with you. This isn't like buying one of my programs for $50 - $75. It's an investment of both time and money — but like any good investment, it pays off in spades.

And if you're the kind of guy who I'm looking for, then you'll find a way. You'll make a decision to train with me and follow through no matter what.

Are you that guy?

Honestly, I don’t know.

What I DO know is that if you’ve read this far in this letter you’re pretty darn serious. And if you really want to know whether I feel you’d be a good candidate, just click one of the buttons below to apply.

Spend a Weekend With Me + Get 6 MONTHS of Follow-Up Coaching


"Meeting Women Is Easy Now!"

Not only did David create a “new me” in the dating world, he was there every step of the way with advice and support. I spent a weekend with David and being a 37 year old never married man had me really confused.

I was sick of hearing why I wasn’t married and decided to hire the expert to show me ways that I can find great women to date so I could get married.

What an amazing weekend in my home town of Boca Raton. David flew into town and within 2 hours we were having drinks with these women that we met at Starbucks.

After 24 hours David knew more women in Boca than I did and I was a native. He taught me how women think and why I was the gift but he showed me how to be a confident, powerful man when I meet women so they would chase me.

Work was always easy, women after meeting with David is now as easy as work.

You are going to be my best man at my wedding David!!

— GG
Boca Raton, FL


Step 1:

After you fill out the questionnaire, you will get on a call with one of my coaches to make sure you qualify. You'll be working with me for 6 months, so I need to make sure we connect as people.

Step 2:

After that, you and I will get on a call so we can go over this unique one-on-one program together.

Get on on this call with one of my coaches and he's going to screen you. He's going to make sure that you are a man that is willing to invest in himself and take action immediately. Take action TODAY.