The 7 Dirty Tricks Guaranteed To Unleash Her Inner Naughty Girl

The Deep Dive for Pearls

By kissing her in a circular motion, around her belly button, she’s going to think about all you can do with your tongue, no matter what your cunnilingus skills are.  This one technique will get her so wet she won’t be able to control herself.

The Butterfly Kiss

By mimicking her kissing style, literally, thinking exactly like a butterfly, you will drive her so crazy, she will literally beg you for more. Everything she gives you give right back.
The kiss is the most important part of making her HOT.

The Velvet Underground

Think of a woman’s underwear and how soft they are, how sweet the nectar is they sit on top of every day.  

Start kissing the outside of her panties all around for five or six minutes, she will start to arch her body into you. Tease her by running your finger just inside the edge of them, but not any further. Then kiss her skin and run your tongue along the edge of the skin and panties. She won’t be able to stop thrusting her pussy at you, begging you to touch her, lick her and to fuck the shit out of her.

The Magic Flute Player

Think of her neck as a flute.  By kissing it up and down, on both sides and all around, will have her subliminally thinking about going down and giving you the best blowjob of your life.  

Nothing but a G thing

Her G spot.  When you master her G spot, you own her sexually forever.  

By using a come hither method with your finger and moving it in and out slowly no the G spot, and pressing non-stop, you’ll get this woman to do anything you want in bed.  

The Short Stop Twist

When we were younger, we played ‘just the tip’.  Remember that game.  It’s coming back right now.  By entering inside her and going in as deep as you can and then pulling back out — then kissing her body all over again, will make her ache and beg for you to finish her. At that point ‘your wish is her command’ sexually, she’ll do anything for you.  


Getting a woman to laugh out loud before you have sex with her, will relax her so she’s able to orgasm the way you want.

By whispering in her ear this phrase, “You are so hot” and then blowing softly in her ears, will make her giggle and laugh, and turn her on to you.

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