Health. Wealth. Mindset.
Personal Growth.

These are the ingredients that make up the modern empowered man and woman. They're always driving themselves to become better — a better version of who they were yesterday, whether it comes down to their social life, their career, their well-being, or their overall mindset.

And that's exactly why it's my great pleasure to invite you to this exclusive community of mine called The Slight Edge Society — because this is where men & women like you come to learn to be a modern leader and have a real impact in your social world & all your relationships.

I'm Going to Give You That Slight Edge You
Need to Jump-Start Your Personal Growth

The Slight Edge Society is an exclusive community of men & woman who seek to become more powerful in their lives.

Like you, these men & women came to me to learn the secrets of attraction, dating, and better sex. And what I exposed them to gave them an advantage in not only their dating and sex lives, but also their entire social lives.

Because you see, it's one thing to become more attractive, more approachable, and more confident with the opposite sex. But what you have to realize is...

Sexy, Confident, Approachable People are
Almost Always Successful & Powerful People

And that's what you get when you join the Slight Edge Society: the secrets to success, happiness and unlimited personal power — in dating, in business, in health, and beyond.

I started this community because I want you to become un-fucking-stoppable in every aspect of your life.

And yes, I just cursed.

And yes, when you join, you will hear me curse a whole lot more.

Because I didn't create this program to lull you asleep. I created it to WAKE YOU UP.

You only have one life to live. That's it. And I won't pretend to know what comes after — but I do know that if you could look back at a life of unfulfilled goals, of mediocre health and wellness, of jobs you hate and relationships you can't stand...

You will regret it.

But even more so, you will envy those few successful men and women who had what you always wish you had: that slight edge in life, in their careers, and in their relationships.

Now Is the Time to Get That Slight Edge & Start
Living Life to the Fullest — Here's How It Works:

Members of the Slight Edge Society get access to exclusive content on a range of topics that includes health, wealth, mindset, growth, and an overall progressive life.

When you join, you will get:

Every week on Monday, you will be introduced to my personal network of leaders in all fields, from love to wealth to health. I've spent the last 20 years working in the personal development industry and my contacts are like a who’s who in all of the above — and I am going to give you access to the people you've always wanted to meet and learn from but were never able to connect with.

We'll cover thousands of different topics that you can start taking action in IMMEDIATELY. Here's just a taste of what you'll be exposed to:

  • Health tips to live a longer life
  • Cutting-edge business strategies that enable you to increase your income
  • Wealth-building strategies
  • Dating & relationship advice that will help you on the path for love
  • Techniques for expanding your network to become a leader and a social magnet
  • Secrets from world leaders on how to manifest the life you desire

It's my dream to be able to connect you to these people — a network that took me years to build — and now it will become yours.

You will also have the opportunity to jump on a one-hour webcast with me every month where we will explore and go over in finer detail what we are all working on and what you've been exposed to that month.

But more importantly, these calls give you direct & exclusive access to me. You will be able to ask me questions during the calls based on specific things that pertain to your life, from dating to health and success.

You also get lifetime access to the webcast recordings, so you can catch up on any calls you miss and also come back and revisit all the previous material we've worked on.

Webcasts will be scheduled for 6 p.m. PST the last Tuesday each month.

Each month, you will receive FREE access to downloadable content that is reserved for members of the Slight Edge Society — material you ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT find anywhere on my website, that's never available for purchase anywhere.

These include:

  • Infographics
  • E-Books
  • Audio Recordings

This is the equivalent to receiving one FREE product from me every month — and it will give you the chance to expand on what you've learned in the monthly webcasts and video modules and put techniques into practice that will accelerate your personal growth in these areas.

As a member of the Slight Edge Society, you will be invited to an exclusive yearly retreat: the Slight Edge Mastermind Day.

Like I said in the beginning, the Slight Edge Society is just that — a SOCIETY of like-minded men and women. I can record videos all day long, but I want to give you more than that.

Gaining that slight edge in your life is about connecting. It's about networking, and that's what the Mastermind Day is all about.

And that's why, every year, I'm inviting you to this retreat that is Slight Edge members-only. Dates, location and other details are still being worked out — when you join, you will be updated as soon as the details are announced.

But Wait — That's Not All...

Members Get 10% OFF ALL Coaching
& Bootcamp Programs With Me

That includes:

  • Hourly Phone Coaching
  • Email Coaching Packets
  • One-on-One Weekend Coaching
  • Intensive Monthly Coaching
  • Weekend Bootcamps
  • Personalized Date Evaluations
  • ...and ANY other coaching program I offer on my website

Subscriptions are normally $99/month — and $199/month for platinum members — but I want to give you the chance to join now & lock in your rate at a 50% discount.

And the best part?

Your 10-Day Trial is Just $1 & Totally RISK-FREE

Join now for just $1 and you'll start and stay at this super-discounted rate after your 10-day trial. You can cancel at anytime through our 24-Hour Help Desk.

There's just one-catch...

Space is EXTREMELY Limited!

I can only accept 100 action-taking men & women into this program. Once we reach that limit, THIS OFFER WILL AUTOMATICALLY SHUT DOWN!

Once we close off sales, that's it. And that's the way it has to be — because I'm unlocking the vault for you in this community.

The vault of my personal network and contacts. The vault of all the knowledge I've attained over the years, and how I've used this knowledge to become the best, most attractive and powerful version of myself.

And I want to share this with you — but only if you truly deserve it. And you only deserve it if you're a man who takes action. Right now.

Because confidence, attraction and success with the opposite sex is only the beginning — I want to give you that slight edge in EVERY aspect of your life —

  • Dating.
  • Relationships.
  • Business.
  • Money.
  • Health.
  • Mindset.
  • And so much more...

I want to empower you to become a leader. To become the most powerful and unforgettable version of yourself. To realize your true, maximum potential.

So join now... and immediately see new doors of possibilities start to open in your life.

Choose Your Package & Get Started

I'll see you on the inside.