What If You Could Have Me Solve Your Single Most Pressing Dating Problem...


Impossible? Not At All! When You Try Out My Powerful Phone Coaching – 60 Minutes (Or Less) Is All It Takes For You To Solve Dating Problems And Make Breakthroughs That Take "Other" Women YEARS To Get Handled.

We're both busy – so I'll be blunt and to the point. I know how it feels to have a burning problem when it comes to men and dating. Perhaps...

  • You have an important date planned but you're not sure about how to act or what to say...
  • Or maybe you've been dating a man for awhile and things are going well, and you want to know exactly how to take things to the next level (and you're worried that one "mess up" could ruin everything)...
  • Or it could just be that you constantly see great men you wish would approach you, but you have absolutely no idea how to get them to come over . . . and it frustrates the hell out of you ...
  • Or you might be in a dating situation where you are unsure of what's going on or whether it's going anywhere.

Whatever's going on – here's the bottom line: I don't care what your problem is right now (and believe me, I've seen them all)...

I Can Help You Turn Things Around!

Not tomorrow. Not next week. But TODAY just by talking on the phone!

I know because I've changed the dating lives (and worlds) of thousands of men and women over the last ten years . . . and people pay me more than $10,000 just to spend the weekend coaching them.

I don't tell you this to brag or boast, but to let you know that there is no dating issue you have that I cannot 100%, for certain, help you to solve because my rock-solid, proven methods WORK – and work immediately!!


"Using his communications and no excuses training he showed me how to connect with more men. Being able to listen to my recorded phone session was priceless. Each time I listen to the coaching calls I learn something new."


Amy M.
Seattle, WA

"I'm Confident Where It Counts – On the Inside!"

"I never believed that I was pretty and thanks to your complete dating makeover over the phone I am now not only pretty on the outside but confident where it counts – on the inside.

You changed my belief system and made me realize that men are attracted to all kinds of women. This is one big girl that wants to give you a giant bear hug if you ever come to my neck of the woods."

Anne H.
Chicago, IL

Heck, just within the last month or so, I coached a woman in her late 30s (who was newly divorced and hadn't been out in the dating world in 10 years!) go from being too afraid to even smile at men, to being approached and asked out on dates by multiple men – within JUST DAYS of having a phone coaching session with me.  She has not stopped sending me multiple "I can't thank you enough!" emails ever since...

"You Gave Me Hope, David."

"I'll be practicing your tips on a daily basis. Actually, I used the "maybe we'll run into each other again someday" this past Saturday. I was on the Del Mar train coming home from the races, and talked to 3 guys in the cafe...no fear because I wasn't attracted to any of them...but good practice overall. I even drew my girlfriends into the conversation because they both went to one of my friends Highschool! (My friend, and one of the guys). Anyway, the train was pulling into the station, and I used the 'maybe' line...and the guys totally acted on it! They were like, "we can't wait that long!! what is your phone number?"

They texted later that night, and asked us to come out in Newport...but we were already having a huge surprise b-day dinner for my friend. But now I have contact information for 3 cool guys, and I feel like I left an overall positive impression.

You gave me hope, David, and that's the hardest thing for me to renew everyday.

I'll keep you updated. I hope you are well."

Aaron M.
Orange County, CA

Of course, stories like this are a regular "business as usual" kinda thing for me -  I get hundreds of emails daily thanking me for totally transforming people's dating lives.

Yes, Even Seemingly "BIG" Issues Can Be Totally Resolved In Just ONE hour!

Many times, what seem like "big issues" can be TOTALLY SOLVED by making simple adjustments... All you need is the right person to identify the issue and put you on the right path to fix it!  That right person is me.

Nothing surprises me – and there's absolutely no question or problem that I don't have a quick, crisp, easy-to-implement solution!

Best of all: Whatever I tell you will always be perfectly tailored to your unique situation, personality and end goals. You'll NEVER hear me tell you to do something that doesn't fit you.

And that's one of the biggest benefits of my One-Hour Tuneup. I take time to listen and get to know you... to take a walk in your shoes.  Then I address your unique concerns – giving you the very same confident, "pro-level" advice that I'd give any one of my private female coaching clients.

"He Empowers You to Feel Sexy and Confident!"

Before I met David my personal life was a real mess. After spending a month of phone coaching with him my life is now mine.

He will empower you to feel sexy and confident around men that you are attracted to.

I no longer feel powerless in my dating.

Jane B.
Raleigh, NC

So Is There Anything YOU Would Like To Change In Your Dating Life... RIGHT NOW!?

Are you nodding your head and thinking a very enthusiastic "YES" to this question??

Then WHY WAIT!? As much as I'd love to have you at a seminar – or as a face-to-face coaching client – those slots fill up really fast and the next available slot can sometimes not open up for weeks or even months!

But you can get me on the phone TODAY – if you choose – to start addressing your biggest dating issues NOW.  That's why I created the One-Hour Tuneup option for people . . . because I don't want you to wait one more day to make the changes that will total transform your dating life!

OK, David .... Let's Get Down To The Nitty-Gritty

So now you're wondering about how much this great "right away" advice is going to set you back . . . well, not nearly as much as you think!

Rates start at just $300 for a 60-minute, private session.

... and for the INSTANT and AMAZING results you will see from just ONE phone call with me is worth more than 10 TIMES what you pay for it!

Again, I will help you get those results  . . . and just by talking on the phone. That's because – over the phone – I've helped countless women...

  • Stop giving away their power to men...
  • Learn the keys to attracting men everywhere they go...
  • Feel truly confident about themselves and around ANY man...
  • And so much more!

And that means that whatever it is YOU are looking for... I've heard it and I've helped someone solve it!  

And, if you'll let me... I will help YOU do the same.

It's just a matter of having a simple conversation. So...

Email me at david@davidwygant.com or just click the button below to apply and we'll get the process rolling.


I look forward to talking to you soon,

David Wygant

P.S. – If you really want to go deep into a certain area of your dating life, you can always book a package of FIVE sessions with me. It gives us even more time to get you firing on all cylinders ... and you save 20%!

P.P.S. – While I know you don't have all day and night to read the hundreds of testimonials I receive each week, but here are a few of the letters I've received from other women whose dating lives have been totally transformed by my phone coaching ...

"After a Month I Have a Real Dating Life"

"You are the best coach out there. I read about you for years on Yahoo and finally decided to invest the time and money to work with you.

After a month of working together I have a real dating life.

You coached me through my fears and taught me that I am a an incredible woman that does not have to put up with any man's BS. Thanks David and at 56 I feel that my life is about to begin."


Rose S.
Sunrise, OK

"I Never Thought I Could Be THAT Girl..."

"David Wygant truly changed my life ... and I don't just mean my dating life (although he CERTAINLY did that!!)

I came to David with a very poor self-image and very low expectations for what kind of man I was "good enough" to attract.  After going through 30 days of coaching calls with David, for the first time in my life I feel confident about myself – and I don't just mean I say I'm confident...I now have real inner confidence.

It's so funny that David spent 80% of our phone and email communications on that alone, yet the transformation in quality of my dating life was unbelievable!  All of a sudden, men I thought would never look twice at me (and went for 'those other kinda girls') were approaching ME and asking me out!!  It's truly amazing!

David, I can never thank you enough."

Jessica B.
Tuscon, AZ

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