What If You Could Have Me Solve Your Single Most Pressing Dating Problem...


Impossible? Not At All! When You Try Out My Powerful Phone Coaching – 60 Minutes (Or Less) Is All It Takes For You To Solve Dating Problems And Make Breakthroughs That Take "Other" Guys YEARS To Get Handled.

We're both busy – so I'll be blunt and to the point. I know how it feels to have a burning problem when it comes to women. Perhaps...

  • You have an important date planned but you're not sure about how to act or what to say...
  • Or maybe you’ve got a lovely woman coming over to your house… things have gone well… and you want to know exactly how to take things to the next level (because one “mess up” could ruin everything)…
  • Or it could just be that you constantly see great women you’d love to approach as you go about your day, but you have absolutely no idea what to say. And it frustrates the hell out of you.

Whatever's going on – here's the bottom line: I don't care what your problem is right now (and believe me, I've seen them all)...

I Can Help You Turn Things Around!

Not tomorrow. Not next week. But TODAY just by talking on the phone!

I know because I’ve done it for hundreds of my private clients. Heck, just the other week – I coached a guy in his late 20s, step-by-step, into setting up a wildly passionate afternoon with a woman he was crazy about. She told him it was the best sexual experience she’d ever had with a man. He couldn’t thank me enough.

"I Am More My True Self Then Ever and I Have Met This Amazing Girl"

"Hey David 🙂

Thank you for the awesome coaching call last week.

Just wanted to give you a testimonial, cause IT WAS AMAZINGLY IMPACTFUL.

All the paradigm shifts were really helpful in my daily life and going about meeting girls.

The best part:

I am more my true self then ever and I have met this amazing girl, who I have been consistently seeing every day for the past 5 days. We are SO into each other, its crazy ­ and its not even the sex.

Thank you my man.""


"What a Difference a Week Makes… I Have 2 Dates"

“I was so frustrated in my dating life and I woke up this morning and emailed David. I told him that he has to fit me in today and with great surprise he emailed me back immediately and fit me in that night.

One hour with David changed my life within the first 5 minutes he had me all figured out and we spent the rest of the call breaking down my fears and coming up with a gameplan that I immediately implemented.

Wow what a difference a week makes I have 2 dates thanks to David’s tips.”

Ron P.
Philadelphia, PA

"Far More Confident Than Ever Before!"

“Book this guy for a month and your life will change. I am 45 years old and just got a divorce. I had no idea what I was going to do and David worked one on one over the phone with me for 30 days and 30 nights.

After 4 phone calls and countless emails I am now a far more confident man than ever before. I love the fact that I have this personal dating book and audio series to listen to everyday.

You have changed my life I went out with this incredible sexy 31 year old women that I met in line at the DMV.

You taught me how to open with ease and how to close a woman based on what she said.

Pure Genius.”

Tim C.
Scarsdale, NY

Another guy I coached saved his dying relationship – and he saved it without losing an ounce of power or manhood in the process.

And these aren't special cases — stories like this are a regular “business as usual” kinda thing for me.

Because Even Seemingly "BIG" Issues Can Be Totally Resolved In Just ONE hour!

Remember: I’ve been in the dating world for decades now and I’ve seen it all. I’ve dated virtually every kind of woman you could imagine… been in every possible situation… made every possible mistake. And I’m not exaggerating one bit!

Nothing surprises me – and there’s absolutely no question or problem that I don’t have a quick, crisp, easy-to-implement answer for.

Best of all: Whatever I tell you will always be perfectly tailored to your unique situation, personality and end goals. You’ll NEVER hear me tell you to do something that doesn’t fit you.

And that’s one of the biggest benefits of my Power Hour Phone Call. I take time to listen and get to know you… to take a walk in your shoes. And then I address your unique concerns – giving you the very same confident, “pro-level” advice that I’d use in my own life.

"My Life Will Never Be the Same."

“30 days with you on the phone and my life will never be the same. You spent the time to get to know me and teach me how to be a more powerful version of myself.

I just can not thank you enough for all that you have done.

I now have Rob openers that we crafted together and ones that fit my unique personality. Your detailed 30 day plan really changed my life and having you hold me accountable everyday via email was the thing that pushed me over the top.”

Rob A.
Des Moines, IA

So Is There Anything YOU Would Like To Change In Your Dating Life... RIGHT NOW!?

And if so – if you’ve got something really serious going on with women that you need solved ASAP – WHY WAIT? As much as I’d love to have you at a bootcamp – or as a face-to-face coaching client – that might be weeks or even months away!

But you can get me on the phone TODAY – if you choose. That’s why I created the Power Hour phone coaching option for guys like you. Because some things simply cannot wait.

(In rare cases, scheduling might mean you have to wait 24 hours or so – but I’m committed to helping you – even if it means shuffling my schedule around to make that happen.)

Rates start at just $300 for a 60-minute, private session. And if you’ve ever been in a relationship that urgently needed a lifeline… or you were with a woman that you’ve absolutely been dying to get physical with (but felt lost about what to do)… then you know that a few hundred bucks pales in comparison to the end result you want.

Again, I will help you get those results  . . . and just by talking on the phone. That's because – over the phone – I've helped countless guys...

  • Take back the power in their relationships...
  • Seduce beautiful women who kinda liked them, but were waiting for these guys to step up and make a powerfully masculine move...
  • Start effortlessly meeting hotter women wherever they went...
  • And so much more!

And that means that whatever it is YOU are looking for… I’ve been there. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned the secrets to success. On top of that, I’ve coached other guys just like you through the process.

And, if you’ll let me… I will help YOU do the same.

It's just a matter of having a simple conversation. So...

Email me at david@davidwygant.com or just click the button below to apply and we'll get the process rolling.


I look forward to talking to you soon,

David Wygant

P.S. – If you really want to go deep into a certain area of your dating life, you can always book a package of FIVE sessions with me. It gives us even more time to get you firing on all cylinders ... and you save 20%!

P.P.S. – While I know you don't have all day and night to read the hundreds of testimonials I receive each week, but here are a few of the emails I've received from other guys whose dating lives have been totally transformed by my phone coaching...

"In 30 Days I Met 23 Women"

“David, you are an amazing teacher. I can not thank you enough for opening a slot for me this month and coaching me over the phone and via email.

I was amazed at how you not only answered each email with thought and detail but how you called me out on my shit and kept me focused on the end result.

30 days I met 23 women. I went out on 6 dates and had sex with one of them.

Before the program I had not had a date in 6 months. You are amazing and the next time you are in South Carolina stop by the house for some hunting.”

Jake C.
Charleston, NC

"Confidence Is Higher Than Ever Before."

“I am 34 years old and had just gotten blown out by my dream girl. I needed a boost and I contacted David and signed up for his 30 day phone coaching program.

After the second call I was able to go back out and meet women. I realized that I was the catch and I was a woman’s fantasy. My confidence is now higher than ever before. David has changed my life. Thanks man.”

Will L.
Boston, MA

Email Me at david@davidwygant.com or Fill Out the Form Below & Let's Get Started!