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World-Renowned Dating & Success Coach, Life Coach & Social Strategist for Women

1.7 million men & women come to me every month to find the secrets to success. And after 20 years of coaching, I’ve discovered the golden keys to success in dating, business, health and wellness, and life.

And you want to know something? I F*CKING LOVE what I do. I get to wake up every morning and help people like you. Help them be the healthiest, wealthiest, most attractive and successful and sexy versions of themselves.

I get to go on TV shows and radio shows and podcasts and help people wake the f@*k up & start living their lives to the fullest. See, I LOVE what I do. It brings me joy to be able to inspire and help you create the life you've always wanted to live.

  • Do you constantly feel like men have all the power in dating?
  • Are you tired of wishing and hoping that the men you're attracted to would notice you but you don't know what the right things are to do and say to get them to notice you?
  • Do the actions of men confuse you — and you often feel like you just plain don't get them?
  • Are you sick and tired of going out on bad dates — and feeling like you always attract the WRONG men?
  • Do you wonder why dating seems to come so easily to some women, while you always feel like its so much work?
  • Have you had enough of men who seem to say one thing and do another?
  • Do you feel like you don't understand what men are really looking for and what attracts them?
  • Are you tired of feeling like you don't know how to be really good at dating?

The Real Truth Is That As A Woman, YOU Have All The Power to Attract ANY Man You Want... If You Learn & Understand How Men Truly And Honestly Think & Behave!

All you need to regain control of your dating life is to LEARN the inner secret workings of a mans mind and then use your power to get the men you're interested in to approach you.

Thats where I come in — I created my Women's Audio Mastery Series to be the most comprehensive learning tool for women to master EVERY aspect of dating – from mindset to image to flirting & attraction to dating skills and all the way to the bedroom (plus so much more in between!)

There's NOTHING Else Like This!

How do I know this? Well in addition to the mountains of glowing and gushing calls, emails and testimonials I receive from women every day, I decided to go to the source and see how real men felt about the information and advice contained in this product.

I played this for a group of 30 men at one of my recent bootcamps, and after listening to all 10+ hours of it, here's just a sample of the feedback I got:

I have never heard a man confess like you. You created a program based on everything we think. It was like giving women an open playbook to our mind.

Tommy from Las Vegas

All my life women have never given me any signals that would give me the confidence to approach them. If they used the Scooby Smile on me I would walk over and introduce myself anytime.

Carl from Denver

Sex vs LTR great stuff! We are not all looking just to get laid. Finally a man talks about how to find the sensitive caring man. Thanks D.

Eddie from Seattle

David, If a woman used 10% of the approach signals you talk about I would finally know when she is interested in me and I would walk right up and strike up a conversation without any pickup lines.

Jim from LA

Unreal information. Very powerful insight to the way us men think. Too many women sit back and do nothing and expect men to approach. That is not the way things work. We need to know if you are interested in us and David explains everything in detail in this 10 hour series. So much detail that I saw myself in many parts of the program. Great job!

Don from NYC

Here's Just a Brief Overview of What I Have in Store for You — 10+ Hours of Audio:

VOL I: How Men & Women Are Wired Differently

  • How men are visual and why that gives YOU all the power
  • How to understand "the target"
  • How men are wired and how men interpret typical woman interest signals totally differently than women intend them
  • Why men love the girl who gives us a chance to exude our manhood
  • Why you absolutely MUST make yourself available if you ever men to approach you
  • How the way you are wired makes you respond to different kinds of men – and why your wiring will always attract you to the confident man
  • Why great men are alone waiting for YOU – and how these great guys want to be handled and spoken to, and why complimenting them is the wrong approach
  • Understand the games that both sexes play and learn how to get men to play your game
  • Why men are insecure even the good-looking ones – and how simple it is to get them to talk to you
  • Why you are in total control over who you meet, and how to develop that attitude so you no longer wait for men to approach you
  • How to use the power you posses to attract the right men and give guys a chance to meet you
  • Why laying the bait will always work, and how to attract the guy you want with it
  • Why attracting all the men you want is as simple as letting them know know youre interested and available – and the four KEY STEPS that work every time
  • Why making yourself available all the time in public is the best way to attract a man.
  • Are all men attracted to only one type of woman? How to embrace who you are and stop comparing yourself to all the women in the magazines
  • Why you are in total control over who you meet, and how to develop that attitude so you no longer wait for men to approach you
  • Why men are insecure even the good-looking ones – and how simple it is to get them to talk to you

VOL II: What Are Men Attracted To?

  • Why is it is critical to eliminate the monkey chatter in your head in order to successfully meet the men you desire
  • Why attraction is NOT ABOUT LOOKS, and is all about your body language, sex appeal and voice
  • What men do (and do not) notice about a woman and why you MUST open up your energy
  • Real fear vs fake fear – why you need a serious mindset makeover
  • Flirting A – Z EVERYTHING revealed
  • Why being the woman that men want is simple, easy and can be done in 5 minutes
  • Why if you never notice men looking at you, you are living a closed existence, and how to open up your energy
  • How men notice you and never stop looking at you – and how to use this to your advantage
  • How men notice your nervous body language from a distance – and why it is like a neon sign on your forehead that reads desperate!
  • How to define who you are and what type of woman you want to be
  • Why men will find a confident woman of any appearance attractive – and why a skinny insecure woman is a major turn off to a man
  • The 15 minutes a day method of mastering flirting
  • The best places for flirting practice
  • Why you should never pine after one guy – and why he is not your perfect man
  • The art of social proof
  • Why you are 50% more approachable when you are alone than when you are with a pack of friends
  • How you can still meet men when you are with your friends
  • Learn the Friday Night Test
  • Why working with a wing girl who can be your watch dog and bird scooper and why that will help you notice the men who react to you

VOL III: What Do I Say?

  • What certain things women do that scare men away every time
  • How to eliminate excuses
  • How you can smile and look at a man that will intrigue him EVERY time
  • How to identify what signals you are giving off to men
  • Why IF you do not make yourself approachable men will never approach you
  • How to appear comfortable in any situation so you will avoid your social challenges
  • How to spot real versus fake flirting opportunities
  • Why whether he is attracted to you has nothing to do with what you say and everything to do with what you project and how available you make yourself
  • Why hello is better than anything else you say – and other easy and simple things you can say to men
  • How to make the art of meeting men fun
  • How to embrace your personality develop your own personal edge
  • Why what you see is not always what it appears to be – how to stop thinking and start reacting!
  • Flirting practice – and how its critical to learn to be comfortable around men
  • Where are the best places to conduct flirting practice – and when to do it
  • How to identify what signals you are giving off to men
  • Learn the numbers game and why you need to embrace the abundance of men concept
  • Why emailing is great flirting practice, and why online IM sessions are the best verbal batting practice around
  • How to take your online IM skill and transform that into meeting men in person
  • Observations and why a simple observation can lead to a conversation – and how to transform from an observation to a great conversation.
  • Why life is like TV and how you should be a character in your own dating show
  • How to listen and keys to the conversation.
  • Why men love talking about themselves and how to use this in your conversations with them
  • How to develop the flirting part of your brain
  • Learn The 5 Second Rule, the Look and Walk Away and the 30 Second Rule
  • Why you should think outside the box when it comes to men
  • How to find men when they dont expect it – and how to create your top 5 places
  • Why you should let people know you are single and be proud of it – and how to stop worrying what people and society think of you
  • Why attraction is not a choice – and why if he is not attracted to you there is nothing you can do to change that
  • How to maximize home field advantage - and why its better not to be the visiting team

VOL IV: Why You Need To Open Your Mouth And Stop Worrying

  • Why you need to think more like a man and stop caring about what other people think about you
  • How to stop caring when you are rejected – and how not to fear rejection ever again and have fun regardless of the outcome
  • Learn the rules and techniques of an approach
  • What women do wrong when men approach them, and how to avoid the 3 key girl mistakes that will turn a man off EVERY TIME
  • How to walk away leaving him intrigued and excited about you and wanting more
  • How not to appear overanxious and needy to a man – and why removing this neon sign from your forehead is key
  • How to create your story
  • How to get his friends approval, so he feels good about talking to you and how to break him away from his friends
  • The Friday Night Rule
  • How to eavesdrop and use props to start conversations and to flirt
  • How to tease him with words and body language
  • How to use questions to peak his interest and what peaks a mans interest EVERY time
  • Why if you listen to everything he says, you will never run out of things to talk about
  • How to relax when you are speaking with him
  • Learn the Less Is More rule
  • Why men are opportunistic – and why men have no idea what they want until they see you
  • How get him to ask you out
  • Whether you can ask a man out – and what are the rules for doing so
  • How to go from being seen as a friend to being seen as the one who likes him – and how to change that dynamic
  • How to get over rejection and why it is not about you
  • How to set up a date – and why chewing and swallowing is the worst first date
  • How to have a great date and the biggest conversation stimulators and killers

VOL V: Define Your Look

  • Image clothes and why you need to feel sexy all the time
  • Why men can find you sexy in almost anything
  • Your look and what it says about you
  • How to seek out the men who love your look
  • How to create a new look
  • How men love and are attracted to EVERY sort of woman and body type – and why you are exactly what he wants but you dont know how to make that happen
  • The secret thing that will get him to ask you out everytime
  • Why you should stop dressing in clothes that make other people look sexy but make you uncomfortable
  • Why you need to feel sexy all the time – and how men always know when you do and dont feel sexy
  • Your look and what it says about you
  • How to seek out the men who love your look
  • How men and womens definition of sexy can be totally different – and why you need to stop assuming you know what men find sexy
  • The 3 small changes you can make today that will totally change how men react to you
  • The right and wrong ways to select your wardrobe – and why there are certain people from whom you should NEVER take fashion advice

VOL VI: Where Are All The Men?

  • Why knowing what type of man youre looking for is so important in knowing where to look for them
  • Comfort building locations
  • What to say on a date – and the one thing that kills ANY chance for a second date
  • What to do when he does not call
  • How to notice the men that are right in front of you – but youre MISSING
  • How to know where to look for men and the best places to go to find them
  • What to do when you walk by a group of men, and how simple it is to choose the one you want
  • Learn the right approach no matter where you are
  • Online flirting What to say in your profile and why your picture is so important
  • Learn the bait hook release technique, The 10 pm Rule, The Sunday Afternoon Rule and the best bar pickup ever!
  • How to make yourself available during a first date and how to drop hints of a second date
  • What to do when he does not call
  • The best message you should leave after he calls – and what the kind of message you leave for him says about you
  • When to call him back
  • Why his dog is your friend
  • How there are men you are around you everyday who want to meet you and how to start noticing them
  • Why and how you may be causing yourself to not meet men
  • Why you could be turning men away who want to meet you without even knowing it and how to make sure men youre interested in know it
  • How to never again miss seeing a man who is interested in you

VOL VII: The Follow Up

  • How to sound like the woman he wants
  • How to avoid being played with and how to avoid the games
  • Email bonding – how to use email to keep him thinking and wondering about you
  • How to make him wait and how to tease him online
  • How to word emails and what to say when he emails or calls back
  • How to overcome resistance
  • How to stand him down and confront him on his bullshit
  • The last chance call
  • How to make your cell phone messages short, sweet and to the point
  • When to call him back and how to know exactly what to say
  • Email games – and why hitting the send and receive button all day long waiting for your response drives men crazy
  • The right and wrong ways to word emails and what to say when he emails or calls back
  • How to stand him down and confront him on his games
  • Why what youre saying to men may not be what theyre hearing – and how to communicate what you WANT men to hear in a way theyll understand
  • Why you shouldnt read between the lines on certain things from men – and why women misunderstand mens communication styles
  • How to let him know what you want – and make him think its his idea


  • How to use the power of your sexuality to find the right lover
  • How to know what kind of man youre dealing with sexually, and how to set the rules from the get go
  • Why sex does NOT equal a guy being your boyfriend
  • Learn the 3 keys of attraction
  • How to have guilt free sex – and why you need to give yourself permission to be the sexual creature that you are
  • The art of sex talk – and how to turn him on every time
  • How to avoid being the needy clingy girl and why it is SO important that you do
  • How to turn a bad lover into a good one
  • How to avoid falling for him without knowing what he feels, and how to talk feelings with a man so he doesnt tune out
  • One-night stands vs LTRs – Why you must define it right from the beginning
  • How to become an amazing lover and how to open yourself sexually even if you have bad past experiences or negative programming
  • Sexual stereotypes – and how to understand a mans sexual mindset
  • How to convey your true sexual personality without worrying about being judged
  • Why being sexually comfortable is essential to a good relationship
  • Sex and fidelity – the entire truth revealed
  • The number one thing that men want from a woman in bed – and how its probably not what you think

VOL IX: Become Fearless

  • How to get true self-acceptance and eliminate those negative influences that prevent that
  • How to achieve a truly balanced and enjoyable lifestyle
  • Why your attitude and energy WILL dicatate your dating success and how you manifest that good energy in your life
  • How to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE DOUBT from your life (including your dating life)
  • How to start enjoying your life NOW
  • How to create an amazing lifestyle – and how doing so immediately has a positive effect on how attractive you are to men
  • How becoming OUTCOME INDEPENDENT will immediately change yourdating life and will make you more successful in meeting men (without changing ANYTHING else)
  • How to change your attitude about meeting men
  • The way to immediately get rid of all your nervousness about approaching men youre attracted to – and how to feel good no matter the outcome
  • And what people BEG me to shareIll teach you my secret technique to becoming fearless RIGHT NOW – and how you can never care how men perceive you EVER AGAIN!

Just Listen to What These Women Are Saying About the Women's Mastery Audio Series:

All my lovers have been men that were so selfish that I thought I was going to swear off men permanently. Thank you David so much for opening up my eyes to the inner working of men.

Aly S.

Ive listened to the Womens Audio Mastery Series 10 times already and like a good movie, I hear something new every time I listen to it that Im able to immediately implement into my life and see results. Thank you for a great social life David!

Courtney O.

I read your articles on Yahoo before I came to your site, and the only reason I came to your site was because I wanted to challenge you on something you said. When I got to your site I read your blogs and decided to order your Mastery Series. I figured with the money back guarantee Id listen to it for a day and send it right back to you.I never sent it back because what I learned was everything I was missing in meeting quality men. Thanks David for changing a doubter into a believer.

Erin K.

I used to be SO shy that smiling at men made me feel like I was bothering them. By all the secrets youve shared about men in this mastery audio, I realize that theyre equally as shy and its made my interactions with men so much easier. Thank you David for everything!

Trish H.

Thank you David for making this 49 year old woman dateable again! I had every excuse in the book – all men wanted younger women and the list goes on and on. You changed my attitude and made me realize that Im an amazing beautiful woman.

So this weekend I have 6 dates – count em! I finally have the selection of men that Ive always wanted. And once again, big hug.

Kathryn J.

I've been suffering with weight issues my whole life, and I always had excuses for why I couldn't meet men. Listening to David describe how all women are beautiful and how men like all types of women gave me the confidence to go out and flirt – something Ive never been able to do.

I met a man at Home Depot and were about to move in together. I never thought in my 33 years that anyone would find me attractive. He wakes up every morning and says Good morning beautiful. I feel like Im living a dream and I owe it all to David.

Lisa K.

I was online dating for a year with no results, and everybody always told me to just get out of the house and meet men. But no one told me how to do it. Im 62 years-old. Its not like I can just go to a bar, get drunk and just meet somebody.

Listening to David describe a mans mentality gave me the courage to go out and meet men in everyday places. I have a boyfriend now. Im 62 years-old and I feel like a high school girl in love.

Thanks David for making this old broad feel sexy and desirable again!

Nancy M.

I just graduated college and all of a sudden I realized I had to date like an adult – but I had no idea how to do it. And the men my age no longer interested me. I needed help.

Listening to Davids voice gave me the confidence I needed to go out there, feel sexy and meet real men. Thank you so much.

Katie O.

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This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident in Women's Mastery Series!

*Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

Yep, I'm that confident.

You are getting EVERYTHING you need to create the kind of supreme inner confidence that will have never again wondering how to attract the RIGHT men and will have you attracting the men you MOST desire every day and everywhere you go.

What I teach in program is really THAT powerful!

And remember, your purchase is protected by my industry-best 60-day guarantee — so there's no risk on your part!

What's the Worst That Can Happen?

You might learn some key insights into the mind of a man?

You might learn one or two new techniques that help you connect better with men you meet?

You might learn a couple key insights into YOURSELF and what makes you tick

Hmmm. Are those really downsides?

But the BEST That Can Happen?

  • You cultivate the kind of effortless, real inner confidence youve always wanted to have that allows you to enjoyably connect with anyone, anywhere including with any man you most desire.
  • You learn how to identify and breakthrough once and for all Each and every fear and excuse that have held you back and frustrated you in your dating
  • You create attraction and desire for you everywhere you go.
  • You learn to create the kind of lifestyle for yourself that youve always dreamed of, and enjoy your life at a level you never believed possible.
  • You never again wonder how to get a man to approach you, and begin attracting the men you most want to attract
  • You have more dates than you have time to go on, and with the kind of men you most desire.
  • Should I continue.this could be a VERY long list! (this is just the tip of the iceberg here)

Here's What to Do Next:

Don't suffer through one more day being dissatisfied with your dating life.

Don't suffer through even one more bad date or bad relationship.

Don't spend one more day attracting and dating the WRONG women.

Take control of your dating life! No more excuses.

Let me show you how what might seem like a dream life can be YOUR life starting right now!


Normally $169.97 TODAY JUST $49.95


To Taking Control of Your Love Life —


David Wygant

The World's Leading Authority on Life, Relationships & Personal Transformation