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World-Renowned Dating & Success Coach, Life Coach & Social Strategist for Women

1.7 million men & women come to me every month to find the secrets to success. And after 20 years of coaching, I’ve discovered the golden keys to success in dating, business, health and wellness, and life.

And you want to know something? I F*CKING LOVE what I do. I get to wake up every morning and help people like you. Help them be the healthiest, wealthiest, most attractive and successful and sexy versions of themselves.

I get to go on TV shows and radio shows and podcasts and help people wake the f@*k up & start living their lives to the fullest. See, I LOVE what I do. It brings me joy to be able to inspire and help you create the life you've always wanted to live.

For a Limited Time...

I'm Packaging the VIP Courses That Will GUARANTEE Your Success — and Offering Them to YOU at a MASSIVE Discount

This summer is going to be the summer of transformation for you. I can feel it. You're going to FINALLY get a commitment from the man you want to settle down with. You're going to FINALLY overcome your fears and the stories you tell yourself and fall in love with an amazing man.

THAT is the kind of massive transformation I'm talking about — and if 20+ years of coaching have taught me one thing, it's that there is a specific formula for success. And that formula includes working one on one with me to reach your goals. Coupled with exclusive access to my flagship course, The Love Blueprint, there's no way you can fail!

3 Coaching Emails

Answers to all your most urgent dating & relationship questions — delivered immediately into your inbox


When you are looking for an immediate answer to a dating question, it’s as easy as hitting send on an email.

  • Get INSTANT expert advice that will dramatically change your life!
  • You get to choose the timing & topic of each email session
  • Least time & cost-committing coaching track available

Online Dating Profile Makeover

Totally revamp your profile to attract only quality, commitment-ready men online!


Want to get the kind of men you want to meet to respond to your online profile? I’ve helped countless women do this already, and when you enroll in my Online Dating Makeover Program, I’ll help you do the same.

  • Get a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation with me & my coaches
  • Completely optimize your profile — including your pictures, interests, biography, & more!
  • Ongoing profile revisions — live with your new profile for a bit & we'll tweak it accordingly.
  • Tinder/Bumble re-designs also included

The Love Blueprint

The ULTIMATE Blueprint for Success in Love & Finally Connecting With the Man of Your Dreams


This powerful program, based on my award-winning seminar for men and women, contains over 13 hours of audio that teach you how to discover your own unique love blueprint and embrace it so you can finally stop settling and experience the love you deserve.


But Time is of the Essence!

The total value of this entire package is conservatively $375 — and that's to say nothing of the value of having me personally mentor you toward reaching your goals, which will pay in dividends throughout the years to come.

So with that said, you can see why I'm limiting availability to MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. Because this is a package for action takers. I want the action takers in my community to have access to all of the content and coaching because they truly deserve to make THIS summer THEIR summer.

The summer of love.

The summer of no fear.

And if you're one of those people, if that's the kind of summer you want, well there's only one thing you've got to do to make it happen...


To Making THIS Summer YOUR Summer —


David Wygant

The World's Leading Authority on Life, Relationships & Personal Transformation