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REVEALED: The Untold 'Holiday Secret' to Meeting & Dating GORGEOUS Women

Hey, David Wygant here —

Has it hit you yet? Has it gotten to you?

It happens every year about this time, when those holiday jingles seem to appear out of nowhere and are suddenly everywhere. And it can only mean one thing... the holiday season is here and about to get started!

And while for most of us it means happy memories – hanging out with friends and family, and good cheer all around – there’s something else out there that can really make this holiday more memorable than ever before.

Women. And not just ANY women, but...

Women Who Are Hot, Single, And Ready For That Amazing Guy To Walk Into Their Lives...

Here’s the secret: the last six weeks of the year — from Thanksgiving all the way until Christmas — is by far the best time of year to meet women.

Let me repeat that. The best time to start meeting hot women is right now, during the holidays!

During the holidays women are more in touch with their emotions, more in touch with their feelings. More so right now than the entire year put together. They feel pressure from so many sides – their friends, family, society – that it’s like time is running out. Women don’t want to feel like the year was a waste because they still haven’t met that great guy.

How do I know all of this?

Because every single year when I was single, I would go out and meet more women in the six weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas than I had the entire year. And I’m somebody who meets women every day.

But for whatever reason, the end of the year was like a floodgate. It would always feel like I was in a stadium full of women, and every one of them would come down and want to meet me. It’s amazing, and this would happen year after year — and after decades of both meeting women and coaching them, I've discovered EXACTLY why this is.

At The End Of The Year, Women Are More Open & Vulnerable Than Ever

They take an inventory of the entire year and all their wins and losses when it comes down to dating.

Thoughts start rattling through their head like...

"I haven't dated enough."

"I haven't had nearly enough sex. Not just enough sex, but not enough amazing toe curling orgasm sex."

"I haven't met enough men… and now I'm going to be alone this holiday season…"

And then they go to the family dinners. They go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they have to hear it from everyone there:

"So, have you met a nice, charming man to settle down with yet?"

"What happened to that nice man from last year? How could you let a man like that go!?"

"Maybe you’re just not open to men and you need to do more. You're not getting any younger, you know."

The holiday blues set in. She doesn't want to spend this time of year alone. In fact, she's DESPERATE to meet a great guy like you and have you rescue her from her family's and friends' verbal abuse.

YOU Can Be The Guy Who Saves Her From Holiday Gloom, And Completely Sweeps Her Off Her Feet!

So much so that you are all she thinks about and craves, and you are the one she is willing to do anything for…

Sounds good right?

Well, I’m going to give you that opportunity this holiday season, and here’s how. I’ve created a couple of audios that will give you an unfair advantage over every other guy out there, so you can walk around with confidence knowing exactly what works with women during the holidays.

And it all starts with what I call the three-day kickoff to Thanksgiving, which I explain in this brand new product called...


The Proven, Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success With Women This Holiday Season — From Thanksgiving to New Year's


THIS is the time. No matter how much you've struck out with women this past year, you can attract the very women you desire within the next 6 weeks!

Because the bottom line is - THIS is the time of year that women are most available and ready for you is now!

Women WANT To Meet You, But Most Men Don’t Have The Technique Or The Skill To Make It Happen

But I’m going to change this for you, so your friends will be coming to you asking how you became the guy who’s always scoring dates with the hottest women.

I've broken it all down for you — from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years (PLUS special limited-time bonuses!) Keep reading to learn exactly how and why this is GUARANTEED to work for you...


In this audio I’m going to go through step-by-step how to shop for turkey and stuffing and how to do it so you get invited to anyone’s Thanksgiving day dinner.

Not only that, I’m going to talk about where the hot single women can be found before Thanksgiving and give you specific openers for each situation.

I’m going to show you some of the best techniques that I’ve ever used, including “the empty basket” technique and how to use cold cereal and milk as the ultimate prop.

You’ll be amazed when I show you how the “wow-that-looks-great-wish-I-could-cook-that” approach which will work every single time.

I’ll show you exactly what you should have in your shopping cart, and the story behind it to instantly start a conversation with any hot woman you meet

I’m also going to show you how I got invited every year to a Thanksgiving party at someone’s house with new friends, and how you can do this too – after only meeting someone for 5 minutes! That’s right, I got invited to Thanksgiving dinner’s by women who I had only known for five minutes…

I’m going to teach you how to tell fantastic stories, so you’re able to captivate a woman instantly and get that invitation to Thanksgiving.

Even if you have your own Thanksgiving dinner and your own family to be with, I’ll show you how to go and meet her after Thanksgiving to give her something emotionally fun to look forward to. That way, when she is having dinner with her family, and she’s getting the dreaded “Why are you still single?” she can say to her family, “Well actually, I have a great date tonight with this really cool guy…”

  • I’m also going to share with you how to instantly bond with her parents, grandparents, and family during Thanksgiving dinner, so you are raved about by everyone to her while talking about you in the kitchen…

  • I’ll also show you how you can get her friends to be YOUR # 1 fan.

    I am going to show you how to create instant intimacy without even touching her, without even having to be around her.

    We’re going to talk about how to create great sex, emotional sex with a total stranger, using only the tools available to you during Thanksgiving time.

    We’re going to put together a plan for the entire holiday weekend, and I’ll show you why Black Friday is one of the best days of the year to meet women.

    Woman love to shop and mingle and experience the whole fun of the holiday season, and I’ll show you exactly how to take advantage of that, so you’re meeting the hottest women of your life.

    I’m going to show you and tell you where to go, how to approach, and how to be the most playful, fun version of yourself which women will find irresistable.

    PLUS much, much more!



    I’ll describe to you my favorite mistletoe opener and how to get her to kiss you within moments of meeting her.

    I am also going to share how to walk up to an incredibly sexy, hot woman and get her to go shopping with you, help pick out your presents, and end up with a date at the end.

    I’ll show you specific examples you can use to build your own “openers” based on some core principles that I teach. These are NOT canned routines, but foolproof ways to approach and interact with women, based on YOUR personality and strengths.

    PLUS, I also break down real live approaches and explain what works and why, so you can listen and learn from real examples.

    I’ll teach you the famous Santa hat approach, where you’ll be amazed at the things women say they want from Santa. It’s like hot role playing before the clothes are even taken off!

    I’ll teach you also how to improve your online dating profile for the holidays and give you some exclusive tips so you’ll have more traffic to your online profile than ever before. You’ll love having women commenting on your profile, challenging you, and then wanting to meet you based on what I’m going to tell you to do.

    If you’re on Facebook, I’ll teach you how to work Facebook for the holidays. I’ll teach you exactly how to post something on a woman’s Facebook profile so you get her to respond.

    I’ll show you what the stocking opener is so you can grab women on the street, get them to confess if they’re naughty or nice, and how to react based on her answer so she’s left intrigued and wanting more.

    What about Christmas office parties, and getting dates with some of your or your friends hot co-workers? Don’t worry, I cover it, plus how to get an army of hot women to show up at your Christmas party…

    Worried about what you should be doing on all these dates that you’re now going to have? Worry no longer, as I tell you my top 6 holiday dates that work every time. And the best part? Most of them are free so you can take a different woman each night of the week and not break the bank!

    And much, much more!


    New Years

    My no-fail, step-by-step gameplan for hooking up on New Year's Eve — no matter where you go or what you do!

    How you can get her to tell you she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she misses one, she wants one, and desires one – right in front of you within minutes of meeting her.

    Single moms? I’ll tell you why they’re guaranteed sex this time of year, how to connect with them immediately, and how to create instant sexual tension.

    I'll tell you EXACTLY what type of New Year's parties and events to go to.

    Exactly what your approaches will be for New Year's if you are alone

    New Years is a time of renewal and fresh starts, so I'll train you to get over your ex for GOOD so you can connect with women without any of your old baggage.

    We'll talk New Years Eve dates — what to talk about, what topics to avoid, and how to handle the situations you'll run into.

    How to trigger a sense of "childhood awe" in her to make her fall in love with you INSTANTLY.

    How to keep her on your mind for New Years and well beyond!

    My #1 secret for MASTERING that all-important New Years kiss

    If you've made it this far and have listened to the other audios, you WILL have a date or even a girlfriend (if you desire that) by New Years. So we'll spend time talking about:

    EXACTLY how you should pick her up for your date

    The #1 secret for creating intimacy through creating holiday traditions with her

    The ULTIMATE roadmap to romance and intimacy on New Years — from what champagne to buy, where and what to eat, and exactly how you should plan your date

    How to make New Years memorable for her and create that "WOW Factor" that puts you ahead of 99% of the other guys pursuing her!

    And much, much more!


    This is 6 Solid Weeks of PROVEN Approaches, Gameplans & Strategies for You


    I know for a fact that they'll work for you, because...

    Everything I teach you here, I've used hundreds of times in my dating life

    You'll also hear bonus audios of women confirming EVERYTHING in this product

    And most importantly, it worked beyond disbelief for THESE guys:

    "I actually used what I learned in Hooking Up for the Holidays. I went to the mall and used a couple of the approaches from simple to the more complex. I did the jewelry one and the "hot girl behind the counter" actually followed me out of the store and gave me her number. I left the store and a girl actually came up to me and started talking to me. In 28 years of living that has never happened. I never realized how much freakin’ fun talking to girls and just having fun with it does. I didn’t go into any of the interactions with any expectations. I didn’t look, care, want, need the phone number. I just wanted to interact and leave…so now I’ve made a killing at closing. I couldn’t thank you enough.

    Hooking Up for the Holidays is one of the best products I’ve ever come across.

    Thank you a ton!"

    Kevin C.
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

    "David, I have no words. I'm divorced three years now and my whole life has been in a tailspin. But you changed all of that for me.

    When you sent me this, I thought it was just another bunch of routines. I thought you were going to teach me how to pick up or sleep with women, and I wasn't interested, but at the same time I don't think I could have spent another Christmas alone.

    Boy was I wrong! I went into the program with no expectations and now I think I may have met my future wife.

    You showed me how to really connect with women on a deep emotional level, and I would honestly recommend Hooking Up for the Holidays to any single man out there. Wether you're young old single or divorced, there's hours of amazing stuff in here that will change your life fast!"

    Carl H.
    St. Paul, Minnesota

    "Just bought ‘Hooking Up for Holidays’ and I am astonished. This product has so much valuable content and the material is just unbelievable! After listening I have already improved my conversational skills and have a whole new perspective! Your whole observational approach is absolute GOLD and so natural. I am finally bringing out my true qualities and transforming into the guy I could only dream of!"

    Reed M.
    Nova Scotia, Canada

    "David this was perfect! I just finished the first volume and went out. With all of it fresh in my mind, I took your advice and was astounded. The 'Shopping Cart' opener was golden! I mean, I can't believe how easily it worked at got a conversation started with a really pretty girl. It worked like a charm and now we're going out after Thanksgiving dinner!

    You're the man! Happy holidays."

    Chet F.
    New York

    Hooking Up for the Holidays is THE Gameplan You Need for That End-of-the-Year Stretch

    Because, just like women are doing right now, you're evaluating the year behind you. Asking questions like...

    Did I get laid?

    Did I get a girlfriend?

    Did I become more confident with women?

    How many dates did I go on?

    How many women did I meet?

    REGARDLESS of where you are in your dating life and what you wanted to accomplish in 2019, Hooking Up for the Holidays WILL make it happen for you (in just 6 weeks, no less!)

    And the best part... I've saved for last. Because I've sold each of these audios for over $37.97, and bundled together I've released this program for $77 and up! And to be honest, the power to have your pick of the litter and effortlessly attract women this year makes it worth 10x that price.

    But... right now, you won't even have to pay THAT much.

    Because if you order before Christmas Eve it's going to be JUST $34.95.

    Yep. Rub your eyes to make sure you're reading that right. Over 50% off of what it's normally sold for. I'm THAT dedicated to giving you this holiday hookup gameplan before Thanksgiving.

    Normally $65 NOW Just $3495

    Literally, for a week's worth of Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks you can get my proven strategies for hooking up on:



    New Years

    And hold on, because there's even more.

    Secure your copy TODAY and you'll get instant online access to THESE limited time bonuses:


    A Woman's Point of View

    $27.97 Value YOURS FREE

    While on a recent trip to New York, I decided I needed to confirm what I was telling you from women themselves. So I went out and interviewed women I met on the streets and in restaurants — women I had never even met! — and asked them what they thought of dating during the holidays.

    Not only did it confirm everything I tell you in this product, I also got some amazingly honest, open, enlightening answers, straight from a woman’s point of view…

    Listen as one women explains how she would definitely be open to kissing a guy she just met under a mistle toe, as long as he does one specific thing…

    You’ll hear another woman explain why she’s so emotional this time of year, why she wants to be rescued, and how YOU can be the man who does…

    Hear a woman confirm she doesn’t want to be alone this time of year, why this is the best time of year to meet her, and how to best go about it…

    Women really are emotional wrecks this time of year. Listen to a woman explain why she wants you to be her Santa – playful and fun – and WHY spontaneous and just being YOU always wins out over scripted lines and routines…



    1-Hour Prerecorded Holiday Webinar

    $197 Value YOURS FREE

    And that’s not all, for those who invest in themselves this holiday season will also receive my special Hooking Up For The Holidays 1 Hour Prerecorded Webinar, where I go over:

    Meeting, dating, and sleeping with women this holiday season…

    Lighting her emotional fire – and making YOU the person she’s always thinking about, ready to scream with sexual desire towards you…

    Go over in more detail about what makes a date great, and how to consistently leave your date floored with how great you are as a date and how much fun she’ll always have with you when you go out…

    Tell you the best way to find out if she’s dating just you, or if she’s playing the field…

    We also talk about how to avoid the boyfriend trap if all you’re looking for is hot holiday sex with no strings attached…


    So, To Recap... If You Secure Your Order Right Now, You'll Get Instant Access To:

    Hooking Up for the Holidays — Thanksgiving ($39.97 Value)

    Hooking Up for the Holidays — Christmas ($39.97 Value)

    Hooking Up for the Holidays — New Years ($39.97 Value)

    BONUS: A Woman's Point of View ($27.97 Value)

    BONUS: 1-Hour Hooking Up for the Holidays Seminar ($197 Value)

    TOTAL VALUE = $33888

    YOUR PRICE = $3495

    And If You Still Have Any Doubts About What This Program Can Do for You This Holiday Season...

    You'll Get My Iron-Clad, "Get More Dates in 60 Days" GUARANTEE!

    Take 60 Days — yep, 2 full months — to implement the strategies and techniques in Hooking Up for the Holidays, and if after implementing them* you aren't getting MORE dates in 60 days than you got in the last year, I'll refund every red cent you paid for this product.

    Yes, I do mean MORE dates in just 2 months than you've had in the entire year before... and that's what I'm 100% confident you will experience this once you utilize the techniques I teach you!

    This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident in Hooking Up for the Holidays!

    *Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

    That's a bold guarantee, but I'm 100% confident making it.

    Here's the thing, though... You need to grab this before Christmas Eve!! I've put a time limit on how long this will be available for, because you need to be able to listen, digest and apply the techniques I teach you before Thanksgiving.

    After that time, Hooking Up for the Holidays is GONE. Best case scenario, you'll have to wait another year before I make it available again (and that's IF I make it available — I might not). And you'll have missed out on your chance to experience MORE success in sex, dating and meeting women than you have this entire year...

    ...and at WORST, you will be missing out on this incredible offer. For GOOD. And you'll never have an opportunity to grab this program again.

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    Grab Hooking Up for the Holidays at the super-low price of $34.95 while you still can!


    To Your Dating Success This Holiday Season —


    David Wygant

    The World's Leading Authority on Life, Relationships & Personal Transformation

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