The Commitment Switch System

Create an Undeniable Magnetic Attraction Between You & a Man that Lasts Forever

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Let me ask you an important question…

Do you still believe in Love?

I’m not talking about love with a small “l”…

Or love in the abstract.

I’m talking about a deep, almost unexplainable soulful connection that transcends everything else.

I’m talking about the fairy tale kind of love that you believed in when you were a kid.

No, not the Princess rescued by a handsome prince — but an unstoppable, almost unbelievable love that rips your heart out so it feels like you’re wearing it on outside.

It’s so powerful that it makes you feel like as long as YOU have that love, that feeling, that person in your life, nothing else can hurt you.

It’s kind of hard to describe unless you’ve thought about it, or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to experience it.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Finding ‘The One’

Some people call it ‘The One,’ or your Soul Mate.

My mother always told me I would find my soul mate, even though she never did.

I can still hear her voice telling me how she knew it was going to happen for me, even though it never did for her.

You see she was never in love with my father, not really. Not in that ‘once in a lifetime way’. He wasn’t her soul mate.

But she got married, moved to the suburbs and had 3 kids. And she did her best to love us and teach us about life.

She eventually realized how unhappy she was and divorced my father.

Then she started meeting men and dating. My mom finally started looking for her soul mate at age 42.

Unfortunately, the men she met, the ones she fell for, were just looking to have a good time.

They would take her out, have sex with her, sometimes even take her on vacation.

But they would never make a commitment.

When she was 50, my mother told me she was giving up looking for her soul mate. She had accepted the fact LOVE was never going happen for her.

She basically spent the next 20 years alone, in her apartment.

It broke my heart.

Maybe it was because I was the oldest, but my mother never hid anything from me.

She always confided in me about men and love (maybe that’s why I became an expert on love and relationships).

I remember she always told me to hold out for my soul mate. She was sure it was going to happen for me.

My mom recently passed away at 73.

The Key To Attract and Keep Any Man

Hi, I’m David Wygant,

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you…

How to understand men and how they fall in love and why they only commit to certain women,in such a profoundway… …that you will be able to ATTRACT and KEEP any man you want.

In fact…

It’s going to show you how to make ANY man so completely addicted to you he will be utterly convinced that he can’t live without you …

And beg you to be with him forever…

I’ll do this by revealing a man’s Biological Decision Making Sequence, the evolutionary and psychological TRIGGERS… for attraction, desire, togetherness and joy… that are responsible for every decision he ever makes.

Whether he realizes it or not.

You see, attraction, love, desire and devotion are not decisions…

They’re emotions. And emotions are TRIGGERED.

Once the man you love is triggered to make an emotional decision that he loves and adores you and that you are his soul mate…

There’s nothing anyone can do to convince him otherwise.

Once you learn this decision making sequence… you will have the power to make any man so completely addicted to you he will literally drop to his knees and BEG you to be his forever … you’ll instinctively know the exact steps to take and the right words to say in any situation… to create an undeniable magnetic attraction and devotion between you and any man that lasts forever…

You will embody the one quality men always look for in a woman in love and for a serious relationship.

And you’ll be able to make any man believe he just can’t live without you. Involuntarily.

Because once you TRIGGER his emotion and he decides he can’t live without, there’s nothing anyone can do, to convince him otherwise.

His Biological ‘Commitment Switch’

You see, hidden within the genetic decision making sequence is a ‘Commitment Switch’ all men have hidden deep inside…

…you’ll be shocked when I reveal what it is.

All you have to do is choose the man you want

And he will become obsessed with you, pursue you, woo you and make it his mission in life to convince you he is the man for you and the two of you should be together forever.

Not only that,

You’re going to have such a deep knowledge of how men think and what they truly desire.Â

You won’t ever feel confused or helpless to their decision making process again.

In fact, you’re going to feel like you’ve finally got the blueprint to anticipate his choices before he even realize she’s making them, and be there waiting for him when does.

And it doesn’t matter if you just met him, or he’s been stringing you along for years…

It doesn’t matter if he’s ‘commitment-phobic’…

Or if you think he’s out of your league…

Even if you’ve had a few promising dates but he’s become distant and started to pull back…

Or if you’re convinced that you always scare the men you really like away

or that you’re just not good at relationships.

The truth is…

None of that matters.

And the best part is…

He’s going to feel like it’s all his idea.

It’s all possible by using an approach so counter intuitive most women will never realize it exists…

Yet it’s actually so simple you can start doing it right away.

All Women Have This Problem…

Did you know women have an ’emotional blind spot?’

This blind spot makes you actively sabotage your relationships without even realizing?

It’s a phenomenon that affects a HUGE number of women (you’re probably included)…

And if you don’t fix it you’ll NEVER have the love you want.

But after you learn a man’s biological decision making sequence…

Having the men you really want chase you…

Act like they can’t live without you and beg you for a commitment…

is going to feel as easy as flipping a switch!

But before I share my push button system for attracting your ideal man (‘the one’), and having a loving, committed relationship…

I want you to stop what you’re doing right now and pay close attention because I don’t know how long this video is going to stay online.

This groundbreaking information I’m about to reveal is so valuable… that I’m in the process of including it in my bootcamps and seminars so it’s not going to be free much longer.

So do yourself a favor and turn off your phone (come on you can do it), stop checking emails, texts and Facebook for a few minutes.

Give Me Your Undivided Attention.

So I can show you the secret biological triggers inside men’s minds that are going to change your life forever…

Before it’s too late.

By the end of this letter,

you’ll have such unique insight to a man’s decisions

you’ll have the power to make that one special you want… completely obsessed with the idea that you need to be in his life forever.

Before I do that, I need to expose to you the big lie the world is trying to get you to believe.

In fact you’ve been hearing it your entire life.

It’s the reason why you might believe that for some reason you always attract the wrong kind of men…

That it’s somehow your fault.

If you get nothing else out of this short training today please promise me that you’re going to stop blaming yourself.

Blame it on biology because the truth is… when it comes to attraction, devotion and making a lifetime commitment men and women are just wired differently.

(You’re probably nodding your head right about now.)

In fact, when given the same exact set of circumstances, men and women will naturally go in opposite directions.

That’s why sometimes it feels like you have no idea what your man is thinking or why he pulled away from you.

Or why it once felt like you were falling in love and now it feels like you hardly know him.

Listen …

Have you ever thought that some women just naturally attract the good guys… the handsome, successful, quality men and they get to choose which one of these Princes they want to ride off into the sunset with?

And others only seem to get the man-boys,the losers, the players, the commitment-phobes or the douche-bags?

Have you ever wondered why some women inspire men to be loyal and devoted boyfriends and husbands…

And other women get strung along by men who seem great, but never cone through and live up to expectations?

In a minute, I’m going to explain to you exactly WHY that happens.

When I do it will make perfect sense.

But before I do you may be wondering who I am and how I came to understand these secrets about men no one else does.

I’m David Wygant and for the last 20 years I’ve coached tens and thousands of men and women on dating, relationships, sex, and personal success.

I’ve been featured on MTV, FOX, E, and alongside Patti Stanger “The Millionaire Matchmaker” on Bravo… who openly talks about me as the greatest dating coach around.

I’ve written tens of thousands of expert articles for websites like Huffington Post, YourTango, and Ask Men, so if you’ve seen my name around… that’s probably why.

Understanding attraction and relationships is my life’s work.

I’ve studied Human Psychology and Relationship Dynamics and spent years uncovering what motivates men and women to do what they do.

Once I understood the psychology of the decision making process I set out to make practical steps any woman could use to get exactly what she wants out of a man.

I’ve been doing this stuff for years, I get amazing results, and I’m super-passionate about doing EVERYTHING in my power to make you successful!

I want to tell you something I learned while I was studying relationships between men and women that might blow your mind:

It makes perfect sense when you think about it…

But it took me a while to accept it as the truth.

How A Man Chooses ‘The One’

Every decision a man makes is made out of emotion.

Not logic.

Neurologists have discovered that our decisions are formed in the ’emotional center’ of our brain.

Decisions are actually the result of a 3 step biological sequence of emotions that is triggered by anticipation.

Anticipation is step 1 (you might want to write that down)

Believe it or not, anticipation actually makes us happy.

Something you may want to keep in your back pocket the next time you want a specific reaction from a man.

Step 2 of our decision making sequence is the feeling of being alive. Laughing, crying, happiness and anger.

And then step 3 (and probably most important) of the sequence, is the feeling of belonging, trust and love.

Eggs are one of the foods that release the hormone that triggers a sense of belonging, and the feelings of trust and love. So does chocolate by the way.

So when I say to you; attraction is an emotion, just like love, you understand that men are not in control of who they love…

You understand.

You know how you’ve always heard that women are emotional and men are logical…?

Men might justify with their decisions with logic, but when we decide who is ‘the one’, it’s out of an emotional reaction.

But Here is The Big Lie:

You know the thing about how some guys are high-quality, evolved, relationship minded, good guys…

And others are weak, commitment-phobic, players or losers who string you along, disappear and never give what you want in a relationship …?

It’s all bullshit.

The thing is, men are just men.

Now hold on, before you get mad and think “that David Wygant doesn’t know anything…

I’m going to explain.

And I bet you’ll have an ‘aha moment’, just like I did.

It’s going to feel like the pieces of a giant puzzle you’ve never been able to solve, magically fall into place.

But first I need to tell you a deeply personal and revealing story about me…

In fact I’ve never shared it before because it’s pretty embarrassing…

But it’s important for you to hear.

About the day I had my ‘aha moment’.

It was back when I was a bartender in New York City. As you might imagine, I had a pretty active social life…

Okay… the truth is I was a ‘player’.

I was young and making money for the first time. I wasn’t interested in having a relationship. I just wanted to have fun.

The problem was, I didn’t know how to express that. I was extremely immature and I thought the only way to get a woman into bed, was to convince her I wanted to be her boyfriend.

Then I would lose interest and disappear.

The problem came when I met Stacy.

She was gorgeous and elusive and I went after her hard, pulling out all the stops. She was a serious challenge and I wanted the conquest.

After I finally won her over, convinced her I was really falling for her and we slept together, I went through my usual routine: Get her into bed then immediately become distant.

But this time was different. Stacy immediately called me out on my shit.

She understood EXACTLY what was going on and she confronted me.

She told me I should have been honest. That if I was just looking for a sex buddy she would actually would have been up for that.

But I lied.

I convinced her I wanted a relationship and she bought it. Now that she understood what I did, she wasn’t interested in me at all.

I was blown away.

For the first time I realized how lame my behavior was and how amazing women actually were.

All I had to be was honest and things would either go one way or the other.

And then the strangest thing happened. I felt myself actually falling in love with Stacy.

Hard. Like harder than I had ever fallen for anyone in my entire life.

I was in love.

I know what you’re thinking. It was because she called me out on my shit and rejected me.

You’re probably right. But that’s not why I told you this story.

It’s because of what happened next.

What Happened Next Will Shock You

Over the next few months I did absolutely everything to woo Stacy.

I begged her to give me another chance… a lot.

I sent her flowers…

I showed up at her office with cookies …

I was waiting outside her building with coffee at 6 in the morning…

I mean everything.

I’ll spare you the details but you’ll be surprised when I tell you that 3 months later I was on one of those cruise ships going around Manhattan, down on one knee begging Stacy to marry me.

I was pleading my case. Telling her how much I had grown and changed. And how I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it.

Suddenly at that moment everything froze in space. It was like the world stopped spinning so I could think about what was happening.

There I was, a self-professed ‘player’…

A guy who habitually disappeared….

Who came on strong and then lost interest…

A guy who strung women along telling them I wasn’t ready…

Begging this girl to let me be a part of her life!

Why… what was it inside of me that had changed, seemingly overnight?

The answer will SHOCK you…

The answer is absolutely nothing.

In that frozen moment I thought about all the women I had ‘played’, strung along and mistreated. I imagined their faces in front of me.

That’s when it hit me.

Every woman I had ever been with reacted to me the same way. When I behaved badly, their reactions were probably a lot like yours.

They wondered why I became distant and disappeared, why I didn’t want to be with them… if it was anything they did wrong and how they could get me to change.

But not Stacy.

And in that moment I understood.

I understood that men are not the ones who decide what kind of relationship you have. Whether you end up as his booty call, or as the mother of his children.

The truth is, it’s how you as a woman act that dictates the course of the relationship.

You have all the power


I wish I could tell you that Stacy and I lived happily ever after and are still together, but it wasn’t meant to be.

After an impulsive Vegas wedding and 3 tumultuous months of marriage, we decided to split. It was a great story but ultimately not a good fit for either of us.


I want you to think about all the relationships you’ve ever had with men, no matter how long or short they’ve been.

Some of them may have been long-term with ‘good guys’  that just didn’t work out… and others may have been short, painful or frustrating with a loser, a player, or a commitment-phobic douche-bag… (at least that’s what I hear women call them…)

Okay, now I want you to imagine their faces in front of you just like I did.

Now think about the difference in the way you acted towards them… your attitude towards them, your body language even the tone of your voice.

Do you think your experience with them would have been altered if you acted differently?

Of course it would.

So now you know that youhave the power to create magnetic attraction that lasts forever with any man… and all you need to do is follow the decision making sequence I’ve just laid out for you.

Understanding the sequence is just the first step.

Next, you have to learn the specific ways to use each part of it.

The reason why the women I coach in person get such astounding results is because I show them how to put it into practice…

But my one-on-one coaching slots are extremely limited and expensive.

For years I’ve seen women just like you struggle to find the right man who will love and commit to you the way you want him to…

I know how many women like you needto learn these techniques, so I created a way to reach as many women as possible.

So over the course of 3 days and nights…

I recorded the entire teaching experience on video

So any woman can get the same astonishing results from my step-by-step instruction.

Biological Blueprint for Commitment

What I created is the most comprehensive, easy to follow system that shows you step-by-step how to create magnetic attraction and devotion that lasts forever.

How you can embody the one quality men look for in a woman in love and for a serious relationship.

I call it The Commitment Switch System.

Get The Commitment Switch System Now!

And in this ten-part video training…

I erase all the myths that have confused and frustrated you about why men persistently pursue and commit to certain women… and give you the simple fool-proof techniques to give you the loving man and committed relationship you deserve.

Thousands of women have used what I teach in The Commitment Switch System to find the man they truly desire, and him love and commit to them forever.

Now, you can be one of them no matter where you are…

And you can take it with you wherever you go!

Because when you get The Commitment Switch System, you can watch it on your phone, on a tablet or iPad…

Anywhere you go, it goes.

So if you ever need a reminder or are wondering exactly what to do…

You just pull out your phone and access it on the spot.

Fast and simple.

So what will you get in The Commitment Switch System?

Here is just a small taste of what you’re going to learn in The Commitment Switch:

  • In ‘The Stud Finder‘ –  You’ll finally learn to stop choosing the wrong man over and over. There’ll be no more wondering why the losers always find you and your friends won’t understand why you keep attracting handsome, devoted studs.
  • In Superman’s Glasses — you’ll learn to see the writing on the wall. You will know when it’s time to cut your losses so that you find the man that will give you the love and commitment you want.
  • In The Marlo Thomas / You’ll suddenly be That Girl… Quality men will suddenly be all over you, your inbox will be overflowing w emails from guys who want to date you. Even that great guy who just ‘disappeared’, or the one who’s been stringing you along forever, will beg you to be in his life forever.Your life will feel like an Attraction Explosion — Even your ex will tell you he can’t live without you. And all the men you thought were out of your league will be begging for your attention.
  • In The Alpha Male GPS — Say goodbye to wimps, losers, commitment-phobes and douches. No more bad dates and dead end relationships so that you attract the studly-man your girlfriends all fantasize about.
  • In The Limited Engagement — Your man will suddenly feel like he can’t get enough of you in his life so that he feels the uncontrollable need to tie you down. He’ll be begging you for a commitment. Even if he’s been stringing you along for years.
  • In Cupid’s Spot Light — You see how easy it is to get out of the friend zone forever so that man who’s been ‘blind’ can suddenly see how ATTRACTIVE and DESIRABLE you are.
  • In The Farmer’s Almanac of Sex — No more ‘giving away the milk’ too soon. You’ll know the exact right time to have sex, so that you flip the switch in his brainthat keeps him pursuing YOU — desperate for a commitment.
  • In Mr. Belicheck’s Playbook — You will have the ultimate blueprint of what men want, how they think so that you can effortlessly get them to do what exactly what YOU want them to.
  • In The Beyonce Beauty Bath — You will stop sending out masculine energy so that you’ll suddenly have the luxury to choose which hot man you want in your life. End the cycle of feeling like you have to settle for the leftovers other girls leave behind so that you have your superstar stud.
  • In The Chocolate Cake of Love — There’ll be no more feeling like you have to take the crumbs men leave behind, so that you get the full meal (and dessert!) of love you want and deserve!

That’s really just a glimpse of what you’re going to get when you get when you access to the complete Commitment Switch System.


You’re probably wondering how your life is going to change once you have the groundbreaking information in the Commitment Switch System?

And It Gets Amazing Results

Here are just a few life-changing transformations from women who have been through this system:

“…After your programI was confident I had a real understandingof how men think and the qualities they really look for in women. I now have an amazing, loving boyfriend (fiancée actually) and he can’t get enough of me. I’m 62 years-old and I feel like a high school girl in love.

Thanks David for making this old broad feel sexy and desirable again!”

Nancy M.
Austin, TX

“After your seminar I went home and told your advice to my sister who’s boyfriend had been stringing her along for years… By the timeI had finished watching the video’s, he’d ask my sister to marry him!”

Kim R.

“… Brian just asked me to marry him! I can’t believe it! Actually I can. Everything you taught me has given me the confidence to know this moment was possible. And that it was my destiny! Thanks to you David, I’m a changed woman and my life is exactly the way I dreamed it. Watch your mail for my wedding invite. “

Tarrytown, NY

Get The Commitment Switch System Now!

I get emails and wedding invitations every week from women who have used The Commitment Switch to make their dreams come true.

You’re probably thinking; ‘that’s great David, but how is The Commitment Switch System going to change my life?”

Let’s visualize what your success story will look like.

Close your eyes and imagine that you have the kind of love life and relationship you’ve always wanted.

You now have the ultimate power with the man that you choose…

and know exactly how to make him feel the incredible overwhelming need and desire to have you in his life forever.

To make you his number 1 woman.

The only woman he wants in his life.

Imagine never having to worry again about whether a man is out of your league…

or will disappear after you sleep with him, or if he loves you the way he used to.

You’ll have a deep sense of confidence that all of these things will happen because you’re finally in control of the outcome.

Imagine your sense reliefwhen you can be yourself with a man, confident and able to communicate openly without the fear of losing him.

Just imagine how calm and confident you will feel knowing that…

you are the only woman your man wants in his life.

Imagine how much energy you’ll have without the constant worry and confusion that usually goes along with relationships.

Instead, you’ll feel a constant and profound level of devotion driving every move he makes…

making you feel like the most loved and adored woman on earth.

Now stop imagining and believe that these results will be yours within a matter of hours after you’ve learned the Commitment Switch System.

Get The Commitment Switch System Now!

I want you to ask yourself a serious question:

How much would it be worth to you to have the man you’ve always wanted, devoted to you forever?

To wake up every morning next to that handsome, sexy, loving and devoted man that completes you.

Is there really a dollar amount when it comes to spending the rest of your life with ‘the one’?

How about ten thousand dollars?

Fifty thousand?

Is one hundred thousand dollars too high a price for your happiness?

You and I both know that it’s absolutely priceless.

Now that you’ve seen The Commitment Switch in action…

And you’ve experienced a small fraction of its power to automatically create an uncontrollable need a man feels to have you in his life forever….

And gives you the ability to flip a man’s “commitment switch” any time you want.

And now you know beyond any doubt that

The most vital part in having a loving, deeply devoted relationship is to activate his feeling of belonging.

Every woman in a blissful, devoted relationship will agree with that statement.

And frankly, only a woman living under delusion would dare dispute it.

However, the most shocking thing you’ll see today isn’t The Commitment Switch…

It’s the fact that The Commitment Switch System is going to cost you nothing at all.

It’s 100% free, the second time you use it.

Here’s what I mean:

Every time you get frustrated…

Every time you blame yourself…

Every time you try to change your results with men, it costs you money.

Somewhere in the minimum range of $150 – and a maximum… well I’ve had clients spend as much as $10,000 for a makeover weekend.

And each time you are no closer to getting that man to love and adore you the way you want him to.

Maybe you join a gym, join a yoga studio or start a spinning class…

Or you get a haircut… maybe a great pair of jeans or some new shoes.

Or you go to your shrink or a therapist or maybe even to relationship counselor and examine the relationship from top to bottom.

That’s assuming you’re lucky enough to find a good coach or therapist…

And have the time to spend, pain stakingly going through your past history with men…

Get to know your personal story…

Do the work that you will have to pay for out of your own pocket…

And finally sit with you and explain why your past  relationships haven’t worked out.

This process not only cost you upwards of $50,000 a year…

It costs you time:

And what happens to 95% of women who aren’t in loving committed relationships between the ages of 35 and 60?

Not much.

The facts are actually pretty depressing.

Over 95% of single women stay single or are in non-exclusive committed relationships, and they spend a ton of money dating and trying to find the right man, ‘the one’.

Get The Commitment Switch System Now!

But the money you spend isn’t the really big problem.

It’s time.

And everyone knows that time = money

There’s nothing in the entire world more valuable than your time.

It goes by too quickly and you can never get any of it back.

Look at what happened to my mother.

If you added up the hours and hours you’ve wasted trying to figure out men…

Or trying to get a man to wake up and see how perfect you are for him…

To see that you are the most amazing choice he could make…

And got nothing to show for it but utter frustration, it would add up to wasting years of your life.

Pretty scary, I know. Kind of shocking when you think about it.

As a woman youknow how fast the time goes.

You know how easy it is to end up years down the road in the wrong place with the wrong man. Waiting for things to change.

Or you could be without a man and you’ve completely given up.

The reality is the pool of quality men for YOU shrinks every year as you get older.

It’s not fair but you need to face the truth.

So that means:

You’ll just have to repeat the process over and over again… because

With every failed attempt, with every year that goes by, you’re getting further and further away from your chance at love.

And with every new man, you have to start all over again.

Spend more money and time…

And most likely fail.

But don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

If I wasn’t great at helping women find ‘the one’, I would not have become the world’s most recognizable name in attraction, seduction, dating and relationships.

I’m more than qualified to tell you the truth about your chances of having a loving committed relationship with the man you desire:

You either learn to embody the one quality men look for in a woman, in love and for a serious relationship.

Or you drive another stake through the heart of your love life.

Get The Commitment Switch System Now!

Your situation really is that dire – and sugar coating the problem isn’t serving you at all.


“Belonging is the life blood of devotion.”

And without having a sense of belonging

Your love life is deprived of the LIFE it needs to survive.

Death is inevitable.

Now, there is good news, for those of you who want to inject new blood into your love life:

The Commitment Switch System has superhero like powers:

Rescuing the love life of just about every woman who uses its ‘magic’ biological formula.

And injecting new life into your ability to create lasting attraction and devotion, resulting in a loving committed man.

The Commitment Switch injects new blood into your chances ata forever relationship.

For every woman who believesher love life is dead-in-the-water.

And yes, The Commitment Switch has helped thousands of my private clients get ‘the one’ and the loving devoted relationship they always dreamed of like:

That said, here’s what really mattersto you:

The Commitment Switch’s real value is its ability to give everyday women, just like you.

A real chance to have acommittedloving man and relationship

By giving you the power to TRIGGER uncontrollable desire to belong in any man, by using a proven, almost cut-and-paste system that requires virtually no amazing figure or movie-star looks whatsoever.

That means, the minute you start to use The Commitment Switch, it literally pays for itself…


By ‘paying you back’ thousands and thousands of dollars you would have spent, but more importantly the years of TIME you would have wasted… with an easy to follow, step-by-step system so you can have a loving, devoted relationship, with any man you desire, any time.

Even if he’s already told you he only considers you ‘just a friend’.

No more empty weekends, enviously watching all the happy couples with fulfilling partnerships.


Every time you try to show a man how amazing you are… how lucky he would be to have you in his life and you could be his forever woman — it costs you a minimum $150 and can cost as much as $50,000 with absolutely no guarantee for a loving relationship.

Most times you don’t even get a second date, right?

So that means, even if you don’t use The Commitment Switch more than once… even if you already have an amazing man, who you want to be in a loving devoted relationship with…

The Commitment Switch is FREE the second time you use it.

Get The Commitment Switch System Now!

And it will keep paying for itself quickly and consistently as you’ll soon find out.

Now, since The Commitment Switch empowers any woman no matter how old or young you are… no matter how skinny you may or may not be, or how beautiful you are…

or if you have a habit of pushing the guys you really like away…

or even if you’ve been ‘friend zoned’ by a man you’re convinced is ‘the one’…

When you simply follow the step-by-step system, you will TRIGGER any man you want to have a loving committed relationship virtually on command…

Here’s The Truth:

If that was ALL The Commitment Switch could do for you it would be highway robbery to let you have it for under $2000.

That’s a fraction of what you would spend in a matter of weeks… and that’s before any extras you’ve tried before like working with a trainer, seeing a therapist, or even a full make-over.

However, if you know anything about me or you have one of my other programs…

You know I have a habit of over-delivering value

And when it comes to giving youmore than you expect…

I am guilty as charged.

That’s why the complete Commitment Switch System with it’s push-button simplicity

May not come as that much of a shock to you.

Let’s start $397 investment I’m taking out of MY pocket and putting into your future relationship.

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