How to Be...


I’m A Millionaire And I Wake Up Every Day In Love With My Life.

Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that what you deserve?

You don’t have to settle for mediocre anymore!

Here’s the thing… I know exactly how I did it.

I studied the lives of men I wanted to be like. The mavericks. The men who’s success and achievement made a dent in the universe.

Then I came up with a plan. A step-by-step blueprint. A formula for living with never-ending success, to go higher and higher, to be ‘Unstoppable’ in all aspects of my life.

And I burned it into my brain, like I was downloading it. Made it part of who I am.

And now I can download my ‘Unstoppable’ formula into your brain. So it becomes part of who you are.

Keep reading, I’m about to show you a Secret Success Loophole, that gives you the SWAGGER, ABUNDANCE, CONFIDENCE and PROSPERITY of men like Jay Z, George Clooney, Richard Branson and Brad Pitt.

And the success. Not just with money but in business, women, relationships, career, everything.

So your life is overflowing with cash, influence, power, women… and you become a powerful man who grabs life by the balls, a rock star in your own life.

Most people believe these men achieved that kind of extreme success because of things like money, looks, and connections.

But actually the opposite is true.

Those are the things that hold you back. The less you have to begin with, the faster YOU can achieve the kind of success you probably thought was out of your reach.

But it’s not.

I’m going to teach you about something called a ‘desirable difficulty’. These are things in your life that seem like a disadvantage but are actually your advantage a secret weapon!

Things like not having a ton of money to start. Having a small group of friends. Not being classically ‘handsome’. These are actually to your advantage.

In fact, the more of them you have, the faster and easier it is for you to become wildly successful. With money, women, in your career. Everywhere.

Bruce Springsteen, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jay Z and others like Barak Obama, Charles Schwab, Frank Sinatra, Bill Clinton, Colonel Sanders, Benjamin Franklin and even first president George Washington had ‘desirable difficulties’ that enabled them to become wildly successful.

None of those guys are good looking. Some are downright ugly. They had no money and no connections.

Branson and Charles Schwab are dyslexic. Obama, Clinton, Jay Z and Washington were raised by 1 parent. Another ‘desirable difficulty’.

Yet they all turned themselves into studs, rock stars, forces of nature, men who get everything they want.


If you want the SWAGGER that makes every head turn when you enter a room…

The MAGNETISM that makes women sit up, fix their hair and check their make-up…

The PRESENCE that let’s men know they need to take you seriously…

If you want other conversations to stop when you start to speak…

Your life is about to change forever.

This is the most important message you will ever read because I’m going to give you the key. The key to…

Drive Your Life Like
It’s A Ferrari.

Not a Prius.

To activate the qualities in you that will turn you into the successful man that women find INSPIRING and other men all want to be.

How do you think I became who I am? Do you think it’s an accident that you and millions of other men know my name, read my emails and buy my programs?

How do you think I transformed myself from an awkward, gangly guy who was such a failure with women, I had to transfer colleges because all the girls called me “Johnny One Pump”?

I had my ‘desirable difficulties’.

When I talked to women, I stuttered.

My father taught me zero about business and left me nothing but bad memories.

No money. No connections.

You think it’s an accident that guy became world famous for helping millions of men find their power conquer their fear and attract the hottest women around?

I Learned The ‘Secret’ Formula For Using Life’s Disadvantages
To My Advantage!

The only way I could have transformed my life, changed my destiny and became wildly successful with money, women, career, in life, was by using the ”˜Unstoppable’ formula.

I’ve Never Told
This Story Before But…

I failed. I failed a lot. And I kept on failing. But I refused to accept a boring, mediocre life.

After losing businesses in New York City and Colorado, I moved out west with BIG dreams. California dreamin’. Manifest destiny!

I was going to make piles of cash and live the great life.

I moved to San Diego and opened 3 businesses at the same time!

And they all crashed and burned. Instantly.

Not only did I lose everything but I was deep in debt.

But I still believed. I believed I was destined to be a success, to make an impact on the world.

I thought I’d hit rock bottom and could only go up. I was wrong.

Needing a fresh start, I came to LA. I found a great place to live, but without any money the landlord refused to give me a lease.

I was broke. Had no home. No car. No job.

A friend let me sleep on his couch.

Then, I walked to the Laundromat to wash my dirty clothes but realized I had no money. Zero. I just sat there. Numb. Unable to move. Some lady kept asking me if I was going to use the machine, but my mouth wouldn’t open. I couldn’t answer.

I Had Finally Found

The lowest point of my life. My friends and family were all telling me to get a job. Fast.

But it was at that moment I knew exactly what I had to do.

I Knew My Life
Was Meant For Better, Bigger, More…

I was going to make it happen or die trying.

So what did I do? I followed my instinct. I figured out how to use my disadvantages to my advantage!

That’s when I built a multi-million dollar dating and relationship business. My name is now an International brand and I jump-started an entire industry.

My mission in life is to show you how you can have the same success I do. The life of your dreams. To inspire and teach you to get what you want, when you want it and with who you want.

My step-by-step, ‘Unstoppable’ formula that will make YOU into the man you dreamed you would be. Give you the great life. The life of your dreams. Like I live mine.

The secret to...

  • Money…
  • Women…
  • Success…
  • Power…

The Secret To Being ‘Unstoppable’.

Isn’t that what you really want?

You bet your ass it is. And now YOU can have it.

First you need to lose something you’ve been carrying around your whole life.

You need to lose the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being a man with swagger and confidence, a man who gets what he wants.

The #1 thing keeping you from having a life like Brad Pitt, Jay Z, Bruce Springsteen or me… is the belief, deep down inside that you’ll never be that guy.

That you’ll never have a million dollars in the bank…

That heads will never turn when YOU walk into a room…

You are 100% wrong!

That Negative Self-Talk, Bullshit Has Been Holding You Back.

Success is part of the plan for you. That’s why you’re here. Right now.

If you do nothing else today, you have to STOP that negative loop going around in your head. You may find it hard to believe but it’s the ONLY THING keeping you from living the life of your dreams

The common denominator in ALL success stories is BELIEF. Everyone who ever beat the odds and got the life of their dreams believed they could do it.

And YOU can too!

My passion, my mission in life is to stand here screaming at you, telling you that YOU are a Rock Star! That you deserve to have everything. BELIEVE IT!

When Bruce Springsteen finally broke through, became huge and “Born to Run” was #1 in the world. He was playing in ginormous sold out stadiums (after playing tiny clubs forever). A reporter asked him if he ever, in his wildest dreams, after being turned down so many times… did he think he would be such a big star, did he ever think he’d be playing for 100,000 people?

You know what he said?

He said, “Hey, Man, I always thought I’d be playing for 100,000 people”.

Don’t tell me it’s too late for you. That you’re too old. That’s a lame excuse and you know it.

Do I have to go through the list of movers and shakers who became Rock Stars later in life?

Ever heard of these guys?
* Ben Franklin a nobody till his 40’s
* Stan Lee created ‘Spiderman’ at 40
* Walt Disney was fired over and over
* Colonel Sanders (KFC) Success and eventual billionaire at 62!

They all had ‘desirable difficulties’ and they all believed.

Now it’s your turn to believe. It’s time to write your success story that starts with belief.

Once you start to believe what you want your life to look like, you’ll be amazed how quickly it will start to take shape.

The other limiting belief you have to get rid of (this one’s just as bad) is that it takes money, looks and fame to have ‘Unstoppable’ success.

It’s actually not your fault that you have this belief, but it’s holding you back from being the man you’re destined to be.

From a young age, the images we are fed in the media and in life, lead us to believe that the most powerful men in our world, the mavericks, the game changers, are who they are because of money, looks and fame.

But the opposite is true.

Bruce Springsteen, a working class kid from New Jersey grew up believing he was “just plain ugly”. He was turned down by 63 record companies.

Jay Z, a poor kid from Bed-Stuy, the worst section of Brooklyn, was raised by his mom and sold crack-cocaine to pay his bills.

Bill Clinton’s mother told him they were ‘poor, white, trash’. And they were.

Richard Branson struggled badly with dyslexia and had to drop out of school when he was 16 years old. He never went back.

These are the richest, most charismatic, dynamic, successful men in the world. The world is their oyster. They get whatever they desire.

Yet they ALL came from extremely humble beginnings. From nowhere with nothing.

No money.

No looks.

No connections.

And look where they are now.

And they all believed they could do it.

I’m going to show you how you can be the man who gets everything he wants. So you become the rock star of your own life and your success is… Unstoppable!

Let me tell you about what I’ve been working on for the past 18 months.

I challenged myself to give you my formula: to make it foolproof, “done for you” so it not only delivers the incredible riches you crave – but also gives you the swagger, the women, the life-style you want and you deserve.

I’m not talking about some digital download that just sits on your computer and you never open it.

‘Unstoppable’ is a complete, 48 day multi-level program that includes:

  • A fresh new video from me every morning for 48 days, downloading my secret formula for money, swagger, power and continuous success it’s taken me a lifetime to learn.
  • Daily challenges from me that transform these new experiences and emotions to muscle memory
  • One-on-one coaching by phone or Skype that instantly raise your game to the next level
  • Weekly check-ins with your own VIP coach

And so much more.

But I want to warn you, this program is not for beginners.

This is my ultimate VIP coaching program for my inner circle.

If you want my most advanced program. And DOWNLOAD into your sub-conscious my formula for moneyswagger, charisma, confidence easily over the course of 48 unbelievable days. If you want my deep personal secrets, for the definitive Wygant success and lifestyle…

Is Exactly What You’ve Been Waiting For.

You now know that your own limiting belief is the biggest thing keeping you from having the life most men dream only about. The life of a man who takes what he wants. An extraordinary man with swagger and charisma that makes women swoon and men green with envy.

You also know that money, looks and fame are the RESULT that waits for you. The reward. Not a prerequisite.

Money, looks and fame are NOT any part of the way to that kind of success.

‘Unstoppable’ is the secret recipe. The magic formula for you to become a force of nature in the world. A man who gets the women, the money, the success and the life he wants and deserves.

Here’s a small sample of how YOU will become an Unstoppable Man:

Phase 1:
"The Power Of Subtraction"

  • Shed the excess that’s holding you back, immediately climb to new heights with women, money, career…
  • Erase the ‘programming for average’ from school, work, friends, parents and old girlfriends that’s holding you back…
  • Forgive yourself for what came before and go forward as a winner…
  • How Jay Z used the Power of Subtraction to get off the streets and stop selling crack to become one of the most ‘Unstoppable’ men ever!

Phase 1 Download: Confidence, Charm, Charisma

Step 1: The 3 Wise Men’

1) Struggle
2) Failure
3) Determination

  • Realize your destiny as the man women want and men want to be…
  • Your power, charisma, magnetism and success soars…

The Secret To Money, Women And Success

The Magic Number 7

Step 3: ‘The Fundamentals’ — This was the first (and most important) thing I did on my journey to become the man I am today.

  • Lose the person you thought you were, become the MAN your friends wish they could be
  • Leave the past behind forever…
  • Form your new rock star self-image…
  • Forgiveness for failures that went before..
  • Discover your true strength and ability to do anything you want…

Step 5" ‘Naked and Famous’

  • Eliminate your fear…
  • You’re suddenly so sexy, friends ask for your secret…
  • You emit powerful magnetic attraction, makes women wonder what you look like naked…

The Secret To Money, Women And Success

How To Walk Through Your Fear

Step 9: ‘Wasted Days and Wasted Nights’

  • Drop your bad habits and take back your life force…
  • Create new ‘power habits’ quickly that yield immediate results…
  • Discover and recognize life’s opportunities and seize them as they appear…

The Secret To Money, Women And Success

The Law of Attraction

Step 12: 'Blown Away'

  • Annihilate your biggest issue once and for all…
  • Nothing holds you back anymore…
  • A flood of power, charisma and success rushes through you…

Phase 2:
Belief, Magnetism, & Abundance

Step 13: "The Law of Attraction"

  • You manifest the qualities that make women swoon…
  • Emit glowing health, vitality of fitness…
  • You have personal power, charisma and magnetism beyond other men…

The Secret To Money, Women And Success

Stop Counting Pennies

Step 19: ‘Baby, You’re a Star’

  • You become the ‘mayor’ of your own life…
  • Your fan club multiplies wherever you go…
  • Feel the reach and power of your endless network…

Step 21: ‘Get happy’

  • Happiness is your mindset. Not a destination…
  • You make every day great, filled with opportunity and abundance…
  • Wish for something and it is yours…

The Secret To Money, Women And Success

The Power Of Modeling Others

Step 25: ‘Mind Movies’

  • You own the secret and power of positive visualization…
  • Imagine something, anything you desire and there it is…

Step 26: The Power of Intuitive Communication

  • The man. You are a force in the world and sound different…
  • You use your voice and tonality to make the world snap back and sit up…
  • Get what you want, when you ask for it…

Step 28: When You Expect Success, it Becomes a Habit

  • You are one of the world’s winners, your mind sees only wins…
  • Winning is a repeatable skill…
  • Success is your expectation, your way of life…
  • The world bends to your will…

Step 32: ‘The Power of Positive Eye Contact and Body Language’

  • Heads turn when you walk into a room…
  • You look, walk and carry yourself like a stud…
  • You become the star of your life; a man of substance, magnetism and power…

Phase 3:
Power, Presence, & Prosperity

Step 36: ‘Living Out Loud’

  • Download your True Power to boost the level of your success…
  • You say what’s on your mind to manifest what you want…

The Secret To Money, Women And Success

How To Say And Get What You Want

Step 38: ‘Captain Fantastic’

  • You step into your ‘super hero’…
  • You are what the hottest women in the world desperately crave…
  • You’re the true definition of a man…

Step 42: The ‘Ziggy Stardust’

  • You live a Rock Star Life…
  • You grab life by the balls and do what you love…
  • Your friends respect you as a man of influence, power, presence and magnetism…

Step 45: ‘The Power of Remembering’

  • You own the ability to make everyone you meet feel important (the single quality that makes movie stars, mavericks and Presidents!)…

The Secret To Money, Women And Success

How To Be A Leader

Step 46: ‘Live Fearlessly Now’

  • You do what everyone wishes they could(but don’t have the courage)…
  • Your life is extraordinary, without limits…

Step 48: ‘Thunder Road’- Swagger Like ‘The Boss’

  • You embody the charisma, swagger and magnetism of Springsteen and Jay Z
  • You attract women, money and success like a magnet…

The Secret To Money, Women And Success

Thunder Road

That’s just a small taste of the program...

As soon as YOU’VE absorbed the training and practiced the exercises you’ll find success in ALL areas of your life comes naturally. Almost like…

The Download Is Complete!

Your bank account, your body language, your magnetism and style, your charisma and presence, your walk, your eye contact and the ease with which you make connections and impose your will… are downloaded, recharged and upgraded to first class.

You already learned that money, looks and connections are a RESULT of this secret formula. That the only pre-requisite is having something that can be seen as a disadvantage

You understand now you don’t have to settle for what your life is like, just because your not rich and famous.

‘Looks, money and fame’ is an excuse for guys who dream but never act. An excuse to make them feel better as they live in their failure. Afraid to act.

These guys make excuses.

You aren’t one of those ‘excuse guys’, are you…?

You would be ‘this’ or you would be ‘that’ if only…

Guess what? You ARE enough! You’re ‘enough’ for it all.

This is your ‘if only’ right now. Your chance to be a man who gets everything he wants and deserves.

All those guys have is a pile of excuses. And that’s lame. You’re not lame.

You can be a winner. A man of action. A man of influence, power and charisma. A man whose life has a deeper meaning. You can be ‘Unstoppable’.

Has there always been something in the back of your mind telling you… despite what’s happened before… despite your failures and false starts… YOU are going to be a man of wealth, a man of substance, a man of destiny. Am I right?

"Unstoppable" is my brand new “Done-For-You” transformational program that downloads the secret of the world’s most successful men — the women, money, career, the success, the life … and brings everything you want to You Like a Giant Magnet!

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t own one of David Wygant’s men’s programs, subscribe to his newsletters, haven’t been to a boot camp OR ever been one of his coaching clients.
  • You have had zero disadvantages in life. If nothing has ever held you back and everything comes easily for you.
  • You are filthy rich and look like a male model.

This program is DEFINITELY for you if:

  • You have always felt like your life can mean something…
  • You want to be part of the small group of men who get everything they want…
  • You want and deserve the best: Women, Power and Success the world has to offer…
  • You’re ready for the highest level training to attract the most beautiful women, power and success into every aspect of your life…

What Other Guys are Saying About
"Unstoppable" RIGHT NOW:

"The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made!"

“Can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to what my life COULD BE… because now it is! As soon as I finished your ‘Unstoppable’ program EVERYTHING CHANGED. It was the best investment I’ve ever made (literally and figuratively). My income has literally tripled in that last 3 months! I now have over $60K saved! I have the most beautiful girlfriend, Karen, sitting next me begging me to propose (the same girl I remember telling you I didn’t have the guts to talk to) and I’m the guy all my friends come to for advice. I’m the ‘Big Man on Campus’. I had no idea I could do the things I now do every day. I would say my life is better than my wildest dreams, but now I don’t dream it. I expect it. I expect to be this successful in everything I do. You my friend, are a gift from god”

– Paul R

"‘Unstoppable’ is genius!!"

“Talk about an ‘aha moment’… Over and over again! It was like a giant light bulb over my head kept turning on. ‘Unstoppable’ is genius!!

The way you explain this process is so easy and makes so much sense. It’s great to have you along for the ride to walk me through it!

I realized that this was the formula that will take me out of my mid level office job, the mediocre girls I date and the friends who all underestimate me, to my destiny. I really can be the man I dreamed I would be.

I’ve always felt like I should have more, do more and be more! David, thanks to your inspiration, I’m going to be more! I’m a late bloomer but I’m blooming! Thanks for being there for me and for making it so easy to understand.

You’re a rock star (and so am I)”!

– Mike Y.
Boston, MA

"This Program is Absolute Gold and Worth Every Penny"

“I just had to stop and say, not even half of the way in, this program is absolute Gold and worth every penny. I love the exercise and the new perspectives I am gaining on the world around me, I am seeing the person I used to be, wanted to be, can be and already am inside as one in the same and it’s not too late.

I am start to see patterns where I hold myself back in life and I fail to give back to others for fear of what they may think. Every day gets better and builds on the lessons from before.

Great stuff, thank you for taking the time to create this… you really hit a home run. Life changing stuff and I can’t wait to see what happens in my life, while I am enjoying each day more and more. You rock!”

– Ian B.
Orlando, FL

"Don’t Wait or Put Your Life on Hold… This is the BEST DW Program Yet!"

If you’re even thinking about getting ‘Unstoppable’… Don’t wait. Just do it! It will be the best investment you’ve ever made and will pay off BIG time! I’ve already blown past my financial goals for the year.

‘Unstoppable’ is by far the best program I’ve ever bought from David, or anyone else. I’ve been to 2 boot camps, and own Men’s Mastery and Own the Room’ among other DW winners! I just got it but already things have started to change. Honestly it couldn’t be easier and it feels like I have DW as my private coach!

I’m 44 and never thought my self image and confidence would change so drastically. The other day I walked into Starbucks and every single head turned to check me out! Pretty funny, I was so surprised I actually turned around and thought someone was behind me.

David is so right on the money when he talks about people respond to body language, swagger and charisma. Clients I do business with treat me differently (and I can charge more!). I never dreamed I would be one of those guys that women snap their heads back to check out, but it’s been happening all week!

I knew I wanted ‘Unstoppable’ from the second I heard about it. I figured nothing is changing for me on my own so it would definitely be worth the risk. The results already have blown away all expectations. I promise you, you can’t go wrong with ‘Unstoppable’.

— Anonymous

"Grab ‘Unstoppable’ As Fast As You Can!"

All the other guys that have come along and try to copy David are just pretenders. David walks the walk and that’s what I respect as a man. I’m not a kid and don’t want to be insulted with empty promises. Believe me, DW delivers and Unstoppable is his best delivery yet!

Do yourself a favor (I mean that) and grab "Unstoppable" as fast as you can!

— Nick L.

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You’ll start to act out of ‘muscle memory’, like I’m inside your head telling you to “Go”!. You won’t wait, over think it or hesitate anymore.

Whether it’s a deal, a girl or an opportunity. Action will be your reaction.

I let a few guys watch the filming of this entire program live and they paid 9K.

When we eventually open ‘Unstoppable’ to the public the retail price will be $1997 (if you can get in).

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You’ll learn and practice these life-changing skills in a group setting with myself, and my team of coaches.

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Listen, I know you came here to learn about dating. To learn about sex and attracting and approaching the women you desire. But you know what? I'm about so much more than that. You see, you can apply these same principles and be successful in so much more than your dating life. I'm talking about TOTAL success in EVERY area of your life. Health. Wealth. Mindset. All of it.

And that's why I created The Slight Edge Society — an exclusive community of likeminded men & women who are dedicated to improving their lives just a little bit each day. Because I truly believe that, whether we're talking about attraction or money or health, the difference between a winner or a loser is just that slight edge.

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Monthly Webcast Calls

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