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Discover How To Use Your Experience To Attract And Date Women Of Any Age… And Why Meeting The Women You Most Desire Can Be Easier NOW Than You Ever Thought Possible!

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If You Think Guys In Their 20’s Have An Advantage When It Comes To Attracting Women... Think Again!

If you are single and trying to meet and date women as a guy who is 32+ years old, you probably may have run into some of these frustrations:

  • You want to be “out there” meeting women, but you have NO desire to hit the bars and clubs . . . or be in any kind of “pick up” environment
  • You know exactly the kind of woman you want to meet . . . but you aren’t sure where to find women like that
  • You are BUSY with your life, and you don’t have the time (or the desire) to have to go out to places or do things that totally don’t interest you — JUST so you can meet women.
  • You are interested in dating women from a specific age group (maybe younger or older than you are), and people tell you that you shouldn’t date women in that age group … or that women in that age group won’t be attracted to a guy your age.
  • People have told you that the women you are most attracted to are not attracted to guys like you . . . and you feel like you are being told to SETTLE.
  • You can’t go through being in that same WRONG relationship with that same WRONG woman even one more time.
  • You are divorced and/or a single dad, and you feel like you are LIMITED in which women (and how many women) you can attract.
  • You know you have a ton to offer to women, but you have no clue how to use your best assets to attract women.
  • You can’t seem to get out of your own head and get past all the monkey chatter and negative “junk” that you have built up for so long . . . all of which sabotages you in your interactions with women.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Can you relate to any of these?

If the answer to either of those questions was YES, then you are not alone.

BUT — here's the honest to God truth (as a mature man myself, I can tell you this with 100% confidence)...

Being 32 or Older Means That You Have So Many Women Who You Can Date!

Even if you’re 50 years old, you can date women as young as 22 or as old as 60 years old if you like. You have so many more options once you’re to this point in your life.

The key is to understand that the best way to meet women when you’re over the age of 32, is to meet them in situations where you are most comfortable — when you are at your most powerful and your most knowledgeable.

  • Women are attracted to older men who are confident and secure.
  • Women love learning from a secure, older man.
  • You have life experience, and can talk about things and share things.
  • Most shocking of all — THERE IS VIRTUALLY NO COMPETITION (you wouldn’t believe how few guys have made this realization!)

What This All Means For YOU

What all of this means for you... is a whole lot of good news about your future fortunes with women!

  • IMAGINE feeling totally confident — and being perceived by women as being supremely confident — everywhere you go.
  • IMAGINE knowing how to attract and totally connect with any woman — no matter what age she is
  • IMAGINE never again having to go somewhere you have NO interest in just so you can meet women — and meeting amazing women in all the places you most love going.
  • IMAGINE being around the exact women you most want to meet . . . and having very few guys competing for their attention.
  • IMAGINE being able to be the selector instead of hoping to be selected by women . . . and never again settling for a woman you’re just not that into.

Again, speaking directly from my own experience, I can tell you:

This 32+ period has been the best time of my life. It’s amazing as a single guy, because you are finally confident in so many areas of your life. You know where your career is going, or you know what you want for your career.

Women Are INCREDIBLY Attracted To Men Over The Age Of 32... And The ONLY Things Stopping You From Being One Of Them Is Believing It & Knowing How To Make It Happen

This is the greatest time of your dating life — and that is why I created this special version of the Men’s Mastery Series just for guys in this 32+ age group. I created it because you deserve to date whatever kind of women you want — women of any age.


Just $169.97 for a Limited Time!

That’s what you really want, isn’t it?

Well, if you’re anything like the thousand plus guys I’ve personally coached over the last decade, the answer is an unequivocal "yes!"

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn how to do, RIGHT NOW:

  • How to meet the kind of women that make your knees buckle — naturally and effortlessly — in the flow of you’re regular, everyday life…
  • The secrets to striking up fun, fearless conversations that excite you — and the women you talk to— while being yourself the entire time. No gimmicks, no fake stuff — just your own authentic personality…
  • Why there’s never a need to copycat somebody else’s style or dress in clothes you hate. I’ll show you how to tap into your own unique personal image and style — and then how to showcase it for maximum impact (this is what women really want you to do — not wear a bunch of “flashy” or expensive clothes that make you uncomfortable. And, best of all, this is what they’re most attracted to on a gut level)…
  • Foolproof ways to go from initial conversations… to phone numbers… to dates — quick, easy, fun, sexually-charged dates — no matter what your dating history or budget…
  • What women really want in the bedroom — including how they want you to lead them into the bedroom (because women LOVE to be seduced!) Remember: I’ve talked to literally thousands of women over the years about what they want sexually — I even ran a radio show called “Fantasy Man” where women revealed their deepest, most guarded fantasies to me. And I’m about to teach you the essence of everything I’ve learned in this area…

Here's Just a Small Taste of What You'll Discover Inside:


Just $169.97 for a Limited Time!


Take 60 Days — yep, 2 full months — to implement the strategies and techniques in Men's Mastery Series, and if after implementing them* you aren't getting MORE dates in 60 days than you got in the last year, I'll refund every red cent you paid for this product.

Yes, I do mean MORE dates in just 2 months than you've had in the entire year before... and that's what I'm 100% confident you will experience this once you utilize the techniques I teach you!

This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident in Men's Mastery Series!

*Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

Why I'm 100% Certain This Will Work For You:

  • Because it’s the distillation of all the most powerful things I’ve learned in nearly a DECADE of coaching real guys out in the real world. No theory, no guesswork — I’ve included ONLY the tips, strategies and advice I’ve found to work for myself and my clients…
  • Because I’m not a talking head that “puts on a show” in bars and clubs… I’m a regular, professional MATURE MAN who’s discovered how to be myself, and attract beautiful women without compromising my lifestyle in any way…
  • Because it’s really all about lifestyle, isn’t it? The second you compromise your lifestyle in order to chase women, you become unhappy — and repulsive to women. Ironic, isn’t it? (But there IS a way to make changes in your life — changes that will make YOU happy — and then attract women like never before… That’s exactly what I’ve learned and it’s one of the many things you’ll discover in my Men’s Mastery Series)…
  • Because I’ll NEVER hide anything from you, EVER — just look at the evidence: No silly nicknames… my face is all over my website and YouTube… my entire life is an open book (read my blog and newsletters and you’ll see how true this is)… Heck, I’ve even allowed some students to livewith me during their trainings. See if you can find any other gurus who are this open, inviting and honest about their personal lives…
  • Finally, because I’m the ONLY dating coach who women trust enough to coach them. Why is that so important? Because it shows that I not only understand women on a deep level, but also because it shows that I’m not teaching anything that women find to be shady, unethical or undesirable in any way. My stuff is never about manipulating women — and always about naturally being the kind of guy they dream of at night…

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Secrets of Online Seduction

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It's one thing to meet women online — which I cover in the Men's Mastery Series— but it's another thing to be able to quickly get physical with the women you meet.

In this audio clip, I walk you through a variety of powerful techniques, including... How to spot women who are ready for quick flings... How to get her on the phone as quickly as possible... The best way to transition into dirty talk and fantasy — which is the secret to getting her so aroused, she'll literally be dying to meet you... How to get her to come over to your place... and so much more.


Don't Be A Slave To Your Dick

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Don't be a slave to your dick!  Too many men are slaves to their dick.  They think with their dick. They act with their dick.  As a result, their dick keeps getting them into trouble.

Women are not groin-operated creatures.  Women think with their heads.  Women think with their emotions.  Women feel emotions.

When you emotionally connect with a woman's mind, she will CRAVE your body.  It is all about creating powerful sexual attraction so sex is awesome and amazing!

Men are very raw when it comes down to sexual thoughts.  The problem with this, is that it gets you into trouble every single time!  This audio is going to expose the myths and reality of sex.

I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to be a free-thinking man . . . a man to whom women are attracted and a man whose dick women will crave!  Wouldn't you rather have women crave your dick instead of continuing to think with your dick?

I am also going to teach you how to get women to not only pursue your dick, but to want it all the time.  You are also going to learn how by doing what I teach you in this audio, women will want you sexually, emotionally . . . and in every other way.  Finally, in this audio I am going to show you all the secrets to turning on a woman's mind so that she will go crazy when she sees your dick.


How to Create Exciting, Lasting Relationships With Girls, Overnight

$39.97 Value

With the skills you gain from the Men’s Mastery Series, you’ll undoubtedly have the option of entering into relationships with girls. But this is where it gets tricky — and where most guys fall short.

That’s why, in this session, I sit down with a well-known relationship therapist to uncover many of the key reasons why relationships fail… why the guy or the girl nearly always lose attraction for each other… how to keep YOUR from disintegrating (so that you always end them when YOU want)… great ways to keep the fire burning, so there’s always an abundance of passion and chemistry between you… good dates to go on, once you’re in a relationship… how to always keep the lines of communication open (and talk about things before they turn into downward spiraling argument)… and so much more.


Walk Away… So She Chases You!

$24.97 Value

One of my favorite ways to attract girls — right off the bat — is to approach them, start a conversation and then walk away after a few minutes. No you don’t want to do this all the time — it would be silly to walk away from the most amazing, most connected conversation of your life.

But the point is that there are times when it’s best to open a girls, be friendly and then move on to what you were doing — or go talk to someone else.

Why do this? Because girls LOVE it! It shows them that you’re not the “suffocating” type of guy… you’re not needy — just a fun, friendly guy… and because this gives girls the opportunity to pursue you, which they love. I’ll tell you exactly how to make this work — at the supermarket… the club… or the next friends’ party you find yourself at!


Bring Her Back to the Magic Moment

$24.97 Value

Girls love romance, and they want to feel like they’ve shared a special moment with you. That’s what this audio is all about. Once you’ve created that initial magic moment (what you’ll learn how to do in the Men’s Mastery Series), this shows you how exactly how to bring her back to that moment, rekindling all the wonderful emotions she experienced.

Remember, this is NOT manipulation — it’s what girls desperately want you to do. It’s what creates that feeling of emotional attachment that they so long for. I’ll walk you through this process — and how to make it work from day one… all throughout your future encounters with this girl!


Confessions From A Bootcamp Handbook

$49.97 Value

Bottom line: This is an extensive TWO AND A HALF HOUR audio session where every single person asks me questions about success with girls and dating. And about becoming a naturally confident MAN.

You learn and discover much of what happens during the whole entire boot $2500 camp!

Granted, all of this is covered in the 50-page bonus handout (transcriptions of this lengthy session) – but there’s something magical about actually hearing it. It’s almost like you get to sneak behind the scenes and “sit in” during one of my $2500 live coaching events… learn what the attendees learned… ask the kinds of questions they asked… and, in some cases, experience the very same breakthroughs and “aha’s” they experienced!


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Secrets of Online Seduction

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Don't Be A Slave To Your Dick

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How to Create Exciting, Lasting Relationships With Girls, Overnight

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Walk Away… So She Chases You!

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Bring Her Back to That Magic Moment

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Confessions From A Bootcamp Handbook

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High Praise for Men's Mastery Series From Guys Like You:

I ordered your men’s mastery series and boy let me tell you it changed my life. Not only with women but in life general. Especially the part when you say "Be in the moment". The being in the moment thing as helped me the most especially mentally. I am now mentally stronger thanks of you. Now that I am in the moment women are more attentive to me, before most women would not give me the time of day even if they liked me and I messed it up every time.

I now have the best conversations with women due to you helping me taking the pressure off myself and being in the moment. I haven’t started dating yet but in life in general you have helped with the relationships that I have now. Man it is like I have this surge of confidence that I never had before and it is not arrogance. I would like to thank you again.

Roderick G.
East Point, GA

Since sending you my last email I have been on 4 different dates!!! I don’t think I had that many dates all of last year…

I also have also been using the techniques you teach in the Men’s Mastery Series and now TWO women are pursuing a relationship with me… The only problem I have now is managing my time.

Ryan G.
Mount Annan, Australia

I just got engaged! Thanks for all the good advice in your Men’s Mastery Dating Series. Hope this year is good for you.

Chris B.
Seattle, Washington

I was already really good with women before I ordered David’s Men’s Mastery Series… and I am still learning from almost every second of this material.

David’s devotion to his customers is unmatched… he has already returned 3 of my emails and the insight he has into the problem is unbelievable. David also has a way of pepping you up and making you believe in yourself like… you can’t imagine.

He really cares about his guys and gals. I wasn’t asked to write this, wasn’t paid to and don’t personally know David, although I am beginning to feel as though I know him through emails.

Do yourself a favor and order what you want RIGHT NOW, stop wasting money with all this PUA stuff and be yourself. David will teach you how to be yourself AND be a lady’s man or a man’s lady as he teaches women also. Knowing what I received if I had the money I’d gladly pay 3-4x what he is charging, he’s a good guy. I’m having the time of my life!

Brian K.
Louisville, KY

David’s Men’s Mastery Dating Series audio series/training is top notch. Everything is there. He’s covered about every aspect I can think of when it comes to dating and relationships. He also is one of the ONLY people I’ve seen get back to you in email with your questions, and fast. He’s even answered some silly horse$hit I’ve ranted about. He’s a class act dude with a great program going on. He taps into the mindset that every man should/would/could/do possess.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Kevin T.
San Pedro, California

I’m a 37 years old single guy. I was a ‘natural’ with women in high school and my 20s. After my 30s I went off in the wrong direction with women and went on a downward spiral to God knows where. It got to a point where I SUCKED with women and felt sick inside from remember my “Glory Days”.

Got your Men’s Mastery Dating Series last week and a lion woke up inside me.

I started applying your Men’s Mastery stuff in all areas in real life (on the street). Started getting numbers left and right. Decided to apply them to on online profile at a dating site and holy crap man, another floodgate.

Get this, I joined 4 days ago and already have 9 women wanting to meet me, 3 are HOT, 2 are cute, 4 are…not so much. I’ve got 3 dates lined up already and spoken on the phone with 4. In FOUR DAYS.

Granted, I haven’t closed the deal but for me this is HUGE. A couple of them are STUNNING and INTELLIGENT and we have common interests.

I’m sticking with your style and knowledge. At first I thought you were another wannabe, but man, this is just amazing.

I feel ALIVE again. I’ll keep you up to date. I have no questions though. Just wanted to report this.

Be well brother.

Jordan L.
San Luis Obispo, California

I have to first say that after listening to the Men’s Mastery Series, I’m starting to get consistent results that I’ve never believed possible.

Thanks for putting this program together. Many years of poor results with women has caused me a lot of pain and I’m grateful that you’ve shown me an honest and ethical way to succeed with the opposite sex.

Sean P.
Boston, MA

I just wanted to thank you so much for opening my eyes to the concept of ‘living in the moment” on the Men’s Mastery Series. It’s really helping me these days through my dad’s stay at Hospice, and stupid little things like worrying what to say to women, and people in general, is gone. This is also going to play a big role in building my network marketing empire in the future. Funny how one little insight seems to make life sort itself out.

I feel stronger because the real me that I’ve been holding inside pretty much my whole life is finally starting to come out, and he is a bold & direct ladies man for sure, just like my dad was. Now that I’ve finally cleaned out all that scientific pickup artist junk from my brain, and am living in the moment, I can just let things flow as I grow. I’m already noticing that people respond to me much more positively now that I’m finally becoming ‘myself.'

Marko S.
Cleveland, OH

What’s The Worst-Case Scenario?

You might learn some key insights into the mind of a woman?

You might learn one or two new techniques that help you connect better with women you meet?

You might learn a couple key insights into YOURSELF and what makes you tick...

Hmmm...Are those really downsides?

Now Consider the BEST-Case Scenario...

  • You cultivate the kind of effortless, real inner confidence you’ve always wanted to have that allows you to enjoyably connect with anyone, anywhere … including with any woman you most desire.
  • You learn how to identify and breakthrough once and for all… Each and every fear and excuse that have held you back and frustrated you in your dating life.
  • You learn to become a master communicator who can create attraction and desire for you everywhere you go.
  • You learn to create the kind of lifestyle for yourself that you’ve always dreamed of, and enjoy your life at a level you never believed possible.
  • You never again chase a woman, and begin attracting the women you most want to attract.
  • You have more dates than you have time to go on, and with the kind of women you most desire.
  • Should I continue….this could be a VERY long list! (this is just the tip of the iceberg here…)

Once You Experience Men's Mastery Series, THIS is What Your Life Will Be Like:

Once you embrace that you can truly DESIGN YOUR IDEAL DATING LIFE AND DATE THE EXACT KIND OF WOMAN YOU MOST WANT, then all that is left is to know how to make it happen — which I can’t wait to show you!

Put those two pieces together, and here’s what life will be like for you:

  • You will attract and date ONLY the kind of women who truly intrigue you.
  • Any of you divorced men will know why you are women’s NUMBER ONE CHOICE to date (and you single dads will move up the women’s ladder too!)
  • You will know EXACTLY where to go to meet these women you are looking for — and you won’t have to change even one thing from your routine or plans to do it . . . and you will always feel totally confident and powerful around them.
  • You will instantly know what to say in every situation to attract and intrigue women — and, in fact, to make women “MELT” around you — without ever having to think about it or worry about it.
  • You will feel like an AMAZING lover with women of all ages — It’s a known fact that younger women prefer older guys in bed (We last longer and have more patience)
  • You will know how to use the fact that women really like the security that older men bring (along with the knowledge, wisdom and financial security) — to effortlessly attract women.

Isn’t Your Life Worth Investing In?

Especially when you have NOTHING to risk by giving this a try.

My 100% confidence in this program is incorporated into my "Industry BEST" 60- Day ‘Get MORE Dates’ Guarantee after all.

Can you honestly afford NOT to see if this product can totally transform your dating life? Don’t wait – take decisive action TODAY!

Don’t suffer through one more day being dissatisfied with your dating life.

Don’t suffer through even one more bad date or bad relationship.

Don’t spend one more day attracting and dating the WRONG girls.

Take control! No more excuses!

Let me show you how what might seem like a "dream life" can be YOUR life starting right now!

Just $169.97 for a Limited Time!


To Unleashing Your Ultimate Self —


David Wygant

The World's Leading Authority on Life, Relationships & Personal Transformation