ATTENTION Men Ages 22-32: If You've Ever Felt Nervous About How To Approach Or What To Say To A Woman, Or Spent Any Time Not Feeling Confident About How To Understand and Connect With Women...

This Is A Letter You Are Going To Want To Devour From Top To Bottom...

“Discover Why Certain Guys Are Able to Approach, Meet And Attract The Most Amazing Women — And ALWAYS Seem To 'Just Know' Exactly What To Say And Do In Every Situation...”

“Mindset He Teaches You Can Get You Success In All Aspect Of Life And Make You More Confident Man”

“David's Men's Mastery Dating Series has helped me a lot, not only in my dating life but to improve my whole life in general. I am more confident at my work and in social life. Mindset he teaches you can get you success in all aspect of life and make you more confident Man.

Best thing about his product is he gives you exercise to do and if you do that exercises you will guaranteed make improvement. Action brings you the results and David motivate you to take right action.

Everything David teaches is come from his life experience that's why his word are very powerful and effective. I still listen to his Men's Mastery Series and still learn new thing every time.”

Sunny K.
Leicester, England

“I Met This Amazing Girl, Who I've Been Dating For 3 Months, And It Would Have Not Been Possible Without Your Help.”

“I want to thank you for all the great help you are giving to guys all over. You really helped me more than I could've ever imagined. I used to be extremely shy, awkward around girls, and barely dated throughout university so I had pretty much 0 experience with girls until I started listening to your great stuff and applying it.

I am 24 now, and after buying your Men's Mastery Dating Series, I met this amazing girl, who I've been dating for 3 months, and it would have not been possible without your help. I've checked out some of the PUA stuff, but it just doesn't resonate with me...your ideology keeps it real, has a real human touch to it and teaches you how to be a better person overall, not a robot.”

Alex P.
Raleigh, North Carolina

“I Went Out On The Weekend And Approached Over 15 Girls And Got 5 Phone Numbers (everyone I Got I Asked For)”

“Your Men's Mastery Dating Series is absolutely AMAZING and so motivational! Within a couple of days of listening to it I went out on the weekend and approached over 15 girls and got 5 phone numbers (everyone I got I asked for) and one was from the hottest girl in the entire club! She's been texting me right now! Last night I was on the phone with another amazingly beautiful woman. I'm 25 by the way.

David, I started off at 19 listening to Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo and your approach is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better! There is no manipulation and it is all-natural! I can't even explain how strange this seems to me because I used to get rejected constantly (90% rate) and women were rude to me. It's only been ONE WEEK since I listened and am STILL listening to your master series and ALREADY I have 10 numbers and most of them are beautiful women! I only went out one night! LOL! Today a co-worker girl asked me if I had a older brother like me she could date!!!!!!!!!!!

There were sticking points or pitfalls I had in my thought patterns and approaches. The first sticking point I realized from listening to your cds was that I was too focused on getting the number that I thought I could make a connection AFTER they gave me their number through phone or text, etc. What ended up happening with that approach was they usually said they had a boyfriend or gave me their number and ignored me when I started texting them. Your coaching is simply amazing! I can't believe how just tweaking that one thing around has led me to wher I am now in one week. I try to make connections now; I am more interested in them as a person and it is much more fulfilling. They respond much, much, much better!

I'm going to listen to your Men's Mastery Dating Series over and over and over and over until I understand completely every single thing you teach in them! Today I had a self-conscious day and I started to beat myself up but when I got home and went out to the gym I put in my mp3 and started listening to your mastery series and instantly I was motivated again to talk to everyone! You series is better than drugs; better than sex for me right now! I started talking to the gym owner and got free tickets to a concert!!!!!!

All this in one week. ONE WEEK!

Can't express how much I respect what you teach and how powerful your words are. I'm skeptical no more, man. You are the shit! I'd love to tell you what happens next because I have a lot of work to do yet!”

Brice W.
Avon, Ohio

From The Desk Of: David Wygant
In Sunny Los Angeles, CA

Re: Unveiling "Men's Mastery Series Ages 22-32: Adult Adolescence"

Dear Friend,

Oh man could I say A LOT about my life between the ages of 22 and 32.  (Actually more about that in a minute...)

It is unlike ANY other time in your life -- and can have more highs and lows all at the same time than practically any other time in your life...but it is also the time when your life can change more significantly than almost any other time of your life.

"I'm SUPPOSED To Be Having A Blast..."

When you were in school, I bet you imagined what your 20's would be like.

Did you think that by then you would have it all figured out and would be able to be out there having the best time ever -- meeting the women you want, having a blast and living the life YOU want?

But it's just not like that for a lot of guys . . . in fact it's not like that for MOST guys.

If you are like a lot of guys, your 20's may involve less enjoyment and more of these things:

  • Still feeling like you don't totally "get" women . . . but wanting more than ever to finally be able to feel confident and comfortable about interacting with them.
  • Feeling nervous about how to approach women without anxiety, and without always having to "psych yourself up" to do it
  • Always feeling like you have to think up the "perfect thing" to say, or sometimes not having any clue what to say to women you want to approach
  • Trying to figure out what YOU really want in terms of your relationships with women
  • Wondering how women really think and what they really want -- and tired of always worrying about what they are thinking about you
  • Wanting to know how to really CONNECT with women, not just 'pick them up'  -- and how to feel confident doing so
  • Wanting to feel great in your own skin . . . and wanting to stop feeling insecure about walking into any room, anywhere, anytime
  • Wanting to stop being on the sidelines of your life as your figuring all this out - and letting great times and great women pass you by while you are.
  • You see a lot of your friends getting married, and you start to feel all alone and a bit desperate . . . the last thing you want is to end up with the wrong woman for you!
  • Wondering why approaching, meeting and connecting with women has to be so HARD and feel like SO MUCH WORK

And WORST of All...

  • Wanting to GET RID OF all feelings of overwhelm and stress you feel about not feeling confident enough to do everything you want to do in your life (and NEVER AGAIN feeling that horrible feeling of regret that comes with letting great women and great opportunities to enjoy your life to the fullest pass you by!))

Why can this time be so overwhelming?  Well I call this time between the ages of 22-32 your "adult adolescence" for good reason.

I call it the "adult adolescence" phase of life, because that is when you go out in the world and really get your rear end kicked in every way!  Seriously...

It's Like You Are Starting Back At Square One Again!

For those of you who have graduated from college, you think you enter the world upon graduation as a "MAN."  I remember when I graduated from college thinking to myself, "Well, this is it.  I'm a man now.  I'm going to go out there and tackle the business world, and I'm going to get all the women."

Boy was I wrong!

What I realized, though, was that entering the world after college is really almost like going back to school again.  From the age 22 to 26, I felt like I was in college all over again.  I felt like I was a freshman at 22, a sophomore at 23, a junior at 24.

I felt like I had to re-learn everything.  (Maybe you can relate??)

I was on my own paying rent and trying to have adult relationships.

Some of you didn't go to college and have been on your own a lot longer, but either way this time between the ages of 22 and 32 really is your adult adolescence because it's the stage in your life when you're starting to figure out exactly what you want and who you are as a man.

  • You're starting to figure what you want in terms of your career.
  • You're starting to figure out what type of woman you really want to attract.
  • You go out on dates, and you start to really learn who you are.
  • You meet and interact with all sorts of people, and start to learn how to communicate effectively
  • You begin to really discern where your interests truly lie, and what kind of lifestyle you want to have

This is a critical time in your life in terms of your personal growth and your ability to communicate

That's why I created a special Men's Mastery Series that is just for this age range, because I realized that you need a unique program for this unique phase of your life.

You Don't Have It All Figured Out Yet?!  GOOD!

This is the time in your life when you are working a lot on your mindset (what people call "inner game").

You're spending countless hours trying to learn all sorts of new things -- about meeting women, about confidence and success, about what your lifestyle and habits will be, about what kind of relationships you want.

You are starting to have so-called "adult relationships" -- some of you may be looking to get married, while others may want to just live with a woman or date multiple women.

No matter what type of relationship you're looking for with a woman, I can tell you that if you are single right now it is because you are finally playing for keeps (or you THINK you are).

All this figuring out is GREAT -- You want to look at it as your opportunity to really design your life the way you want it to be, and become the kind of man you want to be.  The only thing you want to avoid, is spending your whole 20's THINKING, WONDERING, and FIGURING ... but not doing any experiencing!

Far too many guys spend this amazing period of their lives experiencing life from the sidelines...and they cheat themselves (and waste TONS of opportunities for really enjoying themselves)

Does this sound at all like you?

A Little Confession...

I am saying all of this to you, because I went through all of this myself.  Yes, guys who meet me now would probably not believe that, but it's 100% true.

Don't get me wrong...

This time between age 22 and 32 was one of my favorite times of my life.  I was living in New York City.  I was living in my first apartment, which was on the upper west side.

I loved it there -- I even had a doorman . . . sort of.  Okay, he wasn't really a door man.  He was actually just a guy named Ace who was always trying to hustle my friends for money whenever they came to visit me.

I remember this time in my life like it was yesterday.  I remember going out and having no money, but still finding ways to have a good time.

...And Then There Was My Foray Into "Women's Studies"

I remember going out every single day and trying to meet women.

I was always wondering what to say in every situation. I was always trying to figure out if I should use a pickup routine or just say hello. I remember spending nights walking the streets of Manhattan trying to figure out exactly what I would say to each woman I saw or passed on the streets.

Why Is This SO HARD?!

Most importantly, though, I remember spending a lot of time in my 20's journaling about everything that happened in my life -- the good, the bad and the ugly --all the good decisions and all the bad ones.

I remember feeling on many days like I was taking one step forward and one step back.  Some days I didn't feel like I had any idea who I was as a person.

There were some pretty dark days, believe me - ones where I would sit in my apartment alone thinking things like, "What a loser I am.  How am I ever going to relate to people?  How am I ever going to find a career that's going to make me feel happy?  Am I always going to be broke?"

I remember getting fired from more than one job on account of my "attitude problem" (although I of course always thought I was as cool as can be).

If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now...

Looking back on that time of my life -- even with my "attitude problem" getting me fired once or twice and having to dig quarters from the couch cushions at times to be able to pay for dinner -- I realize it was both some of the best times of my life and some of the most frustrating time of my life.

If I had the opportunity to go back and talk to the younger version of myself (which is what I am literally doing for all of you with this version of the Mastery Series), do you know what I would tell myself?

I'd tell myself that this is one of the greatest periods of your life, and need to be sure you fully experience it and learn from it!

My Biggest Regret...

I spent way too much of this period of my life thinking and waiting -- thinking about what I want to do, and always waiting do stuff until I got somewhere.

I always wanted to be somewhere I wasn't.

I used to want those days (that period of my life) to end, because I just wanted to get to the point where I could have a great time, be rich and successful, and be great with women.

What I realized later on, though, was that all the time I spent thinking about getting past that time of my life I could have (and should have) spent learning some of the most powerful lessons I would ever learn in my life  -- lessons I learned much later in life than I needed to learn them.

You Can Learn NOW What Took Me Years To Figure Out

You're going to love this version that I've created for you, because it is ALL ABOUT being 22-32 years old and experiencing life through the lens of someone who has already figured things out.

IMAGINE what life would be like during these years if all of this was your "every day" -- if you could spend these years:

  • Learning and embracing how to meet and connect with women
  • Experience each thing as it happens, and accepting yourself when you are having bad days
  • Knowing how to grow every day, so that you become the confident and powerful man you are meant to become.
  • Knowing and enjoying being able to connect with any woman you meet -- and with all the people in your life and your career.
  • Designing the life you want instead of hoping a good life will happen for you -- which means you will have NO LIMITS in your life.

That's what you really want, isn't it?

Well, if you're anything like the thousand plus guys I've personally coached over the last decade, the answer is an unequivocal "yes!" And that's exactly what you're going to learn how to do, RIGHT NOW...

Just keep reading this letter and you'll discover the single best way to do ALL of the following...

  • How to meet the kind of women that make your knees buckle — naturally and effortlessly — in the flow of you're regular, everyday life...
  • The secrets to striking up fun, fearless conversations that excite youand the women you talk to— while being yourself the entire time. No gimmicks, no fake stuff — just your own authentic personality...
  • Why there's never a need to copycat somebody else's style or dress in clothes you hate. I'll show you how to tap into your own unique personal image and style — and then how to showcase it for maximum impact (this is what women really want you to do — not wear a bunch of "flashy" or expensive clothes that make you uncomfortable. And, best of all, this is what they're most attracted to on a gut level)...
  • Foolproof ways to go from initial conversations... to phone numbers... to dates — quick, easy, fun, sexually-charged dates — no matter what your dating history or budget...
  • What women really want in the bedroom — including how they want you to lead them into the bedroom (because women LOVE to be seduced!) Remember: I've talked to literally thousands of women over the years about what they want sexually — I even ran a radio show called "Fantasy Man" where women revealed their deepest, most guarded fantasies to me. And I'm about to teach you the essence of everything I've learned in this area...
  • And much, much more...

I cover all this and more in my Men's Mastery Series – OVER 17 HOURS OF MY VERY BEST DATING ADVICE – and I consider it an absolute must for any guy who wants to get serious about succeeding with women.

"Out of All the Dating Gurus, I Respect You the Most... You Have Honestly Helped Me So Much!"

Tanner S."Hey David, I heard about you through David D . . . I felt more of a connection with your teachings about healthy relationships and being a natural. Since then I have bought your Men's Mastery Series and phone coaching. I would like to tell you, out of all the dating gurus I respect you the most. You have honestly helped me so much within a few short years!

Through that journey I have noticed that no other coach talks about health and how it's a huge part of inner confidence and decreasing anxiety. With your Men's Mastery Series and coaching, I'm on my way to marrying an amazing women. (That's Tanner and his woman pictured above)."

Tanner S.
West Valley City, UT

"I Have been Using The Techniques You Teach In Your Men's Mastery Series And Now TWO Women Are Pursuing A Relationship With Me"

"Since sending you my last email I have been on 4 different dates!!! I don't think I had that many dates all of last year...

I also have also been using the techniques you teach in the Men's Mastery Series and now TWO women are pursuing a relationship with me... The only problem I have now is managing my time."

Ryan G.
Mount Annan, Australia

“She Is The Fourth Woman I've Closed Here In Brazil.”

"Two words - thank you!  After listening to your Men's Mastery Series I have been observing all of my interactions with women, and taking action.  Upon catching a bus from the airport to my apartment in Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro tonight, I finally approached and asked a beautiful woman (who just so happened to be the same woman who was sitting next to me on the plane) if she was coming back from a vacation.

Long story short - I used one of your techniques and after 45 minutes of great conversation on the bus I got her number.  So get this, it turns out she is an aspiring actress!  Yes, that's right.

You have "awoken the giant within" and I feel so much more confident.  She is the fourth woman I've closed here in Brazil.  It is all about making it happen!!!"

Antonio R.
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Testimonials like these are just a small taste of the impact it's had on guys' lives — regular, everyday guys just like you — and as you can see there are tons of similar success stories peppered throughout this page.

With results like these, I know my Men's Mastery Series works...

  • Because it's the distillation of all the most powerful things I've learned in nearly a DECADE of coaching real guys out in the real world. No theory, no guesswork — I've included ONLY the tips, strategies and advice I've found to work for myself and my clients...
  • Because I'm not a talking head that "puts on a show" in bars and clubs... I'm a regular, professional MATURE MAN who's discovered how to be myself, and attract beautiful women without compromising my lifestyle in any way...
  • Because it's really all about lifestyle, isn't it? The second you compromise your lifestyle in order to chase women, you become unhappy — and repulsive to women. Ironic, isn't it? (But there IS a way to make changes in your life — changes that will make YOU happy — and then attract women like never before... That's exactly what I've learned and it's one of the many things you'll discover in my Men's Mastery Series)...
  • Because I'll NEVER hide anything from you, EVER — just look at the evidence: No silly nicknames... my face is all over my website and YouTube... my entire life is an open book (read my blog and newsletters and you'll see how true this is)... Heck, I've even allowed some students to live with me during their trainings. See if you can find any other gurus who are this open, inviting and honest about their personal lives...
  • Finally, because I'm the ONLY dating coach who women trust enough to coach them. Why is that so important? Because it shows that I not only understand women on a deep level, but also because it shows that I'm not teaching anything that women find to be shady, unethical or undesirable in any way. My stuff is never about manipulating women — and always about naturally being the kind of guy they dream of at night...

You get the point. Sure, I offer a wide variety of products and services. But when it comes to giving you the instant, comprehensive foundation you need to succeed with women — nothing comes close to my Men's Mastery Series.

More Proven Dating Secrets Than
You Can EVER Possibly Use!

I created my Men's Mastery Series for ONE reason: To give guys like you a complete, step-by-step foundation in virtually everything I teach. This is all the stuff you simply MUST understand (and live by) if you want genuine, lasting success with women.

Here's just a very small taste of what you'll discover in the program...

Introduction To Your Adult Adolescence

What the heck is an "adult adolescence?!"  In this first Volume, I introduce you to what your adult adolescence is all about . . . and why you are experiencing it right now!

I take you though my own personal journey through my own adult adolescence, and share with you some of my most personal stories, my biggest lessons, and all of the biggest moments -- highs and lows -- that I experienced during this time in my life between age 22 and 32.

I created this special version of the Men's Mastery Series so that I could do for you what I wish someone would have been able to do for me, i.e., tell me everything it took me YEARS to learn at the beginning so I could spend this great period enjoying it!

Here is a just a small sampling of what I talk about in this Volume:

  • Why it's not only okay -- but actually GOOD -- that you don't have everything figured out yet, and how to embrace this.
  • How to avoid any pressure from your friends if you are one of the few who is not with a girl at the moment.
  • How making one key mindset change can completely change how you will feel when approaching women -- and how women will respond to you.
  • How to stop comparing yourself and your life to others (and how to never again feel LESS THAN anyone else!) -- and why the biggest pressure during adult adolescence comes from comparing yourself to friends whom you perceive as being more successful with women or career.
  • How to accept each moment -- no matter how good or bad it is -- as a building block, and how seeing each of these moments as a valuable lesson is KEY to creating more success and enjoyment in dating and all aspects of your life.
  • Why this is the time when you can literally design the life you want -- from your image, your reputation, the kind of man you want to be and the kind of women/relationships you want to have in your life.
  • The 3 things that I wish I knew during my "adult adolescence" that would have changed my life.

Understanding Women, and What They Really Want – Laying the Practical Foundation for Massive Dating Success

In this section of the course, I help you build the fundamental skills you need to attract quality women into your life. This is about understanding how women think, and what they really want from men – and then going out and practicing this on a regular basis. This way it becomes a natural part of you.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover…

  • The deep, “forbidden” secrets of female psychology. Understand this stuff, and you automatically do and say the right things around women…
  • How to “dial up” your masculine energy – and when to tone it down so she becomes relaxed enough to feel attraction for you…
  • Why looks don’t matter that much – and how to compensate if you’re not the best looking guy in town (I’ve helped short, fat, bald guys date women WAY out of their league – and I’m willing to bet you’re muuuuch better off than them)…
  • Why it’s never about pick-up lines or what you say – it is about how you say it and how real you are in the moment…
  • A simple “technique” (though it’s really NOT a technique at all, it’s something you’ll soon do naturally) that you can use to approach any woman. Ever been in front of a woman and used a canned pick-up routine, just to be standing there 30 seconds later with nothing to say? This will get you past the 30 second mark every time. If you use this one thing correctly, you will have women talking to you all day and night long. In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret: I never used a canned line ever … I don’t believe in them. When I speak with a woman, I intrigue her. And now, you will too…
  • Why being the soft “nice guy” always gets you put in the friend zone – and how to stop being the needy little “bitchboy” that women secretly hate…
  • The ultimate “mindset secret” – reflected in your sly smile – that gets her to smile back at you at every time. Guaranteed to have her wondering what you are thinking about. (BTW – never, EVER share this with her – it ruins the mystery). When you hear this for the very first time, you’re going to laugh and say “I can not only do that, but I’m going to have FUN doing that!!”
  • SPEAK FIRST AND THEN WALK AWAY – so that she chases after you!
  • How to actually treat her like a real person – not as an object – and quickly melt their heart this way. Most guys don’t even realize they’re doing this, and how repulsive it is to women. Instead, I’ll show you how to ask questions about her, not the interview questions but interesting questions that separate you from other guys… She’ll be like putty in your hands when you express true interest like I show. You’ll also discover the simple secrets to being to be a good listener, including how to always remember details of what she’s told you (like a friend’s name, her favorite whatever) and how to use this information to get her even more attracted to you…

How to Convey Strong Sex Appeal and Confidence, From the Initial Approach All the Way to the Bedroom

Literally based on thousands of discussions I’ve had with women. This volume reveals everything they want you to know about being the strong sexy guy they dream of at night, but will never, EVER tell you directly to your face.

Most guys never realize how much power and sexuality they must project – IF they want to succeed with the most desirable women. This is something I’ve learned to do naturally over the years, and I believe ANY guy can learn it with the right approach.

This volume will teach you that and more, including…

  • How to convey “movie star” attitude. Once you know the most effective ways to convey sex appeal to her, you’ll never worry about your looks, height or anything like that again. Just imagine the confidence of being able to walk up to any woman and not care what she thinks of you…
  • Important little things that women notice… which men are completely clueless about! I’ll tell you about how women notice the approach and the way you walk … and about how they notice your nervous body language from a distance. These little things seem trivial, until you understand that women make decisions about whether they’ll sleep with you on the basis of them…
  • The single fastest way to master the art of flirting…
  • Real fear vs. fake fear… and how to tell the difference. I’ll show you why women are even more nervous and insecure than you. Walking up to a woman is not jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. It is just one encounter. Learn why you need to stop putting so much pressure on one encounter. Get up to bat! Let’s talk about sports here. What makes a good QB? What makes a good hitter in baseball? Why are you so different?
  • How to approach woman after woman – without hesitation – so that you learn at the fastest possible rate. (Hint: You’ve got to know the best places to go, where woman are ready to talk… and your chances of getting shot down are much lower).
  • The most underused place for meeting beautiful women? The mall! Whenever I take bootcamp students to the mall, we have a blast and meet tons of great women. The catch? You’ve got to have the right mindset and plan, which I’ll explain to you on this volume…
  • How any guy can tap into the power of “social proof.” You see, women use other women to measure your value. If they think you’re desired by other women, they automatically feel more attraction to you. I’ll show you how to recruit a cool, sexy wing girl who will validate and “prove” to other women that you’re worth being interested in. Remember, who you are seen with will determine what type of woman you can attract…

The Death of Pickup Lines and “Canned Material” PLUS, How to Have Fun, Fearless Conversation with ANY Woman You Meet

What do I say? This is the toughest part. Imagine being able to look at a woman for five seconds, and after the five seconds know exactly what to say and how to say it without using pick-up lines. All the while coming across as a genuine, sincere person that women are irresistibly attracted to.

Ultimately, women do not like lines or canned approaches. If you want to attract young, insecure girls then use canned lines, but if you are looking for that sexy, intelligent high-caliber woman, then you will LOVE this session…

  • Lose the pick-up lines! When you use lines that you memorize and try to “wow” women, they totally sense it. Even if they can’t put their finger on what you’re doing, it’s a turn off. Wouldn’t you rather develop the skills to be natural and spontaneous – ALL THE TIME?
  • How to drop that “creepy stalker boy” persona – which almost every guy has at least a little bit of – and learn the right way to look at women, smile and carry yourself (This is one of the key differences between guys who can sleep with women on the first few dates, and those that never get physical with women)…
  • Why you should have “bad boy edge” to your look and personality – even if you work a boring day job and are in a long-term, committed relationship!
  • The simple secret that will destroy all your excuses for good…
  • SHOCKING, BUT TRUE: How to walk into any strip club and be the intriguing guy, not the customer. Going to a strip club during off time is one of the best “training grounds” for flirting with hot sexy girls – once you know the secrets…
  • Why “playing the numbers” with women is smart, once you know the secret. Start this process, and you’ll never obsess over a single girl again…
  • The fast track to “social charisma.” I’ll show you how to remove any obstacle you have to being the fun, talkative cool guy…
  • The art of observation – how to spontaneously start interesting conversations with anyone, anywhere… ANYTIME!
  • Shed your attachment to the outcome… and watch your results soar! Most guys have crazy, unrealistic expectations that set them up for failure and frustration. But not you, not anymore! I’ll show you how to always practice with women in a way that’s fun, pressure free… and ultimately, much better for your results. This is how you can arrive at true confidence – even BEFORE you’ve got the experience to back it up!
  • The amazing “15 minutes a day” habit that will change your life. This finally puts you on a level playing field with attractive women (who get hit on all the time, and have become masters at reading you)…
  • Wait longer than 5 seconds to approach her, and you’re toast. You either need to go in immediately – or do what I recommend on this volume, and you’ll feel great about your experience either way. Essential material for preserving your confidence in the long run…
  • The little-known “the 30 second rule” (nothing like the other rules you’ve heard in the seduction community)…
  • Is your conversation going bad? Here’s how to eject with smooth confidence that will leave the door open for future interactions with her…
  • The most unlikely places to meet hot women – which not one guy in a thousand thinks about – that gives you an unfair advantage with the kind of women you like…
  • The secret to “owning the room.” (Hint: It has to do with how often you go to a certain place, and how much comfort you convey when you go there.) This is a shortcut to almost celebrity-level status in places where you like meeting women. Once you’ve got that, attracting them becomes child’s play…

How to Get Ridiculously Good at Approaching So That You Never Have to Worry About Meeting Women AGAIN!

By this time, you’ll already have tons of powerful new tips for approaching women when you’re out. But I won’t stop there. You see, the process of approaching women is so vital to your long-term success – so liberating for you as a man – that I spend another volume helping you refine your skills further.

And the results you experience will be staggering: If you’re anything like my personal clients, you’ll find that confidence in approaching extends into all other areas of your life. Knowing that you can always go out and meet great new women prevents you from being needy and clingy… gives you greater power in your dates and relationships… and makes you feel unstoppable.

Here’s just a few of the many advanced secrets you’ll discover…

  • Just open your mouth! Forgetting about being “perfect” in your approaches is one of fastest ways to skyrocket both your confidence and results. I’ll give you the mindset you need to make this happen…
  • Immediately remove these conversation killers from your vocabulary…
  • The three common guy mistakes made during the approach, and how a simple tweak in your body language almost single-handedly takes care of them all…
  • Authentic storytelling that draws women into YOUR REALITY. No need to make up stories or steal them from “gurus” – I’ll show you how to look at your past and develop your own stories that make women want to be part of your life…
  • How to charm her friends and family – so that they become your own personal cheerleaders, constantly encouraging her to be with you. This makes your life so much easier!
  • Why you should never violate the “Friday Night Rule”…
  • Advanced “psychological judo” – how to turn her fear of giving you her number into intense excitement about meeting you…
  • You’ve probably heard about the importance of being “cocky and funny.” Too much cocky and you’re an asshole – too much funny and you’re a clown. So how do you balance it? It’s all about controlling your feelings in the moment, which I show you how to do in this volume…
  • How to tease her with both words and body language (not one guy in a 1000 does this consistently, but it’s the hugest turn on for her when you do)…
  • If you choose to compliment her on her looks (which I don’t usually recommend), make sure you do it THIS WAY…
  • How to ask questions without seeming like a boring, needy “interview guy”…
  • A woman will tell you exactly how she wants to be seduced – ONCE you know how to listen to her…
  • How to use props in your environment to give her an unforgettable experience…
  • Don’t kill your momentum! Instead, leave her wanting more. Learn how to walk away so that she can’t stop thinking about you…
  • Forget about whether or not you’re her “type”! A woman has no idea what she wants until she sees you. Women are spontaneous and opportunistic – which is exactly why the cool, ugly bald guy can date the supermodel. Here’s how to take advantage of this fact…
  • When no really means “NO”… and when it means, “Keep trying!”
  • The sexiest, most direct way to ask her out. Most guys are way too weak and ambiguous when it comes to setting up dates. And this creates flakiness. But when you’re strong and direct, you stand out so much that a woman wouldn’t dream of flaking – in fact, she’ll be thinking about you until the next time you meet!
  • The best things to say if you’re rejected or if she has a boyfriend (do this right, and you’ll still have a chance later on)…
  • What works better – phone, email or both? Answer: It all depends on the situation…
  • How to set the rules like a REAL MAN…
  • Why you should NEVER talk about money – no matter what you do – not about the cost of your clothes, of dinner, of ANYTHING! You either look like a bragging douchebag – or a cheap bastard. Neither is good. On the flip side, act like I recommend on this volume and the women will be intrigued and deeply impressed by how you operate. You’ll come across like the “nothing is a big deal” guy who’s super cool…
  • Fast, fun first dates. Little-known places and things that stimulate the conversation and attraction, not kill it…

How to Naturally Put Your Best Foot Forward… Creating an Identity, Look and Overall “Presence” that Makes You Unique

In this volume, you’ll learn simple ways to “package” yourself, and how to use your new sharper image to make women APPROACH YOU. You’ll learn how to define your look and why looking different sets you apart from all the other men.

But you won’t just look “different” – you’ll look better. Every guy has a natural sense of style, and can create a look that expresses the best parts of his personality and lifestyle. That’s what I’ll teach you how to do. No more looking “ordinary” – and no more needlessly flashy clothing that says, “I’m a boy who needs attention.” Instead, you’ll use your style to project that you’re a strong, confident sexual guy who knows who he is – and knows what women want.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find out…

  • What your current wardrobe says about you (if you’re like most guys, it’s NOT flattering!)…
  • How to dress for the kind of women you’d like to attract. You’re not going to get “Hot Lawyer Girl” dressed like an 80s punk rocker. You’ve got to match her image of an ideal guy. I’ll teach you how to do this, while still being true to who you are and what you like…
  • How to remove clothing items that will get you automatically rejected by the women you approach (some of these are surprising!)…
  • Are you “one-night-stand guy” or relationship material? Believe it or not, a lot of her perception about this is based on how you dress… PLUS, I’ll show you how to be both so that you can get sexual quickly and then keep her around if you like her…
  • Exactly how to create an amazing new look, WITHOUT breaking the bank. I have a confession to make – I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes! I think it’s stupid. So I shop smart and still get what I need to attract all the women I want. Now you will too…
  • Take fashion advice from this kind of woman ONLY…
  • Secrets to dressing for your body type – even if you’re short, stocky or out of shape – and the biggest fashion “no-no’s” when it comes to sizing…
  • Why lawn furniture has to stay out of the living room…
  • How to use candles in your place to convey strong sexual confidence and comfort (don’t do this wrong, however, or you’ll come across as sleazy)…
  • Take note of what she likes to drink… and then use this to your advantage! She’ll love that you’ve taken the time to remember her, and she’ll often reward you in more ways than one…
  • The underestimated role of music and the keys to seduction by music. I’ll teach you how to load your iPod with great mixes…
  • The unmatched power of shoes and a great watch…

Where to Meet the BEST Women… And EXACTLY What to Say

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re always asking about women… where are they? Now that you know how to speak with them, you need to know where they are and the best possible places to meet them. Places with virtually no competition!

That’s right… imagine going out and meeting women where there is no competition. I do this all the time. Why should I go to a bar and deal with all that drunken energy, when I can meet these same hot women in other places… and in places I don’t have to deal with their annoying friends or the drunk guy hitting on her over and over again. I know how to meet women everywhere I go, and I will share with you the easiest and best places to meet them.

Some of what you’ll learn in this volume:

  • The ideal places to meet your “type” of woman… how to frequent these kinds of places… and how to naturally converse with them whenever you come through…
  • How to meet women online, and how to flirt with them via email and instant messaging…
  • The amazing “bait, hook, and release” technique…
  • Why you must adhere to the “The 10 p.m. Rule”…
  • If you do go to bars, here’s the best approach I’ve ever discovered…
  • Over 15 of my favorite venues for meeting women. These are places where there is NO competition and ZERO distractions from her friends…
  • The “Let’s Have Breakfast” suggestion that works every time (Hint: It’s NOT what you think!)
  • “The Sunday Afternoon” miracle – quite possibly your best window to meet amazing women…
  • Why her dog is your absolute best friend…

How to Always Take the Next Step With the Women You Want Most

In this volume, I talk about how to continually take things to the next level with women. Once you’ve approached her, you need to get her number… once you got that, you need to set up a date… and so on.

Using powerful (and easy) “follow-up” tactics, you’ll see why what you DON’T say is as important as what you DO say.

Honestly, how many times have you received a phone number, but you just can’t seem to close the deal? Imagine knowing what to do next every time so you can create mystery and intrigue. Women love a guy who is mysterious… and if you follow my step-by-step game plan, every time you see a woman you will leave her wanting more – and not less – of you. So, in this volume:

  • How to leave short, sweet, yet highly intriguing phone messages. If you’ve ever left messages for women and not gotten a call back, this will change that for you, permanently…
  • Using email to bond and connect on a deeper level…
  • Mindset secrets that will guide into writing strong, confident, flirtatious emails – including what to say when she emails and/or calls you back…
  • How to overcome any resistance she has about meeting up…
  • How to stand her down and confront her on her bullshit (this makes you attractive beyond belief – because “nice guys” NEVER do this)…
  • Is she being “difficult”? Learn the secret of the “the last chance call”…

Secrets to Getting Her So Turned On She’ll Be Begging YOU to Get Sexual With Her!

In this volume, I discuss how to seduce women – mind AND body… and why it’s SO important to do both!

Imagine your phone vibrating every Friday night with a woman who asks you to booty call her. Imagine being able to turn on a woman on so she is begging you for sex. This is how I live my life, and this is what I am going teach you.

Most men think and act like the next time they get sex will be the last time they have sex, so they get all nervous and they don’t know how to get her to want more of you. I am going to share with you some of the most powerful sexual techniques that I have learned over my lifetime. This is going to rock her world!


  • How to rapidly turn ANY women on – no matter how “proper” she seems right now…
  • Why you should touch her like a man, but GENTLY. Don’t rub her arm like you’re using your fingers as a pencil eraser. She’s a woman, and she wants your strong, yet soft touch (unless you’re having a rough sex session, then it’s a totally different story)… But don’t worry, I’ll walk you through all of this – no more guessing…
  • How to make your move in a way that shows YOU are in control. Very sexy to women!
  • “Crack the code” of her kissing style! (Does she like it slow, fast, deep, just the tip of the tongue, part tongue and then part just lips touching without tongue or some other way?) Figure out her style and mirror it!!! That’s what makes her think you are a good kisser. I’ll let you in on a little secret: There are NO good kissers… it’s all about being the same STYLE kisser as the person you are kissing that makes you think the kiss is GOOD!!!
  • How to make sex her idea every time – and why “guilt” and “obligation” are the ultimate enemies of seduction…
  • The trick to overcoming any woman’s “intoxicating beauty” and how to treat her – no matter how hot she is – just as you would any other girl…
  • Use this strategy to make her ultra comfortable, so she brings her toothbrush and a change of clothes over to your place this weekend…
  • Do you ever get “buyer’s remorse”? (Where a woman you hooked up with doesn’t answer or return your calls.) NOT ANYMORE! Not when you use what I teach on this portion of the program…
  • When to say “no” to sex… and why this will make you different from every other guy who has been in that situation with her…
  • One night stands vs. long-term-relationships… How to define it right from the beginning and why she will respect and want you even more when you handle this like a man…
  • The art of resisting her advances. Few guys know about her “guilty thought process,” and how to push her away so you don’t get her guilty thought process sabotaging the sex later on…

Time Of Your Life!

In this session of the Men's Mastery Series, I spend an hour and a half with some of my coaches, where we go DEEP into the process of designing your own ideal lifestyle – and then making beautiful women a natural part of it.

You see, most guys do it all backwards. They spend their time and build their life around the goal of meeting women. They dress in ways that don’t feel natural. And they spend their weekends (and lots of money) going to bars and clubs they don’t enjoy.

And then guess what happens? What’s the result of all their hard work and sacrifice?

If you guessed “a life filled with beautiful women” – you guessed wrong!

I know because virtually every student I get has tried to chase women and live the life of a “pickup artist” – without any results to speak of.

And to top it off – not only do these guys still lack women in their lives… they HATE the life they’re living.

Well, I say STOP THE MADNESS. You should live the life you LOVE!

That’s what this session is all about.

In it, I teach you…

  • How and why you must make the mental commitment to your ideal lifestyle (I’ll give you the exact steps I used to get to where I am today)…
  • Why you really can “have it all”: Fun, career success, money, good health, good relationships… AND beautiful women – if you have a roadmap…
  • The “inner game” secrets you need to STOP making women the center of your life…
  • Why women NEVER want to be the center of your life! (Here’s a little known secret: Women always want to be #2 in your life – that’s what they’re deeply attracted to in men)…
  • What to do so that you get your ENTIRE LIFE in order (and why this is going make you more attractive to women than almost anything else you do)…
  • How to instantly turn off that crippling “nervous chatter” that prevents you from approaching women you like (quieting this “chatter” is also key to escalating with a woman in a one-on-one situation)…
  • And so much more…

I could go on and on, but you simply need to listen to this session. Remember: You’re not that far from creating a life that you truly love… where you enjoy each and every day… where you experience genuine excitement and fulfillment… a life that beautiful, intelligent people desperately want to be part of!

Sneak "Behind-The-Scenes" of a $2500 Boot Camp

If you’ve never attended one of my admittedly expensive boot camps, this is your opportunity to get an “inside look” at what really happens.

In each one, I spend almost 70 hours with guys walking around in the field teaching them how to create irresistible attraction wherever we go. I teach guys how to STOP chasing women and START attracting them.

Big, BIG difference.

But there so much more that guys discover during a boot camp. That’s why we have at least one big “roundtable session” where they get to ask me anything they want about women and dating.

Believe me – these “no-holds-barred” Q&A sessions are eye opening! Here you have a group of guys facing their struggles and insecurities with women… and then asking me about EVERYTHING that pops into their head.

I can guarantee you – there’s great chance these are the same questions YOU probably have – but have never had the chance to ask!

For example, here’s just a taste of what you’ll find in this TWO AND A HALF HOUR session:

  • How to become a lead in her romantic comedy (this is something she dreams of day and night – and NOTHING will make her more excited)…
  • Why 80% of what happens is all non-verbal communication, and why that’s good news!
  • The secret to owning every single place you go, creating a powerful persona that nobody can easily forget…
  • How to quickly write an irresistible online profile…
  • Why I always sleep with a woman within three dates – and how you can too.
  • A simple way to become the center of attention – and how to become comfortable (everyone tells you to be an “alpha male” but this is HOW you actually do it!)
  • Secrets to kissing, oral sex, all night lovemaking and more…
  • The quickest ways to harness the power of eye contact and positive energy...
  • How to use “portal words” (these are words that you use in order to go to a move powerful part of the conversation)…
  • You're also going to learn how to escalate sexual attraction on a date, including how to get her to really get turned with each passing minute!
  • The art of verbal foreplay (how to steer the conversation in a sexual direction)...
  • How to listen to her in a way that doesn’t make you seem like a pussy…
  • Secrets for teasing her in all the ways that she loves…
  • Texting to turn her on – exactly how to do it…
  • And way, WAY MORE than I can possibly list here!

The Power Of She Talk

The topic that has become a bootcamp legend is now part of the Men's Mastery Series!

In this Volume, I teach you one of the most ESSENTIAL skills you can learn to be able to connect with women better than 90% of the guys out there ... and in ways that will have women literally running after you. I'm talking about learning the power of she-talk.

At almost every one of my bootcamps I talk to guys about the power of storytelling and the power of she-talk. She-talk is understanding EXACTLY how to emotionally connect with a woman in every way by speaking her language.

Ever wonder WHY I get emails from women every day who tell me they want to date men I've coached? Here is one of the big reasons ... and you will learn all about it in this Volume.

This is almost one hour of going deep into how to truly connect with women--and how you can do that with just the power of your voice, your tone and your body language.

You will be amazed at the reaction you will get from women!

In this Volume, I talk about:

  • How to use the power of your voice and your body language to connect with women like never before.
  • How to use the power of understanding how women relate - and how to use women's affection for stories.
  • Learn through exercises how to become the kind of powerful men women can't get enough of ... and how this kind of man turns women on like no other.
  • How understanding the power of she-talk will also teach you to understand the power of she-SEX ... and why this part alone is a must listen to audio!
  • and much, much more!

This audio is going to teach you and help you understand women far greater than you've ever understood them before ... and the result will be women wanting to spend time getting to know YOU like never before ...

So get ready to connect with women on a truly deep level. That's the power of understanding she-talk.

Validation and Confirmation

You know what kills most men in their quest to meet women? It's their constant desire for confirmation or validation from women.

When they look at a woman, they're always looking for some type of confirmation that she wants to talk, that she likes him, that she wants him ... or whatever it may be. Most men spend half their lives looking for confirmation and validation from women they want to approach.

In this Volume of the Men's Mastery Series, I spend about 90 minutes talking about how to never, ever again wait for validation AND how to validate yourself. I go through some simple exercises that will show you how to feel confident approaching any woman.

Through all my years of coaching, I've found that even when men learn to get rid of the "monkey chatter" in their mind and cultivate a great mindset, that most men still will not approach a woman until they see some kind of positive body language clues from a woman. Most men still ask themselves what a woman's body language is "saying."

In this Volume, I'll show you why if you stop looking for confirmation and validation - and get your head in the moment--that you'll never lack a date or sex. Men who go after what they want SUCCEED!

I'll also show you how by eliminating the need for validation and confirmation you will not only be that much more powerful of a man . . . but you will be able to read a woman's subtle signals that most guys completely miss.

In this volume I'll also cover the following:

  • Find out why what a woman's body language is "saying" doesn't matter, and why you need to "just go in" regardless of what a woman's body language is saying.
  • Why you're going to have to take a risk… and how to be okay with taking a risk.
  • Learn how to become completely outcome independent.
  • How to stop being one of the vast majority of men who view women for the first time through the eyes of their penis, and why you will be successful when you start to look at women with the eyes of your head and your heart.
  • Learn why when woman are looking at you, what they really want is for you to approach them--they want you to walk over to them and connect with them.
  • Learn the truth about the fact that most woman don't even give out "the signal."
  • How to stop looking for that confirmation that she's into you or to stop looking for that second glance or the third glance, and realize that if you approach every single woman with strength and conviction that you're going to be so successful with woman that you will never think about anything else.
  • Learn simple exercises that will allow you to confidently approach any woman without worrying about validation or confirmation.
  • How to read a woman's "subtle signals" (which most guys completely miss!) and how to be the powerful man who doesn't have to wait for the obvious signals every other guy waits for before approaching.
  • How to proceed sexually and how to create sexual tension in women before you ever are with them physically.
  • Why by no longer needing validation and confirmation, you will automatically be perceived by women as a more powerful man.
  • Learn how to stop focusing on whether woman likes you, and why acting from a position of power will instantly make you more successful in your approaches.
  • And more, LOTS more.

The Power Of Repetition

This hour-long Volume will be the KEY to taking all of the information you learn in this Program, and making it automatic and effortlessly part of your life every single day.  What I am giving you in this Program is truly transformational and life-changing, but if you feel overwhelmed about how to apply it, or if you feel like applying it is whole lot of stress and work, then really what good is it doing you?! That is why I created this brand new Volume.  I don't want you to master this Program months or years from now -- but days and weeks from now so you can start to enjoy your new life right away.

What I teach you in this Volume will not just help you in your personal/dating life, but in your business life as well.  These principles and foundations are what I have used in my personal life and my business, and to what I attribute a lot of the great lifestyle I now enjoy.  In short, these principles are the foundation of my success in business and in love . . . and they are the foundation of every successful person in the world.  I am thrilled to share this with you!

Here is a just a sampling of what I cover in this very powerful Volume:

  • Learn what The Power Of Repetition really is all about (Hint: It's not what you think!), and why it is the key to your success in life, love and business -- and what the most successful people in the world use every single day.
  • I'm going to share with you a secret so powerful that it will change your life, and give you the ability to master this Program FAST.  I'm going to share with you what makes successful people successful, what makes great athletes incredible, what world leaders do better than anybody else. I'm going to share with you the one secret that every successful person in all aspects of life uses on a daily basis.
  • How I Used The Power of Repetition In My Own Life: I will show you how powerful The Power of Repetition is, and why you need to make it part of your daily life and routine (and why you WANT to make it part of your life daily routine).  I will also show you exactly how I used -- and still use every day -- this tool to achieve the success I have in business, love and life.
  • Why you need to become repetitive, and why being Repetitive will make you the most interesting and attractive guy out there to women.  Sounds counterintuitive, right?!  You would think I would tell you to 'be original,' 'be clever,' and 'be unique.'  Yes, you want to be all of those things, but the way to embody all these qualities is by being repetitive!  In this Volume, I'll tell you why this is true and exactly how to do it.
  • Never wonder what to say or do again!  This is the result of mastering the Power of Repetition.  Once you get this, everything you learn in this Program will naturally come out of you without wondering and worrying about what to say or do.
  • Access To What I Teach At My Most Popular Seminar: This Volume was recorded LIVE at my most popular seminar.  You can be a fly on the wall and listen in to what my clients hear.  It is one of my most requested topics, and it answers one of the most frequently asked questions I get: How do I put all this great information together and not feel overwhelmed?  In this Volume, I tell you exactly how to do it.
  • Learn how to tap into the skill you already possess that is the key to mastering the Power of Repetition.  Once you get over what I call "the magic pill syndrome," and once you embrace the Power of Repetition, then you can tap into this skill that YOU ALREADY HAVE to make doing everything in this Program and meeting women as easy as tying your shoes, as simple as walking out the door, and as simple as starting your car.  I have a game plan in here that is going to blow you away.  It is going to bring in everything you have listened to in the Mastery series together and it is going to make everything seem really simple because meeting women should be fun!  I give you the full blueprint and roadmap here!

The Dangerous Disease: Obsession

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?  You meet a woman you are really into (after not having met a woman you were really into in a while).  You barely know her.  You call her, and she doesn't call you back.  You become fixated on wanting to know why.  You call all of your friends asking them what you did wrong.  Did you leave the wrong voicemail message?  Should you have texted her instead of  calling her?  Should you have called her a day earlier?  Did you say the wrong things when you first met her?

You have one of the most dangerous dating diseases out there: obsession.  And it's sabotaging your dating life more than anything else!

Obsession is not leading you to an abundant life.  When you obsess about one woman, it means that you do not believe in yourself enough to believe that you have the power to go out and meet many women.

This Volume will show you not only the cure for the disease of obsession, but how to inoculate yourself from ever succumbing to this disease again!  It is the one vaccination you will be only too happy to get.

  • How to avoid "falling off the wagon" as you're mastering everything in this Program - and how to not let certain women trip you up and take you off course.  It happens to the best of them.  Guys will be faithfully following this Program until they meet "her" -- that woman who lures them right back into old patterns.  This Volume will show you how to stop this from happening.
  • How to keep obsession from causing you to miss opportunities to connect with amazing women.  Whenever you get obsessed with a woman -- whether it's for five minutes or three weeks -- you miss out on so many opportunities that you could've had with other (better) women.  I show you the exact mindset exercises you need to stop you from obsessing ever again.
  • Why obsessing is actually the absolute least attractive version of you to women.  I will show you why you will never attract any woman over whom you obsess.
  • How to stop being outcome-based in your dating life once and for all!  Never again worry about what will happen, wonder why anything happened (or didn't happen), or rehash what you did/said with any woman.  You (and all the friends you involve in your obsession) will thank me!
  • My secret to how to remain 100% present in the moment in every situation.  This is the "sweet spot" where all the good stuff you want to happen with a woman happens.  This is where a woman will be most attracted to you, and will want more of you.
  • How to avoid all of the "trigger points" that lead to obsession.  Once you understand the psychology of what triggers people to spiral into obsession, you can stop it happening for good.  I'll share with you my own personal  journey through this.
  • How to "rescue yourself" if you ever catch yourself starting to obsess over a woman.  Learn how to get yourself out of this mode -- and quickly -- every time.

Here's What EVEN MORE Guys Like You are Saying About My Men's Mastery Series:

“It's Rocking My Perception Of How Things Work In The Seduction Arena”

"I am  29, moved recently from London to Madrid. Just finished listening to the Men's Mastery Series, right after reading Date to Win, and want to thank you a lot about it. It's rocking my perception of how things work in the seduction arena, which has been a big hurdle for way too long. I haven't been with a girlfriend for over a year and a half, and my dating history would be quick to tell all about...

You are 100% authentic and passionate, and what you teach makes real sense to me."

Francisco T.
Madrid, Spain

"...Have Genuine Love In My Life"

Joshua J."I have studied what you have said, in your Men's Mastery Series and other resources; and, that message of having a "clear vision" really comes through. I have to say that my life has changed... NO! I have changed it, because I have a clear vision.

As I look back on it now, I realize that the main reason for past relationships not working was my own lack of confidence, which spawned from a murky vision. Now, at 23 years of age, through use of David'sMen's Mastery Series I have developed a very clear vision for what I really want out of life. I now create my own life, run a small talent management company in Los Angeles and have genuine love in my life; and, Gen and I are very happy. Thanks David!"

Joshua J.
Los Angeles, CA

"Within 24 Hours My Whole Dating Life Changed."

"I heard about you through David D. in one of his dating guru cds. I really liked your approach to dealing with women, especially the whole one-on-one thing. Also I like how you like get into a woman's mind and take charge of conversations early on in the game. So I had to order your complete Men's Mastery Series.

Within 24 hours my whole dating life changed. You teach with such passion and you made me believe in myself again.

The way you break down the approaches and how women think really opened my eyes. I am so glad that I found you and your products."

Taha B.
Los Angeles, CA

"...My Life Will Never Be The Same!"

Brendan C."I have had a few weeks now to put everything on the Men's Mastery Series to work for me, and I assure you it has worked. What I realize now is that when I went out initially it was exclusively with the mindset to pick up women.

The problem was that I was ignoring everyone else in the process. It didn't even occur to me how 2 dimensional I was becoming, everyone wants to be acknowledged and charmed, not just the women that you're attracted to. The advice to assume a position of leadership and confidence with everyone is a brilliant strategy, the dividends have been enormous for me personally and academically. My friendships have become more rewarding as a result and I am now dating an incredible girl I met in my Therapeutic Touch class.

David's Men's Mastery Series has been an excellent tool to augment my social repertoire and has brought me immense rewards with the opposite sex and want to thank you for putting out such a comprehensive product. You are doing the world a tremendous service!"

Brendan C.
Idledale, CO

“I Seriously Went From A 3-Year Dry Spell Without A Single Date To Kissing A girl I Would Normally Write Off As She's Completely Out Of My League.”

"I'm just finishing the Men's Mastery Series and I went to a party and had an amazing conversation with a tall hot 20 year old blonde (I'm 22). It started with me teasing her and we called each other out on a few things, but by the end of the night she told me how much she liked me and was introducing me to her friends. Then I met a girl on the bus who works at a Starbucks a block away from my office. Guess who is going for free coffee tomorrow morning?

My blackberry is buzzing off the hook. Invites to parties, friends trying to set me up with hotties, dates this week, and even an old friend who I've been chasing for years is finally coming after me. Best of all, school hasn't even started yet!

I seriously went from a 3-year dry spell without a single date to kissing a girl I would normally write off as she's completely out of my league. If those aren't results, I don't know what are.

Your Men's Mastery Series will end up being one of the best investments I ever made. I'm done gushing, I swear."

Randy S.
Quebec, Canada

As you can see, my Men's Mastery Series is a wealth of mega-powerful info.--In total, it's jam-packed with almost 17 HOURS OF AUDIO...

The ONLY place to find all of this information in one place is to attend one of my $2,500 Bootcamps...And with this program, you get $2,500 worth of information PLUS you get to have the information recorded for you to listen to over and over again, anytime, anywhere!

Before I tell you how much you actually have to pull out of your wallet to get this Program (HINT: It's nowhere near $2,500!), let me make sure to tell you about my "industry best" Guarantee...

I offer one of the BEST guarantees ever offered in the industry: My 60-Day "Get MORE Dates" Guarantee. This one is unbelievable ... so you might want to sit down for this!

Take 60 Days — yep, 2 full months — to implement the strategies and techniques in Men's Mastery Series: Adult Adolescence, and if after implementing them* you aren't getting MORE dates in 60 days than you got in the last year, I'll refund every red cent you paid for this product.

Yes, I do mean MORE dates in just 2 months than you've had in the entire year before... and that's what I'm 100% confident you will experience this once you utilize the techniques I teach you!

This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident inMen's Mastery Series: Adult Adolescence!

*Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

I know, pretty bold promise, right?

It is ... but I don't put out products that are anything less the very best quality and jaw-droppingly effective, so I feel very comfortable making this bold and confident guarantee.

Why am I so sure that what's in this program will work for you?

I am 100% sure that this program will create a massive and unbelievable transformation in your dating and personal life because what I teach in this program is EXACTLY what I used to transform my own life (as well as the lives of thousands of readers and clients over the last eleven years)!

Act Quickly And Be Rewarded BIG TIME For Taking Swift, Decisive Action... ...With The Whoppin' F-R-E-E BONUSES Having A Total Value Of Almost $200.00!

For the first 500 people who act quickly, I am going to throw in huge "fast mover" bonuses.

These are worth hurrying for!

By themselves, they have a combined retail value of almost $200.00!


FREE BONUS #1: Secrets of Online Seduction

It's one thing to meet women online — which I cover in the Men's Mastery Series— but it's another thing to be able to quickly get physical with the women you meet. In this audio clip, I walk you through a variety of powerful techniques, including... How to spot women who are ready for quick flings... How to get her on the phone as quickly as possible... The best way to transition into dirty talk and fantasy — which is the secret to getting her so aroused, she'll literally be dying to meet you... How to get her to come over to your place... and so much more.

(Value = $29.97)

FREE BONUS #2: How to Create Exciting, Lasting Relationships with Women, Overnight

With the skills you gain from the Men's Mastery Series, you’ll undoubtedly have the option of entering into relationships with women. But this is where it gets tricky – and where most guys fall short.

That’s why, in this session, I sit down with a well-known relationship therapist to uncover many of the key reasons why relationships fail… why the guy or the girl nearly always lose attraction for each other… how to keep YOUR from disintegrating (so that you always end them when YOU want)… great ways to keep the fire burning, so there’s always an abundance of passion and chemistry between you… good dates to go on, once you’re in a relationship… how to always keep the lines of communication open (and talk about things before they turn into downward spiraling argument)… and so much more.

(Value = $39.97)

FREE BONUS #3: Walk Away… So She Chases You!

One of my favorite ways to attract women – right off the bat – is to approach them, start a conversation and then walk away after a few minutes. No you don’t want to do this all the time – it would be silly to walk away from the most amazing, most connected conversation of your life.

But the point is that there are times when it’s best to open a women, be friendly and then move on to what you were doing – or go talk to someone else.

Why do this? Because women LOVE it! It shows them that you’re not the “suffocating” type of guy… you’re not needy – just a fun, friendly guy… and because this gives women the opportunity to pursue you, which they love. I’ll tell you exactly how to make this work – at the supermarket… the club… or the next friends’ party you find yourself at!

(Value = $24.97)

FREE BONUS #4: Bring Her Back to the Magic Moment

Women love romance, and they want to feel like they’ve shared a special moment with you. That’s what this audio is all about. Once you’ve created that initial magic moment (what you’ll learn how to do in the Men's Mastery Series), this shows you how exactly how to bring her back to that moment, rekindling all the wonderful emotions she experienced.

Remember, this is NOT manipulation – it’s what women desperately want you to do. It’s what creates that feeling of emotional attachment that they so long for. I’ll walk you through this process – and how to make it work from day one… all throughout your future encounters with this woman!

(Value = $24.97)

FREE BONUS #5: Don't Be A Slave To Your Dick

Don't be a slave to your dick!  Too many men are slaves to their dick.  They think with their dick. They act with their dick.  As a result, their dick keeps getting them into trouble.

Women are not groin-operated creatures.  Women think with their heads.  Women think with their emotions.  Women feel emotions.

When you emotionally connect with a woman's mind, she will CRAVE your body.  It is all about creating powerful sexual attraction so sex is awesome and amazing!

Men are very raw when it comes down to sexual thoughts.  The problem with this, is that it gets you into trouble every single time!  This audio is going to expose the myths and reality of sex.

I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to be a free-thinking man . . . a man to whom women are attracted and a man whose dick women will crave!  Wouldn't you rather have women crave your dick instead of continuing to think with your dick?

I am also going to teach you how to get women to not only pursue your dick, but to want it all the time.  You are also going to learn how by doing what I teach you in this audio, women will want you sexually, emotionally . . . and in every other way.  Finally, in this audio I am going to show you all the secrets to turning on a woman's mind so that she will go crazy when she sees your dick.

(Value = $24.97)

FREE BONUS #6: Confessions From A Bootcamp Handbook

Bottom line: This is an extensive TWO AND A HALF HOUR audio session where every single person asks me questions about success with women and dating. And about becoming a naturally confident MAN.

You learn and discover much of what happens during the whole entire boot $2500 camp!

Granted, all of this is covered in the 50-page bonus handout (transcriptions of this lengthy session) - but there's something magical about actually hearing it. It's almost like you get to sneak behind the scenes and "sit in" during one of my $2500 live coaching events... learn what the attendees learned... ask the kinds of questions they asked... and, in some cases, experience the very same breakthroughs and "aha's" they experienced!

(Value = $49.97)

FREE BONUS #7: 10-Day FREE Trial of The Slight Edge Society (OPTIONAL)

Listen, I know you came here to learn about dating. To learn about sex and attracting and approaching the women you desire. But you know what? I'm about so much more than that. You see, you can apply these same principles and be successful in so much more than your dating life. I'm talking about TOTAL success in EVERY area of your life. Health. Wealth. Mindset. All of it.

And that's why I created The Slight Edge Society — an exclusive community of likeminded men & women who are dedicated to improving their lives just a little bit each day. Because I truly believe that, whether we're talking about attraction or money or health, the difference between a winner or a loser is just that slight edge.

Members of The Slight Edge Society get a ton of amazing bonuses:

Weekly Videos

Every week, I will introduce you to my personal network of leaders in all fields, from love to wealth to health. I've spent the last 20 years working in the personal development industry and my contacts are like a who’s who in all of the above — and I am going to give you access to the people you've always wanted to meet and learn from but were never able to connect with.

Here's just a taste of what I'll expose you to:

  • Health tips to live a longer life
  • Cutting-edge business strategies that enable you to increase your income
  • Wealth-building strategies
  • Dating & relationship advice that will help you on the path for love
  • Techniques for expanding your network to become a leader and a social magnet
  • Secrets from world leaders on how to manifest the life you desire

Monthly Webcast Calls

You will also have the opportunity to jump on a one-hour webcast with me at 6 p.m. PST on the last Tuesday each month where we will explore and go over in finer detail what we are all working on and what you've been exposed to that month.

But more importantly, these calls give you direct & exclusive access to me. You will be able to ask me questions during the calls based on specific things that pertain to your life, from dating to health and success.

Monthly Product Downloads

I have thousands — literally thousands — of unreleased products that Slight Edge Society members will get EXCLUSIVE access to each month.

That's right. A free product every month that will give you the chance to expand on what you've learned in the monthly webcasts and video modules and put techniques into practice that will accelerate your personal growth in these areas.

Our Annual Mastermind Day Retreat

As a member of the Slight Edge Society, you will be invited to an exclusive yearly retreat: the Slight Edge Mastermind Day. Because as a member, I want to give you the chance to connect with like-minded people. At this retreat, you will be able to network, meet other members, and of course just have a great time!

10% OFF ALL Coaching Programs & Bootcamps

But that's not all! Slight Edge Society members also get 10% off ALL coaching programs that I offer. That includes:

  • Hourly Phone Coaching
  • Email Coaching Packets
  • One-on-One Weekend Coaching
  • Intensive Monthly Coaching
  • Weekend Bootcamps
  • Personalized Date Evaluations

...and ANY other coaching program I offer on my website!

With this free bonus, you will be receiving a 10 day free trial to The Slight Edge Society, where you will receive exclusive members-only videos, downloads, and webcast coaching sessions. You can cancel at anytime through our 24-Hour Help Desk. If you decide you want to continue as a subscriber, you will be billed $49.95 every month and continue to receive these AMAZING, exclusive bonuses each month.

This bonus is completely optional and you'll be able to "accept" or "deny" it on the checkout page.

I am throwing in this HUGE load of extras because I want to "turbo charge" your success!

And these are just the "extras" I'm throwin' in to reward the guys who act quick enough (cause those who take action ALWAYS reap the biggest rewards in their dating life!)...

If you utilized the information in ANY ONE of these bonuses alone . . . you would see an immediate and drastic improvement in your ability to meet, attract and connect with women--so you can see how these seven together are a major power pack of secrets, techniques and insight into the mind of women.

"OK David ... Get Down To The Nitty-Gritty Here - This Sounds Awesome, BUT How Much Do I Have To Shell Out To Get It?"

Good question.

Truthfully, I wouldn't be a bit embarrassed to charge all $2,700 of the retail value of this program. It's worth every penny...

...but I wanted to make this mega life-transforming system affordable for everyone who is serious about wanting to cultivate real inner confidence and creating the most amazing dating life imaginable--

So if you act fast and take action right now, you won't pay anywhere near $2,700. You can get this entire program for the one-time investment of just $339.97.

Wait... If You Don't Dilly-dally And Move Quickly...

In case you don't already think I'm nuts for making this crazy offer, I am going to "sweeten the deal" by giving one more BIG reward to those who show they are really serious about making a massive transformation in their dating and personal life...

If you are one of the first 50 people to order, you can get a MASSIVE discount off the "I must be losing my marbles" low price--and the entire program can be yours for a one-time investment of just $339.97 $169.97!

And this still includes:

  • My industry best "60 Day Get MORE Dates" Guarantee! AND
  • All The FREE BONUSES that have a retail value of almost $200.00.

Putting together everything that's included in this mega-program, let's recap all that you get:

  • The most comprehensive dating product available anywhere - A complete roadmap to be able to transform each and every area of your dating and personal life, and to be able to cultivate true inner confidence.
  • Fifteen Volumes of audio - Over 17 HOURS of audio in total jam-packed with EVERYTHING you need to learn and master every
    area of your personal and dating life.
  • The huge package of FREE bonuses - including the now famous "confessions from a bootcamp" handbook from a bootcamp

That's right-- You are getting EVERYTHING you need to create the kind of supreme inner confidence that will have never again chasing women - and will have you attracting the women you MOST desire every day and everywhere you go.

What I teach in program is really THAT powerful!

DON'T HESITATE and MISS OUT on being one of the first 50 people to jump on this special crazy low price!

And you honestly have nothing to lose by taking decisive action and getting in this NOW--

--especially when I am guaranteeing that you will be successful in your dating life if you apply what I teach in this program.

Think about it..

What's The Worst-Case Scenario?

You might learn some key insights into the mind of a woman?

You might learn one or two new techniques that help you connect better with women you meet?

You might learn a couple key insights into YOURSELF and what makes you tick...

Hmmm...Are those really downsides?

Well, Let's Look At The BEST Case Scenario Then...

  • You cultivate the kind of effortless, real inner confidence you've always wanted to have that allows you to enjoyably connect with anyone, anywhere ... including with any woman you most desire.
  • You learn how to identify and breakthrough once and for all... Each and every fear and excuse that have held you back and frustrated you in your dating life.
  • You learn to become a master communicator who can create attraction and desire for you everywhere you go.
  • You learn to create the kind of lifestyle for yourself that you've always dreamed of, and enjoy your life at a level you never believed possible.
  • You never again chase a woman, and begin attracting the women you most want to attract.
  • You have more dates than you have time to go on, and with the kind of women you most desire.
  • Should I continue....this could be a VERY long list! (this is just the tip of the iceberg here...)

The BEST thing is that you will NEVER again have to spend one more penny on another dating product!

Pretty good stuff, huh?

Can you imagine ALL these things I list above being your everyday existence?

Can you imagine never again having to feel nervous, frustrated or unhappy in your dating life (yes, I said NEVER)?

You don't have to imagine--it is ALL possible!

Isn't Your Life Worth Investing In?

Especially when you have NOTHING to risk by giving this a try.

My 100% confidence in this program is incorporated into my "Industry BEST" 60- Day 'Get MORE Dates' Guarantee after all.

Can you honestly afford NOT to see if this product can totally transform your dating life? Don't wait - take decisive action TODAY!

Don't suffer through one more day being dissatisfied with your dating life.

Don't suffer through even one more bad date or bad relationship.

Don't spend one more day attracting and dating the WRONG women.

Take Control! It's Time ... No More Excuses.

Let me show you how what might seem like a "dream life" can be YOUR life starting right now!

Remember: You have absolutely NOTHING to lose with my 60 day guarantee! ... And I want nothing more than to see you succeed. So don't wait another minute.

Looking forwared to hearing about your success,

Your friend,

P.S. The time to take action to change your dating life is NOW--not tomorrow, next week or next month. What happened the last time you procrastinated and put something on the back burner? When did you achieve what you REALLY wanted?

P.P.S. Every amazing thing I talked about in here YOU could be experiencing the minute you finish listening to this Program...

P.P.P.S. Don't deliberate too long about this and miss out on the KILLER discount for being one of the first 50 to jump on this program.

Listen to What These Guys are Saying
About Men's Mastery Series:

“I've Finally Cleaned Out All That Scientific Pickup Artist Junk From My Brain”

"I just wanted to thank you so much for opening my eyes to the concept of 'living in the moment" on the Men's Mastery Series. It's really helping me these days through my dad's stay at Hospice, and stupid little things like worrying what to say to women, and people in general, is gone. This is also going to play a big role in building my network marketing empire in the future. Funny how one little insight seems to make life sort itself out.

I feel stronger because the real me that I've been holding inside pretty much my whole life is finally starting to come out, and he is a bold & direct ladies man for sure, just like my dad was. Now that I've finally cleaned out all that scientific pickup artist junk from my brain, and am living in the moment, I can just let things flow as I grow. I'm already noticing that people respond to me much more positively now that I'm finally becoming 'myself.'"

Marko S.
Cleveland, OH

“Getting Consistent Results I’ve Never Believed Possible.”

"I have to first say that after listening to the Men’s Mastery Series, I’m starting to get consistent results that I’ve never believed possible.

Thanks for putting this program together. Many years of poor results with women has caused me a lot of pain and I’m grateful that you’ve shown me an honest and ethical way to succeed with the opposite sex."

Sean P.
Boston, MA

“Thanks For The Help To Develop My Personality And Not Become A Sleazy Pickup Artist”

"Things have been interesting since I finished Your Men's Mastery Series a few months ago. Needless to say I have both participated and learned copiously about interacting with women. It occurred to me why it is important to interact with and playfully flirt with EVERY single woman you come into contact with. I was at 7Eleven grabbing a Slurpee and the girl at the counter commented on my tattoo, we then bonded over a mutual interest in Tim Burton movies/artwork and then flirted with each other.

Personally it has become second nature to flirt with every woman in a customer service position, but today something else clicked in my mind. When you flirt with any woman you are essentially paying them a compliment on both their physical beauty and personality, in turn they make you feel handsome and desirable. Truly, everyone wins when a man takes the initiative to stop and flirt with a woman because the fact is they are all beautiful and interesting. The "getting laid" mentality couldn't be further from my mind these days; having an interesting conversation is far more important, sex really is like anything else you develop an abundance of. Seriously, thanks for the help to develop my personality and not become a sleazy pickup artist."

Brendan C.
Idledale, CO

“... I Managed To Talk To SEVEN different Women In ONE Bar On A Night Out!”

"I've now listened to your Men's Mastery Series four times and it had greatly improved my social skills with women of all types.

I realized this when I managed to talk to SEVEN different women in ONE bar on a night out. My colleagues branded me "The Monster" because I was with another women each time they turned around. Thank you David."

Kai T.
West Mids, UK

“Listening To Your Mastery Series Was An Awakening To Me About How A Shift In My Mindset Can Change My Life”

"Hey David, I just wanted to say thanks for helping to improve my life. Not just in dating, but as a human being. I saw an article you wrote a couple of years ago on Yahoo, when I was going through a tough break up and dealing with social anxiety.

After I read the article I checked you out and liked your style. That Christmas I received your Men's Mastery Series as a gift and it helped me a ton in approaching girls AND in self confidence.

Listening to your Men's Mastery Series was an awakening to me about how a shift in my mindset can change my life and how the Law of Attraction works. Since then I have felt more peace in my life, and I have met amazing people.

I just wanted to say thanks helping me realize my potential. I guess you never know how you can effect someone's life. Just keep doing what you're doing!"

Justin H.
Orlando, FL