The Girlfriend Manual

The Ultimate Guide To Finding, Catching, And Keeping Any Girl You Desire!

Revealed: The Scientific Reason Women Fall In Love

...And Today I'll Show You How To Use It
To Make THAT One Special Girl YOUR Girlfriend!

WARNING: This presentation may be taken down at any moment
(Don't miss the surprise at the end)

Once I teach you the one simple "trick" that makes women obsess over you… getting a girlfriend will be so easy… other guys will be desperate to know your "secret!"

Does it feel like the girls you're attracting aren't really the ones you're into?
When you see an amazing girl you're really attracted to and you know she’s perfect for you... do you somehow think she's better than you?
Are you afraid you haven't had enough sex for a great girl?
Maybe you've never given a girl an orgasm, and think you won't be good enough in bed?

Let me ask you a question...

When you see an incredible girl — not just hot, but truly amazing — do you stand there looking at her and think, "If I could have this girl...

If she was here next to me, holding my hand...

If she looked at me across a room, telling me she loved me with her eyes...

If she was my girlfriend...

Man, I could conquer the world."

If what you really want is to connect with one amazing girl...

Have a relationship...

And make her your girlfriend...

Then you've come to the right place! Let me explain to you how attraction works.

The Science of Attraction

I'm sure you've seen this before: some pimple-faced pipsqueak walking hand-in-hand with a Victoria's Secret model. And I'm sure you've wondered: how did he do it? She's so "out of his league!

I've been coaching men from LA to London for over 20 years, and they always ask me this question. And the answer is simple.

That model is not "out of his league." In fact, there is no "league," because attraction has nothing to do with what you look like.

So then, what does it have to do with?

This is Oxytocin...

Scientists call it "the love hormone," because it's secreted in a woman's brain and causes her to feel uncontrollable desire. It's what:

  • Causes attraction in women...
  • Makes them fall in love...
  • And creates their need for monogamy

You see... you don’t need money, good looks, a fancy car, a great job or even a sense of humor to attract women.

You just need to know how to flood a woman's brain with oxytocin, and she's YOURS!

So... want to know the secret to triggering the release of oxytocin? Of course you do!

The SHOCKING Discovery Scientists Have Made About Women...

As Featured In:

In a minute, I’m going to tell you the one mistake you’re making that’s holding you back from attracting the amazing girl you want and having that special relationship.

But for those of you who don't know me, I'm David Wygant

For over 20 years I’ve successfully coached thousands of men AND women on the subjects of dating, relationships, sex, and personal achievement.

I have clients from LA to London, and right through to Singapore.

You might have seen me featured on NBC, ABC, MTV, Fox, and CBS.

And I write for a ton of places like The Huffington Post, Patti Stanger, and AskMen.

But right now, I'm writing to tell you this:

Science has discovered that women actually think about sex more often than men do. They fantasize more than we do and even masturbate more than men!

Hard to believe right?

The fact is… women almost never reveal that side of themselves because they don’t want people to think of them as cheap sluts.

How many times a day you think about sex, or masturbate?

Now picture the hottest girl you know, the one you fantasize about, one you would love to have as your girlfriend…

That girl… is hornier and has more explicit fantasies than you do. Believe it!

I’m going to show you how to turn the tables, how to make any girl you choose obsess over you and crave your company, desiring only to be your girl.

I’m going to teach you how to seduce her and drive her so wild in bed, she’ll never even think about another man.

But First... Do You Know What ALL Women Have in Common?

They want a boyfriend!


They’re just as lonely and horny as you are. The problem is… most guys are so busy worrying about themselves.

I’m going to teach you a "stupid little trick" that triggers her brain to release oxytocin… making her feel high and becoming obsessed with getting more. It’s why women become obsessed with some guy… almost like an addict.

It doesn’t matter if…

  • You haven’t really succeeded with women before…
  • If you’re broke…
  • Overweight…
  • Bald…
  • Don’t have a cool car…
  • Even if you’re over 50!

I’m going to tell you what the best-looking women surprisingly look for in a boyfriend… and how you can use this secret knowledge to make one of these amazing girls your girlfriend.

And I’m going to give you the step-by-step manual to guide you through the entire relationship… from choosing her, seducing her, dating her, AND I even show you how to keep her.

When I Couldn't Get a Girlfriend to Save My Life

Before I was "David Wygant"...

Just so you know I understand how you feel, I need to tell you a story about me you might not have heard.

You see… before I was “David Wygant – world famous dating and relationship expert”… I was just David, a guy who wasn’t comfortable around beautiful women, had no confidence in my looks or myself in general and struggled to talk to any girl, whether I was interested or not.

My high school girlfriend wouldn’t have sex with me, but I was convinced she loved me and one day, she would give in. But she didn’t.

In college, I finally did get a girl to have sex with me, but I was so nervous and it was over so quickly, she never returned any of my calls after that.

When I started to make money, I thought great girls were suddenly going to appear in my life, but it didn’t happen!

I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t meeting the girls I was really attracted to. I was a bartender, I was working out at the gym and I had upgraded to a nicer apartment.

I wanted to be one of those guys that exuded confidence, talked to girls easily and had one of those girlfriend’s that every guy would kill for.

I did get laid a little… but not with the kind of girls I wanted to be in a relationship with. They were ‘last call girls’, looking for a warm body at the end of the night.

I wanted a girlfriend so badly I even had one of them move in with me (That didn’t end well!)

I got frustrated because when I’d go out with a girl I actually liked, I was so nervous, each time I’d make the same embarrassing mistakes. I would go all out, spend a ton of money on flowers and dinner, I would complement her, tell her how beautiful she was… and never get a second date!

I wasn’t dating the girls I wanted and I got depressed. I thought I made a huge mistake. I considered giving up. But I still wanted to date fantastic girls.

And then… I met Tracey.

She’d just moved into my building and I would see her walking her dog early in the morning, when I came home from the bar. She was the quintessential girl-next-door.

Pretty, down to earth, smart, with an amazing body. Everything about her was perfect, or perfect for me, but somehow I believed I wasn’t good enough for her.

I offered to walk her dog while she was at work. She loved that idea and I did it for a week before I asked her out. She gave me the key to her apartment. When I went over to pick up the dog, I looked around for anything that would help me get to know her better.

In her nightstand, I found a magazine that had been dog-eared to a picture of a fantastic, summer, dinner table. Set with candles. flowers, champagne, caviar and lobsters. I wasn’t sure why she had saved the page, but it gave me an idea.

I was going to make this table for us, as a surprise, when she came home. I took the magazine with me.

I spent the weekend shopping at very expensive stores. Altogether the decorations and food cost me over $500, but I was sure it was going to be worth it.

I spent all of Sunday, preparing the food and the table. Around 9 o’clock, she hadn’t come home. I went to put the magazine back in her nightstand and must have dosed off on her bed.

I woke up and smiled when I heard Tracey’s voice, but suddenly my heart dropped. I heard a man’s voice. I went out into the living room and I saw them…

Tracey and this small, scrawny guy, rolling around on the floor half-naked!

I was stunned. My mouth opened but I couldn’t speak. I looked over at the table. They had drunk my champagne, eaten the caviar and started on the lobsters. Tears came to my eyes. I wanted to run but I was trapped.

Tracey was almost naked. If I didn’t say something fast I was going to be standing there watching them have sex.

“STOP” I blurted out. And… everything stopped.

They looked over at me and the look on Tracey’s face was pure horror. I thought she was embarrassed and was going to apologize but she was furious.

She started screaming at me, called me a ‘total loser’ and that she was going to call the police. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t catch my breath.

I don’t remember leaving her apartment and wanted to forget the whole thing, but I was reminded of that night, every time my credit card bill came.

It took me almost a year to pay it off. That was when I hit rock bottom.

Millions Of Guys Suffer From This Problem… But Not YOU After TODAY!

During the year after Tracey, I had plenty of time to self-evaluate, figure out how I got into that situation and more importantly how to never be in it again

I seriously thought about giving up, but I still wanted a relationship… a girlfriend!

After a long journey of self-discovery, what I realized was that I had the exact SAME problem as millions of guys around the world. And it’s all rooted in our self-image. We subconsciously believe that we aren’t worthy of the girls we truly want, the ones that we could fall in love with and commit to.

It’s not our fault. It’s the way we been programmed to see ourselves. If we don’t learn how to destroy this vision of ourselves, we’ll always be on the outside looking in.

So we settle for what’s easy, and comfortable, not the girls we’re really into but the ones that approach us, the ones let us know for sure they’re interested and are waiting around at last call. The girls we can get – as opposed to the ones we want.

Here’s what it looks like: Imagine your perfect girl… not hard to do right?

She’s perfect for you in every way. If you could make this girl want you, love you, crave you sexually, and be your girlfriend, your whole life would change. Right?

She’s giving you all the right signals, and she’s available, all you have to do is make the right move and she’s yours.

The trouble is she’s surrounded by a swarm of angry bees stopping you get to her…

All you have to do is get rid of that angry, swarm of bees.

They’re what’s separating you from your dream girl…

But how?

All Guys Who Are Successful With Women Know THIS…

Do you look at guys that have great girlfriends, and think they know something you don’t?

There’s something about them that’s different from you?

You’re right. All I had to do was change one thing! And I went from being a guy that believed he had to settle for ‘last call girls’, to the guy that can approach, seduce and satisfy my ideal woman every time.

I killed the angry swarm of bees that stood between me and my dream girl and I’ve dedicated my life to teaching guys exactly like YOU to do the same exact thing.

Listen, this way of thinking infects the rest of our lives like a plague. It clouds our thinking, affects our judgment and slows us down in every aspect … even our career. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, And costs us the most valuable thing we will ever have… Time!

I’m going to be brutally honest… that little voice inside your head, telling you you’re not good enough for that great girl … is right.

Until you believe it isn’t.

The common denominator in ALL great success stories, is, BELIEF. I would never have been able to become the man I am, to achieve the incredible life I have, if I didn’t learn to truly love and believe in myself.

Learning to love yourself is the most important thing you’ll ever do. Because without it, you have zero chance of getting a girlfriend, and the relationship you want and deserve.

That little voice inside your head telling you you’re not good enough for that great girl… is right.

Until you believe it isn’t.

Listen to this quote from Henry Ford: “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?”

Think about that for a minute. If you’re okay continuing to live as a man who ‘thinks he can’t’, then you should stop watching right now. If you’re one of my subscribers, send me an email and I’ll take you off my mailing list because the truth is, I can’t help you.

But if you’re one of us, the guys who "think we can", and you’re ready to make that mean something, I’m going to help you achieve your greatness, like I achieved mine.

The only thing you’re going to need is the COURAGE to act today. I promise I will give you the rest.

It’s time to invest in yourself.

I’ve devoted my life to helping guys become the best version of themselves and teaching them to have confidence, to connect with any beautiful women they choose.

I get well paid to do it.

Private clients pay me over $10,000 for what I’m about to show you.

"The Girlfriend Manual" is the ultimate, step-by-step, simple to use system that will guide you out your fear, doubt and hesitation, into confidence, action and success. This system has been 20 years in the making.

Once I show you how to kill your ‘swarm of bees’, all the other issues keeping you from succeeding, will go away like magic.

I’ll show you what’s inside this amazing program in one minute…

The Stupid Little "Trick" That Makes Any Girl Obsess Over You!

Remember I promised to tell you the one ‘stupid little trick’ to attract any woman and make her obsess over you?

How to trigger her brain to pump oxytocin, "the love hormone", through her veins so she becomes like an addict needing to be near you?

If you come away with nothing else from reading this page… this will change your life…

All you have to do, is to make her feel important. Take a second and write it down.

It sounds almost too simple…

But that’s the secret of the nerdy guy that dates supermodels, of Michelle Pfeiffer’s old boyfriend and that pimple-faced teenager I showed you earlier.

He made Kate Upton feel important and she considered going to the prom with him. And then… because Kate felt the attraction, another model wanted some of that drug too. Suddenly, this kid became a stud.

All women have a picture in their mind of the ideal guy they want as their boyfriend. They have a romantic story in their head about their perfect relationship.

And "The Girlfriend Manual" shows you how to step into that story and be that guy for her.

She’ll start to believe you were made for each other, and there’ll be no competition from other guys.

Don’t be surprised if more than one girl calls you "charming" and suspects you might be a "player."

Introducing: The Girlfriend Manual

The Girlfriend Manual tells you what to do every step of the way. You'll learn:

  • How to attract and date ANY woman
  • How to seduce her and satisfy her in bed
  • And how to make her feel important every day so you'll get the deep, lasting commitment from your dream girl you want.

This system will give you the confidence that women sense as soon as you enter a room and it brings them to you like a giant electromagnet.

I will take you from where you are now to the best most confident version of yourself, attracting and connecting with the girls you really want for the first time, dating, seducing and falling in love.

The Girlfriend Manual is a step by step system that takes you through living together, meeting her friends, how to propose, marriage, kids and beyond.

It's the only dating and relationship system you can use for literally the rest of your life.

Included are 20 audios that you can start using the minute you get her phone number and all the way through marriage and kids. Even if you're in a relationship right now, you can keep coming back to The Girlfriend Manual over and over again for great advice and to hear what steps you need to be taking.

Volume 1:


In this powerful volume, you’ll discover the importance of learning to love yourself. You’ll learn the secrets to overcoming your past, and I’ll show you how to stop bad experiences with girls holding you back from meeting your perfect girl. You’ll discover...

  • Why you'll never get a girlfriend until you know THIS about yourself
  • Why "perfection” is a turn off to girls
  • The "weird” reason your bald-spots, acne, or short legs will drive women wild with desire
  • 2 Simple techniques to help you cope with your past and get over your ex
  • The one mindset you MUST adopt before you can start dating 9's and 10s
  • How to create the ultimate version of yourself from head to toe
  • Why you need to make "friends” with the mirror
  • And a whole lot more...

Volume 2:

Why Vulnerability And Authenticity Are Hot To Women

If you think you have to be Mr. Tough Guy to attract that beautiful girl into your life, think again. In this volume, I'll teach you about how to use authenticity and vulnerability to make yourself stand out from all the other guys out there... ...And how to show any girl you desire that you're pure, hot, sexy, red-blooded boyfriend material, even if she's already rejected you! I'm going to show you...

  • How to figure out what you really want...and why you need to know BEFORE you get a girlfriend
  • What to do when a woman tries to change you... without turning her off or pushing her away
  • Why authenticity turns girls on... and how to demonstrate you have it in 3 simple ways
  • Most guys think vulnerability is crying over soppy movies... It isn't... but THIS is the kind of vulnerability girls adore
  • The one "pickup line" it IS ok to use... and why it drives women crazy for you!
  • How to make girl's feel safe and protected... by showing them you're afraid!
  • Why it's good to show your emotions as long as you don't do THIS!
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 3:

How to Know if She is The One

The last thing you want to do is spend all your time and effort chasing girls who aren't any good for you. In this volume, I'll show you how to spot the girls youíll truly connect with, and how to spot the signs of girls who will cause you nothing but trouble! You'll also discover...

  • What does "The One" mean anyway and does she even exist? I reveal the surprising truth!
  • Why you have to follow the "One Year Rule" or risk having your heart smashed!
  • What's clouding your vision of who she is... and how to find out whether you connect with the REAL girl inside
  • My foolproof relationship checklist that tells you instantly whether sheís girlfriend material
  • How to discover what you really want in a woman... the answer lies within your own mind
  • How to get the girl YOU desire... rather than the leftovers no other guy wants
  • And a whole lot more

Volume 4:

How to Create Great Dates

To make a girl fall in love with you, you have to take her on the kind of romantic journey all girls dream of when theyíre little. In this volume, Iíll teach you how to create that journey full of amazing dates, and magic moments sure to melt her heart. Youíll discover...

  • Why your "Hello" is always the most important part of the dateÖ and how to spark her feelings of desire for you within seconds of the meeting up
  • Why being selfish on a date is a BIG turn onÖ
  • The 3 reasons you should NEVER take a girl to dinner on a first date
  • How to create magic moments for herÖ do this and sheíll be yours for LIFE!
  • How to use "Bedtime stories" to make her see you her perfect guy Ö.WARNING ñ This often leads to instant sex!
  • Why the farmers market is an amazing dateÖ and my exact blueprint for a date sheíll never forget
  • How to become the star in your own romantic comedyÖ and why she'll never look at another man the same way again!
  • A simple listening ìtrickî that will literally make her addicted to youÖ use this from the moment you meet her
  • And a whole lot more

Volume 5:

Extracting The Ex

Nothing can hold you back like an ex-girlfriend. If youíve ever been hurt, rejected, or let down my other girls, this volume will help you move on, and get over any pain or anger getting in the way of new relationships. This is the perfect cure for a broken heart, or if you struggle to trust new girls in your life. Youíll discover...

  • How to get over the pain of a breakupÖ even if youíve tried EVERYTHING to stop the hurt and nothing has worked
  • Why you need to ìembraceî your exÖ even if she was the biggest bitch in the world
  • The attraction-killing mistake most men make when talking about their exÖ THIS turns all potential new girlfriends off
  • How to spot the signs of a bitch ex waiting to happenÖ save yourself a ton of time and hassle by avoiding this nightmare girls from the get go
  • Why women find ìresponsibilityî sexyÖ and how to show her you have it in abundance (even if you donít!)
  • How to ìsecretlyî use your ex to get you dating the hottest women you could ever meet!
  • And a whole lot more

Volume 6:

How to Play The Field

Before you settle down with that one special girl, you need to play the field a bit. In this volume, I reveal why, and show you how to guarantee yourself a healthy supply of eager and sexy girls desperate for your attention.

  • Why dating is a numbers game Ö and why the more girls you date the better
  • The ìsales funnelî techniqueÖ this simple ìtrickî can get you unlimited dates
  • The power of ìpussy networkingîÖ. What is it and how can it lead you into the bed of the sexiest girls alive!
  • Why you need to play the field before you can meet the right womanÖ
  • How to avoid ìthe obsession trapîÖ 8 out of 10 guys make this mistake!
  • 4 common dating mistakes that instantly turn girls offÖ and how to avoid themÖ
  • Why looks, money, and cars donít turn women onÖ and the 3 other things that get them hotter than the sun for you!
  • And a whole lot more

Volume 7:

When to Stop Playing The Field

Now itís time to calm down and find that one special girl. But how do you know when itís time to commit, and how do you know youíre committing to the right girl? In this volume, I reveal all. Youíll discover...

  • The 3 signs youíre getting close to meeting your perfect girl
  • The WORST way to tell a girl youíre ready to commitÖThis mistake could get you friend-zoned
  • When to ìget outî of the fieldÖ or face the ultimate regret
  • The 3 relationship red flags that tell you sheís not right for you
  • Why the ìwilderî you are the more you turn girls onÖ (This is why girls f#ík rock stars!)
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 8:

Selecting And Choosing The Right Woman For You

The last thing you want to do is waste your life with girls who sleep around, treat you like crap, or just mentally and physically drain you. Iím going to show you how to find the girls youíre best suited toÖ and how to make them desire you like crazy. This volume is one of the keys to the whole ìGirlfriend Manualî Youíre going to discover...

  • How to recognize bad relationship patternsÖ and how to stop yourself sabotaging new relationships by repeating them
  • Why your friends hold the key to you finding your perfect girlÖ
  • The 3 signs youíre not right for each otherÖ and how to spot them before you waste any time or money on her
  • The ìjournal systemîÖ and why itís the key to lasting happiness with any girl you choose
  • The secret to hooking your very own Kate Hudson or Angelina JolieÖ no girl is out of reach with this trick
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 9:

Understanding Her Emotional Trigger Points

Most guys mess up their relationships because they donít understand the way women think and feel. In this volume, I take you on a journey deep into the female mind, youíre never left wondering what sheís thinking, and youíll know how to avoid running into any of the common relationship ìcrimesî men commit. Youíll discover...

  • How to understand a womanís love languageÖ and how to speak to her like her girlfriends
  • How important emotions are to womenÖ and how to avoid getting on the wrong side of hers
  • Why you shouldnít take her rants personallyÖ and what you should do if sheís having an emotional freak out
  • How to be her emotional rockÖ and why girls donít always want you to ìfixî things for them
  • Why listening is always more important than speakingÖ and how to know when you need to shut up
  • The importance of empathy to womenÖ and the right way to show it to her
  • How to acknowledge her feelingsÖ and how it makes her love you more than ever!
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 10:

Sex, Seduction, And How to Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Sex is the glue that holds great relationships together, and letís face it, if youíre no good in bed, your girl is eventually going to look elsewhere for satisfaction. But donít worry, because in this volume Iím going to give you some of the most devastatingly effective bedroom tricks and techniquesÖ guaranteed to have her moaning and panting for more. Are you ready to become her BEST lover ever? Youíre about to discover...

  • How to drench her panties with one lookÖ this is an advanced technique you can use on ANY girl and works without saying a word!
  • 3 simple and little known ways to make her climaxÖ and it doesnít matter how big you are, or how long you can last in bed!
  • Why your own pleasure is the key to making her cumÖ very few guys realize this
  • The biggest mistake guys make in bedÖ and how to avoid it!
  • The ìlighting trickî that makes her explodeÖ sheíll be telling all her friends how amazing you are in the sack when you try this on her
  • The ìweirdî part of your body that is way more important than your dickÖ
  • The power of masturbationÖ and how to get her to do it in front of you!
  • How to unlock her deepest wildest sexual desiresÖ. and turn her into your own personal ìwhoreî
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 11:

Maintaining Your Partnership For The Long Run

Now youíre dating the girl of your dreams you want to hold on to her. In this volume, youíll learn the quick and simple ways to make sure she never looks at another man while youíre her side. Iím going to show you...

  • How to cope when things go wrongÖwithout arguments and slamming doors
  • The importance of timeÖ and why most couples donít have enough of it
  • Why communication is keyÖ and how to stop any problems in your relationship before they start
  • The art of ìnegotiationîÖ and how to make sure you always get what you want
  • How to avoid finances becoming a relationship killerÖ and the 1 financial mistake you MUST avoid at all costs!
  • How to avoid her blowing ìhotî and ìcoldîÖ and the easy fix to get her smiling again!
  • The relationship red flags warning you things arenít wellÖ and how to deal with them
  • Why most men end up sabotaging their relationships by doing THISÖ
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 12:

Dealing With Her Family And Friends

The number of relationships Iíve seen break up because of family and friends is unreal. In this important volume, Iíll show you how to keep her friends and family on your side, and how to stop them ruining your relationship. Youíre going to learn...

  • Avoiding the bitch shieldÖ how to deal with that one friend of hers trying to break you up!
  • The ìsecret cluesî youíre with the wrong girlÖ and how her friends can get you off the hook
  • The worst mistake you can make if you donít like her friendsÖ and what you should do instead to keep the peace AND your sanity
  • How to stop her friends wrecking the relationshipÖ
  • How to have her family and friends ìeating out the palm of your handîÖ even if they hated the sight of you at the beginning
  • Why you need to accept no womanís friends and family is perfectÖ until you do this, every relationship you have will end badly!
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 13:

Cohabitation: Is It Right For You?

Things are going great for you and your girl, but now sheís asking about moving in together. How do you know if the time is right, or whether living together is even a good idea? Iím going to show you in this next volume. Youíre going to discover...

  • The 3 questions you MUST answer ìyesî to before you agree to move in with a girl
  • How to know when the time is right.. jump in too early and you can kiss your girl goodbye
  • 2 dead giveaways sheís not ready to move in with youÖ and how to put her off without her freaking out
  • When to make it officialÖ and the one person you should tell LAST!
  • How to deal with habitsÖ and how to stop her taking over
  • Why alone time is so importantÖ and how to create magic moments that make living together a dream
  • The dangers of changeÖ and how to avoid screwing up your relationship within days of living together
  • And a whole lot more

Volume 14:

How To Balance Work And Love

One of the main reasons relationships break up is because couples donít get the work/live balance right. Iím going to show you how to give your girl as much time as she needs, without it stopping you work, and without it ruining time out with your buddies. In this volume, Iíll show you...

  • Why some men end losing their job when they start a new relationshipÖ and how to stop your new girlfriend sending you broke!
  • Why the ìsuccessî mindset can backfire on youÖ and how to stop work getting in the way of love
  • How to create magic moments that only take minutesÖ these little tricks will save your relationship! I guarantee it!
  • Date night rulesÖ and how to create cheap, fun, and sexy date nights sheíll ADORE you forÖget ready to be boyfriend of the year!
  • Making an emotional impact on herÖ and why it keeps you in her ìgood booksî
  • The importance of ìThe Special EffectîÖ this will stop her ever cheating on you with other
  • How to avoid ever rowing about work and moneyÖ by setting clear boundaries from the start
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 15:

Creating Romantic Moments

This volume is all about keeping the romance and magic alive. Very few guys understand romance from the female perspective, and knowing what a girl needs from you as a man, is the key to keeping her into you. In this volume, Iíll show you...

  • How to use music to create a rock-solid emotional bond with youÖ This is a VERY powerful trick!
  • The type of music you should never play when youíre with a girlÖ It actually makes her think of you as her friend!
  • Why lighting is so important on a dateÖ and how to use it to get her in the mood...
  • How to turn yourself into her perfect leading manÖ this is the key to closing her!
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 16:

Bedroom Maintenance: How To Keep The Spark Alive

If a girl gets bored in the bedroom, sheís going to stray with other guys. Not just that, sheís going to tell all her girlfriends how unsatisfied she is in bed! In this volume, Iíll show you how to keep the sexual chemistry going between you, and how to make sure she keeps coming back for more! Youíll discover...

  • The ìheadache effectîÖ and how to stop her losing interest in your sexually
  • The 3 signs sheís bored with the sexÖ and how to get her back in the mood before you lose her
  • How to feed her evolving needs in the bedroomÖ and how to get her to do whatever you want in bed
  • How to learn her sexual cyclesÖ and the one time you should NEVER ask a girl for sex (This will SERIOUSLY piss her off!)
  • How to keep your sex life ìred hotî with fantasy and role playÖ and how to introduce it into the relationship without creeping her out
  • Why hiding your ìdirtyî fantasies is the first step to killing the relationshipÖ
  • The one thing you should NEVER do in the bedroomÖ unless you want her to leave you INSTANTLY!
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 17:

Marriage And Kids: Are They Negotiable?

Some couples find their relationships go down the pan once they get married and have children. In this volume, I bust some of the common myths about marriage and children, and show you how to keep your love strong after both.

  • How to save yourself $1 million dollarsÖ by avoiding this common relationship ìtrap doorî
  • How to have the ìkid negotiationsîÖ and why you need to have them EARLY into relationship
  • What happens if you donít want the same thingÖ HINT- You donít have to breakup if you do this right
  • The truth about having childrenÖ and I reveal the ìrightî time to have them
  • Balancing children and loveÖ and how to avoid becoming another divorce statistic
  • And a whole lot more

Volume 18:

Stating Your Needs And Not Losing Yourself In Her

Some men (who arenít as smart as you) let other areas of their life slip, because they become obsessed and engrossed with their new sexy girlfriend. Iím going to show you how to find a balance, and how to stay in control of your own life. On this volume, youíll discover...

  • Understanding your emotional blueprintÖ and how to communicate to her what you want
  • How to remain in emotional controlÖ so your work, family, and social life donít suffer when you get a girlfriend
  • Making sure your needs are metÖ so you donít end up as her ìbitchî or ìman slaveî
  • Keeping your ìlove tankî fullÖ and the 3 signs itís time to break it off
  • Running your relationship like a businessÖ and why organization is the key to avoiding resentment and mistrust
  • Advanced relationship communication tips
  • And a whole lot more!

Volume 19:

How Not to Take Intimacy For Granted

The moment you start ìexpectingî sex from your girlfriend is the moment sheíll stop sleeping with you. Hereís how to maintain intimacy, and how to keep her addicted to you physically as well as emotionally. Youíre about to discover...

  • The number 1 reason relationships break downÖ and how avoid losing her to another man
  • Daily connection and the importance of itÖ plus 2 easy ways to keep the spark alive
  • 3 Simple ways to maintain intimacyÖ and keep her hooked on you
  • Using sexting to keep up the passionÖ one trick in particular guarantees you a night of VERY ìsteamyî sex!
  • The one thing you need to do in the morning with a woman (this will keep her with you for life)
  • Understanding intimacy from a womanís perspectiveÖ and why so many men end up single again!

Volume 20:

The Secret Power of Future Pacing

Youíre about to discover one of the most powerful dating tools known to man. Future Pacing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with women youíre attracted to. It appeals to a part of their sub-conscious and creates a magnetic emotional attraction to you they canít explain. In this volume, youíll discover...

  • What ìfuture pacingî isÖ and why is it so important to women
  • Women love men who make them feel safeÖ hereís how to show them youíre their ultimate protector
  • How to use future pacing to show her youíre serious about herÖ
  • Why your ears are the key to making her yoursÖ and 5 great examples of how to use yours
  • The one thing you must say to a womanÖ before sheíll sleep with you for the first time
  • The amazing power of cuddlesÖ and how to use them to make her fall for you
  • And a whole lot more!

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