77 Bulletproof Approaches

How To Approach Any Woman And Make Her So Turned On She Will Do Anything To Be With You

FINALLY REVEALED: How To Approach Any Woman And Make Her So Turned On She Will Do Anything To Be With You.

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77 Bulletproof Approaches


It’s a magic number.

Remember it.

It’s going to be the most important number you need to know.


Do you like pretty girls?

I bet you do.

But do you worry about what to say to women or even if she wants to date you before you approach her?

And does all that ‘monkey chatter’ in your head make you agonize over your “opening line”?

Do you walk around with huge REGRET about missing the chance to approach a woman because she is gone by the time you finally think of the “perfect opening line?”

What if you knew the loophole, a biological super-highway that let you tap into a woman’s primal desires…

and gave you the power to approach and connect with any girl you want  – anywhere…

and be able to not only attract her, but fill her with an uncontrollable desire for you?

The truth is,

Your goal isn’t just to meet her…

it’s to make her so interested in you, so intrigued by meeting you…

so curious about who you are and what it would be like to be with you…

that she can’t stop thinking about you

and she has the uncontrollable urge to be near you…

By the time you’re done approaching and connecting with a woman…

the look on her face is going to say: who is that guy and when is he going to fuck me?

Sexy WomanIf you want to not only approach and connect with beautiful women…

But inspire them to want to date you, to have sex with you…

And possibly more…

If you want to have a different woman every night of the week…


You want that one special girl to have in your life, as your loving, loyal girlfriend …

All without the possibility of failure or rejection…

then the most important number you need to know is:


That number is going to keep you from ever being put in the ‘Friendzone’ again.

In fact, if you use what I’m going to show you today, you can get out of any friendzone you’re in now.

And make that girl think of you as the guy she wants, in a sexual way.

To hook-up with or for a relationship. As someone she wants as her boyfriend.

in fact she can’t stop thinking about you…

But I have to warn you…

this is no lame, Pick Up Artist trick.

I’m going to show you the secret loophole I discovered…

A system of approaching that triggers something called the attraction-sex-love connection, all women have in their DNA.

An incredible discovery.

How to use the basic primal desires every woman is born with,

to make her so turned on and create an uncontrollable aching NEED to be near you, she will do anything to be with you.

She will literally hunt you down.

If you think you can handle that, then stay with me all the way through to the end.

It’s definitely going to be worth it.

This is no joke.

I promise you by the end of this letter not only will you be able to approach, meet and trigger the attraction-sex-love connection with any girl you want…

no matter how hot she is or how many guys hit on her.

BUT you will also have the POWER to inspire her, force her to keep thinking about you long after you’ve gone…

and to set off in her a desperate need …

an out of control desire to see you again, to get close to you so strong —  she will be helpless to resist.

But I have to warn you, if you ignore a woman’s attraction-sex-love connection…

Or you don’t know how to activate it, you will always end up in the friend zone – no matter what you do.

All you have to do is read this all the way through and I promise I’m going to explain it, step-by-step.

And by the end of this short video, you will NEVER think of the number 77 the same way again..

More about that in a minute.

This is David and I want to ask you an important question…

Your answer will say a lot about you and what kind of man you are:

Would you like to be able to go right over and meet the hottest girl in the room, or even on the street… wherever you are?

Whether it’s a bar, a beach, a restaurant, on the street, at a coffee shop anywhere…

Not just meet her and get her number…

but in less than 5 minutes, make her feel like she NEEDS to be next to you, and to know more about you…

flirting with you, touching you whispering in your ear?

And do it all without any fear of failure…

Without any self-doubt or the usual monkey chatter in the back of your brain…

The kind that makes you self-sabotage, eject yourself from the situation and run away like… well like a pussy?

Would you like to be able to approach beautiful women with an absolute certainty that you are going to be successful...

Without the hesitation, awkward pauses or the usual “holy crap what do I do now” feeling you always get when the conversation lags or stalls?

Successful in flirting and escalating sexually

Then leaving at the exact right time that makes women want more of you, physically crave you

Successful in unlocking her sensual side so that…

she can’t wait to hear from you and she even fantasizes about you…

Now you’re probably thinking…

“Come on, David. What guy wouldn’t WANT to be able to do that? Hell, that’s impossible. Nobody can do that, let alone in less than 5 minutes.”

I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking because that’s exactly what I used to think.

That it was impossible.

In fact, I use to live my whole life with the word ‘impossible’.

Believing all the good stuff was ‘impossible’.

What I really wanted to accomplish… the life I wanted, was ‘impossible’.

The man I wanted to be, the girls I wanted to meet and have sex with,

The women I wanted to have as my girlfriend, was ‘impossible’.

I lived my life never pushing the boundaries, never challenging myself to see what I could accomplish if I stepped outside my comfort zone.

Because I was convinced it was just impossible.

Does any of that sound familiar to you?

Are you living an average life, because you think the life you truly desire, the man you really want to be deep down in your heart, your biggest dreams…

are impossible?

Aren’t you sick and tired of ‘average’?

I know I was. I bet I can describe your ‘average’ life pretty easily. I bet you and I are a lot alike.

I bet you get really lonely sometimes, right?

It’s probably not something you talk about with your friends, but it sucks.

I remember feeling so lonely I literally felt like crying. I used to wonder if I was ever going to have a girl I really liked next to me.

If I was ever even going to get laid again.

It seemed like everywhere I went, I would see hot girls hanging out with these guys and I would think…

“Man I know I’ve got more to offer than that guy! Why in the world is she with him”? It got so bad for a while that I stopped going out altogether.

Loneliness is tough.

I was working and hanging out in bars in New York City.

And that’s where I would meet women. I would hang around and talk to them after they had a few drinks, and I had a few drinks…

It was pretty sloppy.

I mean, I was getting laid. But only with drunken bar sluts that were hanging around at last call.

These were not girls I wanted to see again. I didn’t even want to see them in the daylight (if you know what I mean).

And I never brought them back to my place.

So finally I stopped and I swore off the last call girls.

But then it got lonely. I got so lonely I had to get out of apartment. I would wander around for hours and hours.

I would walk around New York, and I would study people and how they interacted.

Entire days would pass and I had spent the entire time studying people. Months went by.

I got a job in the busiest department store in New York City, Just so I could watch, learn and experiment with approaching and connecting instantly with women.

I worked at Bloomingdales for almost 2 years. And every day I would, approach, flirt and eventually seduce women I had never met before.

I did it so much and so often, I eventually became an outlier;

I was so good at it, it became effortless. I could meet any woman and in under 5 minutes get her completely turned on, emotionally and physically.

It became like a parlor trick. I could challenge a friend to pick any woman in a store, at a restaurant, even at the beach…

And I would go over and pick them up in less than 5 minutes.

And I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

How are you doing with confidence… is it a struggle?

That’s a big one, right?

If you had more confidence…

you could be yourself. If you saw a girl you wanted to meet, you could just go over and introduce yourself.

Say “Hi”.

It seems so simple.

But without that confidence inside, there’s no way. You see a beautiful woman and it feels like you are frozen stiff. Like you can’t move.

And the conversation in your head won’t stop. The self-doubt, the anger. It’s like a loop that plays over and over, right?

Do you sometimes think you aren’t good enough for the girls you really like?

Do you sit back and watch other guys move in on the girl you WANT and he takes her home instead of you?

Tell you what used to happen to me, I’d see a girl I wanted to talk so badly…

I would imagine what it would be like to kiss her, touch her, have sex with her.

Then this annoying thought would buzz around in my head. Like a gnat.

That I didn’t deserve her.

I wasn’t good enough for her. And I’d just walk away without even trying.

And then I would beat myself up for the rest of the day for being such a pussy!

That ever happen to you?

Are you confused, and can’t figure why you haven’t been able to figure out this approach thing yet?

Just want to know what’s wrong with you– so you can fix it?

Let’s get one thing straight right here, there is nothing wrong with you. Not one damn thing.

And it’s not about money

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be with women. I promise it’s not about that.

The problem is, you aren’t doing anything right.  You aren’t being positive and pro active. You aren’t trying at all. Not really.

You’re playing it safe. And when you do that, nothing good happens.

It’s the weirdest thing, it wasn’t until I TRIED to make mistakes on purpose, did I discover how easy it was to get it right!

And these weren’t small mistakes, I went big. I was trying to fall flat on my face. A few times it nearly got me fired from Bloomingdales.

I tried and tried and tried…

And then I LEARNED.

Well my friend, today is your lucky day.

Today, I’m going to show you how to do it right. All of it.

I’m going to give you your Super Powers to do the ‘impossible’.

I found this super power by discovering a strange and slightly dangerous loophole that goes back to our evolution.

With all my efforts, my thousands of attempts, trying over and over, I stumbled down an unfamiliar road.

And when I took it just to see where it went, figuring it was another dead end, it became clear pretty fast I found the biological super-highway to incredible success with women.

I cracked the code.

By tapping into our most primal desires…

I unlocked the secret to the attraction-sex-love connection.

And it’s not about posturing or some stupid pick up lines.

It’s not about being rich or having big muscles or a cool car.

It’s about unlocking the natural desires every woman is born with.

For that reason, any man, anywhere can approach and attract any woman. And I mean any woman.

Stay with me and I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

In this short video I’m going to give you the key to having the kind of life most guys don’t even talk about (cause it’s so far beyond what they think possible).

But they sure as hell dream about it. Just like I did.

The biological super-highway I stumbled across, changed my life into something way past my wildest fantasies,

so unbelievable even friends who saw it happen in person, who saw what I can do in less than 5 minutes, anywhere, anytime I want, were left in a state of disbelief.

Beautiful WomenIt’s what got me interviewed on Nightline when they saw what I could do in Whole Foods…

And it’s why they made the movie ‘Hitch’ about me.

The truth is, people are flat out stunned and amazed.


Today, I’m going to give you that same knowledge and I promise you it will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

In ways most men barely have the courage to even fantasize about.

The ability to make your wildest fantasies come true whenever you want, can be your reality. Like it is mine.

Not only is it possible, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it, right now.

But I’m not going to stop there, I’m going to make success approaching women so simple for you…

So incredibly foolproof that it’s impossible for you to make a mistake…

That I can basically guarantee you will succeed every single time you approach a woman….

You’re probably thinking…

Seriously, David? How in the world are you going to “guarantee” my success?

Actually, it’s pretty simple.

I’m going to give you the actual approaches that you can cut and paste…

And you will be able to do it whenever you want.

And it doesn’t matter how good looking you are, what kind of shape you’re in, what kind of a car you drive, or even if you’re out of work, overweight and bald!

These approaches work. Period.

When I teach them to friends and clients, they can’t believe how easy it is to approach women and create the feelings, the sense of attraction and connection that lead to intimacy…

And how amazing their results are when they try it themselves.

And those guys were totally clueless when it came to girls.

But first, you and I have to make a pact.

An agreement.

You need to promise me if I open that door for you and show you the secret I discovered,

if I give you the keys to the kingdom, you will have the courage to act and become a man of action

and you’ll use this rare knowledge to get out of your damn comfort zone and make your life better.

Sure, you could use it to meet as many women and have as much sex as you can, with women who never looked at you twice or even gave you a chance before.

But I hope you use it to make your life better.

Now, I need to tell you a quick story about me.

You see I wasn’t always the guy that could attract any woman, anywhere, any time. Quite the opposite.

I was just an average guy living in New York City.

I did all sorts of crazy stuff to make money, whatever I could to pay the bills. And it wasn’t always easy.

I was a bartender for a long time.

And like I said, there were always girls around.

But when I tried to meet the women I was really attracted to, I struck out.

Every single time I would approach a woman when I wasn’t behind the bar, the monkey chatter in my head made me doubt myself.

And then I would eject myself from the conversation before I could get their number.

Eventually, I lost all of my confidence and my sense of myself as a man.

I thought no woman was ever going to be attracted to me unless she was drunk.

Honestly, that’s how I felt.

I had no idea how to meet women.

But I was lonely. So lonely I couldn’t stand to be by myself  in my own apartment.

I had no idea what to do and no confidence. I was desperately unhappy so I did something a little crazy.

Listen closely because this is important.

I had no game.

I went to work every day at the department store and I watched people meet. Over and over until I knew what they were going to say before they said it.

And that’s when I knew I was ready. Ready to push beyond my comfort zone.

Sometimes I was afraid I would get slapped but I was always afraid of rejection.

But the crazy thing is, it never happened.

The more I pushed, the more they responded.

The more bold I was, the more interested women were…

I’m going to say that again…

The more bold I was the more interested women were…

And the more attraction and connection I created.

And the connection would immediately grow and escalate. Honestly it was like magic.

Everything I did turned out right!

These women were teaching me how to approach them and create the feeling of attraction with them…

They treated me like I was the only man in the world

Like I was the only one that knew their true desire… the rare insight most men never know.

And they NEVER put me in the friend zone. Not once.

And that’s when the light bulb went off.

The ‘aha’ moment that changed my life.

With their help, I had unlocked women’s attraction code.

I’ll tell you the rest in a minute.

Right now I’m going to tell you the 3 things — the only 3 things you have to do to approach and create that sense of attraction and intimate connection with women instantly.

Fast and easy. Because that’s all it takes. 3 things.

But first I need to tell the 3 Big Lies you are being forced to swallow.

I hate these lies because they don’t do anything but make problems for you. And make you feel like there’s some giant secret you don’t know about.

Like you’re not one of the popular kids.

And all the noise has got into your head, telling you that you aren’t good enough.

That’s Big Lie #1, that for some crazy reason, YOU aren’t good enough for the kind of life you want, and the kind of women that really turn you on.

That the world is made-up of have’s and have-not’s. And you my friend, are being told you’re a ‘have not’.

That’s just bullshit!

You’re being sold a bunch of crap…

Here’s the thing, it’s not your fault for buying into it.

It’s all just a bunch of blah, blah, blah…

Those guys are full of crap. There are no magic lines that can get a girl to drop her panties.

If there was, every guy in the world would be using them.

And that’s Big Lie #2.

That if you use a ‘certain’ pick-up line, or you play some ‘game’, you’ll suddenly be able to meet woman and seduce them, as if by magic.

Yes, we all know women react to men with confidence and presence.

It’s what they are programmed to do, biologically.

The best line in the world will fail every time if you have no confidence, presence and charisma.

But even if you are confident – a connection that leads intimacy, sex and a relationship (if you want one), only happens when you trigger her biological attraction-sex-love switch.

(more about that in a minute).

That leads me to Big Lie #3.

Big lie #3 is the common belief that what I do, approaching and getting close to a woman,…

so close she’s desperate to know more about you, to bear near you and date you, in less than 5 minutes — is impossible.

You have to see it to believe (and I’ll show it to you). But it’s real.

I swear to you it’s real.

You could spend countless hours, using every pick up artist system or magic pick-up lines…

but you only get a bunch of double talk, and slickly marketed bull-shit.

I was determined than ever to figure it out. No short cuts and no pick up lines. No fake it till you make it.

So I became a student. A student of human nature.

I bought every single book on human behavior, psychology and persuasion I could find.

And after years of studying, I learned that attraction isn’t about a line, or a lie, playing games or creating some ‘I’m not really that into you’, bad boy attitude.

At it’s core, creating an attraction so intense a woman will reveal her primal desire, is about making a real connection with her.

And that right there, is the reason why women put 99% of guys they meet into the friend zone.

Even if you approach a woman and have a real conversation, if you don’t establish an emotional and physical connection with her, she has no choice to think of you as anything other than a friend.

If you don’t trigger her in a primal way… her brain can’t make the attraction-sex-love connection.

You see, meeting and attracting women is a simple and most basic human function, one of our 3 primal needs. Besides food and shelter.

Think about it this way,

How long have men been creating desire women…

Forever, right?

Or humans would have died off a long time ago.

Do you think our ancestors, thousands of years ago, stood around figuring out a system to attract women… playing pick-up games or pretending not to be interested…


It’s a joke. They saw what they wanted, what was desirable and imposed their will.

Men and women, attraction and sex, these are the forces of nature.

As human beings, it’s in our DNA, it has to be.

We are designed that way in order to propagate the species.

And it’s a natural progression of 3 things.

That’s it. Just 3 things and the best part is…

we do them naturally!

That’s how I know the pick-up guys are full of it. Not one of them ever mentioned being primal, or our biological needs.

The physical desire and the genetic need for, connection, touch and sex.

Not just men. Men and women. It’s why you and me are on this planet. We need touch and sex.

All of us.

Did you know that without touch from another person, eventually humans will die?

Did you know that we aren’t engineered to be alone, that it goes against our nature and is actually unhealthy?

The truth is, you aren’t a “wimp” because you feel lonely.

Your body is feeling sick.


When it comes to approaching and triggering the attraction-sex-love connection in women

an uncontrollable urge to be near you

And it doesn’t matter if you’re attracted by hot young women, or a little older,

Whether you like long-legged, skinny girls with tight bodies and small butts…

or you like them a little bigger, rounder, with big boobs and a nice butt so you can have something to grab onto…

if you’re attracted to blondes or brunettes, black women, Asian or hot Latina girls…

Or if you’re like me and you like all women…

All you have to do is 3 things to trigger the attraction-sex-love connection…

Just 3 things. Period.

I’ll tell you what they are in a minute.

First, I have to warn you about a big problem, something you might not even realize.

Think about the story of Adam and Eve for a minute.

I know it’s a story made up by men.

But there’s a lot you can learn from the story of Adam and Eve.

Adam, was a man who suddenly found himself standing next to the hottest girl in the world

Eve was a perfect ‘10’, created by god to be so incredibly desirable they would do nothing but make babies, right?

And they were both naked.

What would you do if you were in that same position?

Pretty funny to think about.

Adam didn’t have any pick-up lines… So what did he do?

He did exactly what I do.

He went over and talked to her, with confidence. Not like a fool with a system of pick-up lines or ridiculous questions.

He started by saying ‘hi’.

Which is perfect. I coach guys to use it all the time.

The best thing to say a woman, any woman, is ‘hi’…

And it has never failed me.

I’ve never missed talking to any woman, anywhere. Not in New York, Denver, San Diego, Miami, London, Chicago or Los Angeles.

And that’s Step 1: ‘Talk to Her’.

The first thing you have to do to meet and create desire in a woman, it’s pretty obvious but — you have to say ‘hi’.

Do you think you can do that? Of course you can.

You’d be surprised how many guys screw it up doing ridiculous BS they saw on the internet. It’s simple:

Walk over with confidence, say ‘hi’. Start talking to her.

Nothing fancy. Just like your talking to a buddy or your neighbor.

Don’t over think it, that’s another place most guys get into trouble.

They start thinking about the perfect thing to say and the result.

What they want. Or they think, ‘oh man if this girl would give me her number and go out with me’ – or ‘if I could have sex with her’ — ‘if she was my girlfriend’ –

Forget all that crap. Just talk to her.

Can you guess the #1 biggest problem guys have meeting women?

They don’t know what to say.

Why? Because they over think it.

Any girl will tell you it’s never about what you say but how you say it and your body language…

That brings me to Step 2.

Step 2 is another thing you have to do but you can’t over think.

You have to be relaxed and confident, like a man.

When you’re talking to her, find a way to give her a small compliment. Nothing over the top like, ‘ oh my god you’re so beautiful’.

But something small, that makes her feel good.

You need to make her feel important…

Every woman in the world wants to meet an alpha-male, a real man, and real men compliment women.

But you can’t stop there.

This is the exact spot where most guys stop and it’s the reason why they fail and get tossed into the friend zone.

Time after time.

If you walk over with confidence, say “hello” and have a conversation. Most women will give you their phone number.

But she will forget about you as soon as you walk away.

And by the time you text her or call her, she’s had so many distractions, friends, guys, texts, hits on her Tinder… whatever…

The truth is…

You have no chance with her.


That’s because you left out the most important part.

You left out Step 3.

Step 3 is the key that unlocks attraction.

It’s the super-highway to her attraction-sex-love connection.

Do you remember the one thing that all humans need or they will die?

You got it… It’s touch.

You have to touch her, to break through the imaginary barrier she has and make contact.

I’m not talking about grabbing her ass or doing anything inappropriate…

It could be small like touching her arm or her hand…

You could even give her a hug when you say goodbye…

When you break the barrier and touch a woman it sends a primal signal to her brain…

And she instantly starts to think of you in a different way…

It sends a flood of oxytocin through her body that makes think of you as a romantic interest and a sex partner…

It’s the same chemical that her brain releases when she has an orgasm, so you know it makes her feel all warm and friendly.

Like she’s ready to have sex…

Because she is ready to have sex!

If you think back to every girl that ever stuck you in the FRIENDZONE, I guarantee you didn’t touch, skin to skin, the first time you met.

Listen up because this is too important to miss…

Here’s how I know for absolute certainty all pick-up lines are crap…

Triggering the attraction-sex-love connection in a woman is not about what you say…

It’s almost entirely about what you do and how you do it.

If you have positive, masculine body language and you touch her…

It almost doesn’t matter what you say to a woman. You will succeed.

I have seen guys master this technique so well…  sometimes they can hook-up with a woman without saying a word.

I swear it’s true.

It happened last year at one of my boot camps, in front of 7 other guys…

Here’s the thing, I hope you’re about done believing that for some reason you aren’t good enough to approach and date the girls you really want…

That for some reason these women are ‘out of your league’.

I want to help you because I know the right way to do it, with no chance of failure or rejection.

And I want to save you the time, the money, the frustration and the heartache I went through.

I’m going to give you my shortcut…

I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. And you can copy me.

These approaches are proven to work 100% of the time and you can cut-and-paste them.

I’m going to give you the approaches that activate a woman’s attraction-sex-love connection word for word, action for action.

Not just what to say, how to stand and act, the way to move… everything.

These are videos of average guys like you approaching great women, and I coach them. I break down exactly what to do at each moment, at every turn in the conversation.

I guide you past her red flags and trap doors that plunge straight to the Friend Zone..

And lead you straight to the promised land…

Her attraction-sex-love connection…

Step by step.

But that’s not the best part,

The best part is that there is a panel of gorgeous women that were the ones approached and they gave their feedback, insight, criticism and keys for success…

All from the woman’s point of view!

And when you have these step-by-step approaches, as coached by me with the insight from the panel of beautiful women…

You are going to have

the cut and paste recipe for success…

They’re literally bullet proof.

And you will have all of these approaches right at your fingertips.

On your computer, your tablet and even on your phone so you can access them wherever and whenever you need them

Does this sound amazing… like exactly what you’ve always wanted?

Can you guess how many of these bullet proof approachesI have for you – how many girls we talked to, created intense physical desire by accessing the attraction-sex-love connection and got their numbers?


That’s the number to remember.

77 Bullet Proof Approaches.

Buy Today for $297.00 $79.00!

Sound good?

I want you to have step-by-step, easy to follow instructions.

So there’s no chance you can mess it up. They’re 100% guaranteed.

You can’t get something wrong or veer off course cause when you do exactly what I show you, It’s going to be like you’re living in another universe, like you stumbled into paradise.

You’ll feel like you suddenly have Super Powers.

Like you’re a Super Man living among regular people. With powers to take what you want and no one can stop you.

You want to approach and connect with a gorgeous girl – done.

You want to give her the uncontrollable urge to see you again. make her think about you after you’ve gone and even crave you sexually  – done.

You think I’m kidding but I’m not. If you do exactly what I show you, there’s no way you can fail.

You don’t have to work at anything. It just works.

Volume 1These 77 approaches will take you there, step-by-step. It’s like I’ll be there the whole time. Making sure you get it right. It couldn’t be any easier.

It’s basically like having it done for you.

To hold your hand and walk you through.

Every step. Any possible place you could go off course.

There’s no chance you can mess up.

Like I said, I have done the years of research, and uncovered the link to make the attraction-sex-love connection.

There’s no reason you have to, we made this super easy for you.

You don’t need big muscles or a big wallet…

You do need to have any skill with women,

You don’t have to be good looking…

You don’t even have to have job.

That’s not what it’s about.

I have broken down every move, every word in each and every video.

The Approach

Imagine losing the self-defeating monkey-chatter in your head forever…

When you go over like a man she’ll automatically give you her full attention and starts thinking about you sexually.

You’ll lose the fear of approach forever and never be put in the Friend Zone again. Heads will turn when you walk across a room.

You will be the one guy women always welcome with a warm smile and hang on every word you say.

The Conversation

You will understand how to keep it simple and playful, so that she automatically thinks of you as ‘boyfriend material’ and she has the urge to spend more time with you.

You will know, word-for-word, what to say to a woman in any situation –

so that she reacts the way YOU want her to. And you get exactly what you want!

The Body Language

Men and women are born to have sex. When you copy my body language you’ll be able to watch her thinking about having sex with you.

Steer the focus – No more average anything.

Volume 2When you take charge, she will assume the submissive role and automatically craves your attention.

How and when to touch her – When everything changes and she becomes yours for the taking.

When to be aggressive – when to pull back.

Flirting… check.

Getting her number… check.

Escalating sexually… double check.

Making a date

When to leave (and when to stay) – check, check, check mate.

You’ll never miss another opportunity with a hot girl.

How to move her into a submissive posture. So she assumes you’re in charge.

How to respond to her words and emotions.


Everything you need to do… to get her to give you exactly what you want.

To leave her wanting more of you, to be so curious, she is desperate to know who the hell you are.

When you use this ultra-simple, cut-and-paste system

By the time you’re done approaching and connecting with a woman…

the look on her face is going to say: who is that guy and when is he going to fuck me?

77 approaches and 77 breakdowns.

Think you can do it with all that help?

Actually, you don’t have to do anything — it’s all done.

Just sit back and let it happen.

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I’m not telling you, that you aren’t good enough for the girls you really want — For the life you really want…

I’m telling you the opposite.

I know you’re good enough.

The truth is…

The only thing keep you from meeting the really great women you want…

From being the guy that can calmly and confidently approach a beautiful woman anywhere, and access her attraction-sex-love connection…

Is you.

When you have the step-by-step instructions of exactly what to say, how to act, when to leave…

Without the self-doubt and anxious monkey-chatter in your head…

And because now you can easily navigate the potential mine field of red flags women lay out for you…

These 77 bulletproof approaches will change the way you women react to you forever.

Today, some of you will receive access to this incredible system.

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And change the way you think and take you, step by step to the good life.

A simple, easy to use system…

Don’t get me wrong…

Success does take effort, and skill.

Let me ask you, who do you want to be 3 years from now?

Have you ever thought about that?

Maybe you should.

Remember what Henry Ford said; “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.”

Here’s an even faster shortcut to success with women; Start thinking you can. Every minute of every day, believe you can.

Make no mistake, what I’m giving you is access to the secret path, the back door to a woman’s most primal desires.

Volume 3Women will be powerless to resist you.

And that’s what I’m offering you today. A chance at the rarest knowledge.

There are plenty of programs out there but honestly, they’re all crap.

Let me save you the time and money.

There’s only way for you to unlock a woman’s deep, primal desires in a matter of minutes…

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This is the real deal.

Each approach all by itself is enough for you to learn exactly what you need to do.

Each approach takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step to attraction…

Each approach is a cut-and-paste system that guarantees your success.

And that would be enough.

But that’s not all there is.

Each approach has my critique and a step-by-step breakdown of exactly what to do, what to say, when to say it.

Plus the raw, unedited advice and breakdown by our panel of beautiful women, making it bulletproof.

No trap doors that lead to the friend zone… just a straight up road map to success.

And you get 77 of them.

Each one is really a complete, bulletproof system all by itself.

It’s like having 77 systems.

And they all work perfectly…

You probably have questions like how much is it going to cost me, and when can I have access to it…

But let me ask you a question…

What is it worth to you never again have to regret missing a chance to meet a beautiful woman…

What’s it worth to have the respect and admiration of friends because you can change your life and attract someone new whenever you want…

What is it worth to become a closer with women, never again hesitating or ejecting yourself from a conversation….

What is it worth to wake up every day filled with energy and confidence because you know you’re going to attract a beautiful woman…

What is it worth to be so in tuned with attraction it comes to you automatically

Priceless, isn’t it?

Only because you’re on this page, you’re going to get access to this powerful system that will be your step-by-step guide to approaching, connecting and attracting beautiful women…

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You will have 77 proven approaches that work…

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The attraction-sex-love connection.

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You will have a simple, step-by-step guide to quickly and easily access a woman’s primal desires…

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Listen, no abundance has ever been created by saving.

All abundance is created by spending…

You need to invest your time, energy and money…

Most guys are stuck because they never brake the cycle of scarcity…

The truth is, you have to invest in yourself, because you are the only thing you can control.

I’m invested in your success:

Listen to what my buddy Mike in LA wrote:

“Hey Dave my man, you changed my life!

I never did well with girls before. I would see them everywhere but never had the guts to actually talk to them. I can’t believe how  things for me have changed. All I did was copy exactly what you did. And it worked. I even used the same conversation sometimes! Crazy stuff. I still live with my parents but I’m never there because I spend almost every night out with a different girl. Peace out”.


How much is this knowledge really worth?

Not just knowledge but step-by-step can’t miss examples. It’s like I’m standing next to you telling you what to do and say.

I didn’t spend years studying and experimenting and reading and trying. I don’t have all the knowledge you do of how to unlock and trigger any girl’s primal desires’.

I get that, but do you remember when I told you that I wanted to make it easy for you.

So you don’t have to go through all the stuff I did. Because I genuinely want you to succeed.

I already gave you the system.

The secret to attraction and desire 99.9% of the guys in the world will never know. Now you have it. I explained everything. In detail. Without asking you for anything.

Radical AuthenticityBut I’m not going to stop there.

I’m going to give you something else.

A Mega-Bonus that will make 77 Bulletproof Approaches feel like it’s on STEROIDS

Just for today, because you’re taking action now, I’m going to give you an amazing NEW program I’ve created specifically for approaching called… Radical Authenticity.

This hour long audio will walk you through the step-by-step road map to become the most powerful authentic version of your self.

Radical Authenticity is priceless because it is not for sale and is not available anywhere.

The truth is, if you don’t learn how to be authentically yourself then you won’t attract anyone.

Women are magnetically drawn to men with confidence.

And this program will…

inject you with the uber-confidence…

that will have the most beautiful women drooling and wondering why you haven’t approached them yet.

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The Power of DisneySounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But hold on. I have one more thing for you. One more thing to make you happy. One more thing to open your eyes to the life that waits for you.

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I have another Mega-Bonus specifically designed to explode your success with approach. It’s called, The Power Of Disney.

You know that all women grow up wanting to be a princess and have fantasies about meeting their prince.

This 90 Minute audio (a $49 value) value will give YOU the unique insight on exactly how women are wired and show you how to use this wiring to connect with them instantly, so that you will be the Prince they’ve been dreaming of their whole lives!

After I download this information into your subconscious, you will understand exactly how a woman wants to be triggered, so that she becomes obsessed with the idea of you.

And she ready and is waiting for you to come back and satisfy her fantasy!

Listen to what another friend Eli in Louisiana, had to say:

David, Man! If I knew  that approaching and meeting hot girls was going to be so easy I would have gotten in touch with you years ago! I have struggled for so freakin’ long with the monkey chatter, the self doubt and basically every other part of approach anxiety. Seriously though, I can’t thank you enough for 77 (my new favorite number) you made one (formerly) lonely guy real happy!

– Eli

77 bulletproof approaches, all with breakdowns. Each one is a complete lesson by itself.

Once again, I want you to have it to see what your life can look like. How quickly and easily it can change from where you are now.

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  • The ability to approach women and instantly trigger their attraction-sex-love connection so that you can meet and create uncontrollable desire with the hottest girls instantly.
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  • Always knowing the right thing to say to a woman so that she hangs on your every word.
  • The ability to escalate to intimacy and sex seamlessly without effort so that having sex is always your choice.
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  • Your friends will fall over with jealousy and beg you to tell them your secret.
  • The power to command attention from any woman you want so that she can’t stop thinking about you.
  • Never again seeing some douche bag guy get the girl so that guys scratch their heads and wonder how you do it.
  • Turn her on with your touch so that you have the ability to get laid on the first date (sometimes before the date).
  • No more self-doubt wondering: “Is she into me’? so that you know she is way into you.
  • Never work at meeting and seducing girls again so that they come to you.

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I promise you will spend no time or energy learning pick up lines or some goofy routine working at creating attraction and desire.

This is a gift.

Now that you’ve seen the 3 step system in 77 Bulletproof Approaches in action…

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And gives women the uncontrollable urge to see you again…

And now you know beyond any doubt that…

The most important part of any approach is triggering the attraction-sex-love connection…

Every great ladies man will agree with that fact…

Over 90% of the time guys go out try to meet women or get a phone number, they get no where.

But the money you spend isn’t the really big problem.

It’s time.

And everyone knows that time = money

There’s nothing more valuable than your time.

It goes by too quickly and you can never get any of it back.

If you added up the hours and hours you’ve wasted trying to meet women; online, in person, at coffee shops, supermarkets, bars… wherever.

And got nothing to show for it but utter frustration, it would add up to wasting years of your life.

Pretty scary, I know. Kind of shocking when you think about it.

And another thing: when you think you think about trying, and approaching and you lose your nerve – your confidence takes a huge hit.

So that means:

With every failed attempt, you’re getting further and further away from success.

And every day, you have to repeat the same process over again.

And most likely fail.

But don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

If I wasn’t great at showing guys how to approach and connect with beautiful women…

I wouldn’t be known as the world’s best teacher of attraction, seduction, dating and relationships.

I’m more than qualified to tell you the truth about your chances of approaching and creating a connection with beautiful women:

You either perfect the ability to access the attraction-sex-love connection ASAP…

Or you put another nail in the coffin of your Love Life.

Your situation really is that serious – and sugar coating the problem isn’t serving you at all.


“Touch is the life blood of attraction.”

And trying to create a sense of attraction without a proven system…

Your love life will never get the new blood it needs… instead it will be comatose, on life support, with no sign of brain activity…

The end is near.

But, there is good news, for those of you who want to inject new blood into your love life:

Like I said, each one these approaches are a complete, approach and attraction program all by themselves.

Based on what’s out there each one of these approaches with the breakdowns and women’s analyses could be sold for $79.

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77 approaches times $79.



Not to mention the  . Have you ever seen anything like that before? How can I possibly put a price on that?

But I want to change your life. And I don’t want you to have to take out a mortgage to do it.

No chance $6,083.00

Even at half price  $3,042.00 is way too expensive.

If 77 Bulletproof Approaches cost $693 that would be just $9 per approach!

That’s crazy cheap.

$9 per approach…

Nah, I don’t think so.

What’s reasonable for 77 approaches, each a program unto itself?

$5 each. Seems too low right?

That would be $385.00 and the 3 bonuses would be totally free!

But I already told you…

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You will not be allowed back to this specific page again.

This offer is only for guys who are watching this for the first time. If you act right now.

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Like I said, I’m not doing this for the money.

This is my legacy for men who have been frustrated by their results with women.

For men who have dreamed about being able to approach beautiful women and automatically create uncontrollable urge in any woman they want.

Is that what you dream about?

I had that dream.

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There’s something about getting close to the most beautiful girls, dating them, having sex with them.

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Volume 4You are the one she wants!

If you can imagine that, I want you to get your copy of ’77 Bulletproof Approaches right now before this video comes down.

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If you do what I show you, if you try it out over 60 days and you don’t like it, if it doesn’t work for you,

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60 days.


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