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I call this "7 Second Seduction"... and this knowledge creates such intense attraction... using it literally got me BANNED in a major supermarket just blocks from where I live.

So whether your goal is to casually hook up...

Or turn the next beautiful woman you meet into your girlfriend (whether she’s super sweet or a total bitch...)

If you follow up with what I’m about to show you... there’s a strong chance she’ll even become downright obsessed with the idea of becoming your loyal girlfriend.

And this system is GUARANTEED to work...

...even if you're currently bald, broke, or haven’t been laid in years...

Hell, I don’t care if your confidence is lower than it’s ever been...

Trust me when I say that... NONE OF THAT MATTERS!

Because when you master the first 7 seconds, you’ll quickly see that all women make the initial “sex” or “boyfriend” decision in that insanely brief window.

How (and WHY) This System Works Every Single Time:

The whole process works by tapping into a weird “female superpower” that all attractive women have... which has recently been studied and proven by a team of elite psychology researchers...

This “superpower” means every attractive woman you meet has what researchers call “heightened ability” to READ YOU.... and if you don’t know what I’m about to reveal... immediately reject you!

The key lies in what every woman wants from a man, deep down on a subconscious level. Think about it like this…

Let's say you approach or just casually start a conversation with an attractive woman.

Maybe it's in line at the grocery store... You start to approach her, but you're nervous and don't know quite what to say...

Here’s the double-edge sword that I can almost guarantee has been KILLING your chances with women in those first 7 seconds…

She’s reading you — and FAST — so she’s also feeling any issues you have right now, including any:

  • Insecurity
  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Uncertainty

"Research Has PROVEN It!"

In a study first published in the journal, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts and then republished by the American Psychology Association…

...Researchers discovered that “romance readers” have heightened ability to pick up subtle facial clues that reveal a person’s emotional state.

Now Ask Yourself...

What kind of books to most women read? What kind of movies do they go crazy for? (Hint: It's usually not The Avengers).

Remember, the Twilight Saga is really just a series of romance novels for girls.

As you might guess, those are ALL immediate turnoffs to her. It means you’re NOT “romantic hero” material — therefore not a sexual candidate in her eyes.

BUT — Here's the GOOD NEWS

This instinct that a woman has is a near-instant “feeling” she gets that’s almost impossible to change. So when you screw up your opportunity in that 7-second window, you're done for...

That's the bad news. BUT... here's the good news: that 7-second window is a two-way street. So if you miss it, you've missed it. But if you nail it, you've NAILED IT!

You're in like Flynn, and she’ll want you so badly, you almost have to TRY and screw it up at that point.

With the right emotions, body language and facial cues, ANY man can create near-instant attraction… no matter what he looks like or even what he says.

About David Wygant

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World-Renowned Dating & Success Coach, Life Coach & Social Strategist for Men

1.7 million men & women come to me every month to find the secrets to success. And after 20 years of coaching, I’ve discovered the golden keys to success in dating, business, health and wellness, and life.

And you want to know something? I F*CKING LOVE what I do. I get to wake up every morning and help guys like you. Help them be the healthiest, wealthiest, most attractive and successful and unstoppable versions of themselves.

I get to go on TV shows and radio shows and podcasts and help people wake the f@*k up & start living their lives to the fullest. See, I LOVE what I do. It brings me joy to be able to inspire and help you create the life you've always wanted to live.

I've Broken Everything Down Into 3 Core Pillars:



This is all about your “state” when you talk to a woman, and the kind of FEELING she gets in your presence.

Once you learn my drop dead simple tricks for controlling your feelings, so SHE feels the right things from you...

...there’s no limit to how quickly or intensely she can feel attraction from you.



This is what you say, but more importantly, HOW you say it. Again, it comes back to what women feel from your voice tone and what gets transmitted to her.

You’ll see how I deliver my message to women, at first, and after the 7 seconds... that heightens and intensifies attraction... and once you see this, you’ll easily be able to copy me the very next time you go out.



Remember, women are up to 10 times more acutely sensitive to body control, and they easily pick up on any nervousness, fear, awkwardness or other potential deal breakers that most men simply cannot hide from their body language.

But not you — in this system, I break down all the little ways you can easily shift and “fix” key mistakes in your body language — while also giving you the walk, posture and presence few women have ever experienced in a man.

...And Then, I Show You Where, When, & How to Apply This System:

Through a Tour of In-Field Approaches, I'll Show You:

  • The key to changing the limiting beliefs that are currently crippling your confidence
  • The simple technique that allows you to ooze confidenceeven if you’re actually terrified!
  • The 6 worst body language blunders 99% of all guys make & and how to avoid them
  • The eye-contact techniques that DRIVE WOMEN WILD
  • The little-known way to hack into your own brain and bypass even the deepest “confidence problems” in a matter of seconds...even if you’re the most insecure guy in the world right now!
  • Where to meet women who are consistently hotter, smarter and friendlier...
  • The BEST (and WORST) times to go in order to maximize your odds of meeting the most beautiful women...
  • The one line that successfully opens any woman, any time...
  • How to use "hidden props" to "wow" her in the first 7 seconds, then escalate attraction until she's practically throwing herself at you...
  • How to create instant attraction and chemistry with cute waitresses and hostesses
  • This applies to ANY hot woman you meet in a restaurant... not just the ones who work there.
  • The next time you see a woman who’s “girlfriend material” while eating... do what I show you and she’ll practically beg to give you her number.
  • How to casually strike up fun conversations with women.
  • How to use the mind-set and body language secrets she’s looking for to start falling for you, almost instantly....
  • When to ask, what to say, & how to say it so that she’s excited to hand you her number!
  • There’s also a module where I hit the streets of New York & demonstrate how to use the 7 second seduction process to effortlessly get numbers everywhere you go.
  • How to make her feel good from the moment she meets you!
  • How to escalate so that you're hooking up in her car RIGHT OUTSIDE!
  • How to avoid the painful rejection that happens to 99.99% of all guys out there who try speaking to beautiful women.

Price: $154 JUST $77 for a LIMITED TIME!

Get a Sneak Peak of What You'll See Inside This System:

Volume I: Getting Into the Game

Volume IV: How To Meet Women At The Grocery Store

Volume VII: How To Seduce The Waitress

What Guys Across the Globe are Saying RIGHT NOW:

PLUS — Action-Taking Men Who Invest in THemselves Will Get These Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Overcoming Approach Anxiety

This is the detailed breakdown of exactly how to overcome your fears and tap into the bold, masculine energy you need to start fun, flirty conversations with any woman, no matter how beautiful she is.

This is like having me go in and perform surgery on your brain, literally REMOVING the paralyzing fears that freeze you up whenever you see a hot girl you’re dying to talk to... but simply can’t muster up the courage to go over there.

BONUS #2: Become a Master Communicator

You can be the best looking, and richest guy in the world... but if you can't communicate, you can't seduce.

In this bonus product, I show you how to use the power of observation to make easy conversation. You’ll learn how to keep conversation flowing naturally, and you’ll discover how to make her feel like she’s known you forever, just by the way you use your tone and body language.

BONUS #3: The Power of Self Acceptance

Women only reject guys who first reject themselves. And most guys dislike or disapprove of themselves inside... so why should a woman be any different?

The only way to STOP getting rejected is to change your self-talk in this area, which I show you how to do immediately in this bonus video. This alone will make you magnetically attractive to women!

BONUS #4: The Art of Being Present

In this audio bonus, I’ll show you how to be present in a way that women feel, notice and get intensely turned on by...

This is the simple plan for becoming a better man and leading a more interesting life — and once you're through with it, you’ll have what it takes to keep her around as long as you want, not the other way around.

BONUS #5: How to Be a Better Man

In this intimate audio, you’ll hear what it takes to be a REAL man, and some of what you’ll hear will surprise you. You’ll hear why you MUST reveal your sensitive side if a woman is going to feel safe with you, the secret to powerful negotiation and how you can use it to attract women.... and a whole lot more!

If you’re serious about becoming successful not just with women, but in all areas of your life, you need to listen to this audio over and over again.

BONUS #6: Become a Master Storyteller

To answer the “can he engage with me?” question, I created a mini-program called "Become a Master Storyteller..." which shows you how to tell stories that captivate her and massage her mind in amazing new ways.

While other guys are doing the same old boring “interview” style questions, you’ll be leading her through amazing stories that have her fantasizing about becoming part of your world...

BONUS #7: Calibrating Eye Contact

Most guys make weak eye contact with women their eyes darting away or down... and it’s no wonder she feels uncomfortable and rejects him.

The key is making strong, yet RELAXED eye contact that puts her at ease, and creates instant trust. In this FREE bonus, I’ll give you 5 tips for doing this that I guarantee you’ve NEVER ever heard before anywhere.

BONUS #8: Owning the Pussy

This is about the mindset that you approach her with... the mindset that you can not only make her come, but that her pussy is YOURS...

I’ll show you how to develop and master this mind-set, even if you’re inexperienced in the bedroom and scared of beautiful and her erogenous zones, including the one between her legs.

BONUS #9 (OPTIONAL): 10-Day FREE Trial of the 'Slight Edge Society'

Invest in 7 Second Seduction today and you will also get a 10-day complimentary trial of The Slight Edge Society — an exclusive community of likeminded men & women who are dedicated to improving their lives just a little bit each day — in health, in wealth, in their mindset, social lives, dating lives, and more.

Because I truly believe that, whether we're talking about attraction or money or health, the difference between a winner or a loser is just that slight edge.

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This bonus is completely optional and you'll be able to "accept" or "deny" it on the checkout page.


Take 60 Days — yep, 2 full months — to implement the strategies and techniques in 7 Second Seduction, and if after implementing them* you aren't getting MORE dates in 60 days than you got in the last year, I'll refund every red cent you paid for this product.

Yes, I do mean MORE dates in just 2 months than you've had in the entire year before... and that's what I'm 100% confident you will experience this once you utilize the techniques I teach you!

This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident in 7 Second Seduction!

*Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

Why It's Just $77
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I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve met who get into serious relationships from a place of need or desperation, only to overspend as a way to ensure the girl sticks around or stays loyal.

It’s sad... but true.

In fact, some guys I know have literally lost MILLIONS because they didn’t have the confidence to walk out of a bad relationship and cut their losses early.

Clearly, we are talking about very high stakes.

Not to mention the lifelong, miserable cost of weak presence and rejection after embarrassing rejection.

What I'm offering you right now is an escape from ALL of that.

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See the table below for the price increase schedule:

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Price: $154 JUST $77 for a LIMITED TIME!

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With 7 Second Seduction, you quickly become the guy that women are constantly wanting to flirt and get sexy with, because you instantly and clearly exude ALL the qualities her unconscious mind is hard-wired to look for in a romantic relationship.

So again... if you’re willing to watch me approach real women and listen in these amazing, uncensored conversations...

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David Wygant

The World's Leading Authority on Life, Relationships & Personal Transformation

Price: $154 JUST $77 for a LIMITED TIME!